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Florida Taxpayers Paying Third Largest Share of the Nation's Illegal Immigration Bill

August 27, 2019 - 6:00am

A comprehensive report by the Federation for Immigration Reform (FAIR) breaks down the cost of illegal immigration to U.S. taxpayers: $115.9 billion annually.

Based on the most recent data reported in 2017, The Fiscal Burden of Illegal Immigrants examines the fiscal impact of illegal immigration in federal and state budgets. It also highlights which U.S. citizens pay the most: Californians, Texans and Floridians.

The estimated cost to California taxpayers for more than six million illegal immigrants and their children is more than $23 billion.

The estimated cost to Texans for the more than four million illegal immigrants and their children is nearly $11 billion.

The more than two million illegal immigrants and their children cost Florida taxpayers more than $6 billion.

The rest of the top 10 states reporting the highest cost to taxpayers are New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Georgia, North Carolina, Arizona and Virginia.

“Illegal aliens are net consumers of taxpayer-funded services and the limited taxes paid by some segments of the illegal alien population are, in no way, significant enough to offset the growing financial burdens [they] impose on U.S. taxpayers,” the report states.

The report calculates taxpayer burden by adding total federal, state and local expenditures, and adding total federal, state and local taxes paid by illegal immigrants. It relies on federal, state and local tax and resident demographics data, and outlines its proportional calculations and methodology.

For example, using a 2010 Social Security Administration report that estimated illegal immigrants paid a total of $13 billion into the fund annually, FAIR calculated by percentages of payments and dollar amounts paid that illegal immigrants also contributed $5.9 billion toward Medicare.

Its examination of federal budget money spent on illegal immigration was about $46 billion, with some state budgets spending an estimated $89 billion annually, FAIR calculates.

The annual bill of $135 billion equates to more than $8,000 per illegal immigrant and dependent, per year. While some illegal immigrants do pay certain taxes, the report states, many employers pay them lower wages, or in cash, and do not deduct their wages from payroll taxes, with most of their income unlikely being reported to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), FAIR states. Due to these varying factors, FAIR argues the federal, state and local governments are not collecting enough taxes from illegal immigrants to cover the costs of federal benefits they receive.

FAIR estimates that illegal immigrants pay nearly $19 billion in combined state, local, and federal taxes, or 14 percent of the amount spent annually on them.

FAIR now estimates that there are about 12.5 million illegal immigrants based on available data from the Department of Homeland Security, other federal and state government agencies, and research compiled by think tanks, universities and other research organizations.

The total national illegal immigrant estimate includes about 11 million adults of whom 350,000 receive Temporary Protective Status (mostly Central Americans), and 730,000 are DACA recipients.

The 10 states with the largest estimated illegal alien populations account for nearly three-fourths (73.7 percent) of the national total. They are Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Texas and Washington.

Bethany Blankley is a contributor of national stories to The Center Square.


Republicans have controlled FL since 2002. All they have to do is enact e-verify. (Fox news) In 2014, tesla founder Elon Musk Space X received govt. contract for $2.6 Billion, Boeing for $4.2 Billion, for space taxis. How much has the state of FL chipped in, of our tax $$, to pour more concrete along FL beaches? 96 plastic bags of "poop" on the moon already?

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Why do we want to import millions of impoverished people? That's what you really have to ask. It's not because we're oh so humane and compassionate. Ask who is benefiting from this.

Yes, yes, you must be right . . . . . . people fleeing countries, crime or regimes trying to kill them or their children shouldn't be let into this country . . . . . . you know, just like the Cubans last century . . . . . . and European Jews before WWII . . . . . . . . . . your lack of any humanity (and unspoken racism) is clearly showing . . . . . the fact that you try to monetize this like Trump ("who is benefiting from this") . . . . . . . and the non-declared facts of who exactly were ALL your RICH forefathers that seized this country from its native inhabitants . . . . . . . . . . all, totally . . . . . . PATHETIC . . . .

