Websites Used as Weapons in Governor's Race Attacks

By: Kevin Derby | Posted: December 3, 2013 3:55 AM
Rick Scott and Charlie Crist

Rick Scott and Charlie Crist

As the two sides continue to battle and maneuver for position, the 2014 Florida gubernatorial race is increasingly being fought online with Democrats and Republicans relying on websites to launch attacks against their opponents.

On Monday, the Florida Democratic Party unveiled a new website, insisting Gov. Rick Scott is hurting the Sunshine State. The site hammers Scott’s record in the private sector and his three-year tenure in Tallahassee.

“Rick Scott defrauded taxpayers, making hundreds of millions of dollars while his health care corporation was forced to pay $1.7 billion to settle the case -- the largest Medicaid fraud settlement in U.S. history," the site notes. The site also looks to define Scott as “Florida’s tea party governor.”

The Florida Democrats went on the attack against Scott as they debuted the site on Monday.

“This website will show voters how Rick Scott is working against Florida families,” said Joshua Karp, a spokesman for the Florida Democratic Party, on Monday. “Before Rick Scott was governor, his company defrauded taxpayers and he made hundreds of millions of dollars. When federal investigators asked questions, Rick Scott pled the Fifth 75 times, and his company was sued for billions. As Florida’s governor, he has slashed public schools and colleges while hiding public records and enriching his wealthy campaign donors.

“His whole career, Rick Scott’s priorities have been about taking care of himself and his friends, regardless of the rules,” Karp insisted. “That’s what he’s doing as governor.”

But the Republicans are running similar websites, bashing former Gov. Charlie Crist, Scott’s likely Democratic opponent in 2014. Despite spending most of his political career as a Republican, Crist left the GOP in 2010 and joined the Democrats at the end of 2014.

At the start of last month, the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) relaunched www.CharlieForFlorida.com to bash Crist as he entered the 2014 contest.

“Throughout Charlie Crist’s campaign, www.CharlieForFlorida.com will be dedicated to setting the record straight, using Charlie Crist’s own words and those of other Republicans and Democrats,” the RPOF insisted when the site was launched in early November.

The site hammers Crist on a host of fronts but focuses on his support of President Barack Obama’s federal health-care law. Like the Democrats’ new site, www.CharlieForFlorida.com also contains Web videos attacking the rival candidate.

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9:43AM DEC 3RD 2013
After attending high school and community college, Gov. Scott enlisted in the United States Navy. The G.I. Bill enabled Gov. Scott to attend college and law school. While enrolled at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and working full-time at a local grocery store, Gov. Scott and Ann made their first significant foray into the business world by buying two Kansas City doughnut shops for Gov. Scott’s mother to manage. Following graduation from UMKC with a degree in business administration, Gov. Scott earned a law degree from Southern Methodist University.

After law school, Gov. Scott stayed in Dallas, working for the city’s largest law firm, Johnson & Swanson, primarily representing companies in the health care, oil and gas and communication industries. In 1987, while still practicing law, Gov. Scott made an offer to purchase HCA, Inc. When the offer was rejected, Gov. Scott started Columbia Hospital Corporation with his and Ann’s entire life savings of $125,000.

And while working for Johnson and Swanson one of his major Clients was the BUSH OIL FAMILY and their friend TOM HICKS with who RICK SCOTT because a partner with HICKS and GEORGE W. BUSH IN THE TEXAS RANGERS.

And let us not forget the MEDICARE FRAUD committed by one MIGUEL RECARY friend and associate of JEB BUSH who remains on the run for his medicare fraud crimes while JEB BUSH and RICK SCOTT PLY THEIR TRADE OF POLITICS and manipulation of the facts with their control of the media outlets.

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