Ed Dean: The New King of Florida Talk Radio

By: Kevin Derby | Posted: July 28, 2014 3:55 AM
Ed Dean

Ed Dean

Already the top political radio talk-show host focused on Florida politics, conservative pundit Ed Dean is ready to take things to the next level as his show gets syndicated across the state this week.

Starting Monday, the “Ed Dean Radio Show” will be heard throughout Florida as he continues to focus on politics in the Sunshine State.

“Everybody focuses on national issues,” Dean told Sunshine State News. “The most important politics are state and local. The major issues -- taxes, education, unions, environmental issues -- are state and local. Not everything happens in D.C. A lot of it takes place in Tallahassee and on the local level.”

Dean thinks his background as a political reporter and financial adviser can help him succeed at the state level. A senior media analyst for the Taxpayers Protection Alliance, Dean is a Fox News contributor for Fox News 35 in Orlando and his work has appeared in Florida Voices, the Space Coast Daily and Sunshine State News. Before that, he covered politics for Straight Talk, the Brevard Reporter and WMEL Radio where he won awards for his coverage of the 2004 hurricane season.

Politics is in Dean’s blood. With his uncle John Buckley, a former Reagan consultant, Dean helped run BTV, a media and polling firm. Back in 2010, Dean was the featured MC for the “Spending Revolt” bus tour of Florida launched by Americans for Prosperity (AFP). Dean has also worked as a media consultant to politicians, campaigns and businesses groups at the state and national levels.

While he makes no efforts to tone down his conservatism, Dean told Sunshine State News part of the success of his radio efforts has been his focus on other perspectives. That includes bringing in analysts and experts instead of guests who preach to the converted.

“It’s all about the issues,” Dean said. “What’s made our show so successful is having voices and analysis from both sides and not just having politicians on. It’s not just one-sided and we’ve always done it this way.”

Dean’s show will be appearing in all of the major media markets in Florida on weekdays from 5 p.m.-7 p.m. and with weekend appearances in some markets. The show will be on the air in Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Tampa Bay, Daytona Beach, Orlando, the Space Coast, the Treasure Coast and South Florida from West Palm Beach to Miami. It can also be heard in parts of Georgia and South Carolina.

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Comments (8)

David Volk
9:04AM JUL 29TH 2014
Congratulations on your success. Your passion for politics and informing the public is admirable.
Tim Nungesser
12:11AM JUL 29TH 2014
Well done, Ed.
Tres Holton
5:13PM JUL 28TH 2014
The "Dean" of Talk Radio! Proud of ya Ed. My family and co-workers always look forward to your show.
Will Ferrell
12:13PM JUL 28TH 2014
Great Insight from a pro! How does the government system really work! Ed will share some real truth and answers!
10:48AM JUL 28TH 2014
What about Pensacola,Fl.? What station? Always interested in new talk
radio that is conservative.We have 3 stations now.
10:48AM JUL 28TH 2014
What about Pensacola,Fl.? What station? Always interested in new talk
radio that is conservative.We have 3 stations now.
ed dean
2:15AM JUL 30TH 2014
Hi Joanne. Email me eddeanradio@gmail.com and will give u the stations. Thank you
Walter Feuchs
9:01AM JUL 28TH 2014
The Sunshine State ranks 50th in "green" tech job creation. His pledge to create 700,000 new jobs did not include responding to the need to address climate change. As a nation we rank near the bottom in addressing the issue at 56th out of 58 nations studied. Florida has no meaningful hurricane mitigation measure.

A development hatched in Florida is intended for global markets. It is possible to combine a LEED rated composite that has thermal properties akin to NASA Space Shuttle tiles with photovoltiac properties, leading to "Solarizing the World on the Cheap". Florida has no commitment to creating "green" jobs, nor generating clean energy for the public good. Gov. Scott has never responded to corresspondence in the subject. He did provide $100 million dollars as incentives to bring the weapons industry to the state. Zero for jobs that are in tune with times.

Florida media in general is apathic to inform the public of the sheenanigens goeing on the state.

The Koch brothers have "bought" many Florida politicians...and media as well.

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