Carrying Water for Obama, Hilda Solis Picks a Fight with the Tea Party

By: Kevin Derby | Posted: October 31, 2011 3:55 AM
With the team behind President Barack Obama targeting the Sunshine State in their bid for a second term in 2012, the White House sent U.S. Labor Secretary Hilda Solis to speak to the Florida Democratic Convention on Saturday.

A day after Vice President Joe Biden told the convention at Walt Disney World that Obama needed to carry Florida to win in 2012, Solis attempted to rally Democrats for the elections and urged them to push for the Obama jobs plan which, with Republicans controlling the U.S. House, has no chance of passing Congress.

Speaking at a luncheon event on Saturday, Solis carried water for Obama, bashing Republicans and praising the administration’s economic policies.

Solis offered harsh words about conservatives. Looking at 2012, Solis slammed the tea party movement, calling them “teabaggers” and promising the Obama administration will take them on.

Combating the noise of a crowd often more concerned with holding their own conversations and eating their lunches than listening to her speech, Solis attempted to defend the Obama economic policies, praising the federal stimulus that the White House backed and the president’s job plan.

Solis claimed that the Obama job plan was backed by 65 percent of the American people and would “put 2 million people, especially construction workers, back to work.”

Besides attempting to sell the Obama jobs plan, Solis took aim at the Republicans. She attacked Republican Gov. Rick Scott’s labor policies, arguing that he is looking to take away collective bargaining and other rights from public-sector employees.

Solis accused Republicans in Florida and other states, including Ohio and Wisconsin, of “picking on” teachers, police officers and other government workers.

Blaming globalization and market changes for the decline of organized labor in the private sector, Solis conceded that government workers retained strong unions. “We’ve seen the movement in the labor house diminish in the private sector,” said Solis.

Solis urged the crowd to back Obama and his jobs plan.“You need to understand that this president is fighting for you,” she insisted.

When Obama took the oath of office in January 2009, the national unemployment rate stood at 7.6 percent. In September 2011, the national unemployment rate was 9.1 percent.

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Harry Baals
11:34AM NOV 1ST 2011
11:34AM NOV 1ST 2011
Solis is nothing more than a douche-bagger. Obama's record and actions speak for themselves. He is not presidential material, at best maybe dog catcher.
J Marthaller
11:32AM NOV 1ST 2011
The use of vulgar language by a Cabinet official is just one more Obama Admin. embarassment the US will have to bear. 2012 is coming.
J Marthaller
11:32AM NOV 1ST 2011
The use of vulgar language by a Cabinet official is just one more Obama Admin. embarassment the US will have to bear. 2012 is coming.
11:33AM NOV 1ST 2011
2012 is coming, and you're going to have to watch him get reelected and then spend another 5 year crying about it. Get over it now. You really think Mitt Romney is the answer to your prayers?
12:25PM NOV 1ST 2011
Ronald McDonald would be a better choice than the racist clown we have now.
11:59AM NOV 1ST 2011
It's still the campaign season, so why are you indicating Romney. There are a number of Republicans in the running, so he may not be the nominee of the party.
11:53AM NOV 1ST 2011
I hear Chicago will have a Dog Catcher position waiting for Obama
and Michelle will be the pooper scooper...
11:40AM NOV 1ST 2011
logan, when someone is relected they only get 4 more years. Or are you telegraphing your real intent to make Bummer KING for life?
Heather Allison
11:28AM NOV 1ST 2011
I am a member of the Tea Party. I claim sexual harassment by being called such a term.
11:28AM NOV 1ST 2011
As George Costanza famously said:

" It isn't a lie, if you believe it's true ".

