Carlos Lopez-Cantera Fits Running Mate Role: Hitting Crist and Helping Scott

By: Kevin Derby | Posted: April 16, 2014 3:55 AM
Kevin Derby
Lt. Gov. Carlos Lopez-Cantera has only been in his new post for a few months now but he’s already learning the ropes about what it’s like holding the junior spot on the Republican ticket. 

Lopez-Cantera handled the point position for Republicans on Monday when former Gov. Charlie Crist, the favorite for the Democratic nomination to challenge Gov. Rick Scott despite spending most of his political life with the GOP, spoke at the Forum Club of Palm Beaches.

In his moment in the spotlight, rare for a lieutenant governor, Lopez-Cantera made the most of it, launching an attack on Crist that got to the core of the Republican case againt the former governor.

"I feel like I'm watching a bad political movie,” said Lopez-Cantera on Monday after Crist’s speech. “Charlie has become the unpleasant stereotype of a politician willing to say anything, do anything to further ambitions. When the state was in really bad shape, he didn't care about leadership. He left to pursue his own ambition.”

By going after his opponent, Lopez-Cantera is just the latest in a series of running mates throughout American political history whose chief campaign responsibilities include serving as an attack dog.

It’s the traditional role assigned to vice presidential and lieutenant governor candidates, no matter which politician is on the ticket. In his first national campaign back in 1900, Theodore Roosevelt, running as William McKinley’s vice presidential candidate, focused on lashing out at Democratic challenger William Jennings Bryan. More than a decade before he sat in the White House, FDR made his national political debut in 1920 as James Cox’s running mate. As Cox’s understudy, FDR spent most of his focus hitting the Republican ticket of Warren G. Harding and Calvin Coolidge. Some running mates -- Barry Goldwater’s choice of Bill Miller in 1964 comes to mind -- seem to be added to the ticket just because they’re political pitbulls.

Lopez-Cantera is also helping Scott out by filling another role traditionally assigned to the junior member of the ticket: trying to rally the base. In recent weeks, Lopez-Cantera has been hitting the circuit for Scott, appearing at county GOP events, looking to keep Republicans from defecting to their former standard bearer. It’s a task Lopez-Cantera is well suited for. During his time in the Florida House, Lopez-Cantera eventually rose to the post of Republican leader. It’s fair to say he understands how to reach out to his fellow Republicans.

Crist will have his own calculations to make as he chooses a running mate. Whoever ends up as Crist’s partner on the ticket will, of course, pound away at Scott. But, having spent decades as a Republican and only a year and a half as a Democrat, Crist is going to need someone to reassure his new party’s base. In the meantime, Lopez-Cantera and Scott can double team Crist for the moment even as other Democrats help out the former governor on occasion.

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Follow the blood then follow the money
11:20AM APR 16TH 2014
Fulgencio Batista
Fulgencio Batista y Zaldívar was the elected President of Cuba from 1940 to 1944, and dictator from 1952 to 1959, before being overthrown as a result of the Cuban Revolution.

Raoul G. Cantero, III
Born in Madrid, Spain, Cantero graduated from Florida State University as an undergraduate and from Harvard University's law school and a Fulbright Scholar. Prior to his appointment to the Florida Supreme Court, he was a shareholder in the Miami firm of Adorno & Yoss.

On July 10, 2002, Governor Jeb Bush appointed Cantero to the Florida Supreme Court. Cantero had not previously served as a judge, although he had extensive experience as an appellate attorney.

During the George W. Bush presidency he was mentioned as a potential Supreme Court nominee.

On April 11, 2008, Cantero announced he would resign from the Florida Supreme Court, due to his family's desire to return to Miami, their hometown. His last day on the court was September 6, 2008. He had announced his intention to thereafter join leading international law firm White & Case LLP as a partner in the Miami office and head of the Miami Appellate Practice group.

