Despite New Law, Debate Over Child Protection Continues

By: Margie Menzel News Service of Florida | Posted: June 30, 2014 3:55 AM
Child abuse

After more than a year of passionate debate, a new law that makes major changes to Florida’s troubled child welfare system goes into effect this week.

Gov. Rick Scott on Monday signed the measure (SB 1666), which contains a wide range of provisions aimed at shoring up the state's response to child abuse and neglect. It comes after a public outcry last year over a series of deaths of children who were already known to the Department of Children and Families when they died. The uproar prompted lawmakers of both parties to begin crafting legislation as early as September.

But the bill signing doesn't mean the debate is over.

Just hours after Scott approved the measure, the conservative blog "Red State" published an entry entitled, "Rick Scott Signs Terrible Law Expanding Florida DCF's Power." Blogger Leon H. Wolf pointed to an Associated Press article about the bill. The story noted: "It clearly states that protecting a child from abuse is paramount and more important than keeping a family together."

"One of our most treasured principles as a republic is the principle that, where possible and in the absence of a compelling contrary interest, children should be raised by their parents," Wolf wrote. "Florida's DCF now has a clear statutory provision to the contrary along with a huge budget and a mandate to find more abuse."

The bill does beef up enforcement of the safety plans developed for abusive and neglectful parents. Now child protective investigators must develop a safety plan before leaving a child in the home. And parents must do more than promise to stop drinking or to stay away from an abusive partner or spouse -- they must either follow through or lose custody of their kids.

"Many of the deaths we've had, and many of the problems we've had, have really been the result of the lack of clarity on the safety of the child," said Rep. Gayle Harrell, the Stuart Republican who sponsored the bill in the House. "That is paramount, and it's very clear in the statute."

"It isn't about the parent, it's about the child," said Sen. Denise Grimsley, the Sebring Republican who chairs the Senate budget panel for health and human services.

Under the law, rapid-response teams will conduct immediate investigations of child deaths. The Department of Children and Families has already begun posting data about child deaths on its website, and the Child Abuse Death Review Committee is expanding its duties to include investigating all child deaths reported to the state abuse hotline.

"With the signing of SB 1666, I believe DCF has a clear view of where the Legislature and the governor intend for them to go," Grimsley said. "We need them to be upfront and open in order to learn from any mistakes."

The new law also directs the department to investigate all calls to the hotline reporting child-on-child sexual abuse among dependent children and amends the Rilya Wilson Act, which requires that a child under court-ordered supervision or in DCF custody must be enrolled in child care. Now, at-risk children must be in child care from infancy, rather than from the age of 3. The child-care requirement is in place to ensure that someone outside the home is watching the child.

The bill also compensates qualified nonrelatives -- such as neighbors, teachers and coaches -- who take in dependent children. It recommends that, whenever possible, siblings be kept together and medically fragile children be kept in their communities.

Further, the law seeks to professionalize the child-welfare workforce by hiring people with social work backgrounds and helping current employees earn social-work degrees through tuition waivers and loan-forgiveness programs. It beefs up accountability measures for the community-based care agencies that provide adoption and foster-care services. And it creates the Florida Institute for Child Welfare to conduct policy research, and the position of assistant secretary for child welfare at the Department of Children and Families.

"We've been lacking for so many years an advocate in the department," said Mike Watkins, chief executive officer of Big Bend Community Based Care.

Most of the law's provisions have garnered praise. A white paper released this week by David Bundy and Shelley Katz, the top administrators of the Children's Home Society of Florida, applauded the bill and the accompanying budget "that allocates an additional $38.8 million to protect and help Florida's vulnerable children."

Bundy and Katz's organization provides adoption, foster-care and family services for community-based care organizations.

Of the $38.8 million, roughly $21 million is earmarked for 270 additional child protective investigators; $10 million will go to the community-based care agencies, mostly to hire and retain case managers. The remainder is spread among other programs meant to help prevent abuse.

However, as Bundy and Katz continued, "there is still much more work to be done. … It is imperative that the Legislature continues to prioritize and invest in child welfare."

