Florida Liberals Are Singing 'Happy Days Are Here Again!'

By: Lloyd Brown | Posted: January 8, 2013 3:55 AM
From the Right Coast
America's recent lurch toward socialism, in which Florida participated, has produced something rare among liberals in the Sunshine State: optimism.

The gloom-and-doom crowd are sounding like a Rotary Club meeting, judging by a quick scan of Florida's left-wing political blogs. (Is there any other kind?)

My slanderometer detected an increase in the Rick Scott bashing, as they look forward to next year's governor's race. Also, having made a dent in the conservative majority in the Legislature liberals are almost giddy at the prospect of gaining more control over Floridians.

At the national level there is much for them to cheer about. Even the Economist newspaper, a liberal bastion, is marveling about America's rush into European-style socialism.

Well, they should be. For example, America will surpass even the Europeans when it comes to pummeling productivity via taxes on capital gains and dividends. Even the Europeans seem to understand the thing about golden eggs and geese.

But states are moving at rates both faster and slower than the national pace.

Florida still is a relatively free state and therefore is experiencing growth in a no-growth economy.

This infuriates the left. Growth means development and “developers” are enshrined in the front row of their pantheon of villains.

Liberals would prefer Florida remain the province of the alligators. Like the liberal congressman who expressed fear that population growth on the island of Guam would cause it to tilt and capsize, they seem to think the weight of concrete will submerge Florida.

But they certainly have reason to cheer. Growth, it seems is good only when it is illegal and unconstrained. So open borders have changed the demographics, which has – along with control of the public schools and media -- helped the nanny state to grow.

Conservatives still have their natural optimism, for the most part. Many still believe the nation is still based on capitalism and that it will find ways to withstand the onslaught of taxes and regulation.

In Florida, Republican leaders are hoping to find ways that they can reach the voters. At the state party's big party in Orlando recently there was much talk of remodeling and retooling. Unquestionably, the party should at least learn to modernize its use of technology and social media.

Conservatives at every level have to tell people the truth, and offer rational solutions to real problems. That is a sounder strategy than trying to peddle a zero-calorie version of the Utopian snake oil.

Florida residents will have to individually weigh the benefits of what government does for you against what it does to you, as time goes by. It is their choice.

But the recent experience of fiscal cliff diving should be instructive in that regard. The No. 1 national problem is the skyrocketing national debt and the debate in Washington boiled down to how much more debt would be added.

If that is the future, there is no future.

Lloyd Brown was in the newspaper business nearly 50 years, beginning as a copy boy and retiring as editorial page editor of the Florida Times-Union in Jacksonville. After retirement he served as speech writer for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.


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Comments (8)

9:52PM MAR 20TH 2013
Free states don't try to ban internet cafe's because a corrupt politician tried to use them as a shield for her scams.

Florida has not been a free state since the day Republicans took over the Government.
Connie Terhaar
3:55PM JAN 10TH 2013
Socialism - do you known the meaning of the word - if you truely do you wouldn't be singing Happy Days - try "Working On The Chain Gang"
5:41PM JAN 11TH 2013
Didn't understand the gist of the article, did you . . .
Jim Lowry
7:00PM JAN 8TH 2013

Well, all Florida citizens will be sorry Obama got in when unemployment goes up and incomes go down. Not to mention the losss of freedom and rationed health care.
1:01AM JAN 9TH 2013
At least we now understand why you're unemployed . . . lack of viable computer skills . . .
11:45AM JAN 8TH 2013
Oh yes - the "slanderometer detected an increase in the Rick Scott bashing" . . . . . of course, absolutely NO ONE HERE is attacking Charlie Crist daily who's not even a declared candidate, now are they . . . . what hypocrites . . . . .and continued politics of the partisan far right "Big Lie" . . . that's ok, we saw the outcome from such spin rubbish in the past election, even though once again, this is just . . . .

Pathetic . . . .
Seth Platt
11:26AM JAN 8TH 2013
What a load of horse[filtered word].
Bib Fortuna
10:32AM JAN 8TH 2013
"Florida's left-wing political blogs. (Is there any other kind?)"

Sunshine State Sarah. The Shark Tank. Florida Political Press. I can go on here.

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