Chris Christie Joins With Rick Scott to Attack Charlie Crist on Jobs

By: Kevin Derby | Posted: May 23, 2014 3:55 AM
Chris Christie

Chris Christie

Alongside possible Republican presidential contender Gov. Chris Christie, R-N.J., Gov. Rick Scott, R-Fla., continued his focus on Florida ports on Thursday and attacking the Democrat he is most likely to face in November.

Speaking at Port Tampa Bay, Scott doubled down on his calls to invest $1 billion for Florida ports over an 8-year period, including the 4 he has served in Tallahassee. During his time in office, Florida has sent more than $700 million to help the Sunshine State’s ports as they ready for the Panama Canal expansion.

“As we work to create even more jobs for the next generation, investing in our ports is key to our success,” Scott said on Thursday. “Our ports are our connection to global commerce and the world. If we want to become a destination for the world’s tourists and for the world’s jobs – we have to keep investing in our ports.

“While many states waited on Washington to help fund infrastructure needs, Florida never waited on the federal government to step in and help us be more competitive or successful,” Scott added. “In Florida, we have made investments in our seaports and expedited funding for major ports projects and I am proud we are committing to invest a total of $1 billion in Florida’s ports over our entire 8-year term in office.”

Following the Scott team’s lead earlier in the week, Christie came out swinging against former Gov. Charlie Crist on trade. Crist is the favorite for the Democratic nomination to challenge Scott despite spending most of his political life in the GOP.

"Charlie Crist neglected Florida’s economy while he was governor and decided to make it worse by raising taxes, increasing debt and leaving a $3.6 billion deficit behind,” Christie said. “Crist also neglected Florida’s ports – a key part of this state’s economy – and it led to over 150,000 trade jobs being lost in Florida. Gov. Scott has done the opposite, making smart investments into ports, leading to the creation of over 120,000 trade jobs. I’m used to seeing career politicians like Charlie Crist in New Jersey – all talk and no action. But like me, Gov. Scott cleaned up his predecessor’s mess and Florida is much better off for it."

Scott’s plans include continuing support for port infrastructure even as ports across the Sunshine State ready for the Panama Canal expansion, including finishing the Miami deep dredge on schedule. Scott’s plan also calls for backing the Intermodal Logistics Center (ILC) support program, increased marketing and a renewed commitment to manufacturing. On Thursday, Scott’s team pointed toward $10.4 million invested in Port Tampa Bay back in the fall to improve the container yard, creating almost 2,000 jobs and supporting 2,500 current jobs.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) fired back on Scott and Christie on Thursday.

“What do Christie’s and Scott’s records actually look like?” the DNC asked in an email sent to the media on Thursday. “Under Chris Christie, New Jersey’s credit rating has been downgraded a record-matching six times. His state has recovered less than half the private-sector jobs lost during the recession, and property taxes in New Jersey are the highest in the nation. Under Christie, New Jersey has an $800 million budget shortfall, and his ‘solution’ is to break a promise to New Jersey workers to the tune of $2.4 billion – likely hurting the state’s long-term economic prospects even more. New Jersey maintains one of the highest unemployment rates in the region and recently passed Florida to claim the mantle of the nation’s highest share of foreclosures.

“But falling from the top spot in foreclosures is no victory for Scott in Florida,” the DNC continued. “Look no further than the Miami Herald to sum up Rick Scott’s problem: ‘Many Promises, Few Jobs.’ When he campaigned for governor in 2010, Scott promised to create 700,000 jobs – but he’s coming up short. Scott spent hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars in incentives in an attempt to create jobs, but – according to the Miami Herald – ‘96 percent of the jobs have yet to materialize.’

“Don’t expect Chris Christie and Rick Scott to live up to their tired rhetoric that Republican governors know how to get the job done,” the DNC concluded. “Instead, we’re likely to hear more meaningless platitudes about Republican ‘leadership’ and deflection on their own disastrous economic records. That’s not leadership – it’s just more of the same failed rhetoric that matches their failed records.”

