Common Core Standards Divide Florida Voters

By: Allison Nielsen | Posted: April 10, 2014 3:55 AM
Common Core protesters

Common Core continues to divide voters across the state, with a new poll showing Floridians are split over their support for the national education standards.  

The Voter Survey Service poll, commissioned by Sunshine State News, found voters equally supported and opposed the standards with 43 percent. Ten percent were undecided.

When the reasons for supporting or opposing the standards were discussed in greater detail, over half -- 51 percent -- of respondents are opposed to the Common Core State Standards while a smaller number, 43 percent, said they support the standards.

Common Core has been making waves over the last year, surrounded by criticism and controversy from a variety of groups, many of whom are against the standards due to concerns of federal overreach, psychological manipulation and data privacy.

James Lee, president of Voter Survey Service, said while there’s no real party divide on Common Core, Republicans seem to be more against the standards than Democrats by a 2:1 margin.

“You can see how split the state is on the issue,” he told Sunshine State News. “The Republican opposition to this bill seems very uniform.”

Lee did note, however, that there was a sharp split between staunch conservatives and “mainstream” Republicans on the issue of Common Core.

Common Core Poll

“The kind of Republicans that are against this tend to be your more conservative, anti-government Republicans,” said Lee. “These are your super voting primary Republicans. Your more mainstream candidates, like Jeb Bush, are more likely [to be in favor of the standards].”

Common Core, says Lee, could put a wedge between Republicans.

“This is another issue that has the potential to divide the Republican base right down the middle,” he told SSN.

In response to the growing criticisms, Florida’s attempted to distance itself from the standards. Just this year, the Department of Education released nearly 100 changes to the standards and rebranded them under a new name -- the Florida Standards.

Common Core Longer Poll Question

The poll shows, however, that many are still not on board even in spite of the standards’ impending arrival in Florida’s schools in just a few short months.

Whatever path the legislation may take, it doesn’t appear the issue of Common Core will be going away anytime soon.

“I don’t see how this is a winning issue for really anybody,” said Lee.

In the Florida Legislature, lawmakers have been gearing up against the standards. Rep. Debbie Mayfield, R-Vero Beach, has filed legislation in the Florida House to repeal the standards, but neither Mayfield’s bill nor its Senate version, sponsored by Sen. Greg Evers, R-Baker, has been heard in their first committees.

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Comments (20)

Dianne DeWolfe
9:03PM APR 16TH 2014
Please post actual math problems being given to students!!!
Rep. Bill Hager has a masters degree in Math Education from the Univ of Hawaii I wish he would educate all of us on CCMath. What happened to the New Math that went around 20 years ago???
Carla Johnson
2:37PM APR 12TH 2014
As a Florida public school teacher, I'm embarrassed by the Common Core math homework I send home with my third graders. I want to write an apology to the parents and a disclaimer saying, "this math homework from the Common Core aligned math textbook in no way reflects the professional opinion of this teacher as an effective method to teach math."

The US has sent astronauts to the Moon and rovers to Mars. Those NASA scientist learned adding and subtracting, carrying and borrowing, and multiplying and long division when they were in the third grade. So why are the Common Core Standards drastically changing the methods and math concepts we're teaching our third graders? We know what works. Shouldn't we stick to it?
V. Rodriguez
4:57PM APR 13TH 2014
I totally agree with you. This is my 22nd year Teaching and I believe that we are going down. I feel that every year I am teaching less. It is ridiculous what is going on with Education. No common sense at all. I really which that we could send a letter to the parents telling them how we feel.
Maureen Tubello
10:41AM APR 11TH 2014
Common Core is the dumbing down of America, it is the BammyCare of Education. Our children deserve better. Gov. Scott decided to follow Jeb Bush who sold our children out for money, as his brother in law wrote the software, & they will make millions. I miss America...
3:57PM APR 11TH 2014
The problem is this NWO dumbing down movement has been so successful most American's today don't have sense enough to see the train wreck coming down the pike.

If GWB started NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND and brother Neil Bush took advantage of it with his IGNITE LEARNING, INC.

And JEB BUSH led the National Republican Governor's Assoc to sanction his family (copyrighted) COMMON CORE and got his brother Obama to fund it with the 2009 Stimulus and his RACE TO THE TOP Grants.

Hummmm..........In a real world not controlled by the LSM (lame stream media) an honest moral person of integrity would be able to call this what it is A CONSPIRACY. But, if you do you will immediately be labeled A CONSPIRACY THEORIST!