His father is Raoul Garcia-Cantero y Parajon (born 1935) and his mother is Elisa Aleida Batista y Godinez (born 1933). He married Ana Maria Perdomo (born 1963) on June 17, 1983 and they have three children. He attended the Sisters of St. Joseph run St. Theresa School in Coral Gables, Florida and later graduated high School from the Marist-Brothers-run Christopher Columbus High School in Miami. His maternal grandfather was former Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista. His father served under Batista as an intelligence officer in the Bureau for the Repression of Communist Activities or BRAC, notorious for torture and assassination. Of course it would not be fair to assume that Raoul Cantero shares the politics of his father and his grandfather Batista. But his own record indicates that he is continuing the family tradition of favoring terrorism against the Cuban people.

Back in 1989 Orlando Bosch, one of the two most notorious Cuban-American terrorists (the other is Luis Posada), was in prison in Florida. He had returned from Venezuela and was being held on a parole violation. The United States Justice Department ruled that Bosch should be deported because of his terrorist activities. The deportation order cited FBI and CIA reports that Bosch "has repeatedly expressed and demonstrated a willingness to cause indiscriminate injury and death," including 30 acts of sabotage in the United States, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Panama from 1961 through 1968. In the worst charge against Bosch, 73 people were killed when a bomb blew up a Cuban passenger jet. Acting Associate Attorney General Joe Whitley wrote in his decision to deport Bosch:

"The October 6, 1976, Cuban airline bombing was a CORU operation under the direction of Bosch. CORU is the name of Bosch's terrorist outfit." That bombing marked the first time that a civilian passenger jet was turned into a weapon of terrorism.

Interestingly, it occurred in 1976 when George Bush the elder was head of the CIA; Orlando Bosch had been and maybe still was an agent of the CIA. George HW Bush and his Zapata Oil Company with the CIA was the masterminds of the failed Bay of Pigs invasion – and the connections made during that attempt to overthrow Castro has continued to grow over the years.

By 1989 George Bush the elder had become president. A campaign was launched to get his administration to reverse the Justice Department's decision to deport Bosch. That campaign was successful and Bosch walks free today in Miami. Among the leaders of that effort to turn the convicted terrorist into a hero were Republican Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, who was running for Congress, and her campaign manager, Jeb Bush, son of the president. A primary spokesman for Orlando Bosch was one of his lawyers, the same Raoul Cantero later appointed to the Florida Supreme Court by Jeb Bush.

Contrary to the Justice Department's statement that Bosch had "repeatedly expressed and demonstrated a willingness to cause indiscriminate injury and death," Cantero told the media in 1989 that Bosch had never engaged in indiscriminate violence. Evidently Cantero considered blowing up civilians some kind of discriminating violence. According to Cantero, Bosch was conducting "a counterrevolutionary war." "What was considered back then to be a heroic fight against the terrorism of Fidel Castro," he declared, "has suddenly come to be seen as anti-American terrorism."

The issue here was not a matter of the attorney-client relationship in which an attorney should not be held accountable for his client's actions; every accused person has a right to legal representation. The issue is whether a person who justifies terror against civilians (including blowing up an airliner) as part of a "heroic fight" against the Cuban government belongs on the Florida Supreme Court. He was appointed by Jeb Bush in 202 and, he resigned and returned to Miami in 2008!

And, once again in 2014 one thing is certain. Jeb Bush and Rick Scott has appointed yet another Batista offspring whose connection may now be an issue in the Florida gubernatorial race. Once again people are asking questions about the role that Jeb Bush played in getting Orlando Bosch released from prison when the Justice Department, the CIA, and the FBI had all declared him a terrorist.

April 2012 - Senate hires former justice Raoul Cantero to help its redistricting case
After being slapped by the Florida Supreme Court for creating a redistricting map that was “was rife with indicators of improper intent,” Senate Republican leaders have hired former justice and Miami lawyer Raoul Cantero III to handle their case as they return to the court with a second try.