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Shari Capaccio
4:15PM MAY 27TH 2014
I need a job I cant find one I signed up for government assistance but takes so long I mean I need money now this is ridiculious what a system is this people need help now not in a month I want to work more than anything but not having any luck I need cash now to buy gas for my car and pay bills and I cant do anything I feel so helpless
9:25AM MAY 24TH 2014
Do you really think it was a good idea for Christie to help you, or have I missed something your hiding, maybe so, since your backing Common Core in Florida, which is a big mistake.
C Breeze
1:05PM MAY 23RD 2014
Pay no attention to the Democrat National Convention (DNC) folks: I fled New York in 2003 where I was paying 57 cents out of EVERY dollar I earned to TAXES & FEES. Pettifogging, duplicitous Democrat politicians ( and Labor Unions ) have been a decades long bane on New York's economy and a constant drain on NY Citizens pocketbooks, and it gets PROGRESSIVELY worse every year. I moved my family, my income, and my investments to Florida, a "Right To Work" State, where EVERY year since has improved my financial state. This is the economic and lifestyle 'climate' that is propelling conservative Florida to the third most populace State in the Union surpassing 'progressive' New York with its lifestyle suppressing Democrat politicians (Cuomo, Schumer, Rangel et.al.). Product markets here encourage profit trading...Florida doesn't need phony "10 year tax-free commercial investment Zones" (as proposed by New York). New Yorkers KNOW this is just one more example of POLITICAL "sleight-of-hand"; We've seen it ALL before..."Politicians" ALWAYS tell you "Things will be better and debts will be paid 10 years down the road", when in their little wizened black-hearts they ALSO know they will probably be dead, unelected, or run out of office because of malfeasance by then. Come to Florida folks, the weather is better too. Governor Scott's foresight regarding Florida's shipping ports, all along Florida's extensive shoreline, will be well positioned, suited and well prepared for what the Panama Canal revision will soon offer to Florida's already burgeoning economy.
Robet B. Rollins
12:53PM MAY 23RD 2014
The Job market will not improve until the EPA regulations are removed and the petroleum and coal market are free to expand and create jobs.
Coal burning power plants need only to wash their discharge (See Foster Wheeler Corp or M. W Kellogg Corp for cleaning processes).
Get that pipeline working. Canadian Crude has more transport fuel than any other worldwide crude. I know - I experimented with seven carloads of Canadian Crude in 1999. An oil refining engineer in Miami has all the test results.
Nothing will be done - Obama wants to convert my country to Socialism.
Are we going to let all that tea my ancestors threw in the Boston Harbor go to waste?

90 Yr. old WWII, Army Intelligence Vet, Commissioned, 2nd Lt. Infantry after three years Africa -Italy. Project Manager/Consultant New Oil Refineries and Chemical Plants around the world for 50 years.
Want to know what happened in Tripoli - read the Madrid newspaper.
Then You Know
3:22PM MAY 23RD 2014
And 90 Yr. old WWII, Army Intelligence Vet worth his "salt peter" knows that it was Wall Street Union Walker family Bankster Prescott Bush and his his group that financed Hitler's rise of the Third Reich from 1939 until after we entered the war with Germany. These facts are contained in the congressional documents. Yet Prescott Bush lost the 1950 Ct Senate race primarily because he was the treasure of Planned Parenthood - Then when the Senator died along come Prescott and won a special election. Yes we need to become energy independant and all of the above. But when we have George HW Bush partners in Texaco with Saddam Hussein and protecting Kuwait from him before starting the last Iraq oil war and we have George W. Bush partners with the Bin Laden family and the prince of Saudi Arabia whom he kissed and Obama bowed too in thanks of the $20 million they paid Harvard for Obama's fake degrees - removing all the EPA regulations in the USA on the petroleum and coal market will not create the first job!

Ending the culture of corruption that runs this country would be the best place to start to restore this great nation. Maybe it is time for another real Boston Harbor Tea Party, but this time we need to throw all the criminals that have conspired for the last century to put this county in this mess into the harbor with the tea!
Roger Stone
12:09PM MAY 23RD 2014
Perhaps it would be better for Scott if he could get Christie to attack him.
11:28AM MAY 23RD 2014
Chris Cristie cannot add anything to Rick Scott. Christie is the same type as Charlie Crist.
10:44AM MAY 23RD 2014
Chris Christoe does know how to destroy jobs. And NJ is in deficit the most it has ever been thanks to his fiscal irresposibility.

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