Florida Conservative Poised to Launch Alternative to Boy Scouts

By: Kevin Derby | Posted: August 28, 2013 3:55 AM

Boy Scouts

Next week, John Stemberger, one of the leading social and religious conservatives in Florida, will play a prominent role in launching a conservative alternative to the Boy Scouts of America.

With the Boy Scouts voting earlier in the year to allow gay youth to participate, Stemberger, the president of the Florida Family Policy Council (FFPC) who had been an Eagle Scout in his youth, announced back in May that his family was leaving the organization. Stemberger launched a website calling for the creation of a new alternative to the Boy Scouts which would follow traditional Christian teachings in regard to sex and sexuality.

Stemberger’s OnMyHonor.Net will team up with Faith Based Boys, TrailHead USA and Frontier Service Corps, as it prepares to launch a new organization next week. More than 1,000 Scout leaders from almost 40 states are meeting in Nashville from Sept. 6-7 to form the new group. On Tuesday, Stemberger promised the new name of the organization and its logo would be unveiled in the days to come.

“The new national boys’ youth adventure program that the Florida Family Policy Council is leading the team to create is becoming a reality,” Stemberger insisted on Tuesday. “And this reality is one that will leave a legacy of leadership into the next generation, long past our lifetimes.

“This new organization will not be just another Christian club for boys,” Stemberger added. “Nor will it just mimic the Boy Scouts program without the homosexual agenda. This program will be an exciting, robust and masculine outdoor program focusing on character, leadership and adventure for boys ages 5-17. Since May, dozens of seasoned Scoutmasters all across America have been working every night on committees creating the elements of this new Christian scouting program. Additionally our entire staff has been working quite literally around the clock to meet deadlines for the launch of this exciting project.”

Stemberger expressed high hopes for the new group. “It humbles me to hear others tell me that they believe over time, this new organization could be a major cultural force for good, to strengthen our country for generations to come,” he maintained. “And, as a father of four children under the age of 12, I have to agree. I absolutely believe it has this potential.”

Back in July, at a media event in Washington, D.C., Stemberger announced that Rob Green, who has two decades of experience in leading Boy Scouts in Florida and South Carolina, would be the interim executive director for the new group.

Stemberger said at the media event in Washington that the new group will be launched in early 2014 and he did not change the timetable on Tuesday. “The next four months are really critical as we work to launch the new organization at the convention, start chartering units in October and officially begin the program for the boys by January 2014,” Stemberger insisted. “We are very sad about the poor and dangerous decision that the Boy Scouts of America made but we are also very excited about what is ahead for us. A new chapter in the history of the scouting movement in America is being birthed right now.”

While the new scouting project has taken much of the FFPC’s focus in recent months, Stemberger pledged to “transition back again into the more customary culture war work of the FFPC” later on in 2013 and early next year. 

