Florida LGBT Activists Question Charlie Crist’s Anti-Gay Petition Regrets

By: Jim Turner | Posted: December 15, 2012 3:55 AM

Former Gov. Charlie Crist is getting a lot of media play for formally completing his conversion from Republican to Democrat on Thursday in Tampa.

But reaction to his comments from Thursday that he regrets signing an anti-gay marriage petition while running for governor in 2006 could be a strong indicator that his transformation won’t be smooth sailing if his ultimate goal is a return to the taxpayer’s Tallahassee home as governor.
Charlie Crist

Charlie Crist

Daily Kos, which probably isn’t high on the online reading list for most conservatives, reports that Florida LGBT activists weren’t impressed with Crist’s gay legislation “mea culpa.”

“Dennis Godfrey: Michael, the man is a politician which means by its very nature, he's an opportunist. There are true public servants WHICH ARE FEW ... and then there are politicians. We all know he's the latter. This should come as no surprise to anyone who's switched on,” Dailiy Kos reported.

Other activists’ comments per Daily Kos:

“Wayne Dansbury: Like Rhett Butler 'I hate waste!' With that in mind, let's send 'Goodtime Charlie' back to school. Let him run for a state office -- say state representative.

“Pamela Kissinger: He didn't "come out" ... he just changed coats, for he thinks a better opportunity. Wolf, is a Wolf, is a Wolf. Like him, I do not."

Daily Kos also opened its coverage with this biting remark:

“Look who crawled out of the swamp of Florida Republican politics and tried to wipe the Christian evangelical mud off of him with some conveniently timed alligator tears!”

A more expected reaction was given by the Republican Party of Florida, which continued its “Two Faces of Charlie Crist” attack series of the potential 2014 gubernatorial candidate.

"Charlatan Charlie is falling all over himself to unwind his deeply-held positions of more than two decades," RPOF Chairman Lenny Curry stated in a release. "Nobody should take this guy seriously anymore."

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dylan terreri, i
6:45AM JAN 1ST 2013

i was reading on some "born this way" website about someone - let's call him "randolph" - who was trying to justify his being "born gay" with a picture of him as a small boy wearing a female's hat on his head. "the cat was already out of the bag," he wrote. i will ask if it's true that a life is set in stone at such a young age, because i am living a lie if it is true. for crying out loud, i enjoy the way malt-candy tastes today but i was sickened and revolted by the taste as a boy. what is the meaning of this, i thought the cat was out of the bag that i hated malt-candy! WHY WERE MY PREDETERMINED TASTES CHANGED, I HAD HATED MALT-CANDY SINCE BIRTH AND NOW I LOVE IT.

my parents have a picture of me being on a soccer team at age 5 or 6 - was the cat was out of the bag that i was born to be a soccer player? soccer once attracted me like joni attracted chachi, so am i supposed to be a soccer player and am i denying my true identity by not playing sports? i would like to learn the truth of who i was predetermined to be, because the last thing i want to do is deny myself of my true wants and desires simply because those wants and desires were discouraged through other peoples' negative opinions of my being a sportsman.

i have recently become somewhat of an incessant player of slot machines. i'm somewhat entranced when i'm seeing and hearing the slots - slots attract me like honey does to a bee, and it's so difficult for me to keep from wrapping my hand around the big long pole and jerking it down to get the slot machine ejaculating out money. my mind is in a different place when i am faced with a row of sinfully-attractive slot machines, they are such a temptation. i kind of want a psychologist or other head-therapist to help me become the non-gambling person i want to be., i don't want to see slot machines the way i do and i don't want to be attracted to slot machines the way i am, but i'm sure it is illegal for psychologists to change peoples' orientations. if gambling comes so naturally to me, if i am oriented to the gambling world, then i have a gamblers' orientation and i fear a psychologist would get in trouble for helping me change my orientation. i fear i will just have to accept having been oriented to gambling.

i wouldn't think i was born a gambler, as i had never wanted to gamble before age 37, but maybe my inner gambler was stifled by christians who made me believe that gambling is bad. maybe the choices i've made in life were a product of christians' values which just didn't orient me to gambling. maybe i was actually born a gambler, maybe my true identity was stifled by christians, but even if it wasn't then i'm sure i could find some "gay rights" groups to help me believe that i was always just afraid to proclaim the truth about myself.

by age five, i was imitating john travolta singing "greased lightning," so i wonder if actors are predetermined. i memorized "ferris bueller's day off" at 13, i memorized "dirty dancing" at 14, i acted in high school plays, was i born to be an actor? i joined the soccer team at about the same time as i emulated john travolta, am i supposed to be an actor with a hobby of playing soccer? am i supposed to be a soccer player with a hobby of acting? i guess i was born with so much knowledge and so many interests and desires already formed inside my brain, that it's hard to determine who i was meant to be.

i've had a love for dogs since i was 8 years old, i've always wanted them to be protected from harm and to live a happy life, i've always seen dogs of the world through the eyes of a caretaker - was i born this way? was i born to be an animal-rights activist? am i predetermined to be a soccer player with a hobby of acting, doing a weekend job at the local animal shelter while spending my free time giving in to temptation at casinos? i'll assume that this is just what randolph would assume - he'd maintain that my behaviors should reflect my childhood. he'd maintain that i was born with lusts for acting and gambling, though my gambling-lust was stifled by christians until my30s, and that it is self-denial not to act on my lusts. he'd also maintain that i destroyed a part of myself because i had let other people stifle my desire to play soccer so much that it doesn't exist anymore.

i'd wonder if randolph would maintain that i was born a dog-lover, since i've loved dogs even before i started loving members of my own gender. i don't trust randolph, i don't even know if he's a psychologist, so i want to ask the following question to someone who knows something about predetermined lives: who am i, why am i attracted to slot machines if other men are not, why do i now like malt-candy when i've hated it for as long as i can remember? and why does my mind process images of slot machines and flavors of malt-candy differently than the way other mens' minds do?


president obama has spoken, and i know that life is not what i make of it. i know that life is like a business and that one person is not responsible for either, therefore i want to live the life i was supposed to live and not the life i've made for myself.


dylan terreri, i
Global Traveler
3:08AM DEC 17TH 2012
The Florida initiative was one of the few in which the input from the governor could have a substantial impact on the outcome. So now he regrets this obviously wrong from the start decision?

