Carrying Water for Obama, Hilda Solis Picks a Fight with the Tea Party

By: Kevin Derby | Posted: October 31, 2011 3:55 AM
With the team behind President Barack Obama targeting the Sunshine State in their bid for a second term in 2012, the White House sent U.S. Labor Secretary Hilda Solis to speak to the Florida Democratic Convention on Saturday.

A day after Vice President Joe Biden told the convention at Walt Disney World that Obama needed to carry Florida to win in 2012, Solis attempted to rally Democrats for the elections and urged them to push for the Obama jobs plan which, with Republicans controlling the U.S. House, has no chance of passing Congress.

Speaking at a luncheon event on Saturday, Solis carried water for Obama, bashing Republicans and praising the administration’s economic policies.

Solis offered harsh words about conservatives. Looking at 2012, Solis slammed the tea party movement, calling them “teabaggers” and promising the Obama administration will take them on.

Combating the noise of a crowd often more concerned with holding their own conversations and eating their lunches than listening to her speech, Solis attempted to defend the Obama economic policies, praising the federal stimulus that the White House backed and the president’s job plan.

Solis claimed that the Obama job plan was backed by 65 percent of the American people and would “put 2 million people, especially construction workers, back to work.”

Besides attempting to sell the Obama jobs plan, Solis took aim at the Republicans. She attacked Republican Gov. Rick Scott’s labor policies, arguing that he is looking to take away collective bargaining and other rights from public-sector employees.

Solis accused Republicans in Florida and other states, including Ohio and Wisconsin, of “picking on” teachers, police officers and other government workers.

Blaming globalization and market changes for the decline of organized labor in the private sector, Solis conceded that government workers retained strong unions. “We’ve seen the movement in the labor house diminish in the private sector,” said Solis.

Solis urged the crowd to back Obama and his jobs plan.“You need to understand that this president is fighting for you,” she insisted.

When Obama took the oath of office in January 2009, the national unemployment rate stood at 7.6 percent. In September 2011, the national unemployment rate was 9.1 percent.

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Comments (685)

Not good enough
12:00PM NOV 1ST 2011
Wh0re is more appropriate.
Ralph Gizzip
11:45AM NOV 1ST 2011
If this is the new tone of political rhetoric the Administration wishes to engage in then I would refer to Ms. Solis as a phuquing kunt.
11:09AM NOV 1ST 2011
Hilda Solis is really crossing the line. First off, what part of in-debt-up-to-our-eyeballs doesn't she get?

Second, in one little speech, she berates the Tea Party, calling them a name that only leaves her looking very unprofessional, and then says, the president is fighting for you. All americans or just the unions? When you're the prez, you're supposed to speak of all americans, not divide the country way this guy has done. It's a cheap and tawdry re-election gamble.
Paul Begala
11:09AM NOV 1ST 2011
Amazing that this bimbo had the unmitigated gall to stand up there "praising the administration’s economic policies". Is she really this stupid...or is she just another dopey liberal leftist?

