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Debbie's Dilemma: Democrats Drenched in Debt

November 27, 2015 - 6:15pm
Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Debbie Wasserman Schultz

As the fight to control the U.S. Senate intensifies, the Democratic National Committee finds it has a money problem -- as in, not enough of it.

The DNC is now $2.2 million in debt.

The committee that Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz chairs disclosed last week it spent $5.25 million in the past month but only brought in $4.45 million in contributions.

It ended the reporting period with just $4.7 million in cash on hand. Compare that to the $6.9 million in debts it owes. Including a $2 million loan from union-owned Amalgamated Bank, the debt grew this month from the $6.7 million it reported in October. reports the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is struggling with a $13 million debt load.

"The 2014 elections didn’t just wipe out the Democrat majority in the Senate," said the news service. "The election saddled the party committee with heavy debt, borrowed to defend its precarious majority in the GOP landslide last year."

Breitbart points out the Democrats "have little hope of winning back the House, at least until another round of redistricting next decade." Nevertheless, the electoral battlefield is tilted against Senate Republicans this year, leaving the Dems with high hopes of eking out a majority in the upper chamber. 

Republicans are defending 24 seats next year, several in presidential battleground states. Democrats are defending just 10, only one or two of which seem competitive early on.

Insiders say the DNC's spending troubles are increasing pressure on Wasserman Schultz.  DWS has taken heat from a few of her fellow DNC co-chairs in recent months.

In mid-October, as reported by the New York Times and virtually every news source covering Capitol Hill, DNC Vice Chairman R.T. Rybak accused Wasserman Schultz of lying when she said she consulted with DNC members about the party's presidential debate schedule. Rybak said in an story he was close to calling for the resignation of Wasserman Schultz -- who originally won the chairmanship partially for her effective fund-raising -- because she doesn't have the political skills to lead the party.

HNGN reported in September Rybak and DNC Vice Chair Rep. Tulsi Gabbard jointly called on Schultz to schedule more debates, as did Democratic candidates Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley. They suggested Wasserman Schultz was blatantly attempting to limit the debates to help Hillary Clinton avoid tough questions that could derail her campaign.

"When Gabbard repeated her call for more debates in October on MSNBC, Wasserman Schultz disinvited her from the first debate in Las Vegas, saying she was distracting from the candidates, according to Gabbard. Wasserman Schultz then made the claim that she had indeed consulted with the party's officers before scheduling the debates."

Meanwhile, adding to DWS' woes, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus was quick to issue a press release saying the RNC came out on top in fundraising again this month by raising $8.65 million. Unlike the DNC, he said, it spent less than it raised and grew its cash stockpile to just over $20 million.

The cash advantage gives Republicans a “decisive advantage over the Democrat National Committee in preparing to win” in 2016, Priebus said.

“Our team is hard at work training, recruiting, and registering volunteers and voters in every community and every battleground state," he boasted. "The RNC is the only organization on either side of the aisle currently running a full-scale general election field operation.”

Wasserman Schultz was unavailable over the holiday to reply to Priebus' statement.

Reach Nancy Smith at or at 228-282-2423. Twitter: @NancyLBSmith.



I stopped contributing to the DNC once I heard all the accusations and dealings of Ms Wasserman. Every letter I receive from the DNC is sent back with the same message. As long as Ms Wasserman remains chair I will not contribute one more penny to the DNC.

I agree. Until Wasserman-Shits leaves the DNC is in serious trouble. She is bad news as in BAD.

This is news? The Democrats are already bankrupt morally and intellectually. They merely added financial bankruptcy to their list of achievements.

Let the Clinton international crime/money laundering foundation buy the party. At least hey will be able to find a way to legally screw their creditors out of payment.

Never let a serious crisis go to waste, (Rahm Emanuel) Ironically the Chicago Mayor:)))

DWS is the ultimate "worst of a bad lot" in congress --check her out at


The one thing I think people with brains can thank Obama for is the internal destruction of the Democratic party. While 98% of all the Negro's in the country still support him, they also support blocking off store entrances in Chicago and burning down Ferguson and Baltimore. You know, the part where they live. I was afraid Hillary was going to win next fall, but I believe one more year of Obama will sink her ship if she is not already in prison.