You are COMPLETELY MISINFORMED ABOUT THESE PEOPLE & HISTORY! The most ignorant are those who DARE SPEAK WITH SUCH IGNORANCE to compare beggars to the murder of 11 MILLION INNOCENT PEOPLE. There is NOTHING REMOTELY THE SAME of between our early immigrants who were decent HARDWORKING PEOPLE FLEEING horrible conditions or just wanted a better life & came here, were MEDICALLY FIT & CLEAN OR DISALLOWED FROM ENTERING OUR COUNTRY. Unlike the disease ridden stuff coming now. Previously, they WORKED HARD & SUPPORTED THEMSELVES & DIDN'T SLITHER IN HERE JUST TO GET EVERY FREE RESOURCE THEY CAN GET, they WERE PROUD & GRATEFUL TO BE HERE, instead of now WHO DEMAND THINGS, EXPECT EVERYTHING HANDED TO THEM, WHO HAVE THE AUDCITY TO FILE SUIT AGAINST THE GOVT, ARE TOO DAMN LAZY TO EVEN TRY TO LEARN THE LANGUAGE. There was no welfare back them, but today nearly 60% of them REMAIN ON SOME WELARE FOREVER ONCE THEY STEP FOOT HERE. They are nothing but BEGGARS who don't give a damn who is paying their way, nor do they care!!We don't need beggars who we have to support FOREVER & then even more so as they spit out more kids THEY CAN'T SUPPORT & IT'S LEFT UP TO US. They have ZERO RESPECT FOR THIS COUNTRY & ALL AMERICANS. If you believe someone is fleeing danger, the only safe place is 2000 miles away, then you are in their category. Have you been on WhatsApp which how they communicate, plan caravans, send documents leave 20 min messages etc. BTW, WHICH THEY ARE COMPLETELY RACIST ON THE APP as they are all from cen & S America & it states right on the app, they don't want Mexicans to join & they block your account if they find out you are Mexican!! These beggars are told EXACTLY WHAT TO SAY WHEN THEY GET HERE, THEY ARE GIVEN NEWSPAPER ARTICLES OF A CRIME & TOLD TO SAY IT IS A RELATIVE, you can buy paperwork on any street corner in Honduras that assigns someone else as the parent of a kid just so some strange man can slither into the country dragging a kid. What about disgusting so-called mothers who first off can't keep their legs closed so they spit out kids with no father & they have no way to support the kids so they drag them here JUST SO WE CAN SUPPORT THEM. They are uneducated, no work skills & never will have any so they count on spitting more kids so they can get more $$ from the govt. They have NO CLUE who foots the bill to support their asses, they only know & that we are wealthy & they want some of it & don't care or even realize that it's hardworking taxpayers who support their worthless ass. The coyotes are making a HUGE business of this telling them we WILL SUPPORT THEIR ENTIRE FAMILY if they just follow what they are being told & how to LIE!!!! I've got several recordings I can play for you & show you on WhatsApp ALL THE LIES THEY ARE TOLD . Honest ones admit the truth, they tell HOW MANY BAD PPPL get in there especially with caravan, murderers, gang members etc. Those waiting in Mexico, there is still a huge problem, the Mexicans don't want them there & state how when offered work they won't take it bcuz they WOULD BEG ON THE STREETS, they do drugs OPENLY ON THE STREET, they commit crimes, they harrass people & are DEMANDING. Do you also defend the so-called parents who send their KIDS ALONE ON THIS JOURNEY which is why we have had 70,000 unaccompanied minors just this year. What kind of horrible, disgusting person would do that to a child??? Ones who only SEE $$$ & that's ALL THEY CARE ABOUT. No one wants to be around those type of people who treat their OWN KIDS THAT WAY. So you sit & turn you back on AMERICANS, our elderly, our Vets & our homeless in defense of LYING BEGGARS since BILLIONS & BILLIONS ARE BEING STOLEN FROM AMERICANS. Even with the hurricane, the BEGGARS ARE OUT IN FULL & all the charities just like around the border REFUSE TO HELP AMERICANS & ARE ONLY FOCUSED ON LYING ILLEGALS. Priorities with these ppl are so screwed up, they reject FREE DONATED CLOTHING IF NOT CERTAIN LABELS THE DON'T IT, they quit jobs just to come here becuz they can sit & do NOTHING & GET OUR RESOURCES, GET FREE MEDICAL, HOUSING, EDUCATION, ETC ETC, tht is the reason them come here!!

