Connie Mack Calls for Federal Investigation of Charlie Crist Senate Appointment of George LeMieux

By: Kevin Derby | Posted: May 22, 2012 3:55 AM
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George LeMieux, Charlie Crist and Connie Mack

The team behind Republican Senate hopeful Connie Mack on Monday continued to drill primary rival for his ties to former Gov. Charlie Crist -- and demanded the U.S. Department of Justice launch a criminal investigation that LeMieux used improper influence to get Crist to appoint him to the Senate.

LeMieux and Mack are both angling for the Republican nomination to challenge Democrat incumbent U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson in November.

After attacking LeMieux over the weekend after media reports looked at Crist appointing LeMieux for a 16-month term in the Senate, the Mack team followed up on Monday with a request to the U.S. Department of Justice for an investigation.

Craig Engle, Mack’s legal counsel, sent a letter to the Department of Justice on Monday regarding “allegations about former United States Senator George LeMieux’s alleged conduct in seeking and ultimately securing an appointment to the United States Senate from then-Florida Governor Charlie Crist in 2009.”

Citing comments in an article in the Tampa Tribune from former Republican Party of Florida Chairman Jim Greer -- who has faced accusations about financial misconduct of party funds -- and former Lt. Gov. Jeff Kottkamp, that Crist intended to appoint Kottkamp to the Senate seat, Engle called for an investigation, insisting that LeMieux pressured the then-governor to appoint him to the Senate. LeMieux had been allied with Crist including serving as his chief of staff.

“In addition to the Tampa Bay Tribune article, there are allegations that George LeMieux may have threatened to disclose harmful information about Governor Crist, and that LeMieux may have promised to support Governor Crist’s potential candidacy for the same U.S. Senate seat in exchange for his appointment,” Engle wrote on Monday. “If true, these allegations raise serious questions about whether George LeMieux and Charlie Crist violated federal and Florida anti-corruption laws by allegedly securing and making an appointment to the United States Senate possibly through extortion or bribery, and because of the nature of the underlying allegations, questions also arise as to whether there is an ongoing conspiracy between George LeMieux and Charlie Crist.”

Engle called for a “prompt and thorough investigation by law enforcement officials” regarding what “George LeMieux and Charlie Crist may or may not have done in this matter and I urge the Justice Department to pursue the truth without delay.”

The LeMieux camp fired back on Monday afternoon. In a statement emailed to Sunshine State News, Anna Nix insisted that Mack was looking to discredit his Republican rival.  

“Running the worst campaign in America and under investigation for wrongfully claiming homestead exemption, Connie Mack the Fourth is now making outrageous allegations concerning George LeMieux’s appointment to the United States Senate,” Nix said in the statement. “These allegations are ridiculous and categorically false. George put no pressure on the governor for the appointment and was honored to be interviewed and selected for the position. Nothing was asked of George and no promises were made, other than to serve the people well. The source of Mack’s allegations is the discredited former chairman of the state Republican Party who is facing criminal trial in the coming weeks. That source should be considered, as well as Mack’s motives.”

Mack has picked support in recent days from prominent Republicans -- namely presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney and freshman U.S. Rep. Dennis Ross, R-Fla. -- but this did not keep former U.S. Rep. Dave Weldon from jumping in the Republican primary on Friday. Retired Army officer and businessman Mike McCalister, who pulled more than 10 percent in the 2010 Republican gubernatorial primary, is also running in the primary.

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Comments (6)

12:17PM MAY 22ND 2012
Turn out the lights, the race is over - Republicans eating their own.
Pat Galbraith
12:57PM MAY 22ND 2012
But our dear media can't say we haven't vetted our own. Maybe some day we can start vetting the opposition - like the President, Nelson is pretty much a know nothing.
8:45PM MAY 22ND 2012
Yes, you must be right.

Fifth generation native Floridian, University of Florida, Yale B.A. and University of Virginia law degree. Army Captain, astronaut, state Legislator, Florida Treasurer and Insurance Commissioner, Congressional representative . . . clearly not qualified.

Do you really want to compare qualifications?

How about an IQ test off - I'm sure even I can best all the challengers - of course, I qualify for Mensa with three advanced degrees in the hard sciences. Bill Nelson would get to laugh about it all the way to the Senate.
6:53AM MAY 22ND 2012
What is to investigate? LeMieux was asked to keep the senate seat warm for Charlie Crist and agreed to not run for the seat giving his old boss the opportunity to run for the seat. LeMieux made the deal with a Republican, and honored the deal. It shows integrity. The problem was not LeMieux but Marco Rubio who kicked Crist's ass and Crist so wanting of the seat left the party. Not LeMieux's fault.

How about stopping all these witch hunts and tell us why we should vote for you. This crap has to stop.

Anyway, I'm for the jettison of both Mack and LeMieux because they are part of the "Insider Elite" that enabled the Commie-in-Chief and the Democrat agenda by being to "limp-wristed" and going with McCalister.

You can not fix America until you fix the GOP.
Pat Galbraith
6:11AM MAY 22ND 2012
I don't know much about Connie mack. I vaguely remember - was it his grandfather? Philadelphia As. But the more I hear, the less I like what i hear. He's supposed to be experienced in politics. Anybody who thinks there's no influence pushed in interim appointments is, at best, naive. Is that what we need in Washington?

'nuf said.
12:21PM MAY 22ND 2012
California resident Cornelius Harvey McGillicuddy IV (aka Connie IV) showing his True Grit, or lack thereof.

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