"It still isn't enough money, and it's too focused on more personnel instead of more and better services," said former DCF special counsel Neil Skene, who addressed Harrell's committee and the Senate Children, Families and Elder Affairs Committee as they developed the legislation.

Most experts said the state lacks sufficient treatment services for mental health and substance abuse, which figure in the great majority of child deaths from maltreatment.

And both Harrell and Watkins said they hope to see the next round of legislation extend safety planning so that paramours can receive services.

"It's not the end of the road," Harrell said of the new law. "It's the beginning of the road."

But supporters agree that the new law, by raising the bar on transparency and accountability, is a good first step on the road to reform.

"You can't sweep problems under the rug and expect them to go away," Grimsley said. "You have to bring them out in the open to learn from them. I trust that will be the direction DCF and the (community-based care agencies) take going forward. I've been very disappointed in both over the past year because they have been so focused on money and not policy."

Grimsley said SB 1666 is intended to change that direction.

"If we don't see that happen, (Senate sponsor Eleanor) Sobel and I will be back with more legislation," she said.

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It's all for the children
9:20AM JUL 2ND 2014
What is it going to take to stop Rick Scott, Jeb Bush and their Republican friends from throwing millions and millions at their so called "it's for the children" schemes anyway? Why doesn't Rick Scott and all these Republican governors want to do all they can to stop orison rapes?

Is is because they are afraid some of their friends (government employee's etc) will get caught up in committing these crimes?

Gov. Rick Scott Won't Comply With Anti-Rape Rules
Republican governors in seven states -- Arizona, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Nebraska, Texas and Utah -- are either ignoring or refusing to comply with national standards meant to prevent sexual assault in prisons, according to new information from the Justice Department.

All one has to do to find the Republican connections to pervert sexual acts is Google "the Franklin Scandal" and "Straight, Inc." and founder "Mel Sembler" to find the evidence of the Republican party perversion which makes the Catholic Church and the Boys Scout's look like kindergartner's!

Mel Sembler single handedly caused the Florida legislature to pass laws giving "religious" exemptions for licensing and inspections by DCF to his houses of horror when ethical Florida DCF employee's were uncovering massive child abuses in his facilities!

Google KEN MAZIK who runs a home for the disabled in Mt Dora, Fl - he single handledly caused federal legislation that shared with wealth of federal funds for his houses of horros' and now collects millions of our tax dollars while his employee's continue to abuse his clients and walk free for doing so!

Meanwhile Rick Scott and friends in the legislature pump millions into the privatized solutions to child welfare all the their well connected friends who share they wealth with all the right people.

Millions more goes to private vendors like Bridges of America and Youth Services of American (where the administrator caused a federal lawsuit for taking the boys home to his bedroom!)

All juvenile prisons in Florida are now privatized. If Rick Scott and his co-governor Jeb Bush had their way - Schools and every other government function would be privatized and run by their business friends and associates! And those close friends always share the wealth with these organized criminals!
abusers are protected species!
7:32AM JUL 1ST 2014
We the people of Florida will never win the war against child abuse as long as the system protects the abusers and not the children. This is literally just one case out of hundreds here In Florida where the abuser is protected by the system. Enough information is being provided so as any ethical person with average intelligence can verify the enclosed information for validity!
Taken directly from public records formerly available on-line:
On 1/20/2013 - MICHAEL JOHN MORROW was arrested by Leesburg, Lake County, Fl Police and booked in to the Lake County Jail - Booking #:13000734-Case #:-Inmate ID:60711 – DOB: February 1986. Place of birth: Omaha, Nb. [Franklin Scandal territory]


On 2/23/2013 – The arrestee posted a $500. Bond and was released for jail.

On 2/25/2013 – The charges against this defendant was dropped by Fifth Circuit Chief Judge Don Briggs, without comment!

12/4/2013 – Lake County Florida Circuit Court Case# 2013 DR 002421 – Name Exempt vs. Morrow, Michael John [an injunction for protection against sexual violence is filed]

12/6/2013 – Case is heard by Circuit Judge Heidi Davis! Remarks entered into docket as reference #4: Order denying petition for injunction for protection against sexual violence; court notes: The parient’s (sic) may supplement the petition to include they are filing because they feel their daughter needs this protection, not because DCF told them to file. Court will be willing to review it again; copies to petitioner by mail.

