Carrying Water for Obama, Hilda Solis Picks a Fight with the Tea Party

By: Kevin Derby | Posted: October 31, 2011 3:55 AM
With the team behind President Barack Obama targeting the Sunshine State in their bid for a second term in 2012, the White House sent U.S. Labor Secretary Hilda Solis to speak to the Florida Democratic Convention on Saturday.

A day after Vice President Joe Biden told the convention at Walt Disney World that Obama needed to carry Florida to win in 2012, Solis attempted to rally Democrats for the elections and urged them to push for the Obama jobs plan which, with Republicans controlling the U.S. House, has no chance of passing Congress.

Speaking at a luncheon event on Saturday, Solis carried water for Obama, bashing Republicans and praising the administration’s economic policies.

Solis offered harsh words about conservatives. Looking at 2012, Solis slammed the tea party movement, calling them “teabaggers” and promising the Obama administration will take them on.

Combating the noise of a crowd often more concerned with holding their own conversations and eating their lunches than listening to her speech, Solis attempted to defend the Obama economic policies, praising the federal stimulus that the White House backed and the president’s job plan.

Solis claimed that the Obama job plan was backed by 65 percent of the American people and would “put 2 million people, especially construction workers, back to work.”

Besides attempting to sell the Obama jobs plan, Solis took aim at the Republicans. She attacked Republican Gov. Rick Scott’s labor policies, arguing that he is looking to take away collective bargaining and other rights from public-sector employees.

Solis accused Republicans in Florida and other states, including Ohio and Wisconsin, of “picking on” teachers, police officers and other government workers.

Blaming globalization and market changes for the decline of organized labor in the private sector, Solis conceded that government workers retained strong unions. “We’ve seen the movement in the labor house diminish in the private sector,” said Solis.

Solis urged the crowd to back Obama and his jobs plan.“You need to understand that this president is fighting for you,” she insisted.

When Obama took the oath of office in January 2009, the national unemployment rate stood at 7.6 percent. In September 2011, the national unemployment rate was 9.1 percent.

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Comments (685)

1:59AM NOV 2ND 2011
Paul, knowing how the elitei in the GOP, HATE, the Tea Party, I personally cannot understand why they didn't simply form a seperate political party. Lord knows we need one.
2:04PM NOV 1ST 2011
It has become evident that any government agency or department that has become 'politicized' is not necessary to American governance.
climp jones
2:03PM NOV 1ST 2011
Interesting comment coming from an Administration of Carpet Baggers led by Robber Baron in Chief Obama.
2:03PM NOV 1ST 2011
If we are "tea baggers" then perhaps Solis is a c-ck suc-ker for trying to extract the last bit of flavor out of her chicken lunch.
2:02PM NOV 1ST 2011
This is sexual harrasment and creates a hostile workplace for government employees. This offensive language is NEVER OK in a public workplace, therefore this should be investigated and Ms Solis fired for the offense.
2:02AM NOV 2ND 2011
Solis Fired?! Are you kidding, who do you think wer'e talking about here, the Republicans? The Democrats never fire their own. NEVER!! Now Solis might be rewarded by them.
Stepshen Maio
2:28PM NOV 1ST 2011
But that will never happen because she is a liberal and this kind of action by liberals is a resume enhancer for them.
2:01PM NOV 1ST 2011
What a fool this "woman" makes of herself. Laying down for her master in chief. I wish the politicians in Washington would remember they are there to represent the views of US, the people who elected them NOT the their dear leader. This man likens himself as a king, where everyone should do as he commands, not a President of free thinking people. This stimulus 2.0 will fail as fast as the first and then what...3.0, 4.0? How much need to be spent before people see that this has never, and will never work? Damn, read a book about American history folks, we've tried this before and guess what...it failed then too.
2:00PM NOV 1ST 2011
Are America-hating, race-baiting, leftists like Hilda Solis even aware that "teabaggers" are fundamentalist homosexualists who practice a certain sexual act?

