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Chain Gang Charlie Crist Is Back, Unfortunately for Black Folks in CD 13

October 21, 2016 - 11:00am

Good Grief! I thought after 2014, black folks would have seen the last of the snake Chain Gang Charlie Crist slithering through our churches, slobbering on our kids and pretending to be Frederick Douglass reincarnated.

Alas, with redistricting, and what he sees as a sure thing, a reprieve from Charlie Crist was not to be. Chain Gang Charlie hopes to do what he loves best of all. Not govern, mind you,  but get himself elected.

Now, before I get into the meat and potatoes of what I have to say, I want to point something out to you that should grate on your nerves as much as it does mine.

During the threat of Hurricane Matthew, I went to St. Petersburg to hide out. While I was there, I went to a debate between Ol’ Chain Gang Charlie and David Jolly at the St. Petersburg Yacht Club.

As you can imagine, there weren’t very many people of color there. I probably could count us on one hand, and have a couple of fingers left over.

Needless to say, Crisco Crist wasn’t spouting President Obama’s name every other word, like he does when he is speaking to black people.

I guess he decided not to treat them like adolescents who only needed to hear a trigger word to fall in line. They were treated like they had the intelligence to listen to ISSUES, unlike plantation black folks, right?

At any rate, I would HOPE black people are tired of being treated like children, in that the only thing Charlie Crist has to do is mention Barack Obama, and he has you and your vote all sewn up.

Now, speaking of President Obama. I get it. I know the political games that are played. Make no mistake about it, though, after Jan. 20, 2017,  President Obama will not be coming back to get into the political fray with Congress or Hillary Clinton, so while I appreciate him and all he has done, I’m looking at the CANDIDATE, and Charlie Crist is still the same guy who changes his positions and his core values as often as he changes his underwear!

Click to enlarge

When Crist was trying to please the Republicans, President Obama AND Obamacare were horrible. When Marco Rubio ran him out of the Republican Party and he needed a new home, he decided to run over Kendrick Meek.

You guys haven’t forgotten that story, have you? I sure haven’t. It goes back to the fact that Crist will use black folks however he can, to get what he wants. Kendrick Meek won the Democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate seat in 2010 fair and square, but because Chain Gang Charlie thought he was entitled to that Senate seat himself at all costs, he wanted Kendrick, a BLACK man, pushed out of the race.

It was at that point that Crist dropped his Republican Party and ran as an independent, and then started turning other Democrats against Kendrick. Run over the the black man, right Charlie?

Reminds me of when Charlie wanted to prove how tough he was on crime, which is how he GOT the name “Chain Gang Charlie”.

A name he was proud of and joked about. I see no humor in it, and neither should you. I recently came across a video on YouTube about Charlie and his chain gang Charlie days. I understand that we are a forgiving people, but not everyone is deserving of our forgiveness. Particularly snakes like Charlie Crist.

There are phony ads running in CD13 of Crist’s opponent with Donald Trump, but why aren’t they talking about the TRUE relationship between Crist and Trump?

I’m going to close with an article I think is very important to read. Follow this link. It accurately sums up what is happening to the black community politically. Our issues are being ignored. WE are being ignored, except during the last few weeks of an election cycle, and then it’s only words and photo ops. We have become a captured political group.

It’s up to us to change that.

Leslie Wimes is founder and president of Women on the Move and the Democratic African American Women Caucus, Follow Leslie on Twitter: @womenonthemove1.


Charlie the turncoat, will say anything to anybody just to get elected. Even the state's number one pettifogger Morgan & Morgan couldn"t get him a dogcatchers job. He is just like Hilary, only he doesn"t have the act down pat, or the money like she does.

Charlie the turncoat, will say anything to anybody just to get elected. Even the state's number one pettifogger Morgan & Morgan couldn"t get him a dogcatchers job. He is just like Hilary, only he doesn"t have the act down pat, or the money like she does.