Who is this protected species? Other Lake Judges have been flippant with this man on other criminal charges as well. On 2/6/2013- Judge Donna Miller -NOLLE PROSEQUI –drug charges
On this person!

But this is blatant disregard for the safety of a child under the age of 12 years old by Judge Heidi Davis’ remarks it is apparent after the Chief Circuit Judge dropped the charges against the 28 year old attacker the parents of this sexually abused child , went to DCF – who apparently advised the parents to seek this “injunction for protection against sexual violence” in circuit court. The results of which are not only appalling, but could possible lead to the death or continued abuse of this child. What if we hear the parents of this child have taken the law into their own hands? The system would never admit they have protected this sexual offender of a child under the age of 12 years! They will blame the parents for going berserk and taking the law into their own hands.

Once this case was brought to the attention of certain persons all “official Records” of this arrest as well as his drug related arrest #12009378 on 10/10/2012 disappeared from the Lake Jail website. Likewise “Circuit Court Case# 2013 DR 002421” (containing the disparaging remarks of Judge Davis) disappeared from the website of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Lake County Florida website as well. Maybe Leesburg Police still have a record of this arrest?
Billy Martin
3:50PM JUN 30TH 2014
(SB 1666), also contains more MONEY for the Sheriff's of Florida!

What good does it do for the taxpayers of Florida to give their hard earned money to a sheriff Like Lake Sheriff Gary Borders who sends his time covering up the rapes of children. Not just the rapes of children that occurred at his Green Isle Boys Ranch but many other child rapes. Rapes of children as your as nine years by older family member have bee reported directly to the face of Sheriff Borders - he looked the family members in the face and said I'll look into it. What did he do? He covered up the rapes of two little children by an older step-family member. Why would Lake Sheriff Gary Borders remove the arrest records of local child rapists from his jail website? Why would local judges refuse parents request for a petition of injunction for protection against sexual abuse on their less than 12 year old child by a rapist John Michael Morrow whose charges had been dropped by the chief circuit judge? Does this mean children are not safe in Lake County Florida? Why do we already pay over $60 million a year to the sheriff who refuses to protect our children. Plus we pay untold millions to the 5th Circuit DCF and their Kids Central the politically connected privatized fraudsters showing over $38 MILLION already this year! What will they do with 240 more so called DCF abuse investigator's? 90% the ones they have are totally incompetant now!
millions goes to friends who run their CBC's
3:34PM JUN 30TH 2014
Florida Department of Children and Families - Community-Based Care Programs

What Is Community-Based Care?

Community-Based Care is a comprehensive redesign of Florida's Child Welfare System. It combines the outsourcing of foster care and related services to competent service agencies with an increased local community ownership of service delivery and design. This innovative statewide reform increases accountability, resource development, and system performance.

Program Description: The department's community-based care initiative has captured the interest of the nation by actively negotiating and contracting with respected local, non-profit agencies to provide child welfare services in their local communities for children who have been abused, neglected and/or abandoned. Communities coming together on behalf of their most vulnerable children demonstrates what community-based care was designed to do: transition child protective services to local providers under the direction of lead agencies and community alliances of stakeholders working within their community to ensure safety, well-being, and permanency for the children in their care..

This innovative new system includes key features that address common problems and challenges in child welfare systems, such as;
• Contracting with, local lead agencies through competitive procurement to engage community stakeholders in designing their system of care, and to develop and maintain a service delivery network within their service area.
• Formation and support of Community Alliances of local stakeholders, community leaders, client representatives, and other agencies funding human services. An Alliance may cover one or more counties, as determined locally. Duties of Community Alliances include, but are not limited to joint planning for resource utilization, needs assessments and establishment of community priorities, determination of local outcome goals supplemental to state outcome requirements, and community education and advocacy.
• A formal process was developed for assessing and preparing local Department units and Lead Agencies to safely transition services from the state to the local provider network. The Department's Readiness Assessment process utilizes an external team of Peer Experts to assess the development of the local infrastructure and transition plans, as well as provide technical assistance to both parties prior to initiating transfer of any services.

