Enterprise Florida Brand 'Ties' Business to Florida

By: Jim Turner | Posted: February 1, 2013 3:55 AM
Florida Logo
Enterprise Florida is putting a “tie” into its new branding. While not designed by a Florida company, the brand is expected to be a reminder that the Sunshine State is more than just a resort and retirement destination.

“The brand reflects the state’s existing business foundation, economic power, capabilities and resources, all of which make it a superstate for business,” a release from Enterprise Florida states.

The private-public Enterprise Florida, which is setting up an economic trade mission to Chile, rolled out the new brand -- designed by Nashville, Tennessee-based North Star Destination Strategies -- as board members met in Tallahassee Thursday.

“With this innovative business brand we will continue to attract more opportunities to the Sunshine State,” Gov. Rick Scott stated in a release.

The new brand, with its accompanying tagline “Florida. The Perfect Climate for Business,” is supposed to make one think of Florida’s pro-business attributes, such as no personal income tax, growing global trade infrastructure and workforce.

Officials with Enterprise Florida were quick to note the state brand won’t replace local economic development efforts.

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Comments (2)

Donna Storter Long
10:41AM FEB 2ND 2013
The first line of your second sentence "While not designed by a Florida company”, makes one wonder if this unattractive brand was created as deliberate sabotage? The tie symbol Florida is very unattractive; all the colors are drab, and come on, an ORANGE tie? What kind of commercial business person would wear an orange tie? It’s not even “Gator” orange!! The dollar sign $ with the down strikethrough in bold for the letter "i" would have been preferred because business IS all about money!
9:56AM FEB 1ST 2013
Right words, wrong logo. No one thinks of wearing a tie and doing business in Florida or California. Own it.

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