Cantero, who was appointed by former Gov. Jeb Bush to serve on the Florida Supreme Court, was a member of the bench from 2002-2008 and is now with the White & Case law firm. He will be paid $695 an hour plus expenses. Last summer, the House and Senate had spent close to $1.2 million on legal fees on redistricting, and that was before the public hearings were held and the maps were drawn.
Cantero's contract says he will be representing the Senate on its "remand from the Court and advising the Senate on how to draw legislative districts that comply with the court's opinion."
Santo Trafficante, Sr. (May 28, 1886 – August 11, 1954) was a Sicilian-born mobster, and father of the powerful mobster Santo Trafficante, Jr.
Santo Trafficante Sr. gained power as a mobster in Tampa and ruled the Mafia in Tampa from the 1930s until his death in 1954. Trafficante was heavily involved in the operation of illegal Bolita (aka Cuban) lotteries. During his reign, Trafficante was a well-respected boss with ties to Charles "Lucky" Luciano and Thomas Lucchese. He sent his son, Santo Trafficante, Jr. to New York to learn from other mobsters. Upon his death, Santo Trafficante Sr. gave the power to his son, Santo Trafficante, Jr. This was a respected decision since the New York bosses and Tampa mobsters liked Santo, Jr. - From 1954 until 1959 Santo Trafficante, Jr. operated out of Havana, Cuba.
Mob boss Santo Trafficante, Jr. saw that Castro’s revolutionary movement was gaining momentum, so he wisely hedged his bets and did not cast his lot completely with the corrupt Batista regime. In the early 1990s, Frank Ragano, Trafficante’s long-time lawyer, revealed that Trafficante told him in 1958 that Trafficante and his friends were secretly contributing to the Castro rebels, as well as to Batista. “Santo figured that no matter who won the war, he would emerge safe and sound,” Ragano recalled. “All the bets were covered.”
It was wishful thinking; Santo Trafficante, Jr. bet wrong. In reality, Castro closed down the vice center of the Caribbean on New Year’s Day, 1959, when he marched triumphantly into Havana and proclaimed victory. “I’m going to run all those fascist mobsters, all those American gangsters out of Cuba,” Castro declared. Batista plundered the state treasury and loaded three cargo planes with booty before flying into exile to Florida via the Dominican Republic. Meyer Lansky joined Batista on one of the last flights out of Cuba, later lamenting that he had to leave $17 million in cold cash behind before he had a chance to transfer the money to a Swiss bank.
Castro not only closed down the casinos, he also emptied their safes and interned the mobsters who were slow to flee. Trafficante managed to send a large amount of his casino profits--about half a million dollars-- to Tampa. The godfather also reportedly set up a Swiss bank account under the Sans Souci Casino name into which he deposited $8 million. But the report’s accuracy is questionable, given the evidence that he faced financial difficulties after returning to the U.S.Trafficante could not take care of all his Cuban affairs in time. In June 1960, Castro had him arrested and locked up in Tiscornia Prison. Trafficante managed to live quite well as a prisoner. He is believed to have used American dollars to pay off the guards and perhaps even Castro himself so that people could visit and bring him specially cooked food. The FBI files that the Bureau kept on Trafficante includes excerpts of a July 1959 La Gaceta magazine interview with Trafficante, conducted by the publication’s editor, Roland Manteiga. The editor reported finding Trafficante in “the pink of health,” and wrote that Trafficante’s “lovely and gentle wife spend many hours of the day with him in the garden of Tiscornia.”
Carlos López-Cantera _Florida’s newly appointed Lieutenant Governor (born December 29, 1973) is “an American politician from the state of Florida.” He is the Lieutenant Governor of Florida, a position that he was sworn into on February 3, 2014. He is formerly the Property Appraiser of Miami-Dade County following his election on August 14, 2012. From 2004-2012, he represented District 113 in the Florida House of Representatives, where he served as the Republican Majority Leader during the final two years of his term. On January 14, 2014, Florida Governor Rick Scott appointed López-Cantera to serve out the term of Jennifer Carroll, who resigned in March 2013.
López-Cantera was born in Madrid, Spain, on December 29, 1973. He was born two months prematurely and was returned to his intended birthplace of Miami, Florida once he was healthy enough to travel. He earned an associate of arts degree from Miami-Dade Community College in 1994 and a bachelor's of business administration with a minor in political science from the University of Miami in 1996.
In 1997, he was a facilitator for the Florida Senate's Criminal Justice Committee. In 2002, he made an unsuccessful bid for a seat in the Florida House of Representatives. Two years later, López-Cantera was listed on the Jeb Bush Florida Republican’s we need to elect in support the George W. Bush presidential 2004 reelection and, López-Cantera won his first election to the Florida House of Representatives to the 113th District in November 2004, at the age of thirty - was successively reelected in 2006, 2008 and 2010. He was House Majority Whip from 2008 to 2010 and the House Majority Leader from 2010 to 2012. López-Cantera was twice elected by his colleagues from Miami-Dade County to be the chairman of the Miami-Dade Legislative Delegation from 2011-2012. On August 14, 2012 he became the second property appraiser to be elected by the citizens of Miami-Dade, a county with a population of more than 2.5 million people and almost 1,000,000 properties.

