Unemployment Rate Remains Unchanged at 6.2 Percent

By: Allison Nielsen | Posted: August 15, 2014 2:00 PM
Rick Scott

Rick Scott

Florida's unemployment rate remained unchanged for the month of July, holding steady at 6.2 percent.

Unemployment in the Sunshine State is now the same as the national rate.

According to the latest report released Friday from the Department of Economic Opportunity, the state added 2,100 private-sector jobs in July. There were 597,000 jobless Floridians during the month, out of a workforce of over 9.6 million.

“Florida’s economy continues to improve as we implement policies that support a pro-growth business climate,” said DEO Executive Director Jesse Panuccio. “Job creators, responding to our low-tax, streamlined regulatory environment, added 2,100 more jobs to Florida’s private sector in July.”

The report found the state lost 1,600 jobs for the month of July, a decrease of less than 0.1 percent. A drop in government jobs mostly accounted for July’s job losses.

When it came to counties with the lowest unemployment rates in the state, Walton and Monroe counties had the state’s lowest rates at 3.9 percent each, followed by Okaloosa County, which had an unemployment rate of 4.9 percent.

The counties with the highest unemployment rate were Hendry County (12.5 percent) followed by Flagler and Hamilton counties, which had an unemployment rate of 9.3 percent each.

Gov. Rick Scott, who has largely focused his re-election campaign on job creation, seemed to believe the news was another step in the right direction for Floridians. Scott's 2014 job-focused strategy rings a familiar tune with Florida voters -- in 2010, the governor pledged to add 700,000 jobs above normal growth as part of his campaign pitch.

Scott primarily focused on the positive job creation, noting the state had added over 620,000 jobs since December 2010. 

“Every new job positively impacts a family, and today’s announcement is more great news for Florida families looking to live the American dream in the Sunshine State," said Scott. “Florida continues to see positive job growth highlighting our economic recovery, so let’s keep working to make sure every Floridian who wants a job can get one.”

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Comments (2)

Yep they are both to shady for FloriDUH
4:48PM AUG 15TH 2014
That add that says "Rick Scott is just to shady for Florida" is being too nice!

Granted the people let him slid in 2010 becuase they were tired of the Jeb Bush gang and what they have done to Florida and they though Bill McCollum would just be more of the gang, which he would have.

But, if you recall Rick Scott never mentioned he was a Dallas Texas Bush family hospital, oil and communications lawyer with John and Swanson.

He dragged his poor ole momma around and talked about the donut shops she had run for him. Lying by omission is still lying.

Since 1987-88 he had been here in Florida managing hospitals and stealing federal tax dollars aka Medicare Fraud.

Yes it it true Charlie Crist was a Bush man as well. yes it is true that Bush family string puller Mel Sembler picked Charlie up in Clearwater dancing on the bar at the Green Gables and introduced him to Sember's son Brent with whom Charlie had a long relationship. When Sembler's child abuse crimes at Straight, Inc. leaked public it was Jeb who installed Charlie Crist AG so he could cover up those crimes.

There is actually a Republican Primary on August 26th and of course the mob is playing that down. there are several candidates to chose from and without even looking any one of them would no doubt be a better choice than Rick or CharLIE either one. Likewise with the Democratic primary on the same day.

But the trouble of it is no matter how many people run for governor the race is between Rick Scott and CharLIE crist.

Therefore the people of Florida has lost before they even vote. Selecting the lesser of the two evils I will have to vote CharLIE Crist. At least he demanded a statewide grand jury to investigate the political corruption in Florida. Rick Scott got the report his first month in office and I think that was what was burning in the Lt Governor Carroll's waste basket they day here IT person caught he kissing her glorified secretary- cause the report disappeared somewhere. Just hink if we re-elect Rick Scott we will have former Cuban dictator and mobster Fulgencio Battista as Lt. Governor of Florida, but then why not Jeb already put his cousin Raoul Canterro III on the Florida Supreme Court in 2002. thank God he resigned in 2008, but the legislature had him representing them on their illegal congressional districts drawings for which they paid Data Targeting owner Pat Bainter $6.2 million to illegally draw up for us. Almost makes you wish they didn't control the only two allowable political parties the dems and the repukes don't it? But they do and no other party stands a chance to win an "errection."
9:43AM AUG 16TH 2014
Rick Scott's job creation is his "economic development" , nothing more than corporate welfare. Steals from Peter ( that would be the taxpayer ) to pay Paul ( subsidized Corporates) Under Public Private Partnerships , the taxpayer is just still treading water. That is not the Free Market! The Corporates are raping the taxpayer by getting federal Recovery Stimulus and then reaping ad valorum relief and other local benefits off the backs of the taxpayers. Who will make up the difference to counties that need real money to fund necessary services?

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