Don Gaetz: Expect Anti-U.N. Agenda 21 in 2013

By: Jim Turner | Posted: June 20, 2012 3:55 AM

Don Gaetz

Expect a bill that shelters private property in Florida from takeover by a United Nations-led world government effort, Senate President-designate Don Gaetz said Tuesday.

And expect that bill to receive favorable support.

Appearing on Fort Walton radio station WFTW 1260 AM, Gaetz said he expected Florida lawmakers to introduce and approve a bill similar to Senate Bill 477 that has been approved by the Alabama Legislature.

“I think there is a very good chance that bill will come up,” Gaetz said.

“Personally, I oppose anybody or anything that tramples on the United States sovereignty. And property rights are a pretty strong topic in the Florida Legislature,” Gaetz added.

“We’ve got a very diverse state and a lot of people with different opinions, but when it comes down to the rights of private property I think there will be a strong opportunity to get something through the legislatures. I would hope so.”

The Alabama bill, approved by the state Legislature in May, bars the state of Alabama from developing environmental and developmental policies that take over private property without due process.

The bill was filed with the intent of protecting Alabamians from United Nations Agenda 21.

“The state of Alabama and all political subdivisions may not adopt or implement policy recommendations that deliberately or inadvertently infringe or restrict private property rights without due process, as may be required by policy recommendations originating in, or traceable to, "Agenda 21," adopted by the United Nations 1992 at its Conference on Environment and Development or any other international law or ancillary plan of action that contravenes the Constitution of the United States or the Constitution of the state of Alabama,” the bill states.

Agenda 21, a plan to lessen human impact on the environment, is a sustainable development initiative that some conservatives view as a Trojan Horse for the creation of a one-world government.

“Humanity stands at a defining moment in history,” states the Preamble to Agenda 21. “We are confronted with a perpetuation of disparities between and within nations, a worsening of poverty, hunger, ill health and illiteracy, and the continuing deterioration of the ecosystems on which we depend for our well-being. However, integration of environment and development concerns and greater attention to them will lead to the fulfilment of basic needs, improved living standards for all, better protected and managed ecosystems and a safer, more prosperous future. No nation can achieve this on its own; but together we can -- in a global partnership for sustainable development.”

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Bill Sage
10:46AM FEB 18TH 2013
"URGENT" If anybody knows about Agenda 21 and the connection with Rotary Club International please reply ASAP to my Facebook Page Bill Sage or teapartymichigan@live.com
j hilderbrand
11:56AM FEB 5TH 2013
the same people that want your guns want your land! now you know why they want your guns! the fed, wall st, and u.n. are ALL THE SAME PEOPLE doing this. thats why they used nafta to take our jobs and weaken us! thats not enough though, the banking scam took homes down strokes and payments to rob you. then they paid the banks off for doing it with stimlus dollars. these same people will live on 50,000 acre ranchs with 50 cars boats and aircraft paid from from stimlus dollars. 94% of stimlus is no where to be found. live like kings and the american people will be their pesants.their all in on this thats why they will do nothing to fix economy or even operate country with a budget!
Frank Furter
12:48PM NOV 16TH 2012
Agenda 21 is very diabolical and real. I was listening to my local NPR station today and the sniveling cowards on the show were calling it a
"Conspiracy Theory".
Frank Furter
12:48PM NOV 16TH 2012
Agenda 21 is very diabolical and real. I was listening to my local NPR station today and the sniveling cowards on the show were calling it a
"Conspiracy Theory".
2:30AM NOV 9TH 2012
Why does Rockefeller, Rothschild, Bill Gates, Ted Turner, the Bush Family, George Soros, Maurice Strong, John Holdren, the House of Windsor, etc, get to keep the wealth that belongs to the people of the world, yet the people of the world must distribute their wealth. If every one has to be equal, then it's time for the 1% to be what they are implementing for us. They plan to kill us...they then should take front space at the guillotine. Once they are all gone poverty will be gone, we can all live in peace.
Frank The Troll
2:15AM NOV 8TH 2012
Frank the Troll, Epic Troll.
10:50AM JUL 9TH 2012
Do the home work. No good will come from Agenda 21. They play with the language and the uninformed lazy liberals who love control think it's for our own good. No thanks UN just say no to Agenda 21 get informed. Main stream media lie lie lie you are on your own find the truth.
10:08PM SEP 15TH 2012
Really, so I can build my toxic nuclear waste dump next to your house because you don't like zoning, and I can increase your property tax threefold to pay for all that for-profit developer pushed subdivision out in the middle of nowhere that you now get to pay for the schools, roads, water and sewer lines to it because you don't believe in smart growth.

