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Dan Bongino Ready to Run for Congress in Southwest Florida

June 6, 2016 - 10:00am
Dan Bongino
Dan Bongino

Conservative leader Dan Bongino, an ally of former U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Fla., is running for Congress. 

On Friday, Bongino filed paperwork with the FEC launching his candidacy for the Southwest Florida congressional seat held by retiring Republican Curt Clawson. Bongino joins Chauncey Goss and Francis Rooney in the GOP primary for what is considered a safe Republican seat. 

“We're definitely exploring options in the 19th,” Bongino informed Sunshine State News on Monday. “It's a conservative district and they deserve an authentic conservative voice."

A former New York City cop and Secret Service agent, Bongino was the Republican candidate who challenged U.S. Sen. Ben Cardin, D-Md., in 2012. Cardin routed Bongino, taking 55 percent while the Republican won only 27 percent of the vote and independent Rob Sobhani carried 17 percent.

Later, Bongino shocked the political world and almost pulled off one of the biggest upsets of the election cycle when he lost to U.S. Rep. John Delaney, D-Md., by a narrow margin in a district where the Democrats have the advantage.

Since then, Bongino and his family moved from Maryland to Palm City on Florida's Treasure Coast -- and promptly started getting asked questions about his political future. Bongino told Sunshine State News last year that he had been approached to run for Congress in CD 18, the seat currently held by Democrat Patrick Murphy, and for the U.S. Senate. Opting out of a Senate run, Bongino threw his support to Republican Ron DeSantis. 

Looking back at his previous bids for office, Bongino said he was “astounded” by how early West backed him through his Guardian Fund PAC. While Murphy narrowly beat him in 2012, West, a favorite of the tea party movement, remained active and endorsed Bongino’s congressional efforts in October 2013, more than a year before the election.For his part, Bongino spoke at an event West held in South Florida in the spring of 2014.

West offered Bongino praise and support during the 2014 campaign. In January 2014, West emailed supporters to highlight the congressional candidate and praise his record.

“Dan served in the elite Secret Service Presidential Protection Division under President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama," West wrote. “During his time protecting Obama, Dan witnessed some things that deeply disturbed him, and ultimately motivated him to seek office. Now he's speaking out and in turn, he's receiving a whole host of criticism and baseless attacks.

“Dan Bongino is a true American hero," West added. “He put his life on the line to protect two presidents, and I have no doubt he'll guard our conservative values and the Constitution with the same valor."

Bongino has remained busy since losing in 2014. He hosts radio shows, including filling in for Sean Hannity and Mark Levin, and has his own podcast. In 2013, Bongino’s “Life Inside the Bubble,” an account of his time with the Secret Service, was a bestseller. His “The Fight: A Secret Service Agent's Inside Account of Security Failings and the Political Machine” was released in January. 



Dan, Enjoyed hearing you on the Howie Carr show today here in New England. Will consider voting for you since my state of residency is Florida and it's within the 19th Congressional District, Ft. Myers. Bob

Hey guys my name is Ethan I am nineteen and I just want to ask some questions. Does any conservative in any northeastern state have the charisma and ability too come within 2 points of beating a liberal incumbent congressman? Dan has. I support Dan because he is a principled conservative, not a liberal. And Honestly why don' we stop with the arguing like a bunch of elementary kids please, this is what is destroying America.

BONGINO is a thin skinned pos. I responded to a post and defended the 2 black guys killed by the 2 white cops on twitter nothing vulgar or derogatory and Bongino blocked me. Thats an arrogant move to control disagreement.

It appears that he had my vote until I saw our comments about him being "thin skinned".

Truly a CARPETBAGGER. Keep moving Dan and maybe you'll eventually find the right community that will buy into your imagined conservative agenda. Being from Western Maryland, I am glad he lost. He did not know my community and didn't even live in the district. Elect someone who knows your needs and those of your neighbors not someone who is on a power trip seeking election for personal gain.

Blame that on the gerrymandering done by the democrat majority in MD's state legislature.

You go Dan....I have a place in Cape Coral and would most definitely want you in Congress. Problem is....I would miss you pinch hitting for Mark Levin. Oh well.......

You comment that Bongino is a carpetbagger, you forget that Connie Mack bought a condo in Fort Myers to run on his family name and never really accomplished anything in Congress other that marrying Sonny Bono's widow.