A statewide network of comprehensive, community-based care agencies have been equipped to manage and deliver services to Florida's foster youth. Authorized providers are listed here:
1- Lakeview Center, Families First Network- FISCAL 2014 – $33,596.216.02

2, 14-Big Bend Community Based Care, Inc - FISCAL 2014 - $64,534,470.65

3 & 8-Partnership for Strong Families - FISCAL 2014 - $25,399,082.70

4- (Duval, Nassau)-Family Support Services of North Florida Inc. - FISCAL 2014 - $42,239,360.82
4- (Clay)-Kids First of Florida, Inc- FISCAL 2014 - $6,082,268.90

5- Kids Central, Inc - FISCAL 2014 - $38,044,028.81

6- (Pasco, Pinellas)-Eckerd Community Alternatives FISCAL 2014 – NOT FOUND!
7- (St. Johns)-St Johns County Board of C C - FISCAL 2014 – NOT FOUND!
7- (Flagler, Volusia, Putnam)-Community Partnership for Children, Inc- FISCAL 2014 - $25,090,065.02

12- Sarasota Family YMCA, Inc - FISCAL 2014 - $23, 270,143.77

13- Eckerd Community Alternatives – FISCAL 2014 – NOT FOUND!
20- Children's Network of SW Florida - FISCAL 2014 – NOT FOUND!

9, 18- (Orange, Osceola & Seminole)-Community Based Care of Central Florida- FISCAL 2014 - $50,434,383.05

10- Heartland For Children- FISCAL 2014 - $34,814,751.36

18- (Brevard)-Brevard Family Partnership - FISCAL 2014 – NOT FOUND!
15, 17- ChildNet Inc. - FISCAL 2014 - $85,609,584.73

19- Devereux Families Inc. - FISCAL 2014 - $12,529,102.50

11, 16- Our Kids of Miami-Dade/Monroe - FISCAL 2014 -$81,627,240.80

And this funding has not been updated in the last 90 days or so...

It's millions more in 2014 by now!!
they continue to lie and deny
3:29PM JUN 30TH 2014
Victims Expose Organized Efforts by DCF to Cover Up Child Abuse And Trafficking.