Mr. Richard L. 'Rick' Scott (Lawyer) LICENSE INFORMATION – TEXAS Bar Card number:17909700 - Texas License Date:11/06/1978

Bush dynasty insider - #65 on the George W. Bush list of 100 friends! (Pay to Play)

Rick Scott was partners with #3 – Tom Hicks along with “GW” in the Texas Rangers!

Scott was partners with #10 – Richard Rainwater and along with Jeb Bush’s help in 1987 Jeb was instrumental in helping Scott and Rainwater pick up the pieces of Jeb Bush’s friend and confidant Miguel Recarey’s IMC (International Medical Centers) for who Jeb Bush had intervened on behalf of IMC with HHS to achieve maximum Medicare benefits for Recarey’s organizations. Miguel Recarey was indicted for Medicare Fraud and remains a fugitive from justice to this day. Recarey’s hospitals was reportedly financed by Tampa mob boss Santo Trafficante, Jr. Between 1987 and 1997 Rick Scott and Richard Rainwater took the pieces of IMC in South Florida and other hospitals and turned them into the second largest organized crime Medicare Fraud in US history. Second only to Miguel Recarey who had the help of financing from Santo Trafficante, Jr. and the political help from Jeb Bush. Google Richard (Rick) Lynn Scott 1995 testimony regarding the Columbia/ HCA Medicare Fraud – Still with the help of his friends and cohorts in the Bush dynasty Rick Scott walked “scot free” away from stealing billions of dollars of taxpayers money with $300 million in bonuses which once again with the help of Jeb Bush and the Bush machine he was able to use to buy the Florida Governor’s Office and along with the help of Jeb Bush and the Bush dynasty continue their organized crime (RICO) acts.
Recarey surrounded himself with those who could influence the political system. He hired Jeb Bush as IMC's "real-estate consultant." Though Jeb would never close a single real-estate deal, his contract called for him to earn up to $250,000 (he actually received $75,000). Jeb's real value to Recarey was not in real estate but in his help in facilitating the largest HMO Medicare fraud in U.S. history.

Jeb phoned top Health and Human Services officials in Washington in 1985 to lobby for a special exemption from HHS rules for IMC. This highly unusual waiver was critical to Recarey's scam. Without it, the company would have been limited to a Medicare patient load of 50 percent. The balance of IMC's patients would have had to be private -- that is, paying -- customers. Recarey preferred the steady flow of federal Medicare money to the thought of actually running a real HMO. Former HHS chief of staff McClain Haddow (who later became a paid consultant to IMC) testified in 1987 Jeb directly phoned then-HHS secretary Margaret Heckler and that it was that call that swung the decision to approve IMCs waiver.

