CD 19 Candidate Questions 'Creepy' Purchase of His Domain Names

By: Kenric Ward | Posted: April 6, 2012 3:55 AM
Trey Radel and Chauncey Goss

Trey Radel and Chauncey Goss

A Republican congressional candidate in Southwest Florida is questioning what he calls an opponent's "creepy" purchase of personal Internet domain names.

"It's a little stalker-ish," Chauncey Goss said of the "Friends of Trey Radel," who bought the rights to chaunceygoss.com, chaunceygoss.net and chaunceygoss.org.

Adding to the intrigue, the site names were obtained in March and April of 2011 -- 11 months before Radel announced his candidacy for the 19th Congressional District.

"They were either purchased by a private citizen -- which is creepy -- or by a candidate, in which case they were not going by the rules of the Federal Election Commission," Goss asserted.

A search of FEC reports by Sunshine State News did not turn up any filings by the Friends of Trey Radel.

Radel, who launched his campaign website months before officially entering the congressional contest in February, stayed on the air with his radio talk show until January.

Radel was not available, but Matt Pusateri, of Friends of Trey Radel, said, "We didn't launch our campaign until this quarter. FEC public information will be available in the coming weeks."
Calling the Friends of Trey Radel "a cutting edge, conservative Republican campaign," Pusateri said Radel's operation owns "dozens of domain names, commonly called 'dot-coms.'
"For years, the Democrat Party has owned the Internet. Not anymore. In fact, our campaign is changing the face of Republican politics in Florida today," he said.
Pusateri said his group is building "a massive grassroots team online and on the ground."
"Our campaign is raising significant money online through social networking. At the end of last quarter, the campaign launched a so-called 'money bomb,' made popular by people like Senator Marco Rubio and Representative Ron Paul. Our goal was to raise $10,000, $10 at a time, in 10 days. We hit the goal in just eight days," Pusateri said
While saying it is "disconcerting that someone bought my name," Goss said the purchase "doesn't hamper us at all."

"I wouldn't ask people to type in chaunceygoss.com because I can't even spell it," he says with a laugh. His campaign site is gossforcongress.com.

Goss, son of former Congressman Porter Goss, mused that in the wide open world of the Internet, "Anybody can buy anything."

"It's odd, but it's not illegal," he said of the purchase of his full domain name. "It really comes down to a question of character for any candidate."

Everett Wilkinson, a South Florida-based tea party leader who has launched several political websites, said purchasing domain names of political opponents "has become very commonplace."

He added, however, "You must have good faith and legitimate interests when you purchase the domain."

Domain names can be locked up for $10-$20 apiece annually. After their initial purchases last spring, the "chaunceygoss" buys were updated March 21, Internet records show.

Other GOP candidates in the race to succeed Rep. Connie Mack, R-Naples, are Gary Aubuchon, Tammy Hall, Paige Kreegel and Joe Davidow.

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Kathy B
9:45PM APR 7TH 2012
Players who don't trust their own strength pull out the corked bat.
Bill C.
5:27PM APR 7TH 2012
Okay so this should settle all you little boys. It is called the law and Mr. Radel is in so much gray it appears he knew it and then tried to back track. One other thing, I believe you have to renew those proxies every year and they just were gone for a while.

§1129. Cyberpiracy protections for individuals

In general.

