Charlie Crist? Not So Fast

By: Kevin Derby | Posted: October 10, 2013 10:30 AM
Rick Scott and Charlie Crist

Rick Scott and Charlie Crist

A new poll released Thursday finds Gov. Rick Scott at the heels of former Gov. Charlie Crist, the front-runner for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination, in a possible 2014 match-up.

The University of North Florida (UNF) released a poll showing Crist taking 44 percent while Scott follows with 40 percent -- within the margin of error. "Other candidates" take 2 percent while 14 percent of those surveyed are undecided.

In the UNF poll, Crist’s lead over Scott is based on his strength with independents. These voters break Crist’s way with 41 percent backing him and 33 percent favoring Scott. Crist had been a Republican until 2010 when he was caught by Marco Rubio in the GOP U.S. Senate primary. Crist continued his Senate bid with no party affiliation and lost to Rubio in the general election. After endorsing President Barack Obama in the presidential election, Crist joined the Democrats in December.

The UNF poll finds Scott does much better when matched against former state Senate Democratic Leader Nan Rich, who is the only major candidate so far seeking her party’s nomination, though Crist is expected to enter the race in the weeks to come. Scott takes 43 percent against Rich, who follows with 28 percent, while 2 percent back other candidates and 27 percent are not sure.

The UNF poll finds 49 percent of voters approve of Scott while 42 percent disapprove. Most other polls have found Scott upside down.

A majority of those surveyed -- 54 percent -- in the UNF poll agree that Medicaid should be expanded to cover more Floridians while 39 percent disagree and 7 percent were not sure. However a stronger majority -- 55 percent -- said they were not willing for their taxes to go up so that everyone in the state could get access to health care, while 41 percent said they would be willing to pay more.

The UNF poll of 526 registered Florida voters was taken from Sept. 30-Oct. 8 and had a margin of error of +/- 4.27 percent.

Last week, a poll from Public Policy Polling (PPP), a firm with connections to prominent Democrats, found Crist with 50 percent and Scott taking 38 percent. The PPP poll released last week found Scott edging Rich 37 percent to 36 percent. Scott was upside down in the PPP poll with 33 percent approving of his performance in Tallahassee while 55 percent disapprove.

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Comments (17)

Erin Myers
8:44PM NOV 4TH 2014
I just read what most of the responses were to this article and non of the bloggers have done any actual research on the damage Charlie Christ has done the state funding and budget! It is true Rick Scott made huge mistakes in his younger more aggressive years, but his actions these past years speak for his morals now. The state budget is out of the red and our school funding has been going up every year!

Have a little concern about the BIG PICTURE. This state has been through a recession that has lasted years and Rick Scott was able to pull us out of the debt, and restart our ability to earn state revenue.

If you like your job, than you need to have a little more concern for your employer and stop voting for uneducated, and life long Politian's that don't know how to run a business. Charlie Christ is a rich fool that should not be given the power to run our state back into DEBT!

Come on people, where is your head...or at least your compassion for this state and the people in it!
Loretta Allen
5:27PM NOV 7TH 2013
Rick Scott showed his true colors when he took away all the seniors entertainment in closing the Arcades, I doubt it if any Senior Citizen would vote for him even if he ran for Dog catcher.
brian lee
9:55PM OCT 28TH 2013
I really hope Christ Winn the election for governor because the felons need help . Scott trying to kill the ones that completed their sentence which I think they should have their rights back medially. After completion of their sentence.
10:03AM OCT 17TH 2013
I am all for Crist, and in terms of Sen. Nelson. Every time I have called, or written his office they ALWAYS try to help. That is the only office that I can honestly say that I am not disappointed with.
Richard Paul Dembinsky
11:29PM OCT 12TH 2013
Sorry, that a State Employee for 8 years is face to face with what the Republicans have put in place. True, I don't have a solution but sorry while my independent wife would like to see Charlie Crist as the next governor; I as a democrat most of my life, have problems currently with Altoona Pennsylvania born Charlie Crist; see I am from a small town near Hershey Pennsylvania; like Altoona has a chocolate factory (or maybe it all has moved to Mexico); people in Pennsylvania have an expression that fits....".....or " (it reflects the slow decision process of Charlie Crist; If we have to wait until January 2014 to learn whether or not democrat Charlie Crist will run for Governor in 2014 well that is not fair to other democratic candidates that cannot come forward.