Keep drinking your Kool Aid, obama folks....see if he carries more than 2-3 states.
11:28AM NOV 1ST 2011
Not much civility coming out of the Obama leadership. Well, you know that any leader sets the tone for his organization.
11:26AM NOV 1ST 2011
This type of vitriol is common and should be expected from the Mullah and his minions. Remember after the psychotic murderer J Loughner,went on a rampage in Tuscon, the Mullah called for a new civility and blamed the tea party. What he meant to say is " Conservatives, sit down and shut up. Stop the name calling and divisive speech. O.K. now Democrat lemmings, this is a call for you to increase your vitriolic rhetoric and "take out" ( Hoffa speak) our enemies." I'm not one bit surprised by the filthy mouth on Solis, she's every bit the low life that is the rest of Obozos' administration!
11:25AM NOV 1ST 2011
*arguing that he is looking to take away collective bargaining and other rights from public-sector employees. *

Good. That's why we hired him.
11:25AM NOV 1ST 2011
So, solis vows to 'TAKE ON' the Tea Party! These dolts don't understand that there is no Tea Party, as such. There is, however, a desire on the part of the American voters to put a stop to the horrendous waste and arrogance of this administration and require that strong concern be given to the over-spending, over-regulating and over-reaching that solis and this nobama administration has done over the last unbearable three years.

As was shown in the 2010 mid-terms, the path to sanity is clear. Rid this house o the spending vipers and the redolent thinkers and get true solutions to welfare waste, medical nobamacare waste and joblessness. This administration has NOT A Clue as to solutions that are clear to any true thinker.

Larry Croft
11:44AM NOV 1ST 2011
11:36AM NOV 1ST 2011
You mean the GLORY of the BUSH years? Spending vipers, are you kidding me? They all do it, D and R, and teabaggers too! Read it and weep loser:

