Florida Energy Deregulation

Utility rates can be reduced through free market competition
By: Matthew Falconer | Posted: August 22, 2011 3:55 AM
Matthew Falconer

Matthew Falconer

The joke in Orlando goes like this: “Everyone in Orlando has a second mortgage, it's called OUC (Orlando Utilities).”

Some consumer electric bills now approach their mortgage payments. There are people in mobile homes paying $350 a month in electric and small homes paying $600 a month. I know of an ice cream store that pays $1,500 a month for its electric bill.

The high cost of energy has an adverse effect on the Florida economy. These high utility rates are reducing the disposable income of consumers. Utility costs are a large expense for small businesses struggling to survive. There are ways to reduce utility rates through free market competition.

The two examples in the United States to look at are California and Pennsylvania. The California deregulation resulted in supply problems and “brownouts.” In California, utilities were prohibited from procuring long-term contracts for energy, forcing them to buy power through expensive real-time markets. In Pennsylvania utilities are required to diversify. California re-regulated their market while the goal is to deregulate the market to increase competition.

Texas fully deregulated its electric market in 2002. In Texas, customers have the option of staying with the local utility provider or switching to a competitive “retail electric provider.” Texas deregulation still allows quasi-government power providers (like OUC) to keep their monopoly. A true deregulated market should be modeled after the phone companies.

Electric service is broken into three categories: power generation, distribution (wires), and customer billing. If energy is properly deregulated in Florida, any company can buy power from any producer, use any distribution line for a fee, and sell to any customer. The competition will result in more efficient administration of energy and lower prices.

If deregulation can reduce energy costs just 5 percent a year for four years, it will reduce the annual energy cost to Florida taxpayers by $3 billion a year. That $3 billion will flow into the pockets of consumers who will spend the money in our small-business economy. Those small businesses will hire more people as sales improve and our economy will grow back to prosperity.

Energy deregulation in Florida is good for our economy, good for small business, and good for Florida taxpayers.

This is a guest column by Matthew Falconer, an Orlando-based commercial real-estate owner who ran for Orange County mayor in 2010. He was appointed by Florida House Speaker Dean Cannon to the Government Efficiency Task Force.


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Josie Brown
11:21AM SEP 24TH 2014
i resides in Texas for a couple of years and I fell in love with pre-paid electricity. It was affordable and easy to manage. I will be on board with deregulation when it comes to Florida! I hope it will be in the next few years!
rob Humphries
10:26AM SEP 24TH 2014
TECO which is the tampa bay area utilities are the 2nd highest rates in the nation yet tampa has the highest unemployment in the nation. Teco is a bunch of crooks. They hit me with another deposit and came and cut my electricity and wouldnt cut it til i paid the entire bill plus the 600 deposit they wanted. Total it cost me 1200 to turn back on. Please deregulate florida so i can watch teco go under
Kevin Constant
11:07PM MAR 25TH 2015
I know for a fact Florida will be deregulating its energy. Im in Hillsborough county and found out not too long ago. Just joined a business that will be offering that second option for FL when it happens. It's going to be huge and plenty money. I can't wait to capitalize off of it. Don't miss out. Let me know if you want more info.
Margaret West
8:20AM SEP 15TH 2014
My name is Margaret West, I have my own business supplying essential services. Energy is one for deregulated states. Many people have researched and believe that if a company is saving them so much money on their house phone, cable, and internet, that they will be utilizing my company for energy as well. I can also save you money on business phones, security systems, and web phones. My merchant accounts are with Anovia. Anovia has excellent, knowledgeable reps and top of the line customer service. Our rates are incredible!
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Margaret West
8:17AM SEP 15TH 2014
My name is Margaret West, I have my own business supplying essential services. Energy is one for deregulated states. Many people have researched and believe that if a company is saving them so much money on their house phone, cable, and internet, that they will be utilizing my company for energy as well. I can also save you money on business phones, security systems, and web phones. My merchant accounts are with Anovia. Anovia has excellent, knowledgeable reps and top of the line customer service. Our rates are incredible!
Check out my website at margaretwest.acndirect.com
Business ID: 02851334
My email : MWUtility1@gmail.com
11:54AM SEP 10TH 2014
Deregulation! Our power bill is now up to $183.00, the most we have
ever had to pay in Florida. Who's in charge of the utility fraud?
Austin D
2:11AM JUL 3RD 2014
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Vikki L
1:21PM JUN 19TH 2014
My electric bill in Florida is ridiculous in the summer months. Florida needs to be deregulated. And there are many points why Florida needs deregulation that are sound, especially in helping the economy.
12:18PM JUN 15TH 2014
FP&L is scared of the competition that will come that's the only reason the State of FL isn't deregulated. If and when they do get deregulated customers will be saving hundreds maybe thousands of dollars annually. I'm an independent consultant for a energy company who help customers save on their gas and electric bill, we even help customers get it for free based on our customer referral programs.
Visit my website at lynval.energy526.com
Call for more information at 754 581 4010
2:50PM JUN 14TH 2014
My daughter has her own business supplying essential services. Energy is one for deregulated states. I have researched and believe that if her company is saving me so much on my house phone, cable, and internet, that I will be going with her company for energy as well. She can also save you money on business phones, security systems, and web phones. She has customers in IL, TN, and NY. Check her web site out: alyssahillerby@acndirect.com. Her email is alyssaaboveandbeyond@gmail.com . And you can call her at 386-237-4591.
Lisa C Lyons
6:53PM JUN 13TH 2014
I believe the Electric companies should be split up like the ole 'Ma Bell' was tears ago !! Why should a monstrous monopoly keep strangling us by the gonads ????? MATTHEW FALCONER was absolutely right when he said the electric bills are climbing close to the mortgage payment !! This is tyranny and needs to be stopped !!!!! Make the US energy independent including Gas AND Electric !!!!!!! ~Lisa L
Vikki L
1:24PM JUN 19TH 2014
Lisa, Florida needs to be one of those that are already enjoying deregulation on electric. Florida is only deregulated in gas.
10:28PM APR 13TH 2014
If you are a business owner in Florida and would like to save money on your energy bills contact us at 312 543 6224 we can save you money on your energy bills with no deposit or downpayment for energy deregulation. Sign up is free. Also if you would like to become part of this opportunity call me also. Position yourself in front of wealth trends in our county deregulation of energy. Also in New York, Delaware, California, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Maryland, Texas, Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Kentucky, Delaware, Washington DC, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Virginia, in some states we have residential also call me and let talk 312 543 6224 email or call email address is dkbusinessconcepts@gmail.com or debbie@dkbusinessconcepts.com
Lloyd Wolfe
4:51AM MAR 30TH 2014
I am an energy broker for a company called Consumer Choice Marketing. I ready through the article and personally have family in Florida that are joining the team now to be ready when deregulation of electric becomes official. The great part about starting now with CCM is the fact that we have the largest footprint covering 34 states and we are partnered with the largest privatly owned energy company in the United States. While we wait for electric to come to Florida there are many other great products that can be sold through CCM to earn cash on the side and for the next 30 days we are running a promotion for a new product, so the sign up cost is only 99$ compared to 329$ Please contact me with any questions I would be more than happy to answer them for you.