The Dems "top down" leadership makes Dems "wanna throw up" OR "give up" in embarassment; when they put the party in the control of idiots, they can have "all the 'ammunition' in the world" but their "dear leader" keeps using it to "shoot himself, and nationwide Dems, in the foot"... signed// a Disgusted (old school) Democrat

I think that her condition is systemic throughout the Democrat Party. The top-down leadership is killing them financially when every candidate must stand by the Terrorist-in-Chief that is the head of the Democrat Party. Racism was practically non-existent until Obama hit the fan. Now we have race riots everywhere and they are not caused by white people. Obama is the Pied Piper leading the DemocRATS.

"Racism was practically non-existent until Obama hit the fan"? Racism has always been a prominent fixture in America. There clearly has been a rise in racism since Obama took office, and that is simply because ignorant and hateful people like yourself can't handle the idea of having a black president. You sir are what's wrong with America. Please go crawl back under the rock from which you came from loser!

You don't live where I live. If you think these riots are the fault of the person being shot you are a special kind of ignorant. Protesting in our neighborhood brings out the cops and the media. Crossing the tracks and Protesting on YOUR side of town brings more shootings of US. Chicago, really? you think there is any reason to shoot a man laying on the ground? And this is the President's fault how? Terrorist-in-Chief....LOL..ok, what about Weapons of Mass Destruction, one brought our soldiers home the other sent us to war. No comparison, your last President got more Americans killed than any of the last 4 Presidents, and had the worst terrorist act in history committed under his watch. Every riot is caused by white people. You don't know the definition of justice and/or fair play. And the sad part is you don't even recognize how much you don't get it.

Here, here! Well said! But you forgot to tell our Republican friend why 98% of all African Americans are Democrats: It is because our so-called Patroitic Rebulican friends are too cowardly to stand up to those bigots in their own party that we chased out of the Democratic Party in the the 1960's (ie Jesse Helms of NC, Strom Thurman of SC and their political grandchildren, oh let us not forget "You Lie" Joe Wilson of SC) In fact you re-elected Wilson which means that many of his constituents are as racists as he! All you Ronald Reagan Democrats that left the Democratic party in the 1980's have had significant reasons ( Presidency of GW Bush, rise of the Tea Party, Democratic middle class voting power subordinated to Republican Billionaire Oligarchs, etc.) to come back to your roots of one man, one vote, but your homophobic, fear of standing by & with another person of brown or black skin color "which might rub off " keeps you voting against your own economic interests, in futile attempt to remain comfortable in your segregated social environments; racially pure in family and culture while an ever changing world around America becomes more educated, competitive and diverse. Wake up ye old true patroits you are still living the the land of "Justice for ALL" and the "Home of the Brave"! Most African American still believe this and therefore cannot be Republican.

"Frederick Douglass" (cute!)...Well, as long as you're here and if you're still dead Fred, you might as well vote; Hillary is paying premiums for guys like you... After all these years, you still don't seem to be able to afford Blacks the ability to make up their own minds and choices (Are you sure you're not the ghost of Lyndon Johnson who said "Give them what they want and they will vote for us for the next 200 years." I believe Blacks are smarter than you, and the Democrat party, give them credit for. I served with many during VietNam, most of whom love this country and demonstrated themselves to be proud Americans....It's just you young upstarts with no real life experience who allow your own cities, towns and shops to be burned and destroyed by paid, bussed-in activists under the direction of so-called "community organizers". Visit Africa Fred...and good luck finding anyone referring to themselves as "American-Africans" out loud and in public, or burning their own shops & stores...They grew out of that after Jomo Kenyatta and his Lieutenants maimed, killed and destroyed any progress made while bringing down a surging economy and a blossoming country. Kinda like Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, Fergusson, etc., etc.,

The DNC will continue to alienate its donors (like me) until it becomes more transparent. It's obvious that DBS is an avid Hillary supporter. Until I see honest leadership, my money will only go to Bernie.

That's what I told the DNC, when I asked to be removed from their mailing list.

"DNC" "honest" "transparent" --all in one short post? A non-sequitur if I ever saw one. btw, Sergio --it is DWS.

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