Carrying Water for Obama, Hilda Solis Picks a Fight with the Tea Party

By: Kevin Derby | Posted: October 31, 2011 3:55 AM
With the team behind President Barack Obama targeting the Sunshine State in their bid for a second term in 2012, the White House sent U.S. Labor Secretary Hilda Solis to speak to the Florida Democratic Convention on Saturday.

A day after Vice President Joe Biden told the convention at Walt Disney World that Obama needed to carry Florida to win in 2012, Solis attempted to rally Democrats for the elections and urged them to push for the Obama jobs plan which, with Republicans controlling the U.S. House, has no chance of passing Congress.

Speaking at a luncheon event on Saturday, Solis carried water for Obama, bashing Republicans and praising the administration’s economic policies.

Solis offered harsh words about conservatives. Looking at 2012, Solis slammed the tea party movement, calling them “teabaggers” and promising the Obama administration will take them on.

Combating the noise of a crowd often more concerned with holding their own conversations and eating their lunches than listening to her speech, Solis attempted to defend the Obama economic policies, praising the federal stimulus that the White House backed and the president’s job plan.

Solis claimed that the Obama job plan was backed by 65 percent of the American people and would “put 2 million people, especially construction workers, back to work.”

Besides attempting to sell the Obama jobs plan, Solis took aim at the Republicans. She attacked Republican Gov. Rick Scott’s labor policies, arguing that he is looking to take away collective bargaining and other rights from public-sector employees.

Solis accused Republicans in Florida and other states, including Ohio and Wisconsin, of “picking on” teachers, police officers and other government workers.

Blaming globalization and market changes for the decline of organized labor in the private sector, Solis conceded that government workers retained strong unions. “We’ve seen the movement in the labor house diminish in the private sector,” said Solis.

Solis urged the crowd to back Obama and his jobs plan.“You need to understand that this president is fighting for you,” she insisted.

When Obama took the oath of office in January 2009, the national unemployment rate stood at 7.6 percent. In September 2011, the national unemployment rate was 9.1 percent.

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2:10PM NOV 1ST 2011
darrell7887, As a TPP, I consider "teabagger" a badge of achievement. When a White House cabinet head uses it, you know you're being effective.
Philip Perington
1:34PM NOV 1ST 2011
Thank-you. I am a member of the Colorado Tea Party Patriots and a former administrative member of the Democratic Party, but nowa registered Independent. As for the use of the word "[filtered word]"... It is rude, cruel and in no way ever appropriate, just as referring to me and my fellow Tea Party members as tea-baggers is. If the Democrats had any brains they would realize this.
Joe smith
1:17PM NOV 1ST 2011
1:17PM NOV 1ST 2011
what a total joke
backed by 65%
they where not even listening to the crap comming out your mouth lady
an you an Obuma can take on the tea party, we kick the Dems out, we will do it again in 2012
an the Dems do not want to vote on another piece of crap bill, like they did with healthcare.
Herman Cain in 2012
Fair Tax
1:49PM NOV 1ST 2011
Dave im sorry but you Sir need some truth in your life as a lot of Americans do so i am going to provide you with some facts Sir type in America Freedom to Fascism a Documentary that cost Arron Russo his life the threat on his life is in the Documentary. Also look up TerrorStorm Both on youtube and IMDB.com They are TRUTH AND FACTS that will blow your mind dont believe me look them up read the comments people have left But you sir need this truth in your life and will tell others as i am doing Spread the TRUTH
tony z
1:15PM NOV 1ST 2011
1:15PM NOV 1ST 2011
I don't think anyone in Washington gets it yet. It does not matter HOW MANY PEOPLE SUPPORT SOMETHING IF IT IS WRONG AND UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Stealing from one group to give to another is ALWAYS WRONG!
Jack Russell
1:45PM NOV 1ST 2011
Obama just applied the NEWEST tax on my stepson just today. The child support check came from his father and the Gubmint had deducted $25 from it. Apparently there is a new charge that children of divorce are taxed to pay for OTHER children of divorce whose parents don't pay enough. No new taxes, eh?
1:15PM NOV 1ST 2011
Very mature of our Secretary of Labor calling the Tea Party "teabaggers".
1:28PM NOV 1ST 2011
I agree. Aren't these cabinet level appointees supposed to work for all the people? It's pretty typical to stack the cabinet with supporters but at least let's have some with some tact and sense enough to stay out of the name calling. Next, she'll be at an occupy event chanting with the crowd.
1:14PM NOV 1ST 2011
Here's one American deeply disappointed in the inability of our government officials to focus on their charge to serve every citizen rather than descend to grammar-school name-calling. Moreover, the term "tea bagger" is apparently a derivative of some sexual slang, again, highly inappropriate for a cabinet secretary to be bantering about. Where are the adults in this adminstration?
1:13PM NOV 1ST 2011
This woman? is like the rest of them.... has a serious mental illness and super gaps in her DNA. It opens it's mouth for the sake of opening it's mouth. Northing of value spues forth. Too bad ...what a waste of hot air.
1:13PM NOV 1ST 2011
This Communist C*** is YOUR Secretary of Labor America.
1:13PM NOV 1ST 2011
It is a shame that the first black man to be elected president of this nation shows such disrespect for over half of the country in his own words and those of his cabinet and staff. He certainly has lowered the bar. Cain would set it high again. Vote in 2012.
1:13PM NOV 1ST 2011
even the dems must have had enough of the kids in the white house. what an embarrassment these people are.
1:12PM NOV 1ST 2011
The only teabags Solis knows anything about are the ones bouncing off her chin, although I suspect she's more familiar with carpet.
Biff Johnson
3:25PM NOV 1ST 2011
Are you implying that this SHEBAGGER is a carpet cleaning rug muncher???