Sorry. Too little. Too late. I'm sure that his regret pales in comparison to the regret the LGBT community in Florida not only feel but suffer.
Etaoin Shrdlu
3:09AM DEC 16TH 2012
I'm sure his "regret" isn't as great as his wife's, for marrying this closet queen.

Okay, I admit I have no proof for that remark, but there's certainly grounds for suspicion.

Much as I hate to say a good word for Marco Rubio, I must applaud the Florida Republicans for choosing him over this hypocritical example of political expediency. If only Florida had the similar good sense to choose the Democratic candidate over the appalling bad Rubio.

Oh well, democracy doesn't guarantee the best government, only the government the voters deserve.
3:03AM DEC 17TH 2012
I find Rubio to be even more hypocritical than Crist.

Rubio pretends his parents fled Castro's Cuba which in fact they did not they left Batista's Cuba which was run by Republican allies like United Fruit and Pacific Bell and other corporations.

He pretended that he never knew the Earth is billions of years old not to peeve his fundamentalist friends who believe the Earth was created in six days.

He goes to both Catholic and Baptist Churches to get more votes. If half of Florida were Satanists he would probably be in a coven.

He loudly proclaims about the sin of homosexuality but does not ever bring up Divorce which would turn off millions of divorced Floridians.
11:33AM DEC 17TH 2012
I really hope you don't reproduce.

If you disagree with his policies then state it. All of the above is pure garbage.
7:51PM DEC 17TH 2012
Yes, of course, in your mind its garbage that FACTS are facts:

(1) Rubio has admitted that he mispoke about stating that his parents fled from Cuba in 1959 (i.e. which would have been from Castro) . . . later admitting "I was not made aware of the exact dates until very recently" and then having his spokesman Alex Conant confirming that, "the dates were wrong" . . . .

(2) Rubio first stated he didn't know if the earth was only 6,000 years old . . . that it was "a dispute amongst theologians" . . . . then later embarrassingly had to admit it is well proven that the age of the earth is around 4.5 billion years old . . ."that is there is no scientific debate on the age of the Earth" . . . .

You did say "ALL" of the above is garbage after all . . . .there's a logic to making arguments . . . you shouldn't lie and state as "garbage" statements that are easily provable as facts . . . .

Pathetic . . . .
9:34PM DEC 15TH 2012
We'll just start to put this all in the strategy of red dog "Attack-a-Day" demonization politics . . . .methinks Republicans doth protest too much . . . .there appears to be a significant fear for Rick Scott's longevity . . .

Pathetic . . . .
Gregg Michael
8:08PM DEC 15TH 2012
Guess he found out he could not get a job unless he started backing gay marriage and switch parties! Please don't buy into this piece of SH_T, lying politician! He not only voted against gay marriage he reduced benefits for HIV, AIDS and other important programs in Florida. Let him go to work and learn the phrase... Would you like fries with that! P.O.S.
8:08PM DEC 15TH 2012
Crist's defection brings to mind the Regan 'Democrats' of yester-decade. Politicians elected as democrats switched sides when they saw how popular it was to be on Ronnie's side. [I wonder, did they clear it with all of those democrats who were responsible for their election before they switched parties - I don't think so!] Is Crist just another populist - like a recent presidential candidate?
5:19PM DEC 15TH 2012
There have been rumors that Crist is gay floating around for quite sometime. He was at one point in favor of civil unions but then back tracked and doubled down in favor of the anti-marriage amendment. He also appears to have married a woman in order to make the rumors go away. Nonetheless an interesting article from huffpost has some interesting details about this matter.
This forum does not allow posting of links so I cannot post the link. However, if you google 'charlie crist gay rumors' you will find the link.
3:12PM DEC 15TH 2012
Doggone your filter is strong. You filtered out that big Canadian bird that has the loud noise as a dirty word??
3:08PM DEC 15TH 2012
This guy is a bigger scum bucket than 95 percent of this state's politicians. And that is saying quite a bit. The Republicans surely do not want him. And good luck on becoming a Democrat with his history of campaigning against gay rights. If the rumors I hear in Tallahassee and St. Pete are correct, then he is gay as a [filtered word] and phony as a $3 bill. What does it say that someone who is probably gay came out for the anti-gay marriage amendment? It means he has NO MORAL COMPASS whatsoever. It is ok to be gay. It is not ok to be a big bucket of closeted phony scum.
Art Schultz
1:00PM DEC 15TH 2012
He does though have 2 years to redeem himself and come out strongly, in more ways than one. He can raise money for LGBT Groups and speak heavily in favor with groups and his formeer and current friends in the state house.If he does a good job, people can reevaluate him. If not oh well, we will have still gotten mileage out of it.
12:58AM DEC 16TH 2012
Agreed, milk that old cow, (unless it was you Charlie C. that posted this note. ..) while it is still capable of putting out, potentially offering an ultimately~ effective effort. Perhaps this round, with a more "universal" approach, that Basic Human rights wise, hems in the rest of the herd(s).
11:44AM DEC 15TH 2012
I knew it! He's taking baby steps. First Democrat, now he's putting one foot out of the closet. I knew he was gay!

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