Lloyd Wolfe
Ricardo Martinez
10:21PM MAR 16TH 2014
The only good thing about florida not being deregulated yet is that there is still time to position your self for it. I am positioning myself and all those around me with the 5linx energy program for more info please feel free to contact me 239-503-1153.
11:57AM JUL 27TH 2014
Ricardo, when do you expect Florida to deregulate?
Sherri Fortson
12:30PM MAR 14TH 2014
when will we get deregulation in Florida and is there anything we can do to help speed up the process?
10:30PM APR 13TH 2014
Hi Sherry deregulation is in Florida for businesses call me if you would like to know more Debbie 312 543 6224
Laurence Parris
2:38AM MAR 11TH 2014
Bottom line is this...All this means nothing if you aren't positioned to profit from it.
Get excited about saving $5-$10 o your bill.
Would it be ok if you could earn $5 mil - $10 mill a year all because people are turning on a light or cooking on a gas stove?

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Paul Hayhurst
12:01AM JAN 24TH 2014
I am very interested in this subject. Would like to know exactly when this is suppost to happen.
10:32PM APR 13TH 2014
paul contact me and I can explain more debbie 312 543 6224 or debbie@dkbusinessconcept.com. I have a whole wealth of information on the energy program.
j mack
11:34AM JAN 23RD 2014
OK so Florida is deregulated for gas any one who has duke energy as there utility company they are a deregulated company as of 2015 electric will b deregulated so as of 2015 people will start to call u for alternate suppliers so injoy the calls
Mason Brown
3:53PM SEP 30TH 2013
What areas in Florida are Deregulated? Is it is Electricity or Gas ? could You please give me this information Thank You very much
10:33PM APR 13TH 2014
Hi Mason it is Deregulated for gas not for electricity. We are reducing energy bills for businesses in Florida
3:26PM JAN 16TH 2014
a good portion of florida is deregulated for gas, none for electricity.
j mack
11:27AM JAN 23RD 2014
electricity has been deregulated for big business not residential yet it will b as of 2015
j mack
11:27AM JAN 23RD 2014
electricity has been deregulated for big business not residential yet it will b as of 2015
Larry Wessel
11:33AM OCT 18TH 2013
Florida is the third largest state in the country,why are our legislators dragging their feet when it comes to deregulating energy & forcing us consumers to remain in crooked monopolies which are committing fraud Maybe new choices need to be made come re-election.
Rev. Dr. Tom Pfaff
3:47PM SEP 30TH 2013
Greetings ... Is there a Federal mandate requiring electricity and/or gas to be deregulated by a certain date in Florida? Also very interested in updates on when Florida is expected to deregulate its electricity. With Care, Chaplain Tom
8:18PM JUL 14TH 2013
Please send me updates on when Florida will deregulated for electricity
Donny Anderson
2:40PM JUN 10TH 2013
Is both electricity and natural gas deregulated in Florida? If so, what areas are deregulated and what are not. Thanks
Peter Dalton
2:50PM APR 12TH 2013
I have been involved in energy deregulation in every state in the country. I am very interisted in the progress the state is making in this area. How do I learn more about this?
Oliver Love
11:54AM APR 3RD 2013
Waiting for the day when Florida deregulates. I'm an Independent Consultant for Ambit Energy and can not even be my own customer!

