Charlie Crist, Republicans Exchange Attacks in TV Ads

By: Kevin Derby | Posted: July 24, 2014 3:55 AM
Charlie Crist

Charlie Crist

With five weeks to go until the primary, the leading Democratic gubernatorial contender and the Republicans exchanged fire on Wednesday in a round of new ads. 

Former Gov. Charlie Crist, the favorite for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination in next month’s primary despite spending most of his political career in the GOP, launched a new television ad on Wednesday, hitting Gov. Rick Scott on education. The ad is the second Crist has run so far in the campaign.

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“‘Doorway’ is about our schools -- because if we want to build a better Florida, we need to start with our kids,” Crist insisted on Wednesday. “Rick Scott cut education spending by $1.3 billion, hurting their chances at a better future. How can he sleep at night?”

Florida Sen. John Thrasher, R-St. Augustine, the chairman of Scott's campaign, quickly fired back.

"Instead of releasing an education policy he said would be ready by June, Charlie Crist is resorting to more false attacks against Gov. Scott,” Thrasher said. “It was Crist who slashed state education funding by $550 per student. Rick Scott has cleaned up his predecessor’s mess, funding schools $370 more per student in state funds than Crist’s last budget. Charlie Crist’s fuzzy math won’t fool Floridians."

Later in the day, the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) struck back with an ad of its own. The RPOF’s ad attacks Crist’s record on education spending and notes media reports calling the Democrat’s ad “misleading.”

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Crist also drew fire from Scott’s running mate on Wednesday. Lt. Gov. Carlos Lopez-Cantera is increasingly going after Crist on a host of fronts. Having hit Crist earlier in the week on his economic record, Lopez-Cantera went after the new Democrat on Wednesday for supporting more ties to Cuba.

“While Gov. Scott has been building upon the 600,000 jobs created under his term and sharing his vision to grow ‘Jobs for the Next Generation’ this week, the only jobs plan Charlie Crist has offered is for Florida to do business with Cuba, a state sponsor of terror,” Lopez-Cantera said on Wednesday. “Despite the Castro brothers’ increased repression of the Cuban people, orchestration of Nicolas Maduro’s brutal actions in Venezuela, and growing relationship with Vladimir Putin, Charlie Crist's continued advocacy for greater engagement with the Cuban dictatorship exposes a flippant and shallow attitude that is not only a very worrisome world view, but it is not in Florida’s best interest."

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1:53PM JUL 26TH 2014
My first time on this site and it takes only a few minutes to tell it is slanted to the right. No problem with that, just wish people would be upfront about such things.
1:34PM JUL 25TH 2014
Don't stay at home... vote. Also encourage Rick Scott to talk a little bit more. Seems he puts his foot in his mouth every time he does.
3:57PM JUL 24TH 2014
Yes, yes, once again SSN must be right . . . . . after all, it's not like in his first year in office Rick Scott approved a $1.3 Billion slash to the state education budget . . . . nor that Rick Scott eliminated teacher tenure and tied teachers' merit raises to performance by students they don't even teach (and haven't even necessarily met) . . . . . . . nor that Florida remains in the bottom 10 states in per student funding . . . . . . . . nor that Florida has cutback Florida Bright Futures scholarship funding . . . . . nor instituted a 3% permanent teacher pay cut . . . . . . . nor pushed through additional voucher private school funding with public dollars at the expense of public schools, now is it . . . . .

Yes, Rick Scott, innovator of creating a better Florida public education system . . . . . at least in SSN's slanted journalistic politics of the "Big Lie" . . . . . .

Pathetic . . . .
the boosh plan
11:52AM JUL 24TH 2014
The jeb Bush plan of which Rick Scott has always been a part of is to privatize everything government and paralyze the judicial system. the latter of which Jeb accomplished in his eight years on the throne.

Rick Scott cut millions from education and the Florida Department of Corrections because their plans are to starve both agencies into submission into their privatize corporate friends control.

Jeb has pushed the charter schools from the get go. Even tried to get his parent trigger bill passed so when the starved the public schools budgets the parents could demand their school be handed over to Jeb's charter school for profit friends. Many of the charters are Gulen Muslim owned and operated collecting millions of grants and tax dollars to teach our children about their "profit" Mohammad.

With the implementation of Common Core by Florida's co-governor's Jeb and Rick (under a fake name because they are convinced we are to stupid to see what they are doing to Florida and America).

And as for Charlie's "continued advocacy for greater engagement with the Cuban dictatorship exposes a flippant and shallow attitude that is not only a very worrisome world view, but it is not in Florida’s best interest."

Why doesn't someone explain to the people of Florida how Jeb and his entire family has been connected at the hip to the relatives of former Cuban Dictator Fulgencio Batista and how the CIA's efforts to overthrow Fidel Castro (Bay of Pigs) was really an attempt to restore the mob empire of one Santo Trafficante, Jr. whom Castro had imprisoned and eventually expelled from Cuba. Trafficante. Jr. only returned to his native Tampa and continued to run his criminal empire from there and Miami, including financing the International Medical Centers for Jeb and Miguel Recarey who fled to Venezuela in 1987 at which time Jeb summoned Rick Scott the Bush family oil and hospital lawyer from Dallas, Tx. along with Richard Rainwater to come to Dade County, Miami and pick up the pieces of the first greatest medicare Fraud in US history and turn it into the second but largest Medicare Fraud in US history for which Rick Scott was force to take the fifth seventy-five times or incriminate his lowly self. Miguel Recarey in in exile in Venezuela and Jeb Bush and Rick Scott are partners ruining the state of Florida for their mobsters.

And you numb skulls are worried about Charlie Crist and Rick Scott. Why don't you just ask Mel Sembler and Jeb Bush which one of them they are going to set their Clint Curtis vote fixer chips to win this election and we the voters can just stay at home.

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