Jeb admits lobbying HHS for the waiver, but denies talking to Secretary Heckler -- and denies as well the charge that his call won the HHS exemption. "I just asked that IMC get a fair hearing," said later. After the IMC scandal broke in 1987, Heckler left the country, having been appointed U.S. ambassador to Ireland, a post she held until 1989. (Heckler is now a private citizen living in Virginia. We left a detailed message with her secretary, outlining our questions, but she declined to respond.)

In any case, the highly unusual waiver by federal officials allowed IMCs Medicare patient load to swell -- to 80 percent -- and the money poured in. At its height in 1986, IMC was collecting over $30 million a month in Medicare payments; in all, the company would collect $1 billion from Medicare. (Jeb would not discuss the IMC affair with Mother Jones. But in an opinion piece he wrote for the Miami Herald last May, he insisted that he had worked hard for IMC, looking for real-estate deals, and had earned his $75,000 in commissions. While acknowledging making a telephone call to one of Heckler's assistants on IMC Is behalf, he claimed the waiver was not granted on his account. The allegation of a connection, Jeb wrote, "is unfair and untrue.")

Despite Jeb's involvement, trouble began brewing for IMC when a low-level HHS special agent in Miami, Leon Weinstein, discovered that Recarey was defrauding Medicare through overcharges, false invoicing, and outright embezzlement. Weinstein had been following Recarey's activities since 1977, and as early as 1983 he believed he had enough information to put together a case. However, he found his HHS superiors less than receptive; they took no action on Weinstein's information.
But Weinstein kept digging and in 1986 renewed his investigation of Recarey and IMC -- and again his HHS superiors blocked the probe. "Washington just refused to pursue my evidence," Weinstein, now retired, told Mother Jones last spring. "And they made it perfectly clear that I was not to pursue IMC. When I did, they threatened me and threatened my job."

Weinstein dug in his heels. "I had them this time. I told my superiors I would fight this time because I had nothing to fear. I had just reached retirement age. They immediately backtracked," he says. Weinstein was allowed to continue his investigation -- though HHS still took no formal action against Recarey. Eventually Weinstein turned to Congressmen Barney Frank (D-NY) and Pete Stark (D-CA) with his information, sparking congressional hearings into the scandal.
Had it been up to HHS, Recarey would still be running his Medicare racket. But by chance, the now-disbanded U.S. Miami Organized Crime Strike Force was also investigating Recarey. (Recarey was bribing union officials in order to get them to sign workers up as patients at IMC, apparently so that IMC could meet its reduced non-Medicare patient requirements of 20 percent.) "We didn't know anything about the HHS investigation," former Organized Crime Strike Force special attorney Joe DeMaria says. "Recarey was bribing union officials.... But HHS never contacted us or told us anything."

Before Recarey's trial on bribery charges began, DeMaria's investigators also caught Recarey using his former spooks to wiretap IMC employees in an effort to discover who was talking to federal agents. DeMaria had Recarey indicted a second time, for the illegal listening devices. During Recarey's trial on the bribery charge, a lawyer who handled the bribe money testified that the money IMC gave him was not bribe money but "commissions" he had earned while doing work for the company. "See, that commission thing was Recarey's MO. They didn't call them bribes, they called them commissions," DeMaria explains.
After he was convicted, Recarey resigned from IMC and was immediately replaced by John Ward. (Ward had been law partner to Reagan-Bush campaign manager John Sears. And Sears had also been a lobbyist for IMC.) But Recarey's Medicare scam would never get to a public courtroom airing. Before his trial on the wiretap charge, Recarey skipped the country. His getaway was remarkable: just in time for his flight, the normally tight-fisted IRS expedited a $2.2 million income-tax refund, which Recarey claimed he had coming.

The tax refund was a windfall for Recarey. "Yeah, that was his getaway money," says a former IRS investigator who worked in the Miami office at the time but asked not to be named. "Though there is a special IRS procedure to expedite tax refunds for companies in financial distress, I don't think you can overlook the possibility that there was influence from the administration."