Questions about DCF’s openness with child death records arose as early as the winter of 2013, though records suggested the effort to clamp down on public information did not gain steam until several months later.
In February 2013, during the investigation of the death of a Lake County infant, Matthew Condatore, a DCF supervisor named Stephanie Weis announced “new rules” for the reporting of child deaths to agency administrators.
Matthew’s death was particularly troubling. Only months before he died, workers had been told in two separate investigation that the 11-month-old’s mother left the children for “days at a time” while she consumed a host of drugs, rendering her an unfit caregiver. The Condatore home, a report said, was “disgusting, filthy and dirty,” with bugs and roaches crawling everywhere. The first investigation was completed without DCF taking any action; the second remained open when the child died.
Matthew’s mother passed out while bathing him on Feb. 15, 2013. The boy’s 8-year-old sister found him floating in an overflowing bathtub. His mother, whom a report said was “messed up” at the time, lay unconscious near her dead infant.
“No gory details go to [headquarters] regarding the deaths unless they ask for them,” wrote Weis, a community services director, in an internal DCF email. Referring to Matthew’s death, she wrote: “I think this got everyone excited and we are where we are now — hair’s on fire.”
“Our incident reports need to be factual, clear, and to the point — no dramatization of the events. We need to look like we know what we are talking about, and we’ve got it under control.”
Beginning last year, the Herald reviewed hundreds of critical incident reports that detailed child deaths. This week, the newspaper reviewed 177 new reports. The cases include a child who drowned in an open septic tank, and a teenager who hanged himself in the woods — after DCF had declined to investigate two prior reports concerning his family, and was looking into a third at the time the boy died.
Until about wintertime, most reports were filed within days of the death, as DCF procedures require.
But sometime around November, records show, DCF Southeast Region death coordinator Frank Perry stopped filing formal death reports for the counties he oversees. Those counties are home to two of the most powerful lawmakers in the state for child protection, Harrell, the Stuart Republican who chairs the House’s Healthy Families Subcommittee, and Sen. Eleanor Sobel, a Hollywood Democrat who chairs that chamber’s Children, Families and Elder Affairs Committee.
Lambert, DCF’s spokeswoman, said the agency had reviewed its incident reporting system in recent months, after the Herald requested hundreds of the reports, and uncovered “inconsistencies” in their filing.
“These discussions led to a misunderstanding in the Southeast Region that resulted in the gap in reporting you noticed. However, incidents from that region were still being reported timely via email,” she added.
On April 3, Perry submitted three death reports. The next day — almost two weeks after the Herald completed its series — he turned in 17 reports, ranging from an infant found “in rigor mortis” in his family’s Palm Beach County home on Nov. 22 to a boy who shot himself at his stepfather’s work place on March 25.
Even after Perry submitted the reports, they provided virtually no information. All but two of the incident reports contained four sentences or fewer; 13 of the reports contained one or two sentences.
“Today on 12/26/2013 [the child] passed away. [The child] was found not breathing,” was the extent of an incident report concerning a child death in Broward, which was submitted to the state nearly four months after the youngster died.
One of the April 4 reports said only: “When dad turned his back, [the child] wound up submerged in the pool.”
Perry was not the only DCF death reviewer to miss the “one business day” deadline by at least three weeks, though he was the most consistent. Eight other incident reports were submitted weeks late — some months late — involving child deaths from a variety of counties, including Volusia, Lake, Orange, Duval, Lee and Hillsborough counties.
Incident reports submitted by other investigators also lack details about the family’s past involvement with DCF.
In January, the mother of toddler Kayne Williams left him in the care of her boyfriend while she went to work. Before she returned, Kayne had been beaten nearly to death. Bryan Blalock is accused of beating Kayne so severely that he suffered brain trauma, bruising across his face and body, swelling to his genitals and black eyes. The two-year-old died 12 days later.
On Jan. 15, a child abuse investigator submitted a report to Tallahassee with details of the death and prior agency involvement. That entire portion — about a third of a page of information helpful to put the family’s history in context — was redacted from public view.
MAY 30, 2014 -KISSIMMEE --
A Florida Department of Children and Families child protective investigator is among the two suspects arrested Friday on child neglect and drug charges in Osceola County.
The Osceola County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Enforcement Team executed a search warrant at a home on Hollyhock Court.
During their search, agents found 26 marijuana plants, 8 grams of marijuana, counterfeit money and a handgun.
Deputies said the home was in a deplorable condition, with overflowing trash and roaches and spiders on the walls and beds.
Agents discovered six children resided at the home, but were not there at the time.
Homeowners Randy and Kysa Donawa were charged with production of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and six counts of child neglect.
[That qualifies them to call her a “former employee!”]

THE AGENCY SAID SHE WAS HIRED MAY 2, 2014, and was assigned to a child protective investigator training class. She was not carrying a caseload at the time of her dismissal, DCF said.
But the truth is
SHE WAS ORIGINALLY HIRED IN 2002 AND IN 2004 SHE WAS A DCF CHILD ABUSE INVESTIGATOR! Where has she been all this time? Maybe she left and come back?
Why does our government lie to us when “our government employee’s” are caught violating the very laws they are hired to enforce?
Maybe we should call our governor Rick Scott and ask him why so many children are dying in the hands of his DCF? Ask him why he allows the agencies under his supposed to be supervision to lie the the people of Florida? The evidence of these acts of deception is massive!
Especially since we have already paid Kids Central, Inc (for the 5th circuit of florida only!) Over $37 million this year so far to protect children and adopt out their offsprings!
children abused by the powerful perverts!
3:58PM JUN 30TH 2014
We do not have to spend million and millions more tax dollars on the child welfare debacle.................

