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The Donald Trumps Hillary

May 11, 2016 - 9:15am

I agree with the recent op-ed by Mac Stipanovich about GOP presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump, to a point.

I also agree with House Speaker Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, John Kasich and many others who profess their unwillingness to vote for, or support, Trump.

I too have disdain for Trump. His words, his actions and his demeanor, in fact, everything about him is devoid of presidential timber.

He’s a politician in the worst sense of the word. He says one thing and then does another.

He’s against free trade but uses foreign workers to make his signature line of clothes, just like Ivanka.

He didn’t create jobs, he exported them so that he could become wealthy.

He won’t raise taxes on the rich, he won’t be mean-spirited about Hillary Clinton unless they attack him first. He won’t incite violence at his rallies, on and on, and then he goes right out and contradicts himself.

He is exactly like the worst politicians. No different.

So what that he’s not a career politician, big deal. He’s still an embarrassment to all of us who expect the best out of our elected leaders.

I know that many of us feel like we’ve been screwed by career politicians, but whether it’s a career pol or an apprentice salesman, nevertheless we’re still getting screwed.

And for God’s sake, his own children didn’t vote for him. I don’t care if they forgot to register, it just tells me that this is all a joke, a nice façade.

Don’t think for a moment that Trump won’t become even more wealthy as president when his children are running The Trump Organization.

He cares about the little guy? Ha! All he cares about is making money and closing the next deal.

Trump is certainly not a statesman either because a person who is a statesman doesn’t need to tell you he will act presidential when it’s necessary. He will act that way all of the time.

Did the “political class” bring this upon themselves? Of course they did! They said one thing and they did something different, or nothing at all.

But is this really the person we want to be our next president?

For me, he is -- if the alternative is Hillary.

I’d rather have a buffoon running our country, than a woman of very questionable character, who purposely misled Americans on Benghazi, who lied about her “secure, never received a top secret email, never been hacked, unilaterally deleted all emails she thought were personal” private email server, who helped to funnel money to her family’s private foundation for the enrichment of herself, her husband and her daughter and all of their closest hacks.

Never in American history have two individuals – Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton -- reached the pinnacle of their political careers as their respective party nominees-to-be, been so disliked by their own party members!

I’m happy to finally see “political correctness” be emasculated, because I’ve waited too long for Americans to get so upset they would revolt over the media’s tell-tale, extreme-left pronouncements about everything we should all feel guilty about because of the past sins of our countrymen.

I enjoy even more Peter Alexander of NBC News reporting earlier this week on the evening news that Trump was showing “flexibility” over his “new” position in favor of raising taxes.

For anyone else, they would have accused him of being a hypocrite or a “flip-flopper” over taxes, generally the worst sin a politician can commit unless he gets caught cheating on his wife or having nonconsensual sex with children.

But the national media WANT Trump to be the GOP nominee, so they give him a pass.

Mac, Paul, Jeb and the rest of the GOP establishment, you’re right to question Trump’s conservative bona fides because only a New Yorker could stake positions to the left of Hillary and still say he’s a conservative, and the press will happily go along because they’re giddy that Trump is going to be the GOP nominee.

In my mind, the GOP establishment has every right to withhold their support and their money and hell, yes, even their votes.

That’s what has made America strong from the very beginning; that you’re not compelled to go along if you don’t want to.

And Sarah Palin, if you don’t like it, then tough. You’re not even elected anymore, anywhere.

The Donald has to earn people’s respect in this country. It’s not an automatic just because he's the nominee.

You’re not a traitor to your party if you don’t support the party’s nominee. That’s what freedom is all about.

To prove my point, how do you think we got stuck with “Hope and Change” Obama? Conservative Republicans sat out the election cycle when John McCain and Mitt Romney were running, so Obama won.

Yet we can’t afford a “third term.”

So yeah, I’ll vote for Trump, but I will do it only because the alternative is Hillary.

Trump embarrasses me. But Hillary scares me!

I know I’ll be accused by all of the lefties of being an “angry, old white guy.”

I’m not angry, I’m just pissed.

But I’m not stupid enough to throw away our country’s future on a woman who promises us a third term of Obamanomics.

Barney Bishop III is a serial entrepreneur, a conservative Democrat who believes that the cornerstone of our democracy and our freedom is a strong and vibrant private enterprise system. He can be reached at


Isn't his name misspelled???? Shouldn't it be "Blarney"?

If Trump should actually become president, God help us. He has zero foreign affairs experience, credits his knowledge of Russia by being involved in a Miss Universe pageant there! Seriously! His business acumen that he boasts of is based on inherited wealth, bullying, lawsuits and multiple bankruptcies, not to mention sending thousands of jobs overseas with his business ventures. He incites violence at his rallies, is a narcissistic blowhard and racist. He is the antithesis of bringing people together, as he pits people against one another. He uses words, many words....ha ha, that are two to three word sentences loudly stated at a fourth or fifth grade level. He loudly mocks and insults as a tactic to "debate" yet has not real ability or knowledge to constructively debate real issues that affect us here and worldwide. With his hotheaded demeanor and bullying tactics, it would be very short order before US nuclear weapons would be deployed. When that happens, no one on Earth will be safe. Say what you want about Hillary, yet she is highly intelligent, extremely experienced and has excellent knowledge and rapport with leaders around the world. With her years in public service as a Senator and as the Secretary of State, not to mention decades of public service prior to these, she is by far the most qualified and sensible person to keep us out of WWIII.

