Charlie Crist Uses Jeb Bush Remark on National TV to Explain Away Party Switch

By: Allison Nielsen and Kevin Derby | Posted: February 5, 2014 3:55 AM
Charlie Crist

Charlie Crist

Former Gov. Charlie Crist kicked off his national book-promotion tour on Tuesday by hopping from TV show to TV show, using a quote from former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush to shield him from in-depth questioning about his party switch.

Appearing on “Morning Joe,” Crist set the tone for the tour, citing Bush’s words at last year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), that the GOP was drifting out of the political mainstream.

“Jeb Bush said it better than I can say it,” Crist told Scarborough on Tuesday. “He said today’s Republican Party is perceived as being anti-women, anti-immigrant, anti-minority, anti-gay couples, anti-environment, anti-education. I mean, pretty soon, there’s nobody left in the room.”

But Bush is backing Scott in the election, something the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) pointed out on Tuesday.

Crist also attempted to explain to Scarborough why he left the GOP and why he is now supporting same-sex marriage, even though he supported a state constitutional amendment back in 2008 which allowed only traditional marriage in the Sunshine State.

Besides his appearance on MSNBC’s "Morning Joe," hosted by former U.S. Rep. Joe Scarborough, R-Fla., Crist also made appearances on the "O’Reilly Factor," the "Colbert Report," CNN’s "Piers Morgan Live," and "Real Time" with Bill Maher. Next week, he will start a book tour of Florida.

Crist is the favorite for the Democratic nomination to challenge Gov. Rick Scott in November, despite his many years in the GOP. Polls show Crist leading former Florida Senate Democratic Leader Nan Rich in the Democratic primary and with a lead over Scott in general election match-ups, though the Republican has made strides in closing the gap over the past year.

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Kathleen Jaskolski
12:17AM FEB 6TH 2014
As Rick Scott and Charlie Crist try to bank on voter amnesia by reinventing their administration's records, Nan Rich steadily builds her bona fides as the only legitimate Democratic candidate in the race. We don't need to imagine what would happen if Charlie Crist or Rick Scott were elected Governor, they already have been Governors, their records stand. Nan Rich has been a life long dedicated Democrat, working in service to all of the values we hold true. She deserves more press coverage and the vote of every Democrat, Independent and reasonable Republican.
5:55PM FEB 5TH 2014
Charlie Crist don't have a clue who or what he is. He's lost and wondering. See what his father had to say about Mel Sembler the Bush Ambassador to Italy and the founder of Straight, Inc.

As for Jeb Bush do your own homework on the Bush Dynasty. George W. Bush NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND ACT "immediately taken advantage of By brother Neil Bush with IGNITE LEARNING! Mom Pop and Saudi Prince investors.

Jeb Bush Common Core promoter -Check out Obama RACE TO THE TOP GRANTS that reward schools for adopting COMMON CORE like good little Nazi's without asking any questions.

Gulen Charter School involvement - Parent Trigger push to empower parents to force schools boards to privatize public schools into charters and require the tax dollars past to for-profit Bush operations. Check out the K-12 privatization and how the taxpayers dollars go straight to Bush connections.

Yea! Jeb Bush has revealed himself as a progressive, big government interloper, just like his brother's and his father GHWB and his father Prescott Bush (the Hitler financier) and Samuel Bush the WW1 munitions supplier from Remington Arms Company.

But, the Bushes are unique for controlling all the facts about their family history. Money, Oil, brain washing and Wars; and they come in no particular order!
2:33PM FEB 5TH 2014
"The Communists." Who are they?
12:52PM FEB 5TH 2014
That is because Jeb Bush has revealed himself to be a progressive, big government interloper, just like so many tax, spend, regulate and decimate Republicans like the Supertanned Ambulance Chaser Crist.
7:48AM FEB 5TH 2014
It is a shame that the media gives this plastic banana any credibility. I would say that JEB Bush's comment was referring to the likes of Crist, abandoning the main-stream principles, compromising with the Communists. If you are right, and compromise, then you are no longer right.

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