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David Jolly Ranked Most Vulnerable Incumbent in Congress

September 7, 2016 - 9:00am
David Jolly
David Jolly

The most vulnerable congressional representative in the nation is based out of the Sunshine State. That’s according to Roll Call which released its ranking of the most vulnerable representatives on Tuesday with Tampa Bay Republican Congressman David Jolly topping the list. 

After the latest round of redistricting made his seat far more hospitable to Democrats, Jolly faces a major opponent in former Governor Charlie Crist in November. 

“Jolly, who spent most of the year running for Senate, climbs from No. 3 to No. 1 in his re-election race against former Gov. Charlie Crist,” Roll Call noted. “He's pledged not to solicit campaign donations, and he's unlikely to get any help from the National Republican Congressional Committee in this heavily redrawn seat.”

Jolly had decided to forego running for another term and entered this year’s Senate race. But when Marco Rubio reversed course and decided to run for another term, Jolly bowed out of the Senate race to seek another term in Congress. Last week, Jolly took 77 percent of the primary vote, routing former Marines General Mark Bircher in a rematch of the Republican primary in a special election back in early 2014.

Jolly is not the only Florida Republican on Roll Call’s list. South Florida Republican Carlos Curbelo, whose district was also impacted by redistricting, also was included, placing sixth. Curbelo faces former Congressman Joe Garcia, who he beat last time out, in November. Despite Nancy Pelosi and the DCCC backing Annette Taddeo in the Democratic primary, Garcia squeaked out a victory last week. 

“Curbelo has carved out a moderate path, saying he won't vote for Trump,” Roll Call noted. “Also working in his favor? Democrats didn't get their preferred candidate in the Aug. 30 primary. But Trump's effect on a heavily Hispanic district that became slightly more Democratic in redistricting leaves Curbelo in a tough spot. He moves up two spots.”

Despite all of the ten most vulnerable incumbents on the list being Republicans, Roll Call, like most pundits and experts, is expecting the GOP to keep the House on Election Day.



Jolly has been the king of gaffes in the sunshine state. First it was a bill preventing citizens from donating to federal campaigns unless they chose to on their owner meaning that the candidates were unable to solicit for donations. Then came the "I won't vote for Trump." (Bad mistake David) and my favorite the Mosquitos in a jar.Two out of the three are somewhat acceptable however, the comment that I won't vote for Trump may be his waterloo. David, David stop for a minute and think about this. You are a sitting congressman (at least for awhile) who would you think would get a bill through for you providing you're a conservative as you claim? Hillary or Donald? Gun control, Chief justices nominations, healthcare etc. Consider your choices for president David. I have held my nose many times in the voting booth I suggest you zip it up, support the candidate and hope he gets in. Your position against Trump is not a vote getter. I am certain there will be many voters voting for you that will also be holding their noses., so don't bite the hand that feeds you. You may be taking a trip to the oval office with hat in hand....

The word 'Honor', meaning that voters chose, "on their honor"....

Charlie Crist should have been our Governor. We have seen what Scott has done to destroy Florida. Charlie, a dedicated and unbought Floridian will make a great Florida Congressman. Time to think ahead and into a bright Florida future with a thoughtful person in the cockpit.

And he thinks he is in a position to NOT support the party's nominee who swept Florida's closed primar? Then Charlie " The Windsick" Crist isn't much of a choice either....

And he thinks he is in a position to NOT support the party's nominee who swept Florida's closed primar? Then Charlie " The Windsick" Crist isn't much of a choice either....

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