Anyone interested call me 850-710-3088 Oliver Love
Jackie leskauskas
11:15PM JUL 21ST 2013
Hi Oliver, I am also an independent consultant for Ambit in Florida. It was nice to see u on the site, I do wonder how many consultants are here waiting for the day. I am hoping they will announce Florida to open at Ambition in September. Have u heard anything? I am waiting for a few calls to b returned to me so Im hoping for some insight. I will keep u posted in hopes u do the same.. Good luck to you. Jackie
Mike Guerra & Tom Barber
12:10AM MAR 26TH 2013
Hi Carolina, Mike Guerra came accross this article and asked me to forward it to you. Very interesting article about the future of Florida's deregulation and how luctrative it is going to be. Very few people understand how big $$$ this is going to be. Please call me anytime and I'll help you build a hugh business prior to this happening if you like. Don't miss out on this like I did 4 yrs ago. My cell is (518)307-3638. Talk soon. Tom Barber
Tony v
7:49AM MAR 12TH 2013
While we wait for FL to become dereg. OUC,TECO and the others are laughing to the bank. The state needs it. Gas has gone up seems like every week. When is the people we voted for going to help the people that put them there. This should be a no brainer. Compitition produces jobs, options and most imp better rates to compare to. Nothing would change as far as us getting power! Just a lowre rate to choose from. If we wish to switch. Who would like an option. I know I would.
Suzette M Jadotte
3:53PM APR 13TH 2013
Tony, what State do you currently live now? I can help you to set up With Ambit Energy, give me a call. Suzette 954-829-8539 later
Jim Cobia
8:23AM MAR 9TH 2013
I live in Florida and would like to become a energy broker with a good company that pays well, who do you suggest?
10:37PM APR 13TH 2014
HIGH JIM if you want to become an energy broker contact me. It will be for the state of florida and other states as well

312 543 6224
Lloyd Wolfe
4:43AM MAR 30TH 2014
I am an energy broker for Consumer Choice marketing as well, we have a very strong foot print convering 34 states currently and are partnered with the largest privately owned energy company in the United states; IGS energy. Personally I have family in the Florida Area that are becoming brokers with CCM while we have 99$ start up promotion for the next 30 days to prepare for Florida's deregulation to come. Feel free to call or email with with any questions


Lloyd Wolfe
Ricardo Martinez
9:55PM MAR 16TH 2014
I am also preparing myself for florida to be deregulated, I recently started my own at home business with 5linx that not only deals in energy deregulation but all essential services. For more information please feel to call me directly at 239-503-1153, and I can forward you more info
9:40PM SEP 17TH 2013
The best company is Ambit Energy..We are working in 11 states and more to come...
Dan Piper
2:36PM MAR 7TH 2014
Consumer Choice Marketing has the largest footprint with over 34 States. They are owned by IGS the largest retailer on natural gas out of all of the privately held companies, they also retail electricity. Feel free to check out. myteamvision.com
Ryan Getfield
9:54AM SEP 17TH 2013
Hi jim! My name is Ryan. I am an energy broker with 5linx. I recommend this company because its a fortune500/5000. Its compensation plan is great! Contact for more info. 3214203700. Looking for to hearing from you
Greg Leshinger
7:34AM JUL 3RD 2013
Jim, I was curious to know if you had gotten any information in getting into the energy business? If you are still interested I can get you the info you need to make a decision to see if our company is right for you. Feel free to call my cell anytime 917-681-1801. Thanks
5:16AM APR 27TH 2013
5lunx is The best our Their. Call 4077294701
michael kane
6:05PM APR 9TH 2013
Only one place to go... Ambit Energy

we are building our team in Florida... always look to add a few good people. No get rich quick. I will only sign those that are willing to work and to make a change.

Best Wishes,

Mike Kane
Christine Galanopoulos
10:14PM APR 8TH 2013
send me an email and My team and I will send you some suggestions.
Kathy Panagopulis
8:35PM OCT 27TH 2014
I have empty retail stores and restaurants because their utility bills are equal to their rent in other states where deregulation exist the bills are anywhere from 30 to 50 percent lower than before deregulation at the same business. Any solutions send them.
Suzette M Jadotte
11:07AM MAR 24TH 2013
Jim Ambit Energy is what you are looking for call me at 954-829-8539. I will give you more details in the meantime check out sunshinesuze.joinambit.com for more information.

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