Florida Delegation Votes to Create Benghazi Committee

By: Kevin Derby | Posted: May 10, 2014 3:55 AM
Steve Southerland, Patrick Murphy, Corrine Brown

Steve Southerland, Patrick Murphy, Corrine Brown

On Thursday, the U.S. House voted to create a select committee investigating the Benghazi attacks from September 2012 in which four Americans, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens, were killed and the Obama administration’s response to it.

The House voted 232-186 to establish the committee. All 186 congressmen who opposed the creation of the committee were Democrats while 225 Republicans and seven Democrats voted to back it.

U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy, D-Fla., was one of the seven Democrats who crossed party lines and voted to create the committee.

“While the congressman respects the work his colleagues have done already investigating this matter, when it comes to American lives lost overseas in service to our nation, we must make sure that all questions have been answered,” said Erin Moffet Hale, a spokeswoman for Murphy, in a statement sent to the media. “He sincerely hopes that this committee is not used as a way to politicize this tragedy and the deaths of four Americans.”

With the exception of Murphy, other Florida congressmen voted along party lines.

U.S. Rep. Ander Crenshaw, R-Fla., said on Thursday he backed efforts to create a House committee investigating the Benghazi attacks.

“No matter how you look at it – justice has not been served for the four Americans killed in Benghazi on the night of Sept. 11, 2012,” Crenshaw said. “The White House can claim all it wants that the questions of this tragic night have been answered. But, that is not so, and this tragic case has long deserved the investigation of a select committee.

“This is a point made more relevant after a White House email revealed that discussions were being held over how former U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice should characterize Benghazi in news interviews. Speaker Boehner is absolutely doing the right thing by convening a select committee,” Crenshaw added. “What really happened the night of Sept. 11, 2012? The families of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens, a Foreign Service information officer, and two security personnel killed at the U.S. Diplomatic Mission in Benghazi, Libya, deserve to know. So do Congress and the rest of America.”

U.S. Rep. Steve Southerland, R-Fla., insisted the Obama administration’s handling of the attack left Congress no other choice but to launch the committee.

“This administration’s continued refusal to divulge information to the American people regarding the Benghazi attack has left Congress with no recourse but to take action,” said Southerland on Thursday night. “I am hopeful that today’s vote will be the first step in ensuring we get answers for the families of the victims and deliver justice to those who brought them harm.”

But Florida Democrats lined up behind U.S. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., in insisting the Republicans were more concerned with politics, including stopping former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s presidential ambitions, than actually producing results.

“The attack in Libya was a tragedy, as is losing an ambassador doing official work for the United States abroad, but using these deaths to score political points is politics at its worst. After 9/11, our nation came together to do what is best for all Americans,” said U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown, D-Fla. “There were no gotcha politics, no hearings to blame the victims; instead, we worked together as a unified body on Capitol Hill to protect the American people.

“There have already been seven reviews of that terrible attack: one by the State Department’s accountability review board, two bipartisan reviews in the Senate, and four partisan reviews in the House,” Brown added. “It certainly seems as though the Republicans’ proposed special committee is nothing more than an attempt to exploit the deaths of four brave Americans to divert attention away from their own do-nothing record here in Washington. Moreover, this new select committee is in reality nothing more than a monumental waste of time and taxpayer dollars to help Republicans mobilize their extreme base ahead of the election. According to the Department of Defense, in fact they have already spent millions of dollars and thousands of hours responding to congressional inquiries.”

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Barbara Susco
12:46PM MAY 10TH 2014
You mean our Florida Democrats, other than Congr. Brown and Murphy are following the Congresswoman who said we have to "pass it before we can read it'? Then, what else is new. Pelosi=politics. That's all she's about and a poor example of a legislator. She makes me sorry women were given the right to vote/run for office!! Her background in Md and Ca UNAMERICAN as are both of those states.
7:46PM MAY 10TH 2014
Spoken like the shrill, tinhat Mad Hatter ideologue you've become . . . . if an actual female politician says something you don't like, you rue the day your own sex was given the right to vote . . . . and call her and the states she lived in Un-American (and exactly how does a state become Un-American). . . . . .what stupidity . . . . what nonsense . . . . . Who listens to this idiocy? . . . . . . apparently, only those who have clearly demonstrated themselves to be truly . . . .