Congratulations, you've just proven that you can shot yourself in your foot because you have no clue that sustainability and smart growth is all about lowering costs, and providing a less expensive future for your children.

Congratulations - you have my pity for your self-destructive, counter-productive truthiness.
Frank Furter
12:54PM NOV 16TH 2012
Frank the Troll,
Zoning laws are in place to prevent everything you talked about.
Ted Turner has 15 children, 20 Jets, 245 cars and 14 homes.
We should start with him if you want to clean up the environment.
Frank Furter
12:54PM NOV 16TH 2012
Frank the Troll,
Zoning laws are in place to prevent everything you talked about.
Ted Turner has 15 children, 20 Jets, 245 cars and 14 homes.
We should start with him if you want to clean up the environment.
11:47PM JUN 21ST 2012
If nothing else does, support for the Agenda 21 UN takeover conspiracy directly demonstrates how illogical and paranoid those promoting that conspiracy theory really are.

A UN takeover of the U.S. ain't going to happen folks.

The U.S. could fully implement every recommendation in Agenda 21 and the UN still wouldn't be running this country.

Efforts like the Alabama anti-Agenda 21 legislation are just crazy, and make them look foolish.

That's ok, keep it up. I've been talking to independents and moderate Republicans who served in several past Republican administrations and they can't believe what Alabama did and Gaetz is proposing.

I can only hope that Don Gaetz continues to talk this up big prior to November. Voters just love crazy legislators . . . . and the party that is supporting them.
Frank Furter
12:56PM NOV 16TH 2012
Ever hear of a Frog Boiling in a kettle? It doesn't happen in one fail swoop, stop acting like people on this site are idiots, like you.
John Rhodes
5:12PM JUL 16TH 2012
Your comments mirror those of thousands of others who have no clue about what they are saying. For those of us who have actually researched this issue, comments such as yours are so uniformed it is embarrassing to you. Proper research is necessary to garner any credibility.
10:16PM SEP 15TH 2012
Sorry, son, I know more about what sustainability and smart growth is than you'll ever know about most anything.

Want to have a dialogue, then begin by knowing your research has no value added - you apparently lack the understanding and abilities to interpret what you're researching - that much is obvious.

If you're just a closed mind, well, that's about par for the course for those into Agenda 21 conspiracy theories.

And no, I no longer wear a uniform, either military or otherwise.
Frank Furter
12:58PM NOV 16TH 2012
I know all about Smart Growth and LEED too as an Architect.
Frank, you are just a brainwashed fool.
Paul Henry
10:50AM JUN 21ST 2012
I find it sad that this part is so controversial:
"The Alabama bill, approved by the state Legislature in May, bars the state of Alabama from developing environmental and developmental policies that take over private property without due process."

If one reads the 5th Amendment to our US Constitution, this same language is already there, as well as a prohibition against the taking of private property without just compensation.

It is repeated federal incursions over these constitutional boundaries that prompt state nullification legislation. According to the Census Bureau, from 1960 to 1991, federally-owned land as a percentage dropped from 33.9 in 1960 to 28.6 in 1991. It fell as low as 24.7 percent in 1996. It has since risen to 28.8 percent as of 2004, which was the latest data I could find.

Is the solution more government? Some asserted our states could not protect the environment, so the federal government must take over with unconstitutional agencies like the EPA, which we received in the 70's. Apparently about 20 years later in 1992, the federal solution cannot adequately protect the environment, so we now need a global government. Consider that in addition to a federal EPA, all 50 states and US territories still have their own agency that duplicates this function. How well is this working for us?

I agree with Frank- our local planners and officials must have the freedom to operate their jurisdictions as they see fit- and this freedom includes the ability to reject "global" mandates. Montana's Governor Brian Schweitzer, a Democrat, summed this up when he said in a 2008 NPR interview that sometimes you just have to run your state as you see fit and tell the federal government to go to hell.

