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Court Rejects Corrine Brown Lawsuit to Throw Out New Congressional Districts

April 18, 2016 - 8:00pm
Corrine Brown
Corrine Brown

Florida’s redistricting saga continued Monday when a group of federal judges rejected a lawsuit to throw out the current congressional boundaries from U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown, D-Jacksonville.


Brown has pushed judges to throw out Florida’s new congressional boundaries, alleging that the new boundaries the state created under direction from the Florida Supreme Court violate the federal Voting Rights Act.

A panel of three judges said Brown and her group of attorneys hadn’t produced enough evidence to support their case, according to the Associated Press.

Brown’s attorney William Sheppard has said the new boundaries, which will go into effect for the November elections, significantly deprive black voters of their ability to vote. The state’s new congressional district plan splits up Brown’s district into six other congressional districts.

Sheppard is pushing the court to allow Brown to run in what is currently the state’s 5th Congressional district, which runs from Tallahassee to Jacksonville.

Brown, a 10-term Congressman, has held a position in the U.S. House of Representatives since 1992, but the new map will significantly change the state’s political landscape.

“What do we do with the people deprived of their vote?” Sheppard asked. “You can’t just place a minority district someplace else... you can’t solve a problem by creating one [black] district and destroying another.”

Florida voters approved a constitutional amendment in 2010 forbidding state lawmakers from drawing districts to favor incumbents or a member of a political party.

The Florida Supreme Court ordered Florida lawmakers to redraw the state’s congressional and Senate lines last year after several government watchdog groups accused Republican lawmakers of violating the state constitution by gerrymandering congressional lines for their own political gain.

The state’s new congressional lines will have a significant impact on the state’s current political landscape and could have severe implications for some of the state’s lawmakers. For example, U.S. Rep. Gwen Graham, who currently represents a heavily Democratic district, would have her district redrawn to lines which would heavily favor a Republican candidate.

Graham, a relative political newcomer, has refused to decide whether she will run for a second term as a result of the redistricting lawsuit. She currently has until June 24 to decide whether she will make another run for her seat in Congress.


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How about they violate the Constitution that says our district sizes are to be 30,000. Not 750,000.

Finally! A chance to rid the State of Florida of one of its' biggest embarassments. As long as she's served in Congress, she's another politically dependent on Washington, for her full salary retirement, along with all the benefits she's been sucking down for years! Good-Bye Ms. Brown!

Mike M said about what I was going to say. How are black people being deprived the vote? Will it ever get to the point where we don't have to take care of the colored folks? Will they EVER be able to take care of themselves? Having free babies that immediately start drawing benefits seems to be the main source of their income. They can't read, write, do simple arithmetic, speak English, shoot or swim. Why is that our fault? When they do shoot it seems they kill each other or, often, some colored kid sleeping in their bedroom. Oops, my bad. It is their bad. All of it.

Oh my, couldn't have said it better. Good for you. Not necessarily politically correct but perfectly said. I too don't understand what prevents them from voting!. Corrine didn't do a lot of damage in Washington, she rarely was there. A disgrace. Well done and good riddance

Remember the ex football player that wanted to fix up an abused rec center for black children....he put big money into it and was about to begin when miss hoity toity told him to get out. Corrine kicked him out. Said he had no business in her territory. She didn't give a hoot about the kids that she was depriving was all about her. She is not the black peoples's all about her.

C'mon Corinne, almost 20 years in Congress and you have done nothing yet (other than disappointing Veterans, and their families, and initiating "District gerrymandering lawsuits" claiming 'Black disenfranchisment'... NONSENSE !

Exactly, let someone else have a go at it.

"significantly deprive black voters of their ability to vote." Why ??? They forget how to vote if Corrine Brown isn't on the ballot.... Blacks are deprived if the candidate isn't black ??

Effective politicians can run in any district. Truth, honesty, integrity and honor are colorblind. If this describes you then what's the problem. Oh I forgot we were talking about Corrine. The lady who built the bridge to nowhere. $600 million. Oh well...... (drop the mic)

10 terms ! Oh my god

10 terms???? She has been there long enough, we have too many who never want to leave.

Sheppard is pushing the court to allow Brown to run in what is currently the state’s 5th Congressional district, which runs from Tallahassee to Jacksonville. Should read from Jacksonville to Sanford.

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