Gosh...I'm shocked!
1:40PM NOV 1ST 2011
1:16PM NOV 1ST 2011
Classic! LOL
1:12PM NOV 1ST 2011
I am sure every Democrat is aware that the term she used to describe her fellow Americans is a vile depiction. Thankfully most Democrats have abandoned this harsh rhetoric and fled the Democrat Party. These types of injurious comments from high ranking Democrats proves they will stoop to any level to try to get an edge. They are desperate because they know that we are wise to their lies and vile attacks and show a desperation often seen in imploding political parties whose political victories are all in the past, before 2008 to be exact.
1:11PM NOV 1ST 2011
I am an Independent and I have voted for both parties in the past. I can tell you that it will be a cold day in hell before I pull the lever for a Democrat politician again. The bold faced lies and name-calling and double standards that they have shown is not only a stain on the political system but also on humanity itself. The arrogance and disdain that they display is truly mind boggling.

I wonder what would happen if a Republican politician called a liberal person a Demoslut? Nevermind.......we already know being the hypocrits that you are!
Big Mouth Cowboy
1:38PM NOV 1ST 2011
Thank you, Patrick, this is good stuff. Every Indie and long-time Dem should read this and take note. Hopefully people will look past their party affiliation and do the patriotic thing: vote this type of garbage out!
Duc Pilot
1:09PM NOV 1ST 2011
When Obama and friends were pushing the health care bill, Nancy Pelosi said that when the bill was passed it would create 4,000,000 jobs, and 400,000 of them would be created almost immediately. Really? Where are these jobs? It is all smoke and mirrors. Now Solis is pushing for another bill that will be just as effective at creating jobs as the heath care bill. Believe me Ms. Solis, we DO understand what the President is fighting for and he is NOT fighting for us.
1:53PM NOV 1ST 2011
4,000,000 government healthcare jobs is what she ment to say.
Drake Jones
1:08PM NOV 1ST 2011
It's Hilda Solis' job to "Carrying Water for Obama." And, it looks like Kevin Derby's is Passing Water for the Republicans
2:07PM NOV 1ST 2011
What? Please make some sense if you are going to post.
1:04PM NOV 1ST 2011
dems need to win florida for obama to win election, hence the attacks on sen rubio couple weeks back by wapo, rubio was supported by tea party, now dems attack tea party, liberals fear rubio, dems loose latino vote then dem party goes extint
Daniel P Struk
1:03PM NOV 1ST 2011
God Bless your number 1 with your number 45
9 9 9 & 9 0 9 = 45
last debate was in a 45,000 sq. foot room
1:03PM NOV 1ST 2011
Haha. . . When the Tea Party first came on the scene, they referred to themselves as the Tea Baggers.
1:55PM NOV 1ST 2011
I can say anything on a blog also but as a responsible blogger I check my facts before making an accusation.
1:43PM NOV 1ST 2011
Actually, no we didn't. This was a joke from MSNBC commentators that went viral with the far left. They thought that it was hilarious.