Recarey's last act before becoming a fugitive was an attempt to wire $30,000 into the bank account of Washington consultant and lobbyist Nick Panuzio -- whose partner was then managing George Bush's 1988 presidential campaign. (The wire transfer failed only because, in his haste, Recarey had gotten Panuzio's account number wrong.) It was only after Recarey was safely out of the country that the U.S. attorney in Miami -- a political appointee -- filed formal charges of Medicare fraud against him.

Whistle-blower Leon Weinstein retired in disgust from HHS and tried to get the IMC case before a judge by filing a Qui Tam suit. Such suits allow a private citizen to sue to recover money for the government in return for a share of any settlement. In his case, Weinstein named IMC and Recarey as defendants. But HHS continued to fight Weinstein, first challenging his right to bring such a suit and later accusing him of stealing HHS documents before leaving his job. When the courts supported Weinstein, HHS then stepped in, took over his lawsuit, and shouldered him out. The case remains in the courts and is still unresolved.

HHS officials now pursuing the litigation claim that Recarey defrauded the Medicare system of at least $12 million. Leon Weinstein says the government is lowballing the loss and that Recarey's take from his IMC scam could easily be many times that figure.

Since skipping Miami in 1987, Recarey has been living comfortably in Caracas, Venezuela. Thomas Holladay, the consul general of the U.S. Embassy in Caracas, told Mother Jones that officials there were aware of Recarey's presence and had formally requested his extradition. "We made a formal request for his extradition," Consul General Holladay says. "But we can't do anything until the Venezuelans turn him over to us, and they have not done that." The conversation then ended abruptly. "You know, I'm really not supposed to be talking to you about this," Holladay says.

So, in 1987 Rick Scott and Richard Rainwater stepped in a picked up the pieces of IMC and its organized Medicare Fraud that never saw the light of day in a courtroom! Then in 1997 it was Rick Scott who fled Columbia/ HCA with $300 Million "Yeah, that was his getaway money!”
So, what are the voters of Florida to do? It will do no good to re-elect CharLIE Crist (The Odd Man Out) Remember then Governor CharLIE Crist’s infamous picture with Scott Rothstein?

February 6, 2014 - Charlie Crist team hits back hard to dispute Scott Rothstein allegations

Rothstein said he had huge influence over Crist and used his political appointment to a local judicial nominating commission to improperly ensure that Crist's personal favorites were nominated to the 4th District Court of Appeal and to the Broward Circuit Court, as well as pushing Rothstein's own preferred candidates who would "favor our law firm."
Rothstein said of Crist: “He was a friend and a business associate.”
And then Rothstein went on to describe the "quid pro quo" arrangement he had with Crist regarding local judicial appointments, wherein Rothstein said: "For certain [campaign] contributions, people were appointed to the bench."

"I was able to convince him to do a lot of things," said Rothstein, now serving a 50-year federal prison sentence for running a $1.4 billion Ponzi scheme.

Crist campaign spokesman Kevin Cate said the former governor wasn’t available Thursday to respond to Rothstein's statements.

It’s so hard to run from your documented past. Both Charlie Crist and Rick Scott have documented connections to the mobsters who are directly connected to Jeb Bush and the Bush dynasty aka machine! While the all act “Chicago Mob Style and don’t know each other!”

The fruit don’t fall far from the tree!

Arnold Rothstein was called “the Brain” because he had a head for figures. Arnold Rothstein, not Meyer Lansky, is the basis for Meyer Wolfsheim in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. He was a nice Jewish kid who went into his father’s business. Rothstein’s father Abraham was also a gangster-businessman. Rothstein was a mob boss in New York and is best known for fixing (though he was never convicted) the World Series in the “Black Sox Scandal” of 1919, the year that the Volstead Act was passed. He also fixed the 1921 Travers Stakes horse race.