All we have to do is police the criminals who are supposed to be doing their jobs and protecting our children, but instead they are making children available for sex to their sick friends and coharts. This sheriff in the least committed Obstruction of Justice by a Public Official. How can anyone expect any child to be safe when violent rapes of children are reported to a sheriff's office and he hides the report until the crimes are leaded to the public, then he and his sick friends in the criminal criminal justice system covers up for their little pedophile grooming friends and allows him to continue to abuse others. And thy call this politics! It is not just politics it called public corruption at the highest levels of state government.

In 1989 Gary Borders (Now sheriff of Lake County) and his friend Don Brown who along with his family owns The Bridges of America Florida Department of Corrections vendor early release facilities and prison ministries opened the Green Isle Ranch for wayward boys near Clermont in South Lake County.
That same year Gary Borders come to Lake County to run the Lake County Jail. Rumors of boys having sex with each other and being sexually abused at Green Isle was on the streets of Clermont and Groveland almost from the beginning.

In 2000 a none year old boy was sexually abused by older boys and a houseparent. His parents removed him from Green Isle. Don Brown convinced the parents if they would return him he would get the boy special treatment and protect him from further abuse. They retured the boy to Green Isle where he was once again sexually abused. In 2001 they hired Attorney Keith Mitnik who was raised in Tavares. He filed a lawsuit against Green Isle. That lawsuit was heard before Lake Circuit Judge William Law whose wife Julie Law was the Attorney of Record for the Green Isle Foundation at the time. Judge law dismissed the case in favor of his wife’s employer Green Isle.

In October 2006 founding Green Isle Board member Gary Borders become the sheriff of Lake County. In 2008 complaints surfaced that Green Isle had been feeding rancid food including frozen maggots and over working the boys at the Green Isle Thrift store. The ranch closed. Soon State Attorney Brad King announced he could find no criminal wrong doing on the part of Green Isle and the ranch reopened under new management.

On November 21, 2009 five boys ranging from 12 to 16 years old reported to the Green isle administrator that they had been sexually assaulted over the summer (from July to early November) by an older boy who had recently left the ranch. They all said he threatened their lives if they told on him and that was why they were only now coming forth. Green isle administrator Rev. Steve Zepp called 911 immediately and reported the crimes to the Lake Sheriff’s Office (Sheriff Gary Borders). A deputy sheriff went to Green Isle and took a through report including handwritten statements from Rev. Zepp and the five victims who all “initialed the yes box” in “do you want to prosecute?” the responding Deputy also notified the DCF Child Abuse hotline from the ranch. Rev. Steve Zepp was gone from Green Isle in 48 hours after dialing 911. He only says “over an disagreement with management!” Insiders at Green isle said it was over his calling 911 without consulting his management.

Absolutely nothing was done for these five little rape victims. By February 3, 2010 some of them had attempted to commit suicide and the sheriff’s office had reportedly responded to those calls and again took no actions on behalf of the victims! The original report was Lake Sheriff’s Office Case Number (09 191988) No records have been found regarding the attempted suicide calls, but entered into that case is the following: On February 3, 2010 at 4:07 PM Lake Deputy Walker responded to a call from Paula Whetro the new Green Isle Administrator regarding the fact that she was receiving threatening & harassing phone calls, text messages and emails from a disgruntled former employee (house parent) Clayton Berkey (and his wife Angela) who still had keys to the boys cottages. Why was this entered into the report of the rapes?

Then by 5 PM that date Clayton Berkey was on all the local television breaking news stories relating over and over the plight of the five boys being held at Green Isle for seventy-five days after reporting they had been brutally sexually abused by the older boy over the summer. Then Green Isle insiders released a flyer with the rapist named by all the victims pictured right next to Sheriff Borders in July 2009 around the time the rapes began. Later a retired Captain who was a direct report to Jail administrator Gary Borders for fifteen years reported in all those years he never heard Gary Borders mention his involvement at the Green Isle Boys Ranch.