11:41AM NOV 1ST 2011
Loogie, are you still here?
11:25AM NOV 1ST 2011
Guess Solis hasn't noticed that matters are worse now than when Obama was first elected. Actions speak louder than words.
11:25AM NOV 1ST 2011
Boo hoo! The governor is "is looking to take away collective bargaining and other rights from public-sector employees." GOD BLESS HIM! One of the single WORST government policies of the past 50 years was permiting government workers to unionize and collectively bargain. All they should have is a "just cause" termination standard, which 99% do, and that's it. The rest of what they get should be based strictly on what government can afford. The looming pension disater in states like Illinois, California and New York is a direct result of Democratic politcians being in the pocket of unions, particuarly public sector unions! While collective bargaining does have its place in the private sector, in the public sector it has been an unmitigated disaster and is inherently corrupt -- union members influence elections, elected officials pay back their public sector union supporters with insanely over generous benefits, public sector unions pay back the Dem elected official by providing huge campaign contributions. Its disgusting!!!
11:25AM NOV 1ST 2011
For this corrupt incompetent admin official to use such a vulgar term. I agree that it is similar to using the N word, and that she should be fired for such reprehensible action.
Of course she won't be fired. And the MSM will barely report it or ignore it completely, instead of seeing it as a "macaca" moment.
11:38AM NOV 1ST 2011
The term "teabagger" is indeed vulgar and an awful insult. In case any of you reading this don't know the definition is- When a male lowers his scrotum onto the head, face, or inside the mouth of his partner. The term is not necessarily one of any specific sexual orientation. So there you have it. If these morons who are throwing that term around do not realize its' connotation they are incompetent, if they do they should be removed from office. The last time I looked tea party types were Americans too, and deserving of respect by the people who hold office!
Thomas Provencher
11:25AM NOV 1ST 2011
Same old Hogwash. when dem controlled both houses what did they do? Work on Health care bill instead of economy . Also spent a lot of time blaming predecessors. I remember Reagan he never blamed anyone even was classy enough to let Jimmy go to the middle East to represent USA.
Get a life Kids and do the job you are well paid for or get out, it's not as if you don't have enough staff or maybe too many interns.
11:25AM NOV 1ST 2011
Why do they use the term "teabaggers"? Isn't that a sexual slur? "Teabagging" is a homosexual act, and just about all homosexuals are Democrats. Call a homosexual Democrat a "f@ggot", and you'll have the current Justice Department seeking charges against you for hate crimes. Hilda Solis and the rest of this Big Government administration need to go!
11:24AM NOV 1ST 2011
I often wonder why the Obama administration wants to use a gay slur again those who disagree with them.We are tea parties as in T.axed E.nough A.lready we want a return to Constitutional principles and do not like the leftwing expansion of the government in our lives.Obama and his minions seem set on destroying everything that made America great.Look around you there have been more jobs lost since Obama won the Presidency than there was before.Unemployment was 6% on Jan 20th 2009 the day he took office.If you want 4 more years of this or worse vote for him.I have a hard time believing that even democrats are that stupid as to want 4 more years of this disaster!
11:23AM NOV 1ST 2011
She failed to mention this jobs bill is merely a Labor Union bill. It does nothing for the average unemployed everyday guy. Only the union guy. The rest of us? Touch luck.
11:23AM NOV 1ST 2011
Every time I hear one of the administration people say they are fighting for a specific group, I am reminded who they are fighting. Instead of focusing on what their real roles are, they are fighting anyone who does not think like them. Not compromise. Not civil conversatins. Not any respect at all for the supposedly "Wrong" people who can't see the beauty of following yet another misguided and unsuccessful approach to fixing what is wrong with this economy. Creating more government and union jobs is exactly the opposite of what needs to be done at this point in history. Hilda knows that but is so beholden to labor she can do nothing but follow the script provided to her. I know many people in the Tea Party. Good Christians. Decorated Veterans. People who really give to their communities. Tax Payers. Hilda should be fired for insulting the very people who pay her salary. In a just world, she would have already been gone.
JJ Soteria
11:23AM NOV 1ST 2011
Nice that Hilda is on the Federal Payroll as a campaign worker and community organizer filled with invective(s) for the American people. This is a lawless regime.
Julie Sauvageot
11:19AM NOV 1ST 2011
So long, Solis! Don't let the door catch you heels on the way out! Someone should check her luggage for public owned property when she is tossed out on her fanny in 2012. I heard Jack in the Box may be hiring.
11:29AM NOV 1ST 2011
11:19AM NOV 1ST 2011
Solis needs to pay attention to her own responsibilities. Federal workers are constantly subjected to harrassment and hostile work places in a corrupt system, especially the DOD. Complaints to her department fall on deaf ears.
11:19AM NOV 1ST 2011
well ogoober will now get another opportunity to buy votes with taxpayer money in Florida with the flooding. 10 bil will probably do the trick.
Patrick Staib
11:18AM NOV 1ST 2011
How do the Dems get away with these sexually explicit and degrading comments!! This is the US Labor Secretary referring to US CITIZENS as those who suck testicles!!!! How Does This Continue!!! She should be removed immediately...but of course she won't be.
Vicky Bevis
12:28PM NOV 1ST 2011
Gotta agree with you on the inappropiateness of the comment. I'd expect it from a 15 yr. old snert, but NOT from a member of the President's cabinet. Apparently "decorum" is non-existant in D.C. anymore. ( But I guess I already KNEW that.)
11:48AM NOV 1ST 2011
Patrick Staib accuses the Dems of using "sexually explicit and degrading comments" with the term "teabaggers". I didn't know what he was talking about until I googled the term. It is unbelievable that the Secretary of Labor or anyone in her office would have used the term knowingly. Not everyone is up on such obscure word uses.
Vicky Bevis
12:31PM NOV 1ST 2011
Edwardx: I am almost 65 & my 68 yr old husband told me what the term meant @ 3 yrs. ago. According to him, it's a gay term. Either way, it's offensive HOWEVER used & certainly NOT from a member of the President's Cabinet.
11:28AM NOV 1ST 2011
They should have been called on this years ago! It's just another example of how these degenerates destroy the culture by making the obscene mainstream.
11:18AM NOV 1ST 2011
Hilda Solis is a racist and member of La Raza. She has publicly stated she puts "La Raza ahead of country".
11:18AM NOV 1ST 2011
The politics of division. This administration is actively working to foment civil unrest and class warfare. Hopenchange, baby, hopenchange.
11:17AM NOV 1ST 2011
Can't wait to teabag your boss in November.
11:16AM NOV 1ST 2011
Why is this non-elected parasite whose salary is paid for by the American Taxpayer insulting the American Taxpayer? This in unethical to say the least. But I doubt ethics are much of a concern with these people.
11:16AM NOV 1ST 2011
Seems odd that this administration would think that American citizens and legal immigrants would get excited about the notion of creating '2 million construction jobs' with 11-20 million illegal aliens currently at large in this nation taking those very jobs. Further, the use of a sexually linked pejorative to reference a group of Americans is insulting and counter intuitive.
11:15AM NOV 1ST 2011
Folks, it's time to put ALL of your energy elsewhere & start focusing on getting each Democrat U.S. Senator up for reelection next year unelected from office in 2012. Obama will never be reelected & this Administration is NEVER going to shut up it's lies and fomenting at the mouth until they are out in 2012, so concentrate on replacing Democrat Senators coming up for reelection.
Dennis Humbird
11:13AM NOV 1ST 2011
Oh baby.. you ain't seen nuttin yet! Perhaps I stand alone, but I believe that the American people will arise and crush the life and lifeblood out of the Communist/Socialist group that infests both the White House and halls of Congress. I see the day coming when once again, the slime buckets of Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Reid, Frank, et.al, will be required to slither under the nearest rock or face the righteous wrath of the American people. The leftist lot lizards have finally joined the ranks of WWII Germany and Japan… you done woke up a “SLEEPING GIANT”.

