Princeton Review Rankings Put Florida Schools in Unique Categories

By: Allison Nielsen | Posted: August 12, 2014 3:55 AM
New College of Florida

New College of Florida

Several Florida colleges and universities found themselves in the latest set of rankings released by The Princeton Review in its newest book "The Best 379 Colleges: 2015 edition."

Princeton review ranked schools from across the country in 62 different categories. Some categories stayed in the typical course of college rankings, like which schools are the “best value” colleges; other categories are a little bit less stereotypical, like “reefer madness,” which ranks colleges based on their marijuana use (yes, one Florida school did make the list in this category).

In the more traditional categories, several Florida schools received a nod from Princeton Review for being some of the best value colleges in the country. New College of Florida and the University of Florida both placed in the top 10 in this list, coming in at second place and seventh place, respectively.

Students at New College like to be involved in the political world, according to Princeton Review. The Sarasota-based university ranked seventh for “most politically active students,” behind schools like George Washington University and West Point.

“New College has been all about finding people who are independent thinkers. They’re active, committed, passionate people,” said David Gulliver, news services manager at New College. “As you can imagine, there’s a parallel between thinking independently and being passionate and committed to the community and being politically active.”

The college’s progressive ways seemed to also earn it the 13th spot in Princeton Review’s rankings for “Birkenstock-wearing, tree-hugging, clove-smoking vegetarians,” and put it in ninth place for “most liberal students.”

Other Florida schools also ranked in Princeton Review’s other categories. One of the state’s largest schools, University of Florida, ranked 10th for “best career services” and 12th for “best college newspaper.”

Beyond career readiness and college journalism, booze seems to also be a hot commodity at UF -- the school ranked second in Princeton Review’s “lots of beer” category and 10th on the list of “party schools.”

UF is working hard to combat its place on the list, according to Media Relations Senior Director Steve Orlando.

“UF has instituted a number of measures in recent years to address underage drinking and binge drinking,” he told Sunshine State News.

But UF wasn’t the only party-hardy Florida school on the list -- Florida State University wasn’t too far behind UF in these categories, coming in third for “lots of beer” and 12th in “party schools.”

Several other schools made their marks in other categories: dorm rooms don’t seem too nice at the University of Miami -- the school came in 13th on the “Is that a dorm?” list.

Oh, and the Florida school using the most “herbal refreshment”? Eckerd College -- the school ranked second in the country for “reefer madness.”

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