Erik Fresen Has a Fight on His Hands With Daisy Baez

By: Jeff Henderson | Posted: February 24, 2014 3:55 AM
Erik Fresen and Daisy Baez

Erik Fresen and Daisy Baez

Money is flowing into South Florida as a leading Republican Florida House member is gearing up to face a major Democratic opponent.

Erik Fresen is running for a fourth and final term in the Florida House. While he’s only 37, Fresen is already a veteran of the House. First elected back in 2008, Fresen, representing District 116 and based in Miami, also served as a legislative aide. He has proven to be a major player on budget issues, sitting on the Appropriations Committee but also chairing the Education Appropriations Subcommittee. He also sits on the Select Committee on Gaming.

Despite big wins in 2008 and 2010 over Democrats, Fresen has clearly not been helped by redistricting in early 2012. He had a major scare in that election cycle. With 51 percent of the vote, he beat out Democrat Ross Hancock by only 1,400 votes. Granted, Hancock had Barack Obama’s coattails, but he only spent $8,230. Fresen, on the other hand, spent $265,800.

At the very least, Fresen will face a much better financed Democrat come November in Daisy Baez. A decorated Army vet, Baez has ties to the health care community and has been an active Democrat in Miami-Dade and attending the party convention in Charlotte in 2012.

Baez has been busy raising cash since she got in the race back in July. By the end of December, she had brought in almost $73,150 and spent almost $25,800. She’s also used more than $3,600 in in-kind donations. Still, more than $50,000 of Baez’s money was raised between July and September and her fundraising has slowed considerably since then. Despite that, she’s clearly shown she can bring in money and will be better poised than Hancock was to go after Fresen.

The Republican knows he is in a fight and had a very strong end of the year in regard to fundraising, bringing in around $105,000 in November and December. Through January, Fresen has raised almost $167,000, used almost $4,250 through in-kind donations and spent around $72,500.

Fresen does have a Republican opponent in Amory Bodin. Last time out, Fresen ran over Bodin in the Republican primary with 72 percent. Bodin spent almost $32,000 in 2012 but doesn’t appear to be as serious in regard to fundraising this time. He continues to file waivers wih the state.

The district goes slightly Republican but Democrats are making progress in Miami-Dade and a victory here is not out of the realm of possibility. While he starts out as the favorite, Fresen clearly has a fight on his hands and this will be a race to watch in November.

Tallahassee political writer Jeff Henderson wrote this story exclusively for Sunshine State News.

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Joe kreps
3:22PM FEB 25TH 2014
Daisy Baez for the people.
8:38AM FEB 24TH 2014
Baez appears to be the real candidate in this race. Forget political party affiliation, Fresen is a very pompous politician, as evidenced in his comments to the people he represents. Now in Tallahassee he actually believed his political future included promotion to higher ranks in Tallahassee. Hopefully, the people see though his act and will vote for the lady most qualified, Baez.

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