I encourage people to do their own research and arrive at their own conclusions on this and any other issues. One must always read the details to see exactly what the effects of a law may be. One thing many do not realize is that while a law may desire something good, it may usher in something really bad- unintended consequences. For example, if we have an anti-burglary law, almost everyone would cheer. When it became known that this law required everyone in the state to prove they did not commit a burglary by allowing the police to search their property after a burglary, not so many would support it. As the saying goes, with A21 or any law, the devil is in the details.
6:16PM JUN 21ST 2012
Yes, the devil's in the details. Alabama HB/SB477 includes additional provisions you didn't mention:

(1) It prohibits any private property right restrictions traceable to Agenda 21 (which in the broad sense means all planning and all environmental regulation, as well as many other subject areas); and

(2) It prohibits all governments and agencies from entering into any agreement or spending or accepting funds from any non-governmental organization and inter-governmental agency MENTIONED IN AGENDA 21.

For example, I guess that knocks out all World Bank and regional bank funding (even indirectly), as well as interactions with organizations like the International Chamber of Commerce, International Fund for Agricultural Development, World Food Program, World Health Organization, etc.

Way to go Alabama! Wonder if those Alabama legislators even looked to see if Alabama crops are purchased through any governmental entities by the WFP, or by WFP's other formal partners (who I assume are also banned) such as Save the Children, Catholic Relief Services, etc. Likewise, the WHO has partnerships with a wide variety of U.S. organizations (presumably also banned, at least when acting in partnership with the WHO), such as Rotary International and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Guess all those University of Alabama programs, funding and medical/nursing collobrations with the WHO or CDC will just have to be returned and ended.

Way to go Alabama!
10:33AM JUN 21ST 2012
It's so obvious that ONE of you are a Dem. And each of your name calling of the others also makes that obvious. When you have no true facts, you all start the name calling...so sad and you should be ashamed. The truth is out and calling smart people names doesn't change that.
10:53AM JUN 21ST 2012
Oh yes, the UN overtake of the U.S. is imminent, just like you say. It's takes place next February 30th, assuming we all make it past December 21, 2012, right.

I'm not the Agenda 21 conspiracy Tea Partier here. I know what Agenda 21 is, and what it is not.

Extraordinary claims require at least a modicum of facts - you have none.
Terri D
8:16AM JUN 21ST 2012
Thank you for seeing the dangers of Agenda 21 to our freedom!
9:38AM JUN 21ST 2012
And exactly which freedom guaranteed to Americans does Agenda 21 clearly override and threaten by its enactment?

Be specific and prove your case through specific Agenda 21 citations and by showing how the full language and intent of Agenda 21 would clearly override and replace that freedom.

Don't be shy, you must have some "devil in the details" bombshell to show exactly how Agenda 21 will take away a freedom currently experienced and guaranteed to Americans.

Can't do that - - haven't even fully read Agenda 21 - - then join the ranks of other Mad Hatter empty rhetoric and red-herring fear mongering hypocrites.
7:12PM JUN 23RD 2012
currently experienced and guaranteed to Americans? you think so, huh.
9:52AM JUN 24TH 2012
Yes, current Americans are all prisoners under Democracy, is that your retort?


(And I still haven't seen that list of specific freedoms supposedly threatened by specific provisions of Agenda 21 - you guys don't want to put them down, do you, because then you'll have to expose your idealogical madness to factual analysis rather than just spout vague, hopefully unverifiable conspiracy theories, correct?)
John Rhodes
5:21PM JUL 16TH 2012
It is as plain as the nose on your face. Agenda 21 is Sustainable Development (it is in the title if you will take the time to look it up) Smart Growth is the process by which SmartCode is developed. SmartCode establishes a section called "Reserved open sectors". This section protects mostly rural lands "into perpetuity" which confiscates the owners right to use their own property by denying building permits. The only difference is that the owner gets the luxury of paying his mortgage on the property and his taxes. Pretty good deal if you are a socialist. Read before commenting
12:56AM SEP 14TH 2012
Sigh . . . at least I know what I'm talking about.

Sustainable development & Smart Growth - ensuring that development will have adequate water supplies, wastewater treatment, roadway capacity, schools, etc. for the impacts of new development, while not creating significant environmental damage.

No one in this country legally "confiscates the owners right to use their own property" in violation of 5th amendment constitutional protections. That's an outright lie.

Get a basic education in planning, zoning and constitutional law before you make outrageous and erroneous statements.