Does not sound like an unbiased report. From there own report First: when FAIR completed it’s 2010 Fiscal Cost Study 6 , the pool of sources from which fiscal estimations could be calculated was much more limited." Report from 10 years ago ? They pay $13 billion in Social Security with no chance of getting any benefit. Thanks for keeping trust fund afloat. How is the cost factored in for Tomatoes that rot in the fields ?

I can GUARANTEE you those numbers are skewed & ILLEGALS ARE ONE OF THE TOP FRAUDULENT FILIER OF TAX RETURNS & STEAL BILLIONS EACH YEAR FROM AMERICANS. Ask anyone who works at the IRS, I've been there 20 yrs & it is OUTRAGEOUS the FRAUD & SPECIAL TREATMENT ILLEGALS ARE GIVEN. They are allowed & always have been able to STEAL SSN's from ANYONE, child, grandmother, doesn't matter, they are fully allowed to do it. They are ALLOWED TO CLAIM KIDS WHO HAVE NEVER STEPPED FOOT IN THIS COUNTRY FOR REFUNDABLE CREDITS with the average refund being $10,000 for every stinking illegal. The ALL claim avg of 6 kids all being 'nieces/nephews", they get fake ITIN numbers for made up people (which we still ALLOW) even though we know they are bogus. The MAJORITY DO NOT PAY ANY WITHHOLDING AT ALL IF THEY DO WORK, zero withholding through the year but get at least a $10k refund!! They know EXACTLY what to do to STEAL TAX MONEY & the IRS ALLOWS IT. The main things they claim are Household Employment, even the men so they PAY NOTHING IN FICA & Medicare, ZERO. Next they claim self employment with outrageous expenses, a landscaper claims haircuts & magazine subscriptions, a $5000 cell phone, all to get the ref credits the main one being child tax which is $2,000 per kid, $2500 education credit, fuel tax credit (which all are bogus) residential energy, Babysitter credit, etc etc. Finally, we rolled out the PATH ACT bcuz every one of them the moment they crossed the border they applied for an ITIN with the IRS that they get in 30 days for themselves & all the made up people they create bcuz we cannot prove a birth certificate the size of post card from some tiny town somewhere isn't valid so we just freely give them one. ONce they got the ITIN, they proceeded IMMEDIATELY to file the past 3 yrs of returns when they had NOT EVEN STEPPED FOOT IN THE COUNTRY YET BUT MADE UP INCOME & PEOPLE TO CLAIM SO THEY COULD GRAB 3 yrs of refunds 100% FRAUDULENTLY. We paid out SO MUCH $$ you cannot imagine & as I've always said, the moment they cross the border they area handed a folder telling them exactly what to do & how to get free money from us. We would dole out anywhere from $5000-$20000 within the first few months of them getting here ALL FRAUDULENTLY and we knew. Then, every time they got another ITIN or someone they knew actually just got here & got a ITIN, they would then file 3 yrs of amended returns adding another dependent claiming even more credits for someone who just slithered in the country. The Path Act was created to stop this & make it so they can't file past returns when they were not even here. Its not working so good & they still get away with it but at least it's curbed greatly. There is only credit they can't get with an ITIN it must a social with is Earned Income. They know how to get away with also, the moment one of their kids or DACA kid turns 18, they have the kid claim to be supporting all the siblings INCLUDING THE EIC which itself is $6,600 this year on top of the other credits. An example, oldest kid is claiming siblings with made up income, each parent is working under a stolen SSN for wages and falsifies the amount increasing more than what they actually made & each file separate returns as Head of Household and they now are claiming only nieces & nephews & not their real kids. So one home, 3 filing returns ALL 3 head of HH, claiming 11 people (but only 7 ppl are valid & actually related & actually do live in the home) & get a total $17,700 in REFUND FOR ONE YEAR. The parents under the stolen SSN's did actually pay some withholding, a grand total $168 for the year. $168 for a $17,700 refund for just small white Lies is EXTREMELY PROFITABLE for them and this is NORM for ILLEGALS, THEY NEVER OWE THE IRS EVER, THEY ONLY GET REFUNDS from the refundable credits & it's in no way getting back their withholding bcuz they pay little to NONE. Such incentive to file returns & someone in their circles ALL KNOW TO IMMEDIATELY FILE A RETURN FOR A NEWBIE SCUM THAT JUST GOT HERE & the Hispanic preparers do this FOR ALL OF THEM immediately. It's common to see one person have 7 DIFFERENT ITINS's where they change the birthday by one month or day & file returns under all of them. When I see this, I can't do anything about it, we just let it go. I work in the Fraud dept, and I can't even stop any of the Fraud because ILLEGALS ARE GIVEN SPECIAL TREATMENT that Americans DO NOT GET. They can send in W2's with a stolen SSN with someone elses name on it not theirs or the SSN name and have several of these attached to one return. I've seen as many as 65 people using one unlucky persons's SSN all across the country and the IRS DOESN'T EVEN NOTIFY THE CITIZEN THAT OTHERS ARE USIN THEIR SSN. Congress had no clue we allowed this until 2016 & they said we have to at least notify the ppl someone MAY be using their SSN. An audit was just done, & only 28% were notified for last yr & this has been going on for YEARS. They have no fear as they know we don't do anything about it, so they can have one person who does actually earn wages under a stolen ssn, and then 20 different ILLEGALS file returns ALL CLAIMING THAT ONE W2 & say it was them earned the wages, we don't question it & just give out the refunds. Now, if you dared sent in a return with anothers name on it, you can't do it, but they do it all day every day!!! I have no problem when they actually did earn the income, but it's just a huge scam. Education credit of $2500, yep, they claim they all go to college, fuel tax credit was huge for years, a credit for off road fuel consumption only, mainly farmers, well every single ILLEGAL in New York City claimed it for years & the gallons of fuel they claimed totaled more than their entire income for the year, yep we gave it all to them. Landscapers, claim haircuts & magazine subscriptions as expenses, they claim mortgage interest when they don't own a home which I can see in my system if they do have a mortgage, doesn't matter, we give it to them. So this article doesn't know the REAL FACTS AT THE IRS about what they pay in & don't let a single person tell you that they DO PAY IN FOR TAXES & FICA that they don't get because I guarantee less than 1% EVER OWE THE IRS AT TAX TIME, THEY ALL GET BIG REFUNDS & NEVER EVER OWE. If by chance they would, THEY DON'T FILE A RETURN & since it's an ITIN, we don't care. THEY STEAL BILLIONS & BILLIONS IN REFUNDS EVERY DAMN YEAR