Rothstein started casinos in Manhattan, distributed drugs and was a bootlegger who also ran speakeasies. The Brain also had an eye for talent, as well as seeing the potential in Luciano and Lansky, he used Jack “Legs” Diamond and Dutch Schultz on jobs. Rothstein’s headquarters was Lindy’s, a restaurant on 49th Street. Besides Owney Madden, he’s my favorite early non-Italian mob boss. Though I love John Dillinger, he only headed a gang. The Brain cleaned up the mobs and turned them into a business. He made himself the CEO, of course. When Rothstein was offed by some hump for welching on a poker bet in 1928 his corporation was busted out and spread among the other mobs. Rothstein died in police custody. He knew who killed him, but he never ratted. When the cops asked him who shot him, Rothstein answered “Me mudder did it.”

In the 1920’s Baron Edmund de Rothschild founded the Palestine Economics Commission, while Kuhn Loeb’s Manhattan offices helped Rothschild form a network to smuggle weapons to Zionist death squads bent on seizing Palestinian lands. General Julius Klein oversaw the operation and headed the US Army Counterintelligence Corps, which later produced Henry Kissinger. Klein diverted Marshall Plan aid to Europe to Zionist terror cells in Palestine after WWII, channeling the funds through the Sonneborn Institute, which was controlled by Baltimore chemical magnate Rudolph Sonneborn. His wife Dorothy Schiff is related to the Warburgs.

NOTE: Paul Warburg was an advocate for a central bank in the United States and was chosen by President Woodrow Wilson to serve as one of the first members of the Federal Reserve Board.

The Kuhn Loebs came to Manhattan with the Warburgs. At the same time the Bronfmans came to Canada as part of the Moses Montefiore Jewish Colonization Committee. The Montefiores have carried out the dirty work of Genoese nobility since the 13th Century. The di Spadaforas served that function for the Italian House of Savoy, which was bankrolled by the Israel Moses Seif family for which Israel is named. Lord Harold Sebag Montefiore is current head of the Jerusalem Foundation, the Zionist wing of the Knights of St. John’s Jerusalem.

The Bronfmans (The name means “liquorman” in Yiddish) tied up with Arnold Rothstein, a product of the Rothschild’s dry goods empire, to found organized crime in New York City. Rothstein was succeeded by Lucky Luciano, Meyer Lansky, Robert Vesco and Santos Trafficante, Sr.; then Santo Trafficante, Jr. The Bronfmans are intermarried with the Rothschilds, Loebs and Lamberts.

The year 1917 also saw the 16th Amendment added to the US Constitution, levying a national income tax, though it was ratified by only two of the required 36 states. The IRS is a private corporation registered in Delaware. Four years earlier the Rockefeller Foundation was launched, to shield family wealth from the new income tax provisions, while steering public opinion through social engineering. One of its tentacles was the General Education Board.

In Occasional Letter #1 the Board states, “In our dreams we have limitless resources and the people yield themselves with perfect docility to our molding hands. The present education conventions fade from their minds and, unhampered by tradition, we will work our own good will upon a grateful and responsive rural folk. We shall try not to make these people or any of their children into philosophers or men of learning or men of science…of whom we have ample supply.”

Though most Americans think of the Federal Reserve as a government institution, it is privately held by the Eight Families. The Secret Service is employed, not by the Executive Branch, but by the Federal Reserve.
And besides if those statements made to the congressional committee by for NASA employee Clint Curtis regarding his invention of vote flipping software for (then) speaker of the house Tom Feeney and Jeb Bush are indeed credible; like Hillary says “what difference does it make” they are going to fix the election for their man Rick Scott anyway. Who knows Rick Scott might be so popular he is like Barack Obama and get 141% of the vote in St. Lucie County!

All of this when every participant in the Florida Retirement System, especially every teacher has been grossly abused by the Rick Scott-Jeb Bush duo where JEB is the ventriloquist and every word that comes out of Rick Scott about COMMON CORE and stealing public schools from the taxpayers and turning them over to JEB’S FOR-PROFIT CHARTER SCHOOLS friends, many of them Muslim – Guelen Charter Schools (collectively) getting billions of tax dollars to finish their New World Order march to destruction of the formerly good old USA!

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