Extraordinary claims require at least a modicum of evidence - you have none. You only have unfounded (and easily proven false) conspiracy theories.
Andrew Nappi
9:05PM JUN 20TH 2012
The threat to private property is all too real under Agenda 21 provisions. It is already infecting the state. Cities and counties with "green" and "sustainability" nonsense in their comprehensive plan have already come under the influence of this collectivist cancer. Agenda 21 is not a conspiracy. You can read their plans for the restrictions on Americans re home size, land development and transportation options at the UN website by putting Agenda 21 in their browser. They aren't making it a secret since they have been advancing it quire nicely through "green" initiatives at the local level; and the inculcating of this crap in the tax payer funded government schools.
3:21PM JUL 26TH 2012
If you want to know all about Agenda 21 Sustainable Development read "Behind the Green Mask" by Rosa Foile. Not sure if I spelled her name, right but this book will tell you everything that Agenda 21 is trying to do to our freedoms.
10:29PM JUN 20TH 2012
NONSENSE. The development of "green" and "sustainability" in comprehensive plans did not arise out of Agenda 21, they arose out of legitimate planning principles and concepts developed and implemented by American planners for American cities and counties.

Until recently, most American planners hadn't even heard of "Agenda 21". Some conspiracy.

In Florida, comprehensive planning and this principles came out of legislation passed by both Republican and Democratic legislatures and governors.

Your attack is really an attack directly against the concepts of zoning, planning, growth management, comprehensive plans and local regulation for the health, welfare, and safety of its citizens. Most of these planning principles began to be incorporated by cities at the beginning of the 1900's, with a long history of development and implementation throughout the 20th century.

The fact that they mostly predate the UN's establishment or Agenda 21 seems lost on you.

The fact that no one from the UN is showing up in legislatures or local city/county commissions to coerce these local governments or the states into incorporating these principles should be a clue as to the non-involvement of the UN.

This is a pure conspiracy theory without proof.

If you have proof, take it to federal court and prove everyone's involved with treason to let the U.S. be overtaken by the UN. Go ahead, get off your conspiracy theory couch and go prove the theory of your convictions.

Won't do that - thought not - you're just another conspiracy nut into empty rhetoric and fear mongering.

You just don't like government regulation, planning and the fact that a civilized society must have regulation. To do otherwise is anarchy and that's exactly what you seem to want - no taxes, no regulation, no societal constraints.

I have just the country for you - it's called Somalia.
6:41AM JUN 21ST 2012
"If you have proof, take it to federal court and prove everyone's involved with treason to let the U.S. be overtaken by the UN. Go ahead, get off your conspiracy theory couch and go prove the theory of your convictions."

Good idea. If Senator Gaetz and any other of our leaders (as well as citizens) really believe that, they should have the courage to go further than just trying to pass a narrow law that only deals with one aspect of Agenda21.

Otherwise, it makes them look like they're pimping for special interests, they're lazy or cowardice, or if it is true, grossly negligent.
7:10PM JUN 20TH 2012
Thank you Frank. Good responses all.

Oh, and I'd bet all those people yelling Agenda21 would be the first to protest a gay nudie bar opening next door to their home or their child's school. And the first to cry foul when they turn on the tap and no water comes out.

Though I'm sure none of them would have a problem with drinking what we flush down our toilets while paying a premium for it. ;-)
diane vitale
5:46PM JUN 20TH 2012
Senator Gaetz
Thank you for recognizing what a critical issue Agenda 21 is and moving FL in the right direction to preserve individual property rights
Diane Vitale
6:31PM JUN 20TH 2012
And exactly what individual property right is it that is not already adequately covered by current state law, including the Bert Harris Act?

Can you provide even one real example, or is this just another red-herring scare tactic and more empty conspiracy rhetoric?

Where's the legitimate individual property right problem needing a solution?

Extraordinary claims need at least a modicum of evidence.
tony ledbetter
3:13PM JUN 20TH 2012
Karen , I agree with you 100 % . The first 3 people have no clue what this is about or they are the loonies on the left who want all of us to go back to living in caves
6:55PM JUN 20TH 2012
Good, then you'll allow me to build my highly radioactive nuclear waste dump next to your kids' playground.

See that's called zoning and environmental regulation of highly hazardous wastes. Can't fight that if you're a true Agenda 21 theorist and believe all those regulations and planning features are part of a plot to take over this country.

