Florida Dems Launch Website Attacking Rick Scott as RPOF Hits Charlie Crist on Obamacare

By: Kevin Derby | Posted: December 12, 2013 3:55 AM
Charlie Crist, Allison Tant, Rick Scott

Charlie Crist, Allison Tant, Rick Scott

Florida Democrats ramped up their attacks against Gov. Rick Scott on Wednesday while Republicans fired back at former Gov. Charlie Crist who, despite spending most of his political career with the GOP, is the front-runner for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination next year.

The Florida Democratic Party unveiled a website and Web video attacking Scott on Wednesday, hitting him on a host of issues. Bashing Scott for backing the GOP in Congress on fiscal issues and pointing toward scandals wich have hurt the adminstration this year on the site, the Florida Democrats are advertising it through social media and search engines.

Allison Tant, the chairwoman of the Florida Democrats, insisted Scott wasted 2013 and made little progress this year.

“Rick Scott wanted to use 2013 to whitewash his political image before his re-election fight next year,” Tant said on Wednesday. “Rick Scott failed. Unfortunately for Floridians, Scott continued to pursue his misguided priorities, from taxpayer handouts for the special interests to supporting the government shutdown that cost Florida billions. This new website and video take a look at Rick Scott’s terrible year, and show how it was a terrible year for regular Floridians, too.”

Despite Tant’s claims, Scott has closed the gap on Crist through 2013 though he remains down in the polls. While he has not been able to catch Crist in the polls, Scott actually has inched up in 2013. Crist led Scott by 16 percent in a Quinnipiac University poll released in March. A Quinnipiac poll released in the latter half of November found Scott down to Crist by 7 percent.

The Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) fired back by attacking Crist on Wednesday.

“Charlie Crist and the Democrats continue to resort to baseless and useless attacks to help good-time Charlie divert attention away from his steadfast and unwavering support of Obamacare, which is causing 300,000 Floridians to lose their current health insurance plans,” said Susan Hepworth, a spokeswoman for the RPOF. “Once again, Charlie Crist and his liberal friends have no positive policy agenda for Florida.”

Before the Democrats launched the site, the RPOF hit Crist by linking him to President Barack Obama’s federal health-care law.

“As Florida's Obamacare defender-in-chief, Charlie Crist wants voters to forget about this law's many problems,” said RPOF Chairman Lenny Curry on Wednesday morning. “Obamacare's chief administrator, Kathleen Sebelius, has yet to be held accountable for the law's disastrous rollout, and Obamacare's chief architect admits that the law will cause patients to pay more for their doctors. Charlie Crist's dismissal of these problems proves that Floridians can't afford to have him back in the governor's mansion."

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Comments (30)

Andrew Darrow
9:23PM DEC 13TH 2013
Why are you not covering the only candidate that is truly for the people of Florida? Adrian Wyllie gets my vote! He is the only candidate who is willing to let government get out of the way of the people so that we can be free to go about our business!
William Dail
2:30AM DEC 13TH 2013
Where is the coverage of the ONLY sensible candidate in this race? Please include all candidates when covering the Florida Governor's race. Adrian Wyllie is the only candidate that can fix this mess!
Jim Burkiewicz
1:58AM DEC 13TH 2013
Please cover the best choice for florida Governor, Adrian Wyllie. Hopefully Florida will have the chance to stop Obamacare, the further erosion of our 2nd Amendment rights by Rick Scott as well as stopping commen core. The only way to accomplish this is by electing Adrian Wyllie as our next Governor. wyllieforgovernor.com
Rick Adams
12:16AM DEC 13TH 2013
To hell with both of these clowns, vote for Adrian Wyllie!
Kevin T
10:09PM DEC 12TH 2013
Would never vote for Christ or Scott, no more 2 party system. Adrian Wyllie all the way 2014!
Peter Richter
9:45PM DEC 12TH 2013
Yet another article trying to ignore the BEST candidate, Libertarian, Adrian Wyllie!
Ken Martin
8:56PM DEC 12TH 2013
They attack each other while being exactly the same. They both want to control your personal lives. They both will spend like there is no tomorrow. Who can really take Crist seriously? He is like a weather vane blowing with the wind. Scott removed a duly elected Sheriff in Liberty county on trumped up charges by a Democrat lawless states attorney. The sheriff was vindicated by the way. I'll be voting for Wyllie this year.
4:38PM DEC 12TH 2013
Wow so we're down to Charlie and Rick, dumb and dumberer. Let's be realistic, both of these candidates are proven failures. Let's start looking at some other possibilities in DIFFERENT parties. There are many other candidates from competent third parties out there who never get major coverage. The age of republicrats are over.
Mike M
1:17PM DEC 12TH 2013
Why would anyone consciously vote for the lesser of two evils over and over again. No one like whats going on right now and everyone wants things to get better, then the only option logically is to go with an alternative option to the lesser of two evils. Libertarian candidate Adrian Wyllie is the breath of fresh air that is needed in the stagnant environment we have right now. How can greater freedom and liberty be a bad or wasted vote? The only wasted vote is one not cast or cast for the same corrupt options that we are currently dealing with.
Jason V
12:49PM DEC 12TH 2013
We are tired of the two party system. Shame on the biased media for the brown out of third party candidates. Support Adrian Wylie for governor!
12:47PM DEC 12TH 2013
I'm done voting for the same guy with a different name who claims to be for me and my rights but continually goes against them. Scott and Christ should she under the same spot on the ballot under REPUBLOCRAT. If you are interested in voting for someone who actually supports civil rights and not just says he does like some others, check out Adrian Wyllie. Funny how he's running for governor under the 3rd largest political party and still gets no news coverage on this site. It's a sad day when your news outlets are no longer unbiased NEWS sources, but instead one-sided propaganda outlets pushing an agenda.
Chris D
12:13PM DEC 12TH 2013
I'm so happy to see you have already decided the choices for the people of Florida. We have had both of them as governor already, what new can we hope for. Sad thing is is there is a candidate that stands on more issues of the people of Florida than both of the others combined. You won't hear his name on the news, but Adrian Wyllie is my only choice, and glad to have it.
Donald A
11:56AM DEC 12TH 2013
There is very little difference between these 2 candidates. Check out Adrian Wyllie as this two party system that the media loves is not working.
Philippe Neptune
11:38AM DEC 12TH 2013
Does ths Sunshine State news and Mr Derby know there is a third candidate in the race or is there research is incomplete? Cannot understnd why Mr Scott and Mr Crist is attacking each other since they agree on most issues. I suggest the SunShine News takes the lead and write about some new ways to save our state by visiting Mr. Wyllie website.
11:05AM DEC 12TH 2013
I'm voting for ADRIAN WYLLIE, the Libertarian candidate.
Michael Higgs
11:01AM DEC 12TH 2013
You only mention two candidates, of Republican Rick Scott and Republican Charlie Crist....oops, I meant Independent.....oops, I meant Democrat......oops, I meant Progressive.