But one thing for sure they might call you a BIRTHER but if you tell the truth they will never call you a TRUTHER!
Jamey Brock
9:52AM APR 11TH 2014
There is no mandate for the Federal Government to establish educational guidelines, Constitutionally. The 10th Amendment: "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

We can do a better job locally of determining what is best for our children than what a bureaucrat in Washington decides.
Rita Estes
7:26AM APR 11TH 2014
I agree that this is a bipartisan issue. Most working families probably don't hare any idea what is happening to our education system, but right before our eyes it is being dismantled by a federal government driven by corporate interests who provide the testing , test prep, and poor textbooks, etc. (I have seen errors myself). It is hell bent on pushing out our teachers and destroying teacher unions, and getting rid of special needs students and non whites. The public school system is not broken, our society is, and if we as a people don't wake up and do something we are doomed.
Victoria Thiel
12:02AM APR 11TH 2014
This is a bipartisan issue. We all want a better education for our children. Common Core is one size fits all, geared toward the lowest denominator. The only people for Common Core, either are uninformed or do not understand it and its consequences, or they are Jeb Bush the Gates Foundation and others who expect to profit from this program.
Linda N Wummer
9:20PM APR 10TH 2014
Our government is using my grandchildren in an unproven experiment.One that takes away the rights of their parents control over what private information their children are being asked at school, and what and how they are taught. To me this is worse than Obama Care, BECAUSE THIS IS ABOUT OUR CHILDREN. THIS IS A FEDERAL TAKE OVER OF OUR LOCAL SCHOOLS.
lynne sherrer
11:58PM APR 21ST 2014
lynne sherrer
11:59PM APR 21ST 2014
3:05PM APR 10TH 2014

What do you call higher standards? CC is like ObamaCare its "standards" change at the whim of a whinner! Guess like Nancy Pelosi said with Obamacare we have to pass it to find out what's in it. So, with OBush Common Core we have to sign on for it befre we find out what the standards are.

Well here is some standards true red blooded American's don't like about CC.They don't like all the information harvesting and sharing with who knows of our children #1. We don't like the Bush sanctioned Pearson Publishing's PRENTICE HALL NEW WORLD HISTORY that embellishes Islam while barely mentioning Christianity and other religions! And we don't like the demanded reading of the Bluest Eye by the students junior year.

Most people who have been in this world since WW2 or near the end of WW@ can see Common Core and the Bush-Obama movements for what they really are. On the other hand maybe you guarded the poppy fields in Afghanistan so long you are brain washed, but when it comes to more control and brain washing of America's youth it's the parents and not the New World Order Elite who need to decide what is best for our children not some right-left wing nut jobs who have spent generations destroying the USA under the pretense o doing some good for the American people and especially the children!

As RC Says "It is propaganda spread by the forces looking to impose Federal Control over education" and its got Jeb Bush and the entire Bush family along with their puppet president Barack Obama - Race to the Top/ GW BUSH/ No Child Left Behind Act written all over it!
2:32PM APR 10TH 2014
Robert, your premise that we are ranked 21st in the world in math is not true. It is propaganda spread by the forces looking to impose Federal Control over education. You are either one of the liars (figure lie and liars figure), or you wen to a Common Core school. The article goes to the heart of this argumant. You cannot compare the US against the rest, even PISA will tell you the datd sets are dissimilar. It woul be like me going to a reservation of the Souix nation in South Dakota to tak ea census, finding 96 of Souix Descent and 4 workers of caucasion descent and declaring that the US was now 96.0 of Native American descent.
Robert Dominguez
12:41PM APR 10TH 2014
We are ranked 21rst in the world in education and your against higher standards in math, English and science because its a Nazi or socialist plot! Stop complaining about our jobs going overseas then!
what difference does it make?
7:58AM APR 10TH 2014
July 2007 - Secretary of State Kurt Browning says Florida Voting Machines Can Be Hacked-

Reversing an unofficial policy of denial, the Florida Secretary of State's office has conducted an elections study that confirmed Tuesday what a maverick voting chief discovered nearly two years ago: Insider computer hackers can change votes without a trace on Diebold optical-scan machines. The study by Florida State University found that, despite recent software fixes, an "adversary" could use a pre-programmed computer card to swap one candidate's votes for another or create a "ballot-stuffing attack" that multiplies votes for a candidate or issue.

A Diebold spokesman, Mark Radke, said the company is confident it will upgrade the "minor" software glitch by an Aug. 17th deadline the state has set. If it doesn't, Secretary of State Kurt Browning said his office would eventually ban the use of optiscan Diebold machines in Florida, where 25 counties, including Monroe, use its fill-in-the-blank systems.

All other voting vendors are being examined for the same security issues, including Elections Systems & Software machines, which Miami-Dade and Broward use as well. A new state law requires that, by next year, all counties must use paper-trail style machines. Jeb Bush responded with an administrative order; no paper count and only the machine count can be accepted!
August 16, 2007 - Diebold to Change Its Name

Diebold, a company known primarily for making safes and ATMs, announced that it has decided to put some distance between it and its beleaguered voting machine division — Diebold Election Systems Inc, (aka DESI), which the company purchased from Global Election Systems in 2002.

The company said that after failing to find a buyer for its voting machine business, it was changing the name of the division to Premier Election Solutions Inc (or PESI) and was giving it more “independence” by establishing a separate board of directors to run it.

Diebold said in a statement that it made the decision in part because of “the rapidly evolving political uncertainties and controversies surrounding state and jurisdiction purchases of electronic voting systems.”