No zoning, no planning, no environmental regulation, so I want no complaints when someone puts a non-conforming land use, say like an adult strip club with full frontal outdoor nudity next to your church. See, that's full property rights of the type you seek - one will have the right to do whatever they want on their property regardless of whom it harms - isn't that exactly what you're screaming for, or do you just not know any better. It seems you don't really understand any of this, that it's all just a visceral shared hate 'cause you heard it somewhere online in some Tea Party's blog. Pathetic, and sad.

Fine, perhaps we should give you exactly what you want, but in that case be afraid, be very, very afraid because yoou have no clue of what you're really asking for.

By the way, I have no doubt I know more, and am much more educated about, Agenda 21, smart growth, sustainability, planning, zoning, environmental regulation , NOAA, EPA and the like, than all the rest of you Agenda-21 conspiracy buffs out there commenting on this site, all put together. And I will easily demonstrate that in any back and forth debate. Put up your Agenda 21 conspiracy pseudo-factoids and I will factually rip them to threads.

Don Gaetz will be shown to be a fool if he pushes this stupidity - we ain't Alabama.

Even conservative Arizona dropped this nonsense.
Richard Riker
3:06PM JUN 20TH 2012
One thing is for certain, Agenda 21 is evil, it's objective is to subjugate the people of the U.S. by eroding our way of life and nation and replacing both with one world government. We are lucky to have a , Senate President-designate like Don Gaetz who recognizes the evil of Agenda 21 and is stepping up to the plate to do something about it.
4:30PM JUN 20TH 2012
Good, almost all the loonies are here - here's another.
2:42PM JUN 20TH 2012
Obviously the previous posters don't know what Agenda 21 is really about.

THANK YOU President-Elect Gaetz for looking out for the citizens of FL!!
4:29PM JUN 20TH 2012
You are uneducated fools - bet you believe in birther nonsense, too.
Karen Schoen
2:42PM JUN 20TH 2012
Thank you Don Gaetz for getting a debate opened about the biggest take over of America: UN Agenda 21 through implementation by a variety of entities like: ICLEI, UDC Codes, APA, grants, subsidies, PPP, NOAA and EPA to name a few.

Under the guise of ESA, rezoning, wildlands, wetlands the individual private property rights and businesses of Floridians are being eroded by the UN programs called Agenda 21 followed by all federal agencies. It is not a theory IT IS A FACT.

The county/city/state comprehensive plans have no sections addressing private property rights yet our commissioners/planners and legislators signed on to them. How does this protect our rights?

Come to an AgEnder conference, Milton on July 7, S FL on July 14 or visit agenda21today.com and learn how you are losing your property rights. Whether and R, D or I it doesn't matter, Individual Property Rights belong to us all. Last year legislation was introduced to eliminate property tax and replace it with a 2.5% sales tax. It was killed in the Senate, why?

Although we all want appropriate conservation, extreme measure of anything promoted by phony science and lies by the UN with International enforcement does not benefit Americans it just REDISTRIBUTES WEALTH and destroys competition and PRIVATE PROPERTY, farms, fisheries and small business.
Remember Harvey Ruvin, Maimi Dade Clerk of Courts and vChair of ICLEI, 'Private property will have to take a back seat for the good of the collective". That is communism...

Central planning is modeled after the old failed Soviet city states. It FAILED. Europe's economy focused on green energy and sustainable developments FAILED. States implementing Agenda 21 like CA FAILED. Why do we want this for Florida?
Lite Rail and Mass Transit FAILED w/o govt subsidies. Why do we want this for Florida?

Educate yourself and the people pushing this Agenda. Read their own words: "I believe it is appropriate to have an 'over-representation' (a lie) of the facts on how dangerous it is, as a predicate for opening up the audience." - Al Gore, Climate Change activist

"The only way to get our society to truly change is to frighten people with the possibility of a catastrophe." - emeritus professor Daniel Botkin

"Global Sustainability requires the deliberate quest of poverty,
reduced resource consumption and set levels of mortality control."
- Professor Maurice King

"Giving society cheap, abundant energy would be the equivalent of giving an idiot child a machine gun." - Prof Paul Ehrlich, Stanford University

and my personal favorite:
"Isn't the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn't it our responsibility to bring that about?" - Maurice Strong,
oil billionaire, founder of the UN Environment Programme, Agenda 21

Look at the hypocrisy and the results of the RIO conference, cfact.tv . Read the treaties that will come out of the conference and make sure they are NEVER passed.

There is only one way to stop this destruction of the American way of live we have enjoyed, educate yourself and SAY NO.

