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Carole Jean Jordan on Charlie Crist: Dems Know 'You Can't Trust Him'

August 27, 2012 - 6:00pm

The hits just keep coming in from the right at the Republican National Convention for Floridas former GOP governor-flip-flopped-to-Obama-backer, Charlie Crist.

Former Republican Party of Florida Chair Carole Jean Jordan, the current tax collector in Indian River County, didnt hold back Tuesday when asked about Crists endorsement of Obama and his plans to speak at the Democratic National Convention next week.

I think Charlie Crist is a total embarrassment to himself, Jordan said while at Innisbrook Resort and Spa in Palm Harbor, where the Florida delegation has been housed. Hes an embarrassment to the party and to the men and women across this state, and most importantly in this county, Pinellas, who worked endless hours to get him into office.

Jordan added that she is glad she didnt have to work with him as governor, as she was replaced as chair after four years at Crists urging in 2007 in favor of the now criminally challenged Jim Greer.

He had a fade that allowed him to become the Republican governor of Florida, Jordan said.

He wasnt a Jeb Bush Republican. He was way to the left in his governing, he wasnt way to the left in his message when he ran. He wanted to be a Jeb Bush Republican. But he wasnt.

Jordan, an at-large delegate, is just the latest to lay into Crist as delegates convened for the Republican National Convention.

Former Gov. Jeb Bush, House Speaker-designate Will Weatherford, R-Wesley Chapel, Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam, U.S. Senator Marco Rubio, R-Miami, and Republican Party of Florida Chairman Lenny Curry have been taking jabs since Crists column endorsing Obama appeared Sunday in the Tampa Bay Times.

Jordan said if Crist ran for governor in 2010 instead of U.S. Senate, where he held the early lead but was pushed aside for eventual winner Marco Rubio, R-Miami, many in the party would have supported him, but he still might have found himself usurped for a better candidate.

I think it would have been interesting to see if a good businessman came in and made a difference, Jordan said.

She could see Crist -- registered with no party since failing to capture the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate -- running as a Democrat in 2014 against Gov. Rick Scott as billboards for Morgan & Morgan law firm featuring Crist have been appearing across state.

I imagine (the Democrats) will (run Crist), as they havent done well with their picks, Jordan said. Theyll get a lot of press with it, but will he win? I dont think so. I dont think the Democrats I know are going to vote for Charlie. You cant trust him.

Meanwhile, Crist, appearing Tuesday evening on MSNBC, denied that he has his sights set on office, particularly Scott's.

Im enjoying the private sector very much, Crist told Chris Matthews.

Im going to talk about the fact that I think [President Barack Obama] has been a great leader, that he has really led us in a very difficult time, Crist said.

He inherited a real mess. And the fact that hes worked across the aisle, I mean, I talked about it earlier, that he helped Florida when I was a Republican and didnt really care about, you know, the partisanship of it at all. He was very nonpartisan and was a gentleman. One of the things that I really appreciate about him is the demeanor and the way in which he leads.

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