Hilda Solis is one of many Odumbo Administration officials who need to be found face down in a dumpster.
1:35AM NOV 2ND 2011
Paul says, "Is she really this stupid...or is she just another dopey leftist?" I think you just repeated yourself Paul.
11:11AM NOV 1ST 2011
In answer to your question, she is just another dopey liberal leftist.
11:08AM NOV 1ST 2011
U.S. Labor Secretary Hilda Solis should resign effective immediately. What a disgusting vile person...
11:08AM NOV 1ST 2011
Conservatives, all we can do is support the local and the RNC both state and national. Also, work your influence with your family and friends to spread a positive message about this great country.
11:08AM NOV 1ST 2011
The democratic party has been abandoned to vulgar and disrespectful thugs like this person, incapable of any goal outside of their own power. Incapable seeing beyond their personal gain in the next month.
11:06AM NOV 1ST 2011
Quick, call POLITICO, they'll get to the bottom of this! NOT! Slogan of POLITICO "We make the news. It's up to you to get the fact & report if it's true or not".
11:06AM NOV 1ST 2011
Shocker. The scumbag racist that supposts amnesty for all of the parasite, criminal ILLEGAL ALIENS. She is a Marxist and a serial liar just like her corrupt boss BHO. 65% of all americans support the 'jobs bill'? Really?!!! Another Dem drone living in fantasy land.
11:08AM NOV 1ST 2011
I've realized that when this Administration releases it's own percentage numbers, it's got to be the percentage of Democrats. Unless Obama is polling his additional 7 States.
Burbank Burner
11:06AM NOV 1ST 2011
I wonder what it's like to go through life, like Solis, with absolutely no brains in your head?
11:06AM NOV 1ST 2011
Another communist to be stimulating the economy with her food stamps come 2012.
11:05AM NOV 1ST 2011
Why is this wench taking sides, she is a labor Sec.. She should NOT be taking sides as 20 million Americans need jobs. This entire administration need a through a@@ whopping in 2012. Most are the real racists and fiscal idiots.
Dennis Pew
11:05AM NOV 1ST 2011
Obama and his administration is so insecure they must blame, condemn, accuse, find fault with everyone that does not agree with there failing, outdated socialistic philosophy. Show me one, I say one time where a socialistic government has been successful. Show me just one.
11:04AM NOV 1ST 2011
(Broom) Hilda Solis is so typical of the demo(gogic)cratic party, she can't fight a political fight without redcuing herself to the lowest denominator. Teabaggers... Really???!!! After 3 years of miserably failing tax and spend policy (bandying about trillions like it were pocket change for hopeless social engineering programs at the cost of at least $500,000 per "job" saved or created) all she can do is fetch water for obama and name call like a lil kid at a playground. This is the only strategy she has: insults and name calling. Sad part is that someone in an elected office deliberately misconstruing a very impoortant part of our American history to score cheap shot political points. The tea party movement was started for the same reason as it is happening now: outlandish government spending with no accountability for the benefit of a privileged few. Ironically enough, this quasi-homosexual insult (teabagging) should also be considered an insult to her voter base since most LBGT voters tend to be democrats; so with very little effort, thought or originality she has managed to insult both sides of the aisle. Solis, Obama and all the big government crony tax and spend types need to be gone in 2012. GO RON PAUL - REAL CHANGE!!! not obamas bs hopey changy, keep the change nonsense. Say NO to OBAMA and his cronys for REAL change!!! The people at her own lunchtime event know this lady is full of it. If this wasn't the case they would be listening to her drivel with baited breath instead of deciding whether they wanted a soup or salad with their meal.
11:02AM NOV 1ST 2011
THIS is a prime example of the reason why this clown and all of his fellow side show acts' need to be ran out of town. How many more days until he is gone?
11:01AM NOV 1ST 2011
Its apparent that the Secretary of Labor doesn't represent the interests of MOST American workers, who are far and away Non-Union. It is not the Departments role to provide any form of preference for Union over Non-Union. After all, it's named the Department of Labor; not the Department of Union Organization....................or is it??? And, if it is, why are our Taxdollars paying for it??? Perhaps we can eliminate it entirely, allow the 50 individual State Departments of Labor to administer the rules and use the money it consumes to pay down the deficit.
11:01AM NOV 1ST 2011
Ahh, the desperation of a sinking ship...
Big Dog
11:01AM NOV 1ST 2011
She picks a fight with the TEA Party and uses a sexual slur to descrbe them yet she and her party have voiced solidarity with the FLEA (Free Loading Enemy of America) Baggers in the OWS movement. The Democrats have chosen law breaking drug users who are raping people, vandalizing property and fighting with police over a group that is based in peaceful protest. It is quite telling.

No, the majority does not want Stimulus II. Most people know Stimulus I did not work and they want no more government meddling.

Big Dog
11:01AM NOV 1ST 2011
This coming from carpet muncher Hilda
11:00AM NOV 1ST 2011
>>> “put 2 million people, especially construction workers, back to work.”

That's strange, because Joe Biden announced that the point of the new stimulus was to protect government workers. He said the private sector could take care of itself but that government employees needed to be protected from layoffs, no matter how many tax dollars it took.
1:38AM NOV 2ND 2011
Biden said that about government workers? I'm shocked, shocked to find gambling going on in here. Somebody has to tell old Biden that that crazy horse laugh of his with the reflective teeth is driving people crazy.
10:59AM NOV 1ST 2011
This treasonous witchs only concern is putting Mexican construction workers to work in this country. She is anti American and working to destroy American sovreignty . She will find herself without a job in 2012, unless she moves to a third world country where she belongs.
1:40AM NOV 2ND 2011
Mary, it could be that she was thinking of the construction workers in Mozambique. Nawwwwwwwwww. I'll go with your theory afterall.
Bill in SC
10:59AM NOV 1ST 2011
"Combating the noise of a crowd often more concerned with holding their own conversations and eating their lunches than listening to her speech..." Must have been some barn burner! Even the Dems don't have the time to listen to one of Obama's minions try to prop up the failure this administration is.
10:59AM NOV 1ST 2011
All coming from an American Secretary of Labor who is more interested in protecting the JOBS of ILLEGAL ALIENS, INSTEAD OF AMERICAN CITIZENS!!
Go to www.numbersusa.com AND HELP AMERICAN CITIZENS GET JOBS !!
10:59AM NOV 1ST 2011
I can't believe we have gotten to the point where a federal employee, in other words, an employee of the citizens of this country can get on stage and slam a particular group of citizens with an obscene name just to maintain power. I'm a member of the tea party. I've been to several rally's. These people have no idea what the tea party is all about. For that matter, most of the country has no idea what the tea party is about. All they hear are the lies spued out by mostly left leaning idiots and a few establishment repubs.

The people at the tea party rallies are hard working honest people who want the federal government to know it's place and abide by the constituion. That's why you see a lot of tea party people supporting Herman Cain. Not because we have black guilt as the liberals will have you believe, but because he has the best ideas for minimizing this massive federal government we currently have. If the federal government would do what it was supposed to do per the constitution, we would have a surplus of tax revenue every year. Let the individual states take care of the rest.
The federal government was never intended to be so massive and expensive.