Join us: agenda21today.com
6:43PM JUN 20TH 2012
Yes, clearly a few percent of the public believe in this nonsense (and unlike you, I'm aware of a national poll that demonstrates how few believe in this red-herring Agenda 21 UN take over nonsense).

Oh, yes, based on a few of your "quotes" that I checked out, including your personal favorite: WAY TO GO WITH PARTIAL QUOTES OUT OF CONTEXT.

Just call yourself a FoxNews wantabe - that's one of their partisan tactics and in the age of the internet is such an easily provable false pseudo-journalism trick. Just like a couple of your quotes that I checked out (some of them truly worthy of a PolitiFact "Pants on Fire" awards).
Karen Schoen
1:58PM JUN 20TH 2012
They may have the money but we have the votes.
Notice who's name is missing from the article.

Marielena Stuart....
Why? Because they are afraid of her.
Why? Because she speaks the truth.

Connie Mack won't debate her...
Because Marielena speaks the truth.

It does not matter if you are a D or R or I, if you value your private property, you owe it to yourself and your group to have Marielena as a speaker.
Marielena speaks the truth.

This is a primary and this is our chance to make a difference. We all know in the general we will support ANYONE but Nelson...
But we have a chance to get the only real candidate who will go to DC and not be swayed towards communism.

Mack was in the same congress who got us into this mess. Mack is not a leader, Mack is a follower.
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results.
If you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem.

This comment is my personal opinion does not reflect the opinion or endorsement of any group.
Vote for a free America! Vote for Marielena Stuart for Senate.

Remember, they might have the money, we have the votes.
KarenSchoen, AgEnder
4:27PM JUN 20TH 2012
Right on target and germaine to the topic as always.

Nothing but a stupid political ad.
11:36AM JUN 20TH 2012
I doubt that I could come up with a finer example of why Don Gaetz doesn't belong in the Legislature, much less as Senate President, than to promote legislative policy based on the red-herring Agenda 21 UN takeover conspiracy theory.

Clearly, we have certifiable loonies running the Florida Legislature.

We already one of the strongest, if not the strongest, law on private property right protection in the country - the Bert Harris Act.

This is just another far right insane attack on comprehensive planning, local regulation of anything, and any involvement with sustainable development, smart growth, social justice, green energy, and livable communities, among any other planning topics.

I won't go here and now into countering this stupidity (for that check the web, you can see both sides, one of which is just plain paranoid and crazy), but I'd worry much more about China financially taking over the U.S. than the UN.

The UN can probably take over the U.S. about the time the sun goes nova. Oh, but wait a minute, even 4-5 billion years in the future, that can never happen because the sun's too small to go nova. So too is the UN's intent to take over the U.S. - ZERO.

Someone's operatiing in LaLaLand.

Resign now, Don Gaetz, before you embarrass yourself further, or do something even more stupid.
8:29AM JUN 20TH 2012
I couldn't imagine a one world government ever happening. The United States would never settle for it. (Unless of course we were the ones taking over the rest of it. But geez, our leaders can hardly pull together and agree on how best to run our country, I doubt they could ever pull together to run the world.)

I just hope "Senate President-designate Don Gaetz", and the others aren't using Agenda 21 as a tool to erode the Comprehensive plans laid out by local governments, or any discussions and plans made towards sustainability for our own benefit under the guise of "property rights".

If so, they should realize that property doesn't have rights, people have rights. We also have equality. (For instance, if landowner A has the right to develop his/her property against what use was designated in the comp plans by those elected or we paid to lay out for us, then all landowners should have that right.)

I also hope they know that sustainable development and sustainability are not bad goals to strive for. Sustainability just means meeting the needs of the present without ruining future generations chances of meeting their needs. And what's the alternative? Allow development to happen until the day we wake up and there's no water coming out of the faucet, or there's gridlock on our roads, or there aren't enough resources to create jobs with, or any other number of things that could destroy our standard of living?

The most important of which is maintaining the ability to feed ourselves. Think it's bad being dependent on foreign oil, I guarantee it will be worse being dependent on foreign food. (America's real strength is in our ability to feed ourselves. Doesn't matter what weapons we have if we can't feed our soldiers.)
6:44AM JUN 20TH 2012
What a flaming idiot. How do these people get elected? Now I remember, Pt Barnum was it, you cannot underestimate the intelligence of some of the American people.

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