Can we get any leftist useful idiot/political activist in the Washington/New York/American press corps to ask Solis why she is calling those in the tea party fundamentalist homosexualists who practice a certain sexual act? Does she hate fundamentalist homosexualists who practice those sexual acts?
1:59PM NOV 1ST 2011
I've never agreed with Solis politically but I have always respected her..........until now. As a Tea Party Patriot, I couldn't care less what I am called but if you talk trash, you are trash.
Gary Lewis
1:58PM NOV 1ST 2011
Who the hell gave this moron a title?
1:58PM NOV 1ST 2011
What's a "teabagger"?

I mean, I get "Fleabag" because those guys are covered in fleas, but "teabagger"? Also...haven't they (the media, democrats,...) at least noticed SOME difference between the way the fleabags act and the Tea PArty acted? Ummmmm...anybody see ANY difference at all? Tea PArty assembled, there were no rapes, no fights with the police, no tear gas, no defacting on public property, no chanting slurs, no demands for food, shelter, blankets or anything else "expected" to be supplied from the government. Nope...no difference at all.
I like unity...I hate diversity.
2:01PM NOV 1ST 2011
Wooly, diversity is good for a Republic but your point is well taken.
11:29PM NOV 2ND 2011
Yes, diversity is proving to be real "good" in Europe, where immigrants regularly burn thousands of cars in France, riot in England, murder in the Netherlands, and threaten Germany and other countries. Real Good.
V. K. Ratliff
1:56PM NOV 1ST 2011
Atta boy, Barack......these two idiots will surely get the job done for you.
1:56PM NOV 1ST 2011
A disgrace to humankind. Waste of space.
1:53PM NOV 1ST 2011
Yeah we get it ... evoking the image of a man placing his scrotum in another man's mouth sure is funny.
Can we please grow up?
Don't you have to at least graduate junior high to be the US Labor Secretary? Apparently not.
1:53PM NOV 1ST 2011
Only liberals who have placed their brains upon a shelf and now allow idiots to lead them believe ANYTHING that comes from the WH, the 40+ czars, Justice Department, DNC, yada yada yada. Someone, somewhere is keeping track of the lies...aren't they? Someone, somewhere is keeping track of the lib's failures...aren't they?
1:52PM NOV 1ST 2011
In order to be a "LABOR SECRETARY" shouldn't you have had a job before?
1:51PM NOV 1ST 2011
I had an opportunity to work for this woman...I am soooo glad I turned it down. I feel sorry for the folks at the Dept of Labor having to put up with this whack job!
Dr. R.J. Sicurelli
1:50PM NOV 1ST 2011
If Solis is allowed to call law abiding citizens "Teabaggers" then it is my right to call Solis a scumbagger commie posing as a patriot.
1:45PM NOV 1ST 2011
Obama and the Democrats are so desperate to hold on to their power and spread their Marxism, they openly hate, mock and attack 65% of the American population and call them crude names.
1:44PM NOV 1ST 2011
She can scream all she wants...senate will not pass the jobs bill either. Unions are corrupt and there is NO reason by the government employees should have unions. Get Washington out of the way...
1:43PM NOV 1ST 2011
"If I only had a brain". She must have been at the lunch at the homeless shelter. Anyone with a brain will see right through the rhetoric about Obama's jobs plan and its' 65% approval rating from the people of this country. He hired college professors to do everything, including this one, and he's getting what he's got, nothing but a bunch of talking points parroters. This woman is truly stupid.
David B
1:43PM NOV 1ST 2011
Keep in mind that the dem congress of 2006 also know as the reed/pelosi congress raised the min. wage in Nov of '08. This lead to 700,000+ new unemployment claims in Dec '08 and another 700,000+ in Jan '09! Dems did it on purpose to make Bush look as bad as possible. Also it helped cover their own behinds so they can spout distorted statements like.....We were already shedding 750,000 jobs a month when obama took over". Don't be fooled Dem economic policies are always a disaster! Vote every dem out in 2012! Your life depends on it!
1:40PM NOV 1ST 2011
Ms. Solis: Close our borders to illegals coming over to take American jobs and you'll provide plenty of construction work for Americans. This is an industry that has been taken over by illegals. They do not know our building practices or codes; they just show up with their Home Depot belt and hammer. You want to open up jobs for Americans? Take care of this problem and the rest will take care of itself.
Auzzie Mudge
1:39PM NOV 1ST 2011
Lets do the math?