We are not republicans or democrats. We are conservatives. We disagree with rhino republicans as much as democrats.
Being a member of the tea party I'm get pissed off everyday because all of the lies floating around just to discredit us!!!

Go ahead and believe we are thru as a group...I beg you to! We are just getting started.
Dale Durrett
10:59AM NOV 1ST 2011
Frankly, it's disgusting that U.S. Labor Secretary Hilda Solis impunes political opponents by saying they engage in the practice of "teabagging." I realize this can be performed by a woman on her male partner, but is not uncommonly practiced by one man on another within the gay community. To that extent, I find her comments to be vile and homophobic.
10:58AM NOV 1ST 2011
What a typical vulgar Democrat woman. I am sure she has hummed on more scrotums than any conservative.
1:07PM NOV 1ST 2011
Actually, she's a bull-dyke carpet muncher.
Edward Michael
10:58AM NOV 1ST 2011
"Teabaggers" is a slur, no very different from the N Word. The fact that this biased hater would use it is all anyone needs to know about President Zero's asministration. They are a bunch of haters!
Edward Michael
10:58AM NOV 1ST 2011
"Teabaggers" is a slur, no very different from the N Word. The fact that this biased hater would use it is all anyone needs to know about President Zero's asministration. They are a bunch of haters!
Edward Michael
10:58AM NOV 1ST 2011
"Teabaggers" is a slur, no very different from the N Word. The fact that this biased hater would use it is all anyone needs to know about President Zero's asministration. They are a bunch of haters!
Edward Michael
10:58AM NOV 1ST 2011
"Teabaggers" is a slur, no very different from the N Word. The fact that this biased hater would use it is all anyone needs to know about President Zero's asministration. They are a bunch of haters!
Not an idiot
10:58AM NOV 1ST 2011
@ sean patriot

Do you really think you're fooling anyone? You've got OWS written all over your comments. Troll
10:58AM NOV 1ST 2011
Someone should wash her mouth out with soap and then take her task for using such a word to describe a group. Totally unacceptable and shows what a low class person this "water carrier" is. And then to heap lies on top? Obama has ONLY helped cronies and unions. And unions are one reason we no longer manufacture things in this country. Another reason is because government has become to restrictive for businesses to risk capital. And teachers? We have thrown away so much money in education and our children are not getting smarter. Get a grip...get out of businesses way because they are the only ones who create jobs. Government only siphons off money...and they are getting rich managing our hard earned tax dollars.
10:58AM NOV 1ST 2011
Another Communist appointed by the regime ! November 2012 can not get here soon enough ! The Tsunami is coming to roll over these socialists.
Liberty Jane
10:57AM NOV 1ST 2011
She needs to keep her sexual practices to herself. Keep slinging mud, Dems. Your showing your IQs again!
10:56AM NOV 1ST 2011
Still trying to figure out where these intellectual libs get their 27% tax from. Obviously they haven't figured it out yet! Oh, I get it, they've drunk their Kool-Aid already!
10:54AM NOV 1ST 2011
Clearly the Obama Administration is seeing their reign of economic terror and irresponsibility (& gravy train) coming to an end, and thus the vitrol, anger, and violent rhetoric to try to save their bacon. Take solace Ms. Solis you will have fed pension.
Lankester Merrin
10:53AM NOV 1ST 2011
Without a doubt, the most divisive administration ever. Romney can't send this punk back to the mansion his convicted-felon business partner bought him soon enough.
10:53AM NOV 1ST 2011
Yet more drivel and untruths from another O'Barmy butt-kisser. His so called jobs plan doesn't amount to a hill of beans. It's another con job to raise taxes!
Dee in Texas
10:52AM NOV 1ST 2011
Hilda - It is obvious that you are without character OR conscience, and not fit to lick the shoe sole of the average Tea Party voter.
Go find yourself a really tall ladder... haul your lazy carcass all the way up to the top... stretch as far as you can reach...
and kiss this grandma's grits!
During the Cold War, there was a saying "Better dead than Red".
It still applies.
10:50AM NOV 1ST 2011
Calling someone "teabagger".... congratulations, you just insulted half the country, as in, half the voters. Where is the apology for the very vulgar term?
10:50AM NOV 1ST 2011
Better the teabagger than the teabaggee.
10:50AM NOV 1ST 2011
Phuck that greaser hole.
10:49AM NOV 1ST 2011
Solis claimed that the Obama job plan was backed by 65 percent of the American people

so where are these 65%.. i certainly do not know any... but I have another percentage for you... and that's 65% want you out of office now!
Marek Suchenek
10:49AM NOV 1ST 2011
Labor unions in private sectors are supposed to protect the workers from the greed of the capitalists.

But what is the reason for labor unions in the public sector? There are no "greedy capitalists" running the public sector, not in states like CA that a one party (Democratic) state.

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