Civil liability. Any person who registers a domain name that consists of the name of another living person, or a name substantially and confusingly similar thereto, without that person's consent, with the specific intent to profit from such name by selling the domain name for financial gain to that person or any third party, shall be liable in a civil action by such person.
Exception. A person who in good faith registers a domain name consisting of the name of another living person, or a name substantially and confusingly similar thereto, shall not be liable under this paragraph if such name is used in, affiliated with, or related to a work of authorship protected under title 17, United States Code, including a work made for hire as defined in section 101 of title 17, United States Code, and if the person registering the domain name is the copyright owner or licensee of the work, the person intends to sell the domain name in conjunction with the lawful exploitation of the work, and such registration is not prohibited by a contract between the registrant and the named person. The exception under this subparagraph shall apply only to a civil action brought under paragraph (1) and shall in no manner limit the protections afforded under the Trademark Act of 1946 (15 U.S.C. 1051 et seq.) or other provision of Federal or State law.
Remedies. In any civil action brought under paragraph (1), a court may award injunctive relief, including the forfeiture or cancellation of the domain name or the transfer of the domain name to the plaintiff. The court may also, in its discretion, award costs and attorneys fees to the prevailing party.
Definition. In this subsection, the term "domain name" has the meaning given that term in section 45 of the Trademark Act of 1946 (15 U.S.C. 1127).
Effective date. This subsection shall apply to domain names registered on or after the date of the enactment of this Act [enacted Nov. 29, 1999].
5:25PM APR 7TH 2012
So tell me this. Why did Trey Radel go and change all of the domains to "Domains by Proxy"?

Domains By Proxy, LLC

15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
United States

Registered through: GoDaddy.com, LLC (http :// www. godaddy. com)
Created on: 05-Mar-11
Expires on: 05-Mar-13
Last Updated on: 21-Mar-12

Administrative Contact:
Private, Registration CHAUNCEYGOSS. COM@ domainsby proxy.com
Domains By Proxy, LLC
DomainsBy Proxy.c om
15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
United States
(480) 624-2599 Fax -- (480) 624-2598

Technical Contact:
Private, Registration CHAUNCEYGOSS. COM @ domainsbypr oxy.com
Domains By Proxy, LLC
Doma insByPr oxy. com
15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
United States
(480) 624-2599 Fax -- (480) 624-2598

Domain servers in listed order:
12:00AM APR 7TH 2012
really it is disconcerting that someone does not understand internet 101. there are no trademark issues or whatever. this is not coke or pepsi. it is someone who doesn't understand basic internet use in politics. you should have bought your name in the 1990s.
1:42AM APR 8TH 2012
You must not understand trademark law - one can have a trademark or trademark rights in their name. In such a situation, or if your name has obtained a secondary meaning, cybersquatting may involve trademark infringement.
11:17PM APR 6TH 2012
You idiots must be with the other persons camp.

A candidate for congress or the local dog catcher and does not have his domain name? This is United States congress right? Not State congress in Nacodoches?
11:16PM APR 6TH 2012
Tammy Hall dropped out of the CD-19 race. Byron Donalds (R-Naples) is also an active candidate for this seat.
6:33PM APR 6TH 2012
So let me get this straight. Creepy Radio Dude has no idea that he is going to run for congress. So just for giggles he goes and buys Mr. Goss' name and Lord knows who else's names out there. Just so happens Mr. Goss and others are or will run for Congress.

I decided to look this up and I find "CRD" puppet Matt Pusateri is the registered tech agent. He is also an officer of Friends of "CRD" according to Sunbiz.

So I think it is time to answer the question why out of the clear blue did you decide to start purchasing the names of those who may or may not run for a campaign? What is your angle? Did you expect to sell them to the candidates and make a profit? Did you expect to make it more difficult for candidates?

The only thing cutting edge about this Matt is that it is cutting edge identity theft and when you get compared to Everett Wilkinson you have serious issues. Just search him out and you will understand.

No, what you should do is fess up. Show who bought those domain names and then since YOU "CRD" own them. GIVE THEM BACK!

If not then you have showed your character. Forget it, you have shown it already.
J. Ryan
9:25AM APR 6TH 2012
The only thing thats creepy about all this. Candidates that don't have a clue and dont buy their own domain name. Get with the times pal.
3:19PM APR 6TH 2012
Wrongo! Cybersquatting may invalidate your registration agreement, particularly if you, with malice, used a name you have no legitimate interest in or have no good faith right to hold (such as your opponent's name). Suing might even be appropriate, and could force your opponent to embarrassingly fess up, or abandon the registration (if not already violating the terms of the registration). Also, can you say potential trademark infringement? Let's just put this down as an old tool in the Republican Tricky Dick dirty tricks bag.

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