Caylee Anthony, Human Trafficking Bills Reach Rick Scott's Desk

By: Jim Turner | Posted: March 23, 2012 11:25 AM
Rick Scott

Gov. Rick Scott

A number of bills, including one inspired by the death of Caylee Anthony that would increase penalties for failing to report missing children and two bills backed by Attorney General Pam Bondi, reached the desk of Gov. Rick Scott Friday. 

The bills backed by Bondi would increase penalties for human trafficking and eliminate a loophole she says has allowed scam artists to thrive on people seeking to quickly sell timeshares.

The Caylee Anthony-inspired bill -- the product of a special committee commissioned in the wake of the 2-year-old's mother Casey Anthony being acquitted of her murder last summer in Orlando -- would make it a felony for any caregiver to fail to report if a child 16 or younger is missing.

Scott has until April 7 to act on the bills.

The bills that reached Scott Friday:

CS1    HB 37        Knowingly and Willfully Giving False Information to a Law Enforcement Officer.

CS1    HB 173      Department of Juvenile Justice.

CS1    HB 357      Homestead Exemptions for Seniors.

CS1    HB 435      Gilchrist County.

CS1    HB 465      District School Board Bonds.

CS1    HB 483      Uniform Commercial Code.

CS1    HB 691      Beach Management.

CS3    HB 711      Sale or Lease of a County, District, or Municipal Hospital.

CS3    HB 799      Physical Therapy.

CS1    HB 809      Communications Services Taxes.

CS1    HB 867      City of Clearwater, Pinellas County.

CS2    HB 887      Business and Professional Regulation.

CS3    HB 943      Background Screening.

CS2    HB 947      Possession  of a Firearm or Destructive Device During Commission of an Offense.

CS3    HB 1001    Timeshares.

CS2    HB 1011    Warranty Associations.

CS2    HB 1097    Sexually Violent Predators.

CS3    HB 1163    Adoption.

CS1    HB 1255    Acme Improvement District and Lake Worth Drainage District, Palm Beach County.

          HB 1297    City of Dania Beach, Broward County.

CS1    HB 1357    District School Boards.  

CS1    HB 1481    Loxahatchee Groves Water Control District, Palm Beach County.

CS1    HB 1495    Spring Lake Improvement District, Highlands County.

          HB 4003    Growth Policy.

          HB 4027    Community-Based Development Organizations.

          HB 4061    Uniform Home Grading Scale.

          HB 4139    Repeal of Health Insurance Provisions.

CS1    HB 7025    Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

CS1    HB 7027    Unemployment Compensation.

CS1    HB 7039    Transportation Facility Designations.

CS1    HB 7041    Governmental Reorganization.

          HB 7049    Human Trafficking.

          HB 7075    Military Installations.

          HB 7125    Exemptions from Local Business Taxes.

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