Own your own perjoratives.
Bob Young
1:43PM NOV 1ST 2011
I have never heard anyone except democrats call tea party members tea baggers. I've only heard the term used by people who are functionally iliterate or who are bigots.
1:16PM NOV 1ST 2011
Where did you get this BS?
1:14PM NOV 1ST 2011
No they didn't.
1:02PM NOV 1ST 2011
... “You need to understand that this president is fighting for you,” she insisted.
= = = = =
No, he's fighting for his job, his pension, his sense of self-righteousness, his ideology, his party, and his puppet master.

PS- Ms Solis, the term "teabagger" is offensive. It was offensive when Anderson Cooper first used it, it is offensive still, it will never stop being offensive.
PPS- And no, contrary to Liberal-Left claims that "that's what they call themselves", NOBODY in the Tea Party has ever used "teabagger" self-referentially.
PPPS- If you're OK with vulgar terminology, Ms. Solis, then "FOAD".
1:54PM NOV 1ST 2011
Sissy-boy Cooper knows all about tea bagging first hand, the pervert.
Stand Up
1:02PM NOV 1ST 2011
Obama told a crowd of 200 donors, "if we don’t work even harder than we did in 2008, then we’re going to have a government that tells the American people, ‘YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN.’”

P.S. "Being on your own", hey, isn’t that what an adult does.
1:02PM NOV 1ST 2011
Stalin put millions to work -- in Siberia!
Kevin Alexander
1:01PM NOV 1ST 2011
Obama is a racist and a muslim but he's not an idiot; his wife is the idiot !
1:01PM NOV 1ST 2011
Another Obama appointee, a.k.a. collateral damage.
Adam M.
1:01PM NOV 1ST 2011
I become less and less surprised regarding the complete disdain and contempt this administration shows towards regular, hard-working Americans (i.e. those "teabaggers"). They continue to sink lower and lower with each passing day. Does anyone notice that this country has gone completely to hell, mainly because we gave the far left complete control over the White House & Congress for 2.5 years? Solis is simply a disgusting pig.......
out raged
1:01PM NOV 1ST 2011
Just called the White House (202-456-1111) and Rep. Wasserman (202-863-8000)to ask for public apology for Solis's comments.
2:23PM NOV 1ST 2011
Don't want her to apologize, I want this to go viral, move more Independents to the right and strengthen our resolve to settle for nothing less than one term for this Cabinet.
She meant what she said, any apology now would be disingenuous.
1:51PM NOV 1ST 2011
thanks for the numbers,,,i just called and demanded the same....
1:37PM NOV 1ST 2011
Are you nuts? Debbie is worse than her. That will never happen. What do you think she uses to refer to them? They are both idiots. Let's also not forget how they are trying to screw Alan West out in Florida too.
1:00PM NOV 1ST 2011
Notice the utter disdain that this administration has for the group that wants to save the American way of life. All the while this woman and her master, Obama, put their support behind the occupy protests. To call everyday citizens "tea-baggers", which is a description of a person performing a deviant sexual act, while supporting protesters that are true deviants, progressives, extremists, anarchists, Marxists, spoiled brats that want others to pay their way through life, as well as Communists and even Nazis is deeply troubling.....This is now the top leadership of the country, not some fringe wackos spouting off! People need to wake up NOW and stand up to the Marxists and Progressives in this government and restore our country in 2012.....
1:00PM NOV 1ST 2011
How appropriate. "Vice President Joe Biden told the convention at Walt Disney World that Obama needed to carry Florida to win in 2012". Just goes to show you how Mickey Mouse the Obama administration is! You would also think that U.S. Labor Secretary Hilda Solis would have better things to do rather than getting paid to politic for the democraps.
12:58PM NOV 1ST 2011
Hey Obama just run on your record. Like you and your water carriers say you`ve done so much for the country you should have plenty of examples of your good work. Like higher taxes, higher unemployment, higher misery index. Never mind Obama just leave office. That would be the best for our country. To hell with how ashamed mrs obama is .
12:58PM NOV 1ST 2011
from factcheck.org
President Obama exaggerates when he claims “independent economists” say his jobs bill “would create nearly 2 million jobs.” The median estimate in a survey of 34 economists showed 288,000 jobs could be saved or created over two years under the president’s plan.
12:58PM NOV 1ST 2011
Is anyone surprised?
The libs have to call their opponents names. It is built into their whole mindset.

They have to demean their opponents

For a group who considers themselves more intelligent than their opponents they show a really poor ability to communicate with anything approacing an intellgent argument.

They have to use name calling, guilt by innuendo, slander...

They are the epitome of the lower ability group trying to make themselve seem more able by tearing down those who would be able to show the weakness of their ideas if they could get a word in edgewise.


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