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Judy Bennett
8:26AM MAR 4TH 2014
Thank God for people that will stand against the evil that is being perpetrated against us. Sodomy and the molestation of children is the worst crime committed and our government is decrimalizing it and giving the right to sinful people to not only do this, but to flaunt it and throw it in our faces and cram it down our throats. We, as Christians know this is an abomination to God. A group I belong to has been boycotting companies that openly support homosexual groups. It has hurt many tremendously. We do have clout, if we stick together. Food lion closed 1400 stores after this boycot began. Pepsi contacted us and asked that we call the boycott off against them. Home Depot is the worst. Look up Homo Depot float. We must stick togetherand support companies such as Chick Filet, Hobby Lobby, etc. We can hurt these other companies where it hurts in their pocket books. I started boycotting Disney years ago. Many lives have been ruined by the molestation of children, especially by same sex people. We must keep the pedophiles away from our children and continue to teach them the truth about the matter and to not cave in to being politically correct. We must stand before God and account for all things. His word states that not only homosexuals would go to the judgement, but any that take any pleasure in the sin or any that support them. We will be praying for your new group to succeed, for Go to screen all those involved and it will be a life changer for many young men. Maybe God will lay it upon the hearts of some young women to start a group such as this for young ladies. We must teach them godly principles. My daughter passed away this past year and left me with 3 teenaged boys to finish raising. They need a program such as this. God bless you abundantly. Judy
Gregory Peterson
10:52AM AUG 30TH 2013
The Southern Baptists have one called the "Royal Ambassadors." Nothing says American values like "Official representatives of an unelected ruling class."
Gayle Reams
7:37PM AUG 28TH 2013
Been involved in Scouting since late 40's. Attended a week long conference about "SCOUTING IN THE CHURCH" in 2000. One of our main speakers was one of those that defended the Boy Scouts at the Supreme Court that year. The Boy Scout won. When I found out what the Boy Scouts were trying to pull off I was stunned. Have attended two organization meetings here in Oklahoma City. Several are going to Nashville and 3rd meeting scheduled upon their return with the new program and every one is anxious to get started in setting up a proper and strong organization to support and promote the new program. We all appreciate what On MY Honor has done a great job in short time.
David Bower
4:39PM AUG 28TH 2013
Looking eagerly forward to the launching of this new program, and getting new groups organized as material is prepared for that purpose.
Praise God for the speed with which things are developing. Keep up the great work!
1:06PM AUG 28TH 2013
Really looking forward to it making it's way to Illinois. The BSA is very poorly ran here and has gotten so far away from its traditional roots that other than something to keep boys busy I am not sure what its purpose even is anymore.
As far as bigotry goes, if it is bigotry to classify sin from a Biblical perspective, than it must be bigotry to classify any sin. So for those of you who feel it is bigotry you had best check yourself for things you look down on others for as well.
Gayle Reams
7:46PM AUG 28TH 2013
You mentioned that the Boy Scouts was not being run very well in Ill. We are seeing this all over the country and it is not because the Paid Executives were not being paid very good either. The top executive with benefits makes close to one million a year and many are being paid $600,000.00 a year. I always thought this was a Service Position and not just a high paid executive position. The "Service" centers are no longer service centers but just a numbers organization. Looking forward to new ON MY HONOR type program.
3:40PM AUG 28TH 2013
BIGOT: someone who, as a result of their prejudices, treats other people with fear, distrust, hatred, contempt, or intolerance on the basis of a person's ethnicity, religion, national origin, gender, SEXUAL ORIENTATION, disability, socioeconomic status, or other characteristics . . . .

Pathetic . . . .
9:45AM AUG 28TH 2013
Nothing like a new youth group established on the principles of outright discrimination, bigotry and separateness. . . .

But we shouldn't be surprised . . . after all, Stemberger joined End Times radio host Rick Wiles after the BSA vote, agreeing with Wiles's portrayal of the BSA vote that "the Marxist-Communists that are in control of this country right now - I mean, I don't know how you feel, but we really are under a Communist revolution ..... But if parents pull their children out, the Marxist-Communists have won also because they've destroyed a fine organization that for more than a hundred years has stood for honor and integrity and God and country. So either way, the Marxist-Communists have won on this issue." . . . . . to which Stemberger answered, "Yep. Yep. It's very sad."

Yes, it is sad . . . . sad that such hatred and bigotry remains and will now be carried over to young minds . . . . . sad and . . .