I'm not a fan of Donald Trump either, but you are a fool if you refuse to vote, or vote for Hillary. As much as I feel Trump lacks the statesmanship quality of a President, what is the alternative? A person who is a liar, dishonest, and dishonorable? Who do you want to name the new U.S. Supreme Court Justices? Obama has disdain for Christianity but Hillary wants Americans to have disdain for their religious values. If we even have another 4 years of the Obama administration, we may never be able to return American to the greatest nation we have had on earth. PLEASE don't let this happen. Hold your nose and vote for Trump. At least he loves America. If he fails to keep his promises, we have the opportunity to elect someone else. With Hillary we may never have that opportunity if she allows all illegals the right to vote.

I have a lot of disdain for Barney. What EXACTLY does he do for his money? Go Trump!

Still the "wishy-washy recalcitrant", eh Barney ? Well, it seems that you've already Had 'your wish': "a bufoon running the country" (for the past seven years ! ! ! )...

Would you care to know why this nation is currently in the sad state it is? Because people who appear to possess adequate intelligence seem only concerned about appropriate "timber," whatever the h that may be. LOL is on all of us.

Here's a list of the issues Trump supports and has talked about time and time again. What is so scary or so unconservative about it? Build Wall -- Support Legal Immigration -- End sanctuary cities -- Immediately deport criminal illegal aliens -- Safe zone in Syria for refugees and have the Gulf States pay for -- Take care of OUR veterans -- Support our police -- End Common Core -- Return education to the States -- Fix failing schools -- Repeal and replace Obamacare -- Women's health issues (Trump is pro-life) -- Negotiate FAIR trade deals -- Bring back good American jobs from overseas -- Energy independence -- Reduce $19 trillion dollar deficit -- Balance the Budget -- Eliminate waste -- Rebuild infrastructure -- Restore and strengthen our Military -- Fix broken political system -- Reduce taxes on lower and middle class.

You're the fool if you vote for TRUMP THE AMERICAN HITLER. He's a liar and hiss flip flopped on numerous issues. He's filed bankruptcy four times, divorced several times from immigrant women , knows NOTHING about foreign policy, wants to build a wall that will not happen, ships his jobs overseas, obviously he really hates women, encouraged one of his wives to have an abortion but you say he's pro life? Give me a real. Wake up and see the poison he spreads.

Trump may, at times, mention outlines of certain issues. However, his so-called 'solutions" to these issues are vague,fantastical, unworkable, and have been found economically unsound. Parroting, and badly, bullet points written by advisors and going off target is Trump's demagoguery. One can recognize the problems which the nation and the world faces; providing sensible answers based on fact rather than outright lies does not factor in the delusional TrumpWorld.

Never announce your plans, moves or tactics prematurely, lest they be corrupted by "naysayers". Better to begin dealing with the "problem" immediately AFTER you "cross the starting line"...

THANK YOU BARNEY!!!!!! Thanks to all the rank and file for digging your own graves. I applaud every time another one of the establishment cronies raves or rants on about D.Trump's lack of tact, respect; or any thing else that frustrates your angry little minds. You are losing and are going bongos. I understand, but I still do not care! Do you understand that? You call yourself a conservative Democrat? Please, please spare the rhetoric there is no such animal. Are you 50% liberal and 50% anything else but a liberal? Think its okay to disseminate political partisan to fit your needs....Ha! Welcome to the 2016 awakening of America for Americans. No room for Hillary "The Blob", or Bernie "CHE" Sanders; socialists belong in South America not in the U.S.A. In today's reality check its time for you old blue dogs to bury your bones and put yourselves to sleep. PLEASE. Your kind is out of sync with the general consensus, frustrated by your inability to understand that politics as you know it, is dead. Ask any one who works and pay taxes if they are better off today or before Obama took office. Hit the streets and feel the pulse on your neighbor about the government gridlock caused by disseminated establishment political hacks running both parties. We need a Trump, CEO, CFO, and economist that knows his way when conducting the "business" of government. Name one President now or in the last 25 years that has had any business acumen that benefited the people of the U.S.A. Keep your yap zipped as did all candidates when they were asked questions on Trade, the Economy or currency devaluation during the debate. I only saw one candidate give answers on topics everyone else feared to bring up. Regardless of the lack of experience in the cesspool of political pandering, we will be better off having someone in office not afraid to call the Kettle black, and without the politically correct agenda both parties have been shoveling down our throats. You can always hire, fire, appoint, replace, the right people to navigate the cesspool for you, and that can only be done with testicular fortitude, not B.S. TRUMPED again.... Jack Now you can go back home and

Trump is an amoral class "A" thug and demagogue at heart. To risk his borderline mental state on a hope and a prayer and giving him the key's the the White House and nuclear suitcase is neither smart nor responsible today's world.

