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Florida Voters Undecided on Next Governor But Name ID Helps Mike Huckabee, Patrick Murphy

March 21, 2017 - 11:45am

While Gov. Rick Scott faces term limits next year, a new poll shows Florida voters from both parties are undecided on who they want to replace him in Tallahassee. 

St. Leo University released a poll of Floridians on Tuesday showing both Republicans and Democrats are not sure on who they want to be their gubernatorial candidates come 2018. 

A third of Florida Republicans--34 percent--are undecided on who they want to replace Scott while 30 percent are for former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee who moved to the Panhandle following his 2008 presidential bid. Huckabee has been active on the national stage since then, including hosting a national radio show and a TV show on Fox News. In 2016, Huckabee made a second presidential bid but fared far worse than he did in 2008, bowing out after a ninth place finish in the Iowa caucus which he won eight years before. 

Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam gets 13 percent of Florida Republicans while 6 percent back former St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Baker. Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran pulls 5 percent followed by state Sen. Jack Latvala with 3 percent. Physician Usha Jain, who ran for an Orange County Commission seat last year, gets 2 percent while 8 percent back other candidates. Jain is the only one of the Republicans included in the poll who has officially kicked off a gubernatorial bid. 

On the other side of the aisle, 40 percent of Florida Democrats are unsure on who they are supporting for governor next year while 20 percent back former U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy who was the party’s unsuccessful candidate against U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., last year. Attorney John Morgan takes 9 percent followed by Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer with 6 percent. U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor and Miami Beach Mayor Phil Levine takes 5 percent apiece while two candidates based out of Tallahassee