Florida Conservative Launches Alternative to Boy Scouts

By: Kevin Derby | Posted: July 10, 2013 3:55 AM
Boy Scouts

The Florida Family Policy Council (FFPC), one of the leading social and religious conservative groups in the Sunshine State, will be turning its focus in the coming months to help launch an alternative to the Boy Scouts of America.

With the Boy Scouts voting earlier in the year to allow gay youth to participate, John Stemberger, the president of the FFPC who had been an Eagle Scout in his youth, announced back in May that his family was leaving the organization. Stemberger launched a website calling for the creation of a new alternative to the Boy Scouts which would follow traditional Christian teachings in regard to sex and sexuality. 

On Tuesday, at a media event in Washington, D.C., Stemberger announced that Rob Green, who has two decades of experience in leading Boy Scouts in Florida and South Carolina, would be the interim executive director of a new group which will be launched in early 2014. While the group does not have a name yet, it is being defined as a “new national youth character development program for boys.”

“Our vision is to be the premier national character development organization for young men which produces godly and responsible husbands, fathers, and citizens,” Green insisted on Tuesday. “The new program will be an exciting and motivating outdoor-based program focused on leadership and character development for boys, and founded on principles and values that reflect a Christian world view.

“It will be open to all boys irrespective of race, religion, ethnicity, or national origin,” Green added. “Parents from all faiths are welcome to place their children in the program. While boys may come from every religious background, adult leaders in the program -- from the National Board level to individual unit volunteers -- will adhere to a standard statement of Christian faith and values.

“The program and themes will teach practical life skills, an appreciation for the outdoors, service to others, leadership, and character development,” Green continued. “The new organization's name is currently in development and undergoing an extensive process of legal research and trademark protection. The organizational structure and primary programs are also currently being developed.”

Having met with supporters in Kentucky at the end of June, Green announced that the new group will hold a convention in Nashville at the start of September and will start registering new chapters toward the end of November.

“We will be distinctly different from the Boy Scouts although there will be some similarities,” Green insisted. “For instance, rank advancements earned within the BSA will be transferable. In addition, the organization's membership policy will focus on sexual purity rather than sexual orientation. The policy will read, in part: ‘the proper context for sexual relations is only between a man and a woman in the covenant of marriage.’”

Besides Stemberger’s OnMyHonor.net, the new organization is relying on the support of a number of groups, including Faith Based Boys, TrailHead USA and Frontier Service Corps, as it prepares to launch. 

“The program will also be modeled after that of the American Heritage Girls,” Green said. “It is our goal to work closely with them to provide godly, character-building programs for our country's young men and women. American Heritage Girls has been in existence for 18 years and offers a wealth of experience and structure which will help our new national boys organization grow and flourish.”

Stemberger noted on Tuesday “that the mission and direction of the FFPC has not changed” but added that the new organization will take up a good deal of his group’s focus in the months to come.

“Our vision is still to be the premier leadership organization in Florida advocating on the issues of life, marriage, family and our first liberties,” Stemberger wrote supporters on Tuesday. “However the FFPC board feels that our organization has been given a unique opportunity to help to launch and provide leadership for this new boys’ organization and we will focus 60-to--80 percent of our time on helping this new program launch between now and the end of the year till the new boys' group is fully functional in 2014.”

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Comments (8)

Del Lawson
9:35PM JUL 10TH 2013
I have a suggestion.
American Scouts or AmScouts.
7:28PM JUL 10TH 2013
Just what we need, religious leaders, alone in the woods with little boys.
3:32PM DEC 31ST 2013
Let's see... He's Mormon. Give me three examples of high profile pedophilia accusations against the Mormon Church... (I'll wait....) BTW... I'm not Mormon... But the alternative seems to be allowing those same boys to go sleep in the woods with a bunch of out of the closet queer's.... teaching them "They were born queer way so go with it...? RIGHT...?

Liberals are destroying this Nation from the inside out.
9:40AM JUL 10TH 2013
Why don't we just call them the Conservative Christian Cadets (aka "CCC") . . . at least that would be more truthful than the outright lie that “It will be open to all boys irrespective of race, religion, ethnicity, or national origin" . . . . . .well, only if they're willing to be indoctrinated as CHRISTIANS . . . . and not espouse themselves as Jews, non-Christian Arabs, Hindus, etc. . . . apparently, they must be willing to have Christianity constantly spouted into their young ears . . . .

Set up your alternative to the Boy Scouts, that's your right, but don't lie to us about its open arm policy . . . it's clear it won't be . . . . apparently, it won't be accepting of other religious beliefs, or those who are considered "different", have a different sexuality, or even have non-acceptable ideas regarding this "purity" ideology . . . . . and where have I heard that term used before in reference to an alternative to the Boy Scouts . . . I'm sure I'll remember it soon . . . . from somewhere in last century's past . . .

Pathetic . . . .
Anne Starr
8:54AM JUL 10TH 2013
So glad there will be an alternative!! As a Christian, I would chose to have my children affiliated with organizations that support Biblical principles, and that includes marriage between a man and a woman as well as homosexual behavior being sinful. As a Christian, I want to RIGHT to worship and support my religion. For those who don't oppose homosexuality, let them join the Boy Scouts! I just don't want to be "forced" into accepting behavior and/or beliefs that are against my relion.
6:03PM JUL 10TH 2013
You're a sad excuse for a human being. You use your religion as an excuse to hate others. You do know your argument is the exact same argument used against blacks, don't you? And the Irony here, with your you don't want to be "Forced" is that you would be more than happy and accepting if others where "Forced" to accept Christianity. Thankfully, we do not live in a Theocracy. And you should know, but obviously don't know, because instead of paying attention in school, you were forced fed the bible, that over 1,500 species of animals engage in homosexual behavior. The very same animals "created" by your god. Allegedly.
And I saw you took the opportunity to throw in a little side comment about same-sex marriage. And this goes back to your lack of education, marriage predates your folklore religion. Marriage was practiced before and to this day, outside your religion, and has nothing to do with your religion, because marriage has nothing to do with religion. See how that works?
Did I mention you are a hate filled bigot?
Del Lawson
9:40PM JUL 10TH 2013
Need to look into the mirror before you call anyone names.
The hate oozing from your tirate is just spiteful, ignorant and childish.
Remove the mote from your own eye first.
10:42AM JUL 11TH 2013
Yes, insinuating that gays will to go to hell because that's sinful is just spiteful, ignorant and childish . . . .

Yes, not being willing to accept lawful behavior and/or different beliefs that are against one's religion, like equal rights for blacks, for women, or requiring necessary medical care for children to save them from dying, is just spiteful, ignorant and childish . . . .

Almost as laughable as your use of "tirate" . . . . . must be that urban crankiness with your wife . . . . oh, well, just consider your gay and black blinders to be historically . . .

Pathetic . . . .

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