Talk about being tired of being treated line children by Crist, what about being treated like plantation slaves to the DNC? Crist isn't Black people's problem. He is just a snake, as Wines says. But Obama and the DNC have been something slithery & stinky alright, to the Blacks and all other people of this country. How on the world does Wimes have intelligence to see Crist's snake ness, but not her Party or president, or Hillary? Has she been behind the Great & Crooked Liar? Haven't been a reader of Wimes until today (and never again), so I don't know if she worships HRC?

What? I was trying to gather something worth carrying away from Wimes article... I thought SSN was conservative? The second Wimes said she appreciated Obama and what he has done... WTH? If I wanted to spend my time listening to deceived people, well heck, I COULD go to a libidiot blog or the Tallahassee Dumbnocrat. What gives anymore? People, history will NOT be thanking Obama or the Democrat Party for ANYTHING!

Charlie "The Tuna" once wanted a picture with me; But I refused because I didn't want my picture posted alternately EVERY "election season" in one-or-the-other political party's Campaign Hdqtrs (it would confuse people into thinking that IT WAS ME who was "the Party Jumper"... [Listen to Leslie Folks,...She's "got a handle" on this stuff...]

Charlie "the Windsock" Crist: he just wants to get elected. Caveat Emptor, friends. It's the right thing to do.

si' !

very offensive drivel to say the least...surprising really...

Not That surprising considering where the drivel is coming from! She's a true whiner!

Your racist rant should get you hung from a tree. Everyone knows what you intended to meant when you wrote "trigger" You are a piece of garbage as a human being. Your mother should have aborted you to keep us from reading your filth.

Wimes is neither a Democrat nor does she represent African-American women!

Well HELL,.. Hillary certainly isn't representing "Women" or "Womens' right to choose or "Children" or "Toddlers" because First of all that's an oxymoron (especially if you 'mix' "Planned Parenthood" into THAT group, and secondly THAT group doesn't have enough money to attract her nefarious attentions...

What a racist rant from someone who should know better and likely does. But she is brown nosing her republican masters is shameful................ As for Crist, it was the far righf that ran Crist , Fasano, Dockery, etc off and thousands of other decent people because they were moderate............... And exactly becaise of rants like Rimes is doing here.............. And why republicans are going to lose a lot this election as few want such nasty people. .......... Rimes and republicans should be ashamed of themselves but they have no shame, rotten to the core.

Jerry, well, you got me! If anyone knows about "rants" since it is what you do! She's no Republican, considering her title includes the Democratic Party! Try to READ, and then understand what those big words mean. She's one of yours, you twit!

Either you don't know Rimes or so far right you can't even see right wingers, much less the center, smart people.......... Yes I do expkain how republicans are fiscally and morally babkrupt as 2000-2008 proved so well leaving a $1.1T deficit , massive national debt and loding 800k jobs a month. ........ Yes I do rant about that as I want everyone to remember just how bad the republican policies are.............Back in the 60s where I learned economics from the republicans I would have never guessed dems would turn out the true fiscal conservatives. ...........Under dems the jobs increae and deficits are cut, even a $250B surplus Clinton left the Republicans in 2000 they totally blew........... Is that the kind of rant you mean? ;^))

Thank goodness we're blessed with Criminal Rick Scott. Wouldn't Trump have fun with his record. What irony that the person who is trying desperately to restrict the right to vote shouldn't be allowed to vote in Florida. Maybe those poor black voters could be joined by all of the patients that Scott used to steal from the government. I want to live for the day when Florida voters wise up and sweet all of consevacrooks out of office.

First I am not a fan of Charlie Crist. He like all of the politicians speak to the crowd of which there in front. Show me a politician that doesn't speak to the audience that they're standing before. It is the responsibility of that audience to listen and to make determination as to whether the speaker is feeding them bull or the truth. The writer of the article is offended because the speaker was delivering a different message to a different audience. The Writer's response was anger and a bias. The writer was not reporting they were editorializing that is wrong. I may not like Charlie Crist but when a writer is editorializing and calling it an article they are manipulating the audience and not being a responsible reporter.

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