Where is the candidate from the third largest party in America? Where is your commentary of Adrian Wyllie?

We The People are tired of only having two choices for candidates and political parties. We deserve better. We deserve more.

Please show fairness. Please show open mindedness. Please consider your readers and their need for better choices for the state of Florida.

Thank you.
Jeff Douglas
10:58AM DEC 12TH 2013
I support Adrian Wyllie Libertarian candidate for Florida Governor over the two traditional progressive candidates because Adrian Wyllie understands government has over reached itself into our lives. Vote Libertarian!
10:53AM DEC 12TH 2013
Why is there no mention of Adrian Wyllie? Shouldn't all the candidates be reported on?
10:53AM DEC 12TH 2013
Why is there no mention of Adrian Wyllie? Shouldn't all the candidates be reported on?
Paul Henry
10:52AM DEC 12TH 2013
Crist gave us many things, such as a huge increase in the cost of tags and driver licenses- thanks to the national ID card program he signed into law in 2008. The cost of a license went from $20 to $48. Rick Scott has done NOTHING to provide relief to citizens from the national ID card law. Now of course in campaign mode, he back to wanting to cut taxes and fees.

The better choice than these two is Libertarian Adrian Wyllie. He would not have signed off on intrusive and costly legislation such as the national ID card. He's the only one of the three with the guts to stand up to an oppressive federal government.
10:41AM DEC 12TH 2013
Lets see some new about Adrian Wyllie. Voting for the same will only net you more of the same. Check Wyllie out.
Christian B
10:24AM DEC 12TH 2013
I will be using my vote for real change. I will be voting for Adrian Wyllie. I am tired of the status quo
Jonathan Vasquez (Coral Springs)
10:24AM DEC 12TH 2013
I am supporting Adrian Wyllie for Governor. No more Republicrats
Joel Dillard
10:22AM DEC 12TH 2013
Aren't you supposed to report on all the candidates? Just another typical "water carrying" news outlet.... Adrian Wyllie is Florida's best hope for real principled leadership rather than the same old flip flopping, crony outsourcing garbage we've had from both of the big parties.
10:22AM DEC 12TH 2013
I am supporting Adrian Wyllie for Governor. I'm tired of business as usual and the media only portraying the same tired 2 parties!
Nicholas Berg
10:20AM DEC 12TH 2013
Enough of the Democrats and Republicans, I am tired of both of them. I will be supporting the Libertarian candidate Adrian Wyllie for Governor.
John Brewer
10:16AM DEC 12TH 2013
Lets top the pay to play politics of FL and give Libertarian Adrian Wyllie a shot.
Nina Harvey
10:14AM DEC 12TH 2013
Florida doesn't need any more recycled Republicans. I'm supporting Libertarian candidate Adrian Wyllie for Governor.
Jote' Thompson
10:01AM DEC 12TH 2013
Who cares about these two bad choices, clowns or Republicans (which ever word best describes them). No, the voters of Florida know when the news media is attempting to force them by omission to vote for the lessor of two evils and more of the same, and Sunshine State news is no different. I'm supporting Libertarian Adrian Wyllie for Governor (wyllieforgovernor.com), who is popular statewide and picking up huge momentum from the voters and that is what counts.
Chris Wade
9:56AM DEC 12TH 2013
Why does the Libertarian candidate never get any mention by major Media outlets. I will be voting for Adrian Wyllie! You should be ashamed of yourself for not covering other candidates.

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