I will NOT vote for Charlie Crist unless I get to debate the real Charlie Crist in Private or in public....386 788 3885.



Please Charlie Crist be respectful of Honorable Governor Rick Scott, he may be more a democrat than you just give him time to see how bad republican laws have made Florida the State with the most unfair election laws.

The Florida Constitution states: "guarantee equal civil and political rights for all"

that means when republicans only can be listed at the top of the ballot for all races is absolutely unfair.

The Division of Elections is promoting incumbents over challengers ....incumbents are for the current seat...those individuals are not incumbent to a future race. The Division of Elections should be required to remove from the opening page "incumbent".

WE need new political leaders in both parties.

I continue to run as a democrat for CFO, against Honorable Jeff Atwater....but I will not be able to prevent myself from running for Governor again should Charlie Crist just assume democrats want a win so bad that they will not look at all the candidates.

Charlie Crist stop delaying and decide whether or not YOU will attempt to be a democratic gubernatorial candidate in 2014.
A disgruntled citizen
9:23PM OCT 11TH 2013
I am for Charlie Christ because I was a state employee for the Department of Business and Professional Regulation for eight years. I was terminated after I reported my supervisor and I did not receive a predetermination hearing which I requested or my termination letter. I worked there for eight years and had never been written up or reprimanded or had a bad evaluation. Yet there are statutes written by the legislation that they violate. I know that Charlie Christ is for the people and he could bring down departments where they break their own laws and rules but expect everyone else to follow them. Where they hire all their relatives but they get rid of people that do their job. I am for Governor Christ he wouldn't sweep problems under the rug.
4:42PM OCT 11TH 2013
Perhaps one would do well to look at the last few days of polling that show the Republican Party reaching new lows in favorability . . . . lowest ever recorded . . . . . I'm sure Rick Scott also believed those partisan predictions about Romney winning Ohio . . . .

Pathetic . . . .
1:06PM OCT 11TH 2013
Are there any other choices ou there?
8:36AM OCT 11TH 2013
i'm sure that poll was taken in the villages and north florida.
only republicans would vote for a guy who stole billions and walked away with 300 million free and clear. if anyone else had done that conservatives who say they were a nazi socialists communists spineless leader who was a thief.
Dick Snot needs to go
8:05PM OCT 10TH 2013
I am a Republican and Rick Scott aka Dick Snot aka Richard (Rick) Lynn Scott Dallas Tom Hicks and Bush Oil and Hospital lawyer POS needs to go straight to jail. Partner in Texas Rangers George W. Bush kept Rick Scott out of federal prison for all the Medicare fraud they committed at Columbia HCA.

Admittedly CharLIE Crist like Scott has a limp wristed life. Check out Scott and the Bush family connections on google. Crist caved to the Repub - Democrap persecution of Jim Greer (who got millions to protect his family) for keeping his mouth shut. Otherwise he and his family would have been just more Bush victims like Ray Lemme and Jeb's best friend Manny Perez. General Secord saw to that.

PS to numb nutz @ UBelieveWhat? Florida's electorate does not elect the POS's that represent us. The preselected OPTICAL SCANNERS are set to select the criminals that represnt us.
4:46PM OCT 10TH 2013
Criminal, Government Defrauding Republicans over Democrats. What does that say about Florida's electorate? Should they even be granted voting cards?
James Madison
4:03PM OCT 10TH 2013
@FLRealist Democrats of all ages have already lost their mental faculties...so much for your proposal.
2:30PM OCT 10TH 2013
Another reason WHY the age to being able to vote should be raised. Unbelievable ignorance of those polled. Astounding. A person works hard but can be taken down by deceit. Just like Senator Bill Nelson being reelected over Connie Mack.
Lisa Havner
6:49PM NOV 18TH 2013
Of course you do. If you don't like the way people vote, you try to change the rules. That is the GOP way
3:19PM OCT 10TH 2013
And the voting age should have a cap as well, so senility doesn't hurt the state either.
12:40PM OCT 10TH 2013
Had to have been NW Fl for those numbers.
William C.
11:50AM OCT 10TH 2013
I am a Republican and even I cannot believe Scott has approval numbers of 49 percent. Must be freshmen doing this poll.

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