"Solis claimed that the Obama job plan was backed by 65 percent of the American people and would “put 2 million people, especially construction workers, back to work.”"

Put 2 Million Construction workers, back to work? (Twilights of
Fannie and Freddie, again folks).

Doing what, building houses? No one is buying new homes.
Building Shopping Malls? Malls are going out of Business.

All of those in Washington have been at Ground Zero at allowing
events to occur that have aided in the Destruction of
The United States of America.

Our Founding Fathers would have called them Traitors at best.
And I am referring to both sides of the spin pig path.

Paying for anything that one gets Zero in return, or in this case, “Less”
for ones investment is called, "Welfare".

An Economy is like a swimming pool, once it turns "Green"
and pun intended it is Damn hard to turn it around.

Has anyone taken a moment of their time to wonder why the US Government
is paying interest on it’s own Money to Private Banks. And just in case
you are wondering what Private Banks those would be the Federal Reverse.
This is not a Government Agency but a group of Private Banks, i.e. bankers.

We use to print our own money prior to 1913 and the Federal Reserve Act.
So why are we paying interest on something we supposedly we own?

Just a Thought.

1:39PM NOV 1ST 2011
I LOVE these stories, every time I see one, it tells more and more people what mindless obamabots are in their party. Why does she not go down to OWS and tell off the ones down there, peeing in the street, crapping on police cars, throwing bottles and rocks at police, raping women, robbing protesters, ohhh but all that rape and mayhem is okay to them expecially the rape part, seeing that this statistic will just go to boost VP Biden's opinion.
Obama Lies
1:39PM NOV 1ST 2011
Obama is being Teabagged by Reggie Love and everyone knows it.

Perhaps Hilda Solis should was referring to him?
1:39PM NOV 1ST 2011
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1:37PM NOV 1ST 2011
Why is the White House worried about getting anything passed? Obama is going around Congress anyway.
1:36PM NOV 1ST 2011
The term "teabaggers" may get a good laugh from the left, but independents know that the term is sexual in nature and is a real turn off. The Obama team better learn this quick. No one wants their government officials being crass like this. Have some dignity and respect for the positions you hold.
1:36PM NOV 1ST 2011
This Communist fails to tell the truth that Obama's "Jobs" bill can't get out of the Democratic Party majority US Senate first. These communist Democrats are so dishonest and such liars.
1:36PM NOV 1ST 2011
This makes me ashamed that I share her last name.
1:35PM NOV 1ST 2011
Democrats are the Party for UNEMPLOYMENT, NOT the party for UNemployed!!
Has anyone realized that UNEMPLOYMENT IS ALWAYS HIGHER under Democrats!!
Which STATES have the HIGHEST unemployment in the US!! Harry Reids Nevada and Pelosi's California!!!
Because once people GET JOBS and PAY TAXES, they BECOME REPUBLICANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and democrats wouldn't want that!!!!!!!!!
Big Mouth Cowboy
1:31PM NOV 1ST 2011
Amazing. A sitting cabinet member of the Obama administration calling Tea Party members "tea baggers", a disgusting, putrid term used to describe a sickening sexual act. These pathetic amatures running our government are the lowest scum on the planet. I dispise them to my core. Punks, everyone of them.
1:30PM NOV 1ST 2011
With the use of obscenities and name-calling directly out of the Saul Alinsky "Rules For Radicals" handbook (dedicated to Satan), U.S. Labor Secretary Hilda Solis, has proven herself to be a low class, "feral" extention of the Barack H. Obama/Saul Alinsky idiology. With the grace of God, America will survive this communist, fascist, socialist take-over. History will not be kind to these vile, disgusting, God-less villans of Liberty, enemies to our nation. This woman was "hand-picked" by Obama. That says everything we need to know about this squatter in the White House.
Big Mouth Cowboy
1:33PM NOV 1ST 2011
I love you, Loving America!
Matthew Dunnyveg
1:29PM NOV 1ST 2011
Gee, did anybody ask Solis if Tea Party members have cooties too? Did she call the leftists protesting and camping out in the big cities the flea party???