Pathetic . . .
2:38PM AUG 28TH 2013
Actually, the fact that folks who want the homosexuals in have proven themselves to be cowards with no initiative and rather lazy. Let me explain. Society is legitimizing gays, politicians are supportive, corporate blackmail for gays is being undertaken, and Hollywood is in the tank. You would think with all that, the gays would form their own scouts, but alas, they instead want to leech on like an STD and either have the host conform to its will by force or kill it as an organization. OnMyHonor is standing for principle and freedom of choice by using initiative and hardwork to make something fresh and new. Rather than trying to sue sue sue to really no ones benefit, they are building a new program to help young boy grow into young men. So in reality, the tired ole montra of "bigot, homophobic, discrimination" is just that, a tired old montra.
1:32PM AUG 31ST 2013
I am old enough to have heard this form of argument before - against blacks and women/girls participating in anything that's been reserved for whites/white men - golf clubs, soda fountains, buses, private clubs where Old Boy networks discuss business, colleges, whatever: "If they want to do this, why don't they go have their own instead of ruining ours?" And every one has been based on bigotry and discrimination, and every one has been on the wrong side of history. And each time the wall is broken down, America becomes a better place for its people.
3:36PM AUG 28TH 2013
I didn't realize you spoke Pahli . . . .

Pathetic . . .
11:28AM AUG 28TH 2013
What is pathetic is how bigoted and hate filled you sound toward someone that you disagree with.

Never mind what someone believes the Bible says or doesn't say about homosexuality, this is a matter of principle. There is no valid reason you can give me that 1st through 9th grade boy or girl should have a need to know anything about sex or politics!

Quit being so hateful Frank. You sound so pathetic!

3:33PM AUG 28TH 2013
QUESTION: Will this new organization discriminate against openly gay scouts . . . .


My comments stand as stated, once again showing that facts and reality don't matter to the far right . . . .

Pathetic . . .
Mike J.
8:04PM AUG 28TH 2013
Just like a stubborn child, Frank, you fail to understand the other side's viewpoint. Yes, the new organization is being created to leave sex and politics out of the boy's youthful experience. To do that they must leave out people who will openly profess homosexuality. Rather than sue in court when they don't get their way (as liberals do), they create their own so that they don't have to fight to make their own rules. Would you force Christians to be with sinners if they don't want to? Hmm, perhaps you would. Quite sad, really, what you are doing to our country.
2:05PM AUG 31ST 2013
Why would you force white people to be with black people if they don't want to? Why would you force grumpy old businessmen to be around women if they don't want to? Answer: Because there is something good that should be available to all people who want to behave according to the rules of the club. The rules just changed for the BSA. Get over it, or as you may, start your own exclusive, discriminatory organization.

The driver behind this, just as with race, is the belief that those who are different are evil, will contaminate you, are beneath you regardless of their merits relative to the purpose of the organization or facility. Since there is no evidence whatever that gay people make people gay or cause any harm at all, the only bases you have for your beliefs are your interpretation of the Bible and your own biases.
12:25AM AUG 30TH 2013
Bigoted is bigoted, just like forcing blacks to drink out of separate water fountains and go to the back of the bus . . .

Pathetic . . .
7:56PM AUG 28TH 2013
To disagree on a social issue is NOT discrimination...it is a choice...
2:07PM AUG 31ST 2013
Please precisely define "social issue." That can be very broad and has been used to great harm.
Mark Sebree
5:41PM AUG 29TH 2013
But to promote discrimination because of a characteristic which harms nobody, whether that characteristic is a choice like religion or not a choice like skin color or sexual orientation, is bigotry.
Mike J.
8:07PM AUG 28TH 2013
Very good point. Liberals want to be "Pro Choice" as long as they approve of the choice. We want to choose which type of boys fraternal organization to have our boys participate in and yet the liberals such as Frank don't want us to have a choice.
12:27AM AUG 30TH 2013
I never said you had no choice . . . just realize it is a bigoted one . . . just like the KKK, Aryan Nation and American Nazi Party . . . you can join, just don't expect it goes un-questioned . . . or respected . . .

Pathetic . . .
No Dream Team
7:55PM AUG 28TH 2013
To disagree on a social issue is NOT discrimination...it is a choice...
10:38AM AUG 31ST 2013
Yeah, just like separate but equal education . . . no discrimination, just a disagreement on a social issue . . . unless, of course, you happen to be the injured party . . . .

Pathetic . . .

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