He's going into the Whit House, Bobby, with or without your support! GO TRUMP!!

So Robert, you're suggesting Hillary, who intends to continue Obama's policies, is a better choice than Trump?

I certainly am. My decisions are based on fact, experience, and the very real economic results that came from the Obama administration's policies-which policies, I might add, were accomplished in spite of the last 8 years of Republican obstructionism. The Bush/Cheney years were very, very good for the Bushes and the Cheneys and their corporate buds-catastrophic for the majority of middle Americans. Their decisions dug the financial hell hole into which this country fell. And we continue to try to climb out of the muck that sucked us down when Bush flushed.

Excuse me, but what planet are you from?

The Planet Earth-the same celestial body on which Donald Trump unfortunately occupies an inordinate of physical and auditory space. Were you and others to avail yourselves of reputable news sources other than right-wing blog sites and/or FauxNews, you, too, would learn what most people with 3-10 working brain cells know. To wit-Donald Trump is not qualified to be be the President of the US, much less the leader of the free world. 99% of all Trump's statements have been deemed false or absolutely ludicrous by numerous fact checkers. However, those who support Trump aren't interested in fact. Neither the Republican Party nor the willfully ignorant who swallow The Donald's lies without question give a rat's nether regions about 'truthiness'; Trump embodies the very essence of the Republican platform-every racist, xenophobic, nativist, misogynistic , bigoted so-called conservative "principle". He merely uses 2- syllable words that his supporters can comprehend without a Google search since their access to or familiarity with a dictionary is limited or non-existent.

Mr. Bishop , like most Rethugs, professes to entertain reservations about Trump's lack of political , not to mention historical, acumen and his absurd statements pertaining to what "he would do as President". Bishop's avowal to support Trump despite the appalling idiocy is yet another indication of stunning political hypocrisy; the Republicans seem to believe Trump can and will be magically transformed from the ignorant racist, xenophobic ranter espousing fascist policies into a more genteel "presidential" leader not only of THIS country, but also one who will be welcomed and accepted by myriad global leaders. The Repub 'leadership',with McConnell as mouthpiece, knows well that Trump cannot be corralled or controlled.Voicing support for such an obviously unfit, dangerous man is the height of folly for everyone-Democrats, Republicans, Independents ,and the global community. Attempting to distance themselves from the disgraceful nominee of their Party whilst simultaneously spouting 'unity' will not grant cover for any Republican too cowardly to refute Trump's hateful message. What Republicans such as Mr. Bishop et al truly do not wish to become part of the national conversation is the fact that Trump's success lies in his verbiage. He has stated in plain (unflattering and truthful) terms the unvarnished platform the Republicans have cloaked in political platitudes for 4 decades. Donald Trump is the embodiment of the quintessential Republican. For Bishop to state he is "scared of Hillary Clinton" and will support the party nominee regardless of Trump's insane comments and intentions is the hallmark of lemming-like stupidity that will destroy both the Party and this country. He and all who support a man like Trump as leader of the free world truly have their collective heads buried in the sands of willful ignorance.

As much as I admire your career and views, I think you are really, really wrong on this. Hillary Clinton will work with opposition leadership for consensus. She is not a worse case scenario. Please reconsider your position for the good of the country. It is the higher calling.

Yes. I agree. We have seen, first hand, how she works with opposition leadership; however, the opposition leadership she works with are 1) from OTHER COUNTRIES, 2) have DEEP POCKETS, and 3) will work FOR FOOD!

Well said on Trump but your Hillary comments show just how biased you are........ Fact is she hasn't done the things you say as just a lying political smear campaign by the Republican that have driven our country into the ground ..... Are there any decent Repubs left? Fact is the gop has governed so badly the party base is rejecting it as so immoral they are voting for a real piece of crap like Trump . By the time the election gets here people will be sick of Trump.

It is interesting to me how all of the Ninja Turtles are surfacing. They are so out-of-control angry that they are unwittingly exposing themselves all over the place. I didn't know it before, but now I see, clearly, Barney is one of them. LOL! Well, at least we are learning their names so we can stop some and ignore others in the future. Their corrupt voices betray them. Anyone ever read Luke 8:17EV? "For nothing is hidden that will not be made manifest, nor is anything secret that will not be known and come to light."

Barney Bishop is as full of crap, AND as useless as a Christmas turkey! A 'conservative' Democrat and known "serial entrepreneur", was in politics for his own personal gains. He did fairly well on 'collections', I mean donations, and now he is able to write a bs column of which almost everyone can read through. GO TRUMP!!

BRAVO! Well said because it is exactly what all of us old blue dogs are thinking!

Bishop is a shill, might as well be Barney Frank.

Could be, but talks and acts more like Barney Fife! GO TRUMP!!

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