Charlie Crist Hits the Airwaves But Rick Scott's Team Hits Back

By: Kevin Derby | Posted: July 8, 2014 3:55 AM
Charlie Crist

Charlie Crist

Former Gov. Charlie Crist, the favorite for the Democratic nomination to challenge Gov. Rick Scott, released his first television ad of the 2014 campaign on Monday. 

The new ad features Crist standing in front of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, promising to fight for more education spending, for women’s rights and to raise the minimum wage. Despite unemployment dramatically increasing during his time in Tallahassee, Crist also touches on the workforce and claims to have saved 20,000 teacher positions during his term.

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"We’re famous for our sunshine here," Crist says in the ad. "But for many, work starts before it comes up and continues long after it goes down."
“Sunshine reflects who our campaign is about: Florida’s middle-class families and seniors, whose lives have gotten harder under Rick Scott,” Omar Khan, Crist’s campaign manager, said Monday. “Charlie Crist understands the stress they’re facing every day -- that’s why he’s always fought for them and that’s why he’ll fight for them again as governor.”

In the meantime, Crist is starting to get more financial support from the Democrat establishment, despite his Republican past and facing former Florida Senate Democratic Leader Nan Rich in next month’s primary. The Miami Herald reported on Monday that the Democratic Governors Association (DGA) sent $500,000 to Crist toward the end of June. 

But to Scott's team, Crist only wants to be in politics when things are rosy. Florida Sen. John Thrasher, R-St. Augustine, chairman of Gov. Scott's re-election committee, quickly returned fire on the former governor following the ad's release. 

"It's fitting that Charlie Crist's first campaign ad is called 'Sunshine' because he only wants to be around during good times,” Thrasher said, noting Crist did not seek a second term for governor, but instead ran for the U.S. Senate back in 2010. “When times were tough here, Charlie instituted tax increases and teacher layoffs. Then he ran away. We need four more years of Gov. Scott's steadfast leadership and job creation. The sun has set on Good Time Charlie's time in elected office."

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8:44AM JUL 8TH 2014
How many times did Scott plead the fifth?
Scott Henry
11:46AM JUL 8TH 2014
To use Hilliary Clintons words, "What difference does it make?", Rick Scott has done way more for this state than Charlie Christ EVER did! And by the way, you Democrats tried to use that same rederick during the last election, Didn't do you much good then and I seriously doubt that it will do any good this time around. Specially by Charlie as he bailed on "our" party last time around! So all I can say to you is, you need to find a better candidate than Charlie if you want even the "Slightest" chance in hell of taking over the governors mansion and office in Novenber.
2:04PM JUL 8TH 2014
Lets see, Rick Scott was a Bush family Dallas, Tx lawyer beginning in 1978. He was a partner in the Texas Rangers with George W. Bush and Tom Hicks. both Scott and Hicks are found on the "GW" big money people who pay to play list of 100.

Then in 1987 when Jeb's Cuban mobster friend and IMC hospital partner Miguel Recary got in trouble with the feds over the Medicare Fraud Jeb had helped him set up with phone calls to all the right people at HHS when his (GHW "mr new world order himself" Bush) was Vice President under Ronald Reagan, Jeb called in the family lawyer Rick Scott, and with the help of Jeb, Richard Rainwater and Mike Fernandez's father Rick Scott picked up the pieces of IMC's organized Medicare Fraud and propagated it into the largest Medicare Fraud in US History.

Cn't blame Charlie Crist for bailing on this organized criminal empire, after all he's small potatoes in the business world. If not of Mel Sember, the Bush's friend who wanted Charlie for his son Brent, Charlie would probably still be dancing in his black leathers on the bar at the Green Gables!

Now Sembler is funding Rick Scott because he's the Bush choice now. Sembler knows Rick Scott will always help the Repubs keep the horrors of their little pedophile farms and ranches like Green Isle and the abuses of most boys covered up as long as Sembler keeps the cash flowing. But what will they do if Charlie Crist starts spilling the beans and their victims start coming forward like all those victims of Fleetwood Peoples, Jr. and now Sr.- that little piece of cheese could get real binding!
its all in who you know
6:52AM JUL 8TH 2014
New documents show another degree controversy dogs Scott's COS, Adam Hollingsworth ~ Not to worry he has a long way to catch up with the criminal past of Richard (Rick) Lynn Scott-

Oops. Adam Hollingsworth did it again.

After twice lying years ago about getting a 1990 college degree, Gov. Rick Scott's current chief of staff didn't fully disclose the date he received his bachelor's when he filled out a 2011 application for a high-level state post.

Hollingsworth received his University of Alabama communications degree in 2009 -- not 1990 as he suggested on his May 27, 2011 application for an appointment to the board of Enterprise Florida Inc., the state's public-private economic development agency.
Hollingsworth wouldn't comment, but a spokeswoman for the governor's office said he wasn't misleading.

"The EFI application, which Adam completed after 2009 when he had his degree, did not request a graduation date so one was not provided," Melissa Sellers wrote in an email.

The Times/Herald reported that Hollingsworth twice claimed a degree from Alabama in connection with his work for the CSX Transportation Corp, which he left in 2004.

Hollingsworth last week acknowledged a "misrepresentation" and "failure in judgment." But he denied that his departure from CSX was linked to his false claim that he had earned a degree when he hadn't.
Also, Hollingsworth didn't tell Scott about his deception until a reporter asked him Friday.

Scott, however, is standing by his chief of staff and said Tuesday that Hollingsworth will "continue to do a great job."

On Tuesday, new records released by the governor's office showed that Hollingsworth wasn't completely forthcoming when it came to the Enterprise Florida application. The application instructions had straightforward demand for transparency: "The questionnaire MUST BE COMPLETED IN FULL."

On his application for the Enterprise Florida appointment Hollingsworth wrote: "University of Alabama, 1986-1990, BA, Communications."
The official state document, submitted to the governor's office, was notarized and date-stamped. Hollingsworth signed the form, which stated he swore the information was "complete and true."

The Florida Senate, which would have confirmed his position, never delved into Hollingsworth's background, however, because he withdrew his application in the fall of 2011, so it stopped the vetting process, said Senate spokeswoman Katie Betta.

But what the heck is a little lie about education when Lake County Florida Tax Collector Bob McKee has lied for years about his non-existent degrees – length of Navy service – felony DUI’s- at least FOUR DOB’s and on and on-

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