Debbie Wasserman Schultz Challengers Fight Over War Chests as GOP Tracks Race

By: Kenric Ward | Posted: April 25, 2012 3:55 AM
Ozzie DeFaria and Karen Harrington

Ozzie DeFaria and Karen Harrington

Two GOP candidates vying to take on Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fort Lauderdale, are taking potshots at each other's war chests while the national Republican Party has them both "on the radar."

Ozzie DeFaria reported last week that he had collected "nearly $400,000 in total receipts, an amount greater than any challenger to Debbie Wasserman Schultz has ever reported."

DeFaria's campaign declared more than $181,000 in first-quarter receipts and more than $200,000 cash-on-hand. Among his top donors was business magnate Wayne Huizenga, who pitched in $5,000.
Karen Harrington's supporters called DeFaria's numbers "a complete and total lie."

"DeFaria raised only $69,055 in the January-to-March fundraising quarter. He contributed $62,007 to himself and then went ahead and loaned himself another $50,000.

"Since he has announced his run, he has loaned himself $150,000. He has done this to inflate his numbers and lie to the press and media, giving the assumption that he has the advantage in fundraising, when in reality that simply is not the case," the Harrington source said.

DeFaria's camp countered that it's Harrington who is using sleight of hand, and Federal Election Commission reports show her campaign listing more than $229,000 in loans.

Between Jan. 19, 2010, and Oct. 19, 2011, Harrington took out eight personal loans totaling $190,000. Half of the loans came during the period when Harrington was running against Wasserman Schultz in 2010.

In addition, Harrington carries $39,782 in credit card debt.

"To defeat Debbie Wasserman Schultz, we need a credible candidate with the resources to wage a competitive campaign," said DeFaria spokesman Jason Alweiss.

"Ozzie has nearly twice as much cash-on-hand as Karen and has secured donations from over 1,700 donors in 48 states. To the contrary, after over two years of campaigning, Karen is running a debt-financed campaign plagued with $40,000 in credit card debt."

DeFaria, a businessman making his first run for public office, is unabashed about the need to self-fund a start-up campaign -- and he is unapologetic about laying out his own cash in the 23rd Congressional District.

Needling Harrington, a campaign source taunted: "She's been campaigning for Congress for almost four years against one of the most hated liberals in Congress, and she can only raise $100,000?

"She's carried an awful lot of debt from the previous campaign, and not paying it off."

Despite the reliance on self-financing by each camp, both DeFaria and Harrington have ascended to "On the Radar" status, as designated by the National Republican Congressional Committee.

"On the Radar" ranking puts candidates in line for logistical and financial support in the general elections. The next rung up the RNCC ladder is "Contender."

The best-funded candidates are branded "Young Guns," and receive priority attention and support from the national party.

So far, the only other Florida Republican congressional candidate "On the Radar" is Adam Hasner, who is running in Rep. Allen West's old district.

Knocking off Wasserman Schultz, who also chairs the Democratic National Committee and, thus, has ready access to almost unlimited campaign cash, is rated a long shot. Yet the contest has attracted three additional GOP hopefuls: Joe Kaufman, Juan Eliel Garcia and Gineen Bresso. All have far less money and organization than either Harrington or DeFaria.

Tom Lauder, a writer for the Red Broward website, said DeFaria's financials appear healthier than Harrington's.

"Ozzie is the front-runner now because of the money. Only he, and maybe Harrington, are in a position to buy mass media," said Lauder, who is not supporting any candidate.

If Harrington and DeFaria agree on one thing, it's their shared belief that the four-term congresswoman is in for the fight of her political life this year.

"Barack Obama named her [to chair the DNC] figuring this seat was in the bag. It's not," DeFaria says.

To bolster her own prospects, Harrington last week formed a joint fundraising committee with Rep. Sandy Adams, R-Orlando, who is dueling 10-term Rep. John Mica in the newly drawn 7th Congressional District.

"Women for Freedom" will conduct its first "finance event" May 11 in Fort Lauderdale, followed by one in the Orlando area.

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The Real Karen Harrington
9:22PM AUG 5TH 2012
1:15PM AUG 1ST 2012
Ozzie Defaria has a massive ego, seems to be an elitist and has a very nasty temper. Couple that with starting a debate that Harrington was not at by encouraging people in the crowd to boo at Karen's absence in front of a GOP unity sign. After calling out someone who challenged his claim of adding 800 million dollars to the economy by stating" lets have a respectful debate" never proving his wild statements and then tried to intimidate that woman (me) with dirty looks for the rest of the evening. He shows no respect..can't tell the truth,does not admit his mistakes slams Karen with inaccurate info. Says he does not know what his smear campain web site says when called on it. We need PATRIOTS in DC not rich men who can buy their way in. Check him out....snake in the grass . He maked DWS look good. Karen is the only choice! He also posted a fake mug shot online, to make the guy who exposed his CRIMINAL RECORD look bad.
The Real Karen Harrington
9:26PM AUG 5TH 2012
3:33PM APR 27TH 2012
This is a race the GOP is going to lose, along with the national election if all the infighting doesn't stop. The GOP has become its own worst enemy.
3:35PM APR 27TH 2012
2nd that statement. Obama's going to get 4 more years at the rate we're going. I don't think that the GOP is ever going to regain this district.
12:00PM APR 25TH 2012
Hate politics internally feeding upon itself.

I'd laugh, except its so pathetic.

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