According to the report (09 191988) the next day after the leaks of the rapes was exposed on local television Sheriff Gary Borders sent two of his detective teams to Citrus County to interview the suspect who had been named in the original report over 75 days earlier. The FDLE reported that Sheriff Borders Office arrested the rapist on February 9, 2010 for four counts of sexual battery, one count of Lewd & Lascivious and one count of Battery.(The sheriff’s office report marked out the box “cleared by arrest” and in fact indicates the case was not filed for prosecution because it liked enough “probable cause for and arrest!” FDLE also reported that on May 20th, 2010 the rapist pled no-contest and was later sentenced to community control. Anonymous Lake Courthouse rumors reported the case was numbered (2010-CJ-000185) and the sentencing by Circuit Judge Michael Takac occurred on may 26, 2010.

Bu October 2010 – The convict at large was receiving traffic citations. On March 3, 2010 – (Just 13 months to the day that his crimes were leaked to the public) the convicted rapist who was supposed to be serving community control in Citrus County , Florida had an injunction for protection against dating violence filed against him in Citrus County by the father of another juvenile victim. As required by the courts the petition alleged a history of violence against this juvenile. (They won’t even take a complain for just one act of violence against a person) The petition described events such as assault with a motor vehicle against the parents of the juvenile and two Citrus County Sheriff’s Office Deputies reports of violence was contained in this request. Any of the calls to the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office should have turned up the fact that the violator was on community control and should have violated that judgment. The request for injunction for protection should have violated the judgment of community control, but it did not and the petitioners request for protection against dating violence was denied.

By November 16, 2011- The protected rapist was still at large and received a careless driving citation for an accident resulting in damages. From that day forward this protected species – protected by Sheriff Gary Borders and his friends in the fifth circuit of Florida has laid low and off the grid.

Over the last several years a large group of people has been following the horrors of the Green Isle Boys Ranch and the involvement of those who conspired for over two decades to keep their little secret of the abuses of those who were unfortunate enough to have been “students” at the Green Isle Boys Ranch.
Can you imagine anyone working side by side with fellow employee’s (for fifteen years) and not once mentioning to that fellow employee that he was involved in this great boys ranch to help the unfortunate and wayward boys and invite that fellow employee to join in this great worthy cause? Some of Sheriff Borders employee’s was pictured with him in the flyer (where he was pictured with the rapist) Summer 2009 – why was some employee’s invited to Green isle while others never even heard of it?

This nightmare of horrors reopened in 2011 under true new ownership and recently it was closed down again (this time by DCF – thank God they finally done their job) The only reason they closed it down so fast this time is the new owner was not politically connected the power house that Sheriff Borders and his friends has been connected too since the middle 1980’s.

And now the local oligarchs are trying to convince animal lovers that Sheriff Gary Borders can manage the Lake County Animal Services more efficiently and more ethically than its present and previous management teams have. What possible morals and ethics can a human have who as the sworn sheriff of this county and (by his employees who are nothing more than extensions of his power as sheriff) takes the obviously certifiable and authenticated reports of the brutal rapes of five little boys and sits on it and does nothing – no immediate arrest; nothing! Even after his employee’s are called back to the scene of the crimes (more than once) where the victims are still being held because they have attempted suicide (not just threatened suicide). Those of us who follow child abuse cases have seen more than enough documented evidence regarding the 30 + years of Gary Borders and his involvement with Green Isle Ranch, The Osceola Boys Clubs and other functions “where the boys are” to know we do not want Gary Borders around young boys. Therefore we would be inclined to believe animal lovers likewise would not want him to be in charge an animal shelter making decisions regarding the life and death of animals when he has shown by documented evidence (in reports obtained from his own office) that he does not enforce the laws against child rape. And he show no concern about children who are trying to take their own lives because he has failed to protect them from his abusive friends.

This is not politics – this is the plain hard facts concerning the true history of the man who runs our sheriff’s office. He was handed this job on a silver platter because of and not in spite of his history.
Anyone who disputes these facts (unless Sheriff Borders has destroyed -09 191988) you can obtain a copy of the entire report by public records request. The rapist is named in this report. Then you can also obtain the continued criminal actions of the rapist (who was supposed to be on community control) by obtaining Citrus County Sheriff’s Office and Clerk of the Courts reports. Then ask yourself why is this young man at large and not required to have been registered as a sex offender or predator?

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