I thought Palm City FL. was on the Southeast Coast of Florida, near Stuart, FL. Approx. 100 miles north of Miami and 45 miles north of West Palm Beach. How did the article manage to call it the Southwest ? Or did I miss something ???

Actually, Palm City is on the east coast in District 18 and that is where Dan lives but he is running for District 19 which is on the southwest coast and covers Naples and Ft. Myers. He's running in a district that is, at a minimum, 125 miles from where he lives and is registered to vote. Perhaps that clears it up although I was under the impression that you had to live in the district you wish to represent. I've been trying to find out but so far have not found a clear answer.

He is a good man you will be lucky to have him. I live in MD and wish he would have won. A true conservative, we need more like him in the overtaxed, sanctuary state of MD.

I worked with this guy at the SS. He is NOT a hero, he was a loud-mouthed fool. He was (and is) an embarrassment to all the brave women and men of the SS. He will keep moving from state to state until he gets elected. His ego won't take no for an answer.

How long did you serve? When did you serve? And what was your role in the Secret Service? Were you on the PPD?

Yeah right RTC. Countless SS men have spoken up for his character. According to them he is man of unquestionable honor. Let's see your credentials.

Not sure how many of these commenters live in SW FL, but I do. I have never heard of Mr. Bongino until I read this article. I have lived here for 30 years. Why would I want him to represent me? I'll go with the guy who knows me and knows our local issues. If Bongino wants to run as a national talking head, he should run for Senate or go back to Maryland. I want a representative not a Fox news bumper sticker making loud mouth. He wants to use my congressional district as a spring board for his career. That is about as "inside the beltway" as it gets.

I don't believe he is a "Fox bumper sticker." And I wish he would have moved to my district and kick Alan Grayson's seat out! I'v heard him speak on radio numerous times and he speaks with substance not hot air. So if you don't like who you have now consider yourself lucky to have him. Only in office though, will you see the real stuff come out, but I really like the guy! However, it is unfortunate that their aren't more good long standing residents that want to get in the game of politicing.


Just moved here and when I ask, just about everyone came here from another state. Love it here and I'm staying. Haven't met many of your kind here but you would fit in great in Maryland. By the way, immigrant name is Polish and love Italian people.

I like Dan Bongino and wish also that he was running in District 18 ... I would HATE the thoughtthat the foul-mouthed Grayson might win... brrrrrrrrr ... sends shivers down my spine!!! Florida Proud sounds like a typical Demorat!!!

WOW! Bongino-Italian. Text yelling and sounding racist will never get your point across. I too am a proud Floridian! I too am thankful God allowed me to be born in the greatest country on Earth! And I too want it to stay that way! So if the Demoncrats over the years changed their party to tyrannical socialist and "carpet bagged" these people throughout the country then we TRUE BLOODED AMERICANS need to do the same! All is fair in love and war! We are on the verge of a cultural revolution and it's about to get ugly. So embrace the TRUE CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATIVES and let's carry this country back to it's exceptional roots!

You should have told Edison, Ford, Flagler, Disney and hundreds of thousands of others that "FOOL",...and Florida STILL would have been nothing but cattle "crackers" wading in mud. 'OUR' "Civil war" has been over for over 150 years and you're STILL ignorant of the facts concerning that issue... YOU are the "MORON" of which you speak !

Italian, and he lived in MD while working secret service. If you knew anything about Maryland you'd understand why he wanted out,although getting better under gov Larry Hogan. They tax everything.

You've got to be kidfing

Maryland is not a Yankee state.

I'm from Virginia & I say it is. I do feel sorry for people from the Eadtern Shore & Western MD, though. Beautiful state & lots of great people with no political voice...

Having been a political activist in the Republican Party in Maryland for a time in recent years, I'll tell you the truth that there were a few total jerks in the Party. But on any level, Dan Bongino was the best, finest person I met in politics over those years. He rings true to the core.

Judging by the way Florida is going, you need a real Constitutional Conservative in office. All you "real" Floridians should rejoice. Dan would be no vote against raising taxes. We all know how the lobs would love implimenting a state income tax. At least Dan would fight to keep Federal taxes down.


If you'd bother to educate yourself, you'd know that Bongino is very pro-2nd Amendment and in favor of securing the borders.

This guy is a total carpetbagger! He's run for Senate and House of Reps in Maryland over the last few years. He knows nothing about SWFL and is unfit to "represent" us. He doesn't live here and never has. We already had a radio personality represent us and we all know how that worked out---busted for drugs in our nation's capital.


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