I for one will not be sated with the mere removal of Obama and his fellow communists/socialists/Marxists at the ballot box, as I want them…..every last one of them indicted, charged and tried for ‘TREASON/SEDITION and or CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, and or CRIMES AGINST AMERICA”. Let us never forget that America alone, shoulders the totality of the dreams and hopes of the world and the current administration and his legion of leftist lemming followers in the House, Senate and media, have forever damaged the concept of “HOPE”.

I do however agree that we require “change” in this country. But not the type of “change” Obama or what ever his 33 aliases are known as, want.

No, the “CHANGE” I speak of, is about is rounding up all of these frauds and charge them individually, both criminally and civilly. If found guilty of “crimes against America, treason and or sedition“, give them life sentences or death. I would include those that took the money and those that were enriched by it, as well as those that teach, instruct and champion the ideals and ideology of the communists/socialists/Marxist agenda.

But we should not stop there. I want the American taxpayers to be repatriated with the money and futures that this gang of thieves have stolen, thus, if found guilty, take their homes, cars, boats, furniture, their savings, bonds, stocks, retirement funds, pensions and even their social security and medicare. Strip them of every ounce of wealth and well being and no, I will not be made ashamed of taking from their family or even their children. They certainly didn’t worry about us, our families or children, now did they?
11:49AM NOV 1ST 2011
Mark woodworth, phd
11:46AM NOV 1ST 2011
I agree wholeheartedly
11:12AM NOV 1ST 2011
tea party here

it always makes me laugh when libs call us tea baggers

because if we are the tea baggers....i guess that makes them the tea baggees

judging from the butt kicking we gave them last election...i guess they should be prepared to gag on the next election too
David Moore
11:11AM NOV 1ST 2011
It's way past time to elect a Business Leader to head up our Federal Government. Say "No" to slick political rhedoric and posturing by elitists. Say "Yes" to an accomplished Executive. Besides, it is so much fun to see the liberal media and the Republican establishment squirm.
11:10AM NOV 1ST 2011
Everyone knows that this woman is an arch-leftist, a lapdog and stooge for Obama. She has zero credibility.
11:10AM NOV 1ST 2011
If this woman wants to resort to derogatory sexual defamation, I guess we
can refer to her as a Bi*ch

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