Pathetic . . . .
Bob H
9:11AM MAY 10TH 2014
What exactly is being claimed to have been "covered up"? If it's investigating the possible mendacity of post attack statements as to the understanding of the reasons for the attack then nothing would have changed the results of the attack. If it's the pre attack actions that affected the ability to defend against the attack will they look into Hilary's statement that cutting funding for State Dept diplomatic missions would be "detrimental to America's national security"?
Perhaps some investigation should be done into the long history of the attacks on the U.S. in other diplomatic locations where far more deaths have occurred:
January 22, 2002. Calcutta, India. Harkat-ul-Jihad al-Islami attack the U.S. Consulate killsc5 people June 14, 2002. Karachi, Pakistan. al Qaeda attacks at U.S. Consulate kill 12 and injures 51.
October 12, 2002. Denpasar, Indonesia. U.S. diplomatic offices
February 28, 2003. Islamabad, Pakistan. Attack at U.S. Embassy kills 2 people
May 12, 2003. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. al Qaeda attacks diplomatic compound, killing 36, 9 Americans
July 30, 2004. Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan attacks U.S. Embassy, kill 2
December 6, 2004. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Al Qaeda terrorists storm the U.S. 9 people are killed.
March 2, 2006. Karachi, Pakistan again. Attacks on U.S. Consulate kills 4, including U.S. diplomat David Foy the target of the attackers in 3rd Karachi attack in 4 years on what's considered U.S.soil
September 12, 2006. Damascus, Syria. 4 terrorists shouting "Allahu akbar" storm the U.S. Embassy using grenades, automatic weapons, a car bomb and a truck bomb. 4 killed, 13 wounded.
March 18, 2008. Sana'a, Yemen. al-Qaeda-linked terrorists fire mortar at U.S. Embassy. The shot missed the embassy, but hits a nearby school killed 2.
July 9, 2008. Istanbul, Turkey. Four armed terrorists attack the U.S. Consulate. Six people are killed.
September 17, 2008. Sana'a, Yemen. Terrorists dressed as military officials attacked the U.S. Embassy with RPGs and detonated two car bombs. 16 killed in the second attack on this embassy in 7 months.
Some U.S. diplomatic buildings were attacked multiple times yet there was inadequate defenses added after the first attack to prevent the subsequent ones. Maybe that should be investigated before we start looking into Benghazi.
Barney fife
9:40AM MAY 10TH 2014
Man oh man! This Benghazi subject is bringing out the paid henchmen bloggers!

"What exactly is being claimed to have been "covered up?"

The answer to that would be.............

Muammar Gaddafi, the deposed leader of Libya, died on 20 October 2011 and was in possession of a lot of weapons...........

Allegations are these weapons were in the process of being transferred to the possession of the Muslim Brotherhood in Seria when the embassy was attacked.........

The truth about the attacks would have exposed this collusion between Seria and the Obama administration. So, the people of the United States of American and the honest world are entitled to an honest Benghazi Congressional investigation. And if it implicates Princess Hillary and King Obama, so be it!
1:17AM MAY 12TH 2014
don rahilly
7:18AM MAY 10TH 2014
Brown's anti-American comments regarding the investigation into the Benghazi matter will earn him an early political retirement. Cover-ups are cover-ups. Whether it's Nixon or Obama. Both deserve the same treatment. To try to obfuscate and confuse his base only demeans the intelligence of that base. All Americans want is the full truth, not the REDACTED ONE. Brown should care more about the people than his party. This is from me, an independent.
depends on whose ox is gored
9:27AM MAY 10TH 2014
But you don’t understand. Act one in the Nixon scandal. Vice President Spiro T. Agnew suddenly pleads guilty to income tax evasion and resigns from office! The producer of these results was none other than George Herbert Walker Bush (CIA).

Some say Nixon had promised Bush the VP spot, but suddenly in stepped Gerald Ford whose appointment was a reward for his hard work on the Warren Commission investigating the death of JFK.

Act two in the Nixon scandal. There was two Watergate burglaries. E. Howard Hunt’s deathbed confession said the first one was to recover from the Democratic headquarters the pictures of George HW Bush at the Dallas school book depository. Later the second one was designed to implicate Richard Nixon and bring about his downfall. This Bush believed would get him the vice presidency!

Nixon fell alright! But, Gerald Ford was then forced by the establishment to appoint Nelson Rockefeller as vice president. Ford rewarded Bush with the job of CIA Director.

In an almost unprecedented move Ronald Reagan ran against a sitting Republican president and lost the 1976 primary to Gerald Ford. Jimmy Earl Carter come along in November 1976 and while many describe him as the worst president in USA before the 2008 election, it was Jimmy Carter who saved the US from a Rockefeller presidency.

And, Obama shall have no scandals because he is the chosen one by the super establishment that runs the world!
7:46AM MAY 10TH 2014
They who are apparently totally un-informed, shouldn't be making brash, personally attacking comments that so easily demonstrate they're totally clueless . . . . maybe you should just "google" Corrine Brown to discover who "him" is . . . . . and take off that Mad Hatters delusional tinfoil hat . . .

Pathetic . . . .

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