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Curbelo Won't Vote for Trump, Could Vote for Clinton

March 25, 2016 - 11:45am
Carlos Curbelo
Carlos Curbelo

Already one of the leading Republican critics of businessman Donald Trump, U.S. Rep. Carlos Curbelo, R-Fla., did not rule out voting for former U.S. Sec. of State Hillary Clinton over the GOP frontrunner in November. 

CBS Miami reported that Curbelo ruled out voting for Trump and has told some Democrats he might vote for Clinton. 

“I think both Donald Trump and Mrs. Clinton are flawed candidates, if you look at the polls the majority of Americans have negative views on both of them,” Curbelo told CBS Miami “So I am going to wait and see what happens on our side, but I have already said I will not support Mr. Trump, that is not a political decision that is a moral decision.”

Curbelo has been sharply critical of Trump, musing last year that he could be a plant from the Democrats and criticizing the GOP frontrunner’s stance on immigration. Earlier this month, Curbelo was one of only five House Republicans to vote against joining a constitutional challenge to President Barack Obama’s executive orders on immigration. 

First elected in 2014 in a swing district, Curbelo is expected to face a tough battle for a second term in November, especially as the district has grown friendlier to Democrats following the latest round of redistricting. Former U.S. Rep. Joe Garcia, D-Fla., who Curbelo beat in 2014, and former Miami Dade Democratic Party Chairwoman Annette Taddeo are currently running for the Democratic nod. 

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) insisted Curbelo was moving to the left to win over voters in the district. 

“If Carlos Curbelo thinks that floating the idea of supporting a Democrat will make South Floridians forget his tenure in Congress spent acquiescing to Speaker Ryan and anti-immigrant House Republicans, then he will be in for a huge surprise,” said Jermaine House, a spokesman for the DCCC, on Friday. “Nobody knows who the real Carlos Curbelo is anymore, but voters will remember that they can’t count on him to take a stand.”

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He is showing his true colors. A leftie, which is why Trump is so popular. The American people are tired of it!! Let him go to the left where he belongs, just as the democrats are moving to Trump. This isn't about left or right, it is about America and who we are.

Why is the RNC letting this happen? I think they might want to think twice about this because we can always start a reformed Republican Party. I and sure we could find someone just like Trump to run it. At the very least we can always run the leaders out of the party with all of the new members that Donald Trump brought in to the party. They are making a very big mistake not nominating the peoples choice.

@Deborah, Excellant idea, starting a new 'reformed Republican Party'. I'm all in and willing to help start the process and, I'll wager many more would join us!

Curbelo is another one of those "flip-flopping" RINO Republicans who voted to "Fund Obama's Illegal Amnesty" AND "Voted AGAINST cutting funds to 'Sanctuary Cities". We do NOT need HIS TYPE of Representation in Congress OR in Florida (We have more than enough of these vacillating "turncoats" in Florida already). WAKE UP FLORIDIANS !..The South end of Florida (from the 19th to 27 Congressional Districts are beset upon by Burmese Pythons and Political Snakes: Florida would be better off setting them adrift to form their own State or linking up with Cuba (which they're already are "on the road" to doing, and which would please the "Black Congressional Caucus" greatly since THEY find great joy in taxpayer funded 'group field trips" to Cuba to laud the Castro's and the "Cuban way of life"..

Carlos Curbello votes more often with the Dems now --what difference would if make if a Dem wins? Look at all of the rating agencies --the Nat'l Taxpayers Union, Citizens against Gov't Waste, Heritage Action, Club for Growth, etc. -- Curbello is a big spender (of other peoples' money) votes for higher taxes and more regulations to stifle economic growth --he's one of "the worst of bad lot." Lower than David Jolly --and that is lowly!

Curbello remains a liar. He signed a 'loyalty oath card' when he became a party member involved in his own local party's committee. Right now, he's offended ALL Republicans by lying, (not a first for a politician) and the GOP stands by idly, and shows no actions, at all, to enforce their own oath cards! How's that for 'honesty in politicians'? Time for TERM LIMITS so we can rid our political system of all the liars, such as Curbello, and the remaining trash currently now serving!

Hey Kevin, Missing in this story is the fact that curbello has taken the Republican oath (both parties have them) to support the party in every and all elections. To me, this speaks very loudly of just how good curbello's word is, especially regarding his refusal to abide by his own party's oath. Simply put; corbello's sworn word cannot be trusted! So, where are the GOP chiefs on curbello's announced lack of party loyalty? As always Kevin, there's more to the story if Nancy allows the follow up! Happy Easter everyone and, GO TRUMP!

If you want a party to balance the budget, keep us out of wars, be true fiscal conservative,, lower medical costs, more freedom and in general make America great again after repubs destroyed the economy by their immoral tax, war, energy, regulation, economics proved both fiscally and morally bankrupt, join the Dems is the only way as repubs have shown they can't for 40 yrs now.

True, both parties disappoint but the Repubs are, by far, less destructive than the Dems by every measure you mention, Jerry. An honest look at the record will confirm that statement --and it is not even close.

curbello is a jerk

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