I found your comment very informative Misty. While I know that Illegal immigrants get many services and government aid both directly and through their U.S. born children, I had no idea that they were stealing so much through income tax fraud. If what you are saying is true, I hope that more IRS employees begin to speak out about these abuses.

Not fair, because you don't like the organization? Can't attack facts, it seems. So you resort to another tactic. You must be a DemoRat, as that's right out of their playbook. And, please, enough with "the rotting vegetables in fields." Where's the violin? We have enough American labor. How about putting some high school kids to work? And, spare us the further ridiculousness that a pool of poor workers is keeping Social Security afloat. Try living in reality. And learn basic grammar. The correct usage is "its" not "it's."

Gee, it's not like FAIR included costs for native born U.S. citizens in their analysis, now is it . . . . . . . facts matter . . . . . . apparently you don't have the intellectual honesty to acknowledge the skewed analysis . . . . . . . if you're going to include the native born offspring of illegal immigrants, let's include you . . . . . . . or prove that a particular native American tribe explicitly allowed your forefathers to "legally" immigrate to this land now called America . . . . . . . . . can't do that, well that's just . . . . . . .PATHETIC . . . . .

Florida is also third in population. The states who pay the most for illegal immigration are CA, TX, FL and NY, in that order, and the states with they largest populations are CA, TX, FL and NY, in that order. Seem like a logical correlation to me.

I'm sure the people of those three states will be fine with your explanation of why they have to shoulder so many costs. Oh, it's because we're big. What? Ridiculous.

Governor Gillum...HA bad...I mean Governor DeSantis: This is so unfair to the people who elected you in Florida. Who the #ell are we Sir? We are the same people who can put you back in the Governor's Mansion for 4 more years. But wait theres more...we are the same people who can deliver Florida to The President in 2020. Governor DeSantis do you want that? Sure you do!!! Well my man its NOT gonna happen unless you make some noise and light a fire under The Presidents butt. Its time my man to stop soft peddling this invasion of The USA and demand some action. Will you deliver for us so we can get the vote out in 2020 and beyond?

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