Diebold did not rule out the possibility of later selling part or all of its ownership in the realigned company.

So, what was the solution to the possibility of massive vote count discrepancies announced by the Florida chief elections official?
January 11, 2012 - Secretary of State Kurt Browning stepped down Wednesday morning as Florida's chief elections official and cultural affairs officer, making him the second agency head to resign during Gov. Rick Scott's administration. His last day in office will be Feb. 17, which allows him to oversee the statewide presidential preference primary on Jan. 31. The governor will immediately start a search for a successor.
funny how
7:09AM APR 10TH 2014
Bill O'Reilly on the Bush Family "Faux" network done a little Jeb Booster regarding jeb's recent immigration statements and how the illegal immigration is cause by "love affairs" and all and are not really a "felony."

O'Reilly even had the Faux News contributor Karl Rove[r] on the air trying to wax over Jeb's open borders position. Funny how that's the same position Obama and his administration along with Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan have as well.

But, what was really funny is; O'Reilly didn't mention one thing about Jeb Bush's master plan of COMMON CORE. (New World Order programming for America's youth. Guess that would make Jeb look too much like a Nazi and O'Reilly claims to have a distaste for Nazi's.

the reason so many Democrats support COMMON CORE is because of the vast majority of them that are already indoctrinated into the New World Order (Socialism) The reason there is still some divide in the Republican party is the almost 50-50 split of RINO's in the Republican Party who have long ago signed on to this NWO movement.

Common Core like ObamaScare was a backdoor approach at federalizing the states education systems. These people can not do anything honest and open in the face of public scrutiny because they know what they are doing is wrong. So, they can't defend their actions all they can do is turn their heads and deny them over and over.

Sadly there is probably not enough intelligent people left on their own two feet to stand up to this socialization of America; they have been whittling away for over 60 years at one segment of society after another in their ways of divide and conquer until they are now so successful they practically have identical twins hating each other!
lynne sherrer
12:02AM APR 22ND 2014
well said- O'Reilly is a coward
6:59AM APR 10TH 2014
And yet, another "new" educational plan for OUR children and grand-children! Students will shortly be told to forget the previous rules for grading and to now focus upon the bright idea of common core standards.A small wonder how ANY teacher/professor/instructor can keep up with continuing changes to our educational system. Perhaps we all need changes in Tallahassee, beginning with the top slot and hand the state's legislature a true demonstration of what a REAL trickle down effect can be like when many legislators are voted OUT of office. Party affiliation aside, R-D-I, no matter, if they're already in Tallahassee, they need to be let go.
I cannot imagine how instructional staff keeps up with the many changed plans in just the last 10 to 20 years, yet "our" State Legislature continues to attempt to put that lipstick and jewelry on the pig making me wonder who, if anyone in Tallahassee will EVER learn that they can dress up that pig any way they like. It has always remained a pig, and will, this go round!
It makes me wonder if it's truly the state legislators who are downright stupid, or could it be me, along with all of my fellow voters, for returning the same people to office each time, and then complain how they do little to improve OUR lives, here in Floriduh!
lynne sherrer
12:03AM APR 22ND 2014
Agree with you Mark! Thanks
wolves in sheeps clothing
7:41AM APR 10TH 2014
Mark, these people are so good at manipulation for years they have been able to take the good, honest moral people and their comments and turn them around to make the good people look like the idiot aggressors.

They patterned this method of spinning from the Anti Defamation League which was formed to retaliate against those who would be anti-jewish.

they are so successful that the "formerly" average person does not believe anything they see, hear or read that is counter to the destruction of America. Absolute documented facts exist in congressional records regarding (Samuel) Bush involvement in WW1 arms procurement - Wall Street financing of Hitler's WW2 build up by (Prescott) Bush beginning in 1939 until after the US was fighting Hitler's army. Prescott Bush also lost a 1950 bid for CT Senator because he was the treasure of Planned Parenthood but later won a Senate seat after the sitting senator died in office. Everyone knows about the Bay of Pigs with GHWB and his Zapada Oil Company,his Iran-Contra guns for drugs deals and so on. GW Bush and and his two wars one for oil and one to reclaim the poppy fields of Afghanistan from Russia.

As to Jeb Bush and his Florida schemes they continue to this day with his long connections to Dallas Tx Oil & Hospital Lawyer Rick Scott as co-governor with Jeb.

A man named Clint Curtis who claims to have invented vote switching software for touchscreen voting machines (later adapted for use much easier on the present optical scanners) testified before congress that he worked for NASA and invented the chips at the request of Tom Feeney and Jeb Bush. Jeb Bush then made an administrative order denying any recount of the paper ballots and demanding the machine count be the only accepted vote count in any election. A Fl DOT IG Investigator Ray Lemme communicated with Clint Curtis before he committed suicide after being taken off the case.

No matter what everyone with one ounce of gray matter can see every election is Florida since around 2000 has have funky outcomes.

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