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Florida Deputies Will Begin to Serve ICE Illegal Immigration Warrants

May 8, 2019 - 9:00am

The decision was made early this week that in Pinellas County deputies will receive formal training from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in how to properly detain illegal immigrants charged with crimes. The announcement, bearing no direct connection to the bill passed last week banning cities wishing to evade immigration laws, was crafted by the Department of Homeland Security, detailing that following training, local law enforcement will be able to arrest based on federal immigration warrants. 

This new program is being instituted as a response to Obama-era policies that afforded willing municipalities or county officials to deny federal immigration laws if they chose, creating what have been dubbed “sanctuary cities."

The program was rolled out this week in Pinellas County, where Sheriff Rob Gualtieri, flanked by Lt. Gov. Jeanette Núñez, announced that his department would be instituting the new program, with 40 of his deputies receiving the training in order to properly enforce laws involving criminal illegals.

The sheriff drew the distinction, ahead of assured complaints from various groups, that this was an issue where local law enforcement would be able to take action with illegal immigrants committing crime in our country. “There is no dilemma about people who are here illegally and committing crime -- they are criminal illegals who must be removed from this country ... This is entirely about public safety and law enforcement working together.” 

The distinction he makes is this is not simply arresting any and all individuals who are merely an illegal alien. This new program pertains to those illegal aliens who are committing crimes. “There is no dilemma about people who are here illegally and committing crime,” explained Gualtieri. “They are criminal illegals who must be removed from this country… This is entirely about public safety and law enforcement working together.”

The program, in development for the past two years between ICE and sheriff’s organizations will give local law enforcement the ability to detain a criminal illegal for a term of 48 hours, during which they will have custody transferred to ICE officers. If that custody is not taken in the 48-hour time frame, the individuals are then to be released. Of course, even though this is a matter surrounding those with criminal charges applied to them, there are groups braying in opposition.

“This program is just the latest scheme by ICE to enlist local police in its abusive deportation agenda.” So says Lorella Praeli, the deputy national political director at the American Civil Liberties Union. "We urge local law enforcement to resist this dangerous proposal and stand by their commitment to the communities they serve,” says Praeli. This means the ACLU is suggesting that trying to remove a criminal element from the streets is not showing a commitment to the community. This is the same ACLU, recall, that issued a travel advisory warning for the entire state of Florida as a result of that recent ban on sanctuary cities passed last week.

Sheriff Gualtieri has already stifled the pearl-clutching that was expected to follow this announcement. “Sheriffs were between a rock and a hard place,”Gualtieri said. “We had to choose between releasing criminals from our jails to commit more crimes and victimize our communities, or hold these criminal illegals and risk being sued and having to pay six-figure judgments for civil rights violations.”

We’ve had to come up with these solutions because Congress has not acted to pass the laws necessary to close the gaps identified in the 2014 court decisions,” explained Sheriff Gualtieri. “And it's obvious Congress has no will to fix anything related to illegal immigration."

Brad Slager, a Fort Lauderdale freelance writer, wrote this story exclusively for Sunshine State News. He writes on politics and the entertainment industry and his stories appear in such publications as RedState and The Federalist.


Congratulations to Pinellas Sheriff Bob Gualtieri for taking on the challenge of working cooperatively with ICE to detain illegal aliens who have committed a CRIME...Florida doesn't want to become what California already is, a place of rampant crime by illegal aliens and state and local law enforcement are not helpful to obey our federal laws...sorry ACLU, you'll have to peddle your ideas somewhere else...oh, you'll use, but eventually the Courts in Florida, the Florida Supreme Court, will agree with law enforcement, the legislature and Governor Ron DeSantis that Florida will never become a safe haven for illegal aliens that commit crimes

Well you guys ICE is just trying to make local authorities make their jobs easier, by arresting illegal immigration to always stay with jobs. In this case it's ridiculous how ICE take it upon their self to provide fake arrested warrant. They are not respecting the Constitution nor their politicians. They're taking it on their own hands with others local authorities. Lawmakers do something about these ridiculous rules ICE putting out!

Thank you Governor DeSantis, the Republican's and all the Law Enforcement agencies and the United State Citizen's in Florida who Pushed for this! Our State of Florida will be a "Shining" example of what constitutes the "Rule of Law" based what is our Nation's Constitution, Bill of Right's and State's Law's...NOT based on "Emotional Feeling's". We have United State's Mother's/Father's in Prison...separated from their children and they may never get them back...Yet, an Illegal Alien can drag his/her child hundreds of mile's and cross a dangerous river and desert, but the parent is NOT subjected to Child Abuse? Also, once on this side, these alleged "Illegal Alien Parent's" who are set free because we cannot prove parental DNA...On top of that..they turn around and "Sell their own Child(ren) to the highest bidder" to other's back in their own Country for $3000-$10,000...once the money arrives in the United State's, the Mother/Father put's the child on a plane with instruction's to alway's say the adult is my Father or Mother. Then the child is sent back home and the arduous journey begins again. These parent's need to be imprisoned for systematic child abuse, their parental right's terminated and the child need's to be sent to an Orphanage in their OWN COUNTRY.


This is the native American Indian Land! Go back to your ancestors land is that the case

It's about time!!!

Bravo and kudos to the Pinellas Sheriff Dept for leading the way in up holding the laws they swore to uphold when given their badge. Law Enforcement cannot 'protect & Serve' their communities when they do not extract criminals that do not deserve to walk along with law abiding citizens. This aversion to enforcing the laws already on the books has resulted in well chronicled and needless death, injury and destruction of property by these felons. Happy to see some semblance of integrity return to those we pay to protect us.

Republicans in the Florida legislature have CONTINUALLY refused to make the use of E-Verify mandatory in the State of Florida ... which indicates to me that they're really not serious about curbing illegal immigration. E-Verify is foundational. Ignoring it ... and enacting other measures similar to the above is purely showboating to their anti-immigrant base. Blowhardism to the nth degree.

This liberal Democrat is SO OUT OF TOUCH WITH REALITY ; and plays the "I (Democrat) am rubber and you (Republican) are glue, so ALL of the NONSENSE going on currently in this country with every issue will be "turned around and deflected" away (by "VD2020") from the guilty, obstructionist liberal Democrats... [ However, "WE" ALL know the truth ] GO TRUMP ! ! !

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