White Americans, repeat after me: Sticks and stones may break my bones, but silly names will never hurt me.
Thomas Pain
1:28PM NOV 1ST 2011
Solis = Treason
Total Kaos Dave
1:28PM NOV 1ST 2011
"...with Republicans controlling the U.S. House, has no chance of passing Congress."
IT SHOULD READ, "...with Democrats controlling the Senate, has no chance of passing Congress."
1:28PM NOV 1ST 2011
LOL, Obama will take us on? When did Obama stop taking the citizens of the U.S. on. He started taking us on the first day he was elected. He has now taken us on to the tune of 9.1 unemployment, 20 to 25 million either jobless or under employed, a healthcare bill that not only will break the country but could also cause the demise of some sick people, and his efforts to further intrude into our lives has been ridiculous. Taking on the Tea Party has not worked and will not work. Unlike his gang sleeping in parks government owned land (our land) the tea party if filled with law abiding citizens who want government spending cut and we are determined it will be done. The first thing we have to do is remove Democrats from office. We don't sleep in parks, we aren't stealing, raping, or messing up city parks and streets. We are staying focused, writing political so called leaders, deciding who we will work for and vote for and who is out the door. Let him pick a fight with us, he has seemingly picked a fight with everyone else he can not control, why not us? He picked a fight and lost with FoxNews, dump idea to pick a fight with people who do not have to purchase or ask for air time. He has lost most of the fights lately he has picked so all I can say is bring it on Obama because you haven't seen anything yet. We are preparing for the onslaught your people will bring. I am betting we will win it and you're still going to lse the 2012 election. That's one thing I want seared into his conscientiousness, he is going to lose in November of 2012 and we will remove that horde of leftist from our government. A new administration will clean up the NLRB and make new, binding regulations for them, the EPA will get the same, and I think some department will either be eliminated or have their jobs scaled back significantly. Some government workers, particularly the ones recently hired, will have to be fired/displaced to save money, etc. If Obama wants a fight he has come to the right people. We will not FALTER, we will not FAIL. He's leaving office in Jan. of 2013. His reign of tyranny is OVER!
2:05PM NOV 1ST 2011
Outstanding RobNclt! Well said, well taken and you made your point without stooping to Solis's level.
Josh Biggs
1:27PM NOV 1ST 2011
Silly FLEABAGGER Democrats are really getting desperate
1:27PM NOV 1ST 2011
Obama and his posse of Marxist dolts are the laughing stock of the world. Unfortunately the American People aren't laughing quite as hard because the joke is on us.... as well as the bill to pay for it all
1:23PM NOV 1ST 2011
Hi Jack...this is why you liberals are soooo precious....the name calling, statements totally devoid of common sense; but hey, stay frosty commie.
1:22PM NOV 1ST 2011
If Tea partiers are teabaggers.
Then it is the left that is being teabagged!
2:12PM NOV 1ST 2011
1:19PM NOV 1ST 2011
Let them go on with their deluded, mindless rants. They will ALL be replaced after 2012. No more Big Sis, Solis, Chief Crook in charge Holder, Geitner, Axerod, etc. all gone.
1:17PM NOV 1ST 2011
I equate the term teabagger to the N word. I guess we are free to use the N word now since our no class leader has decided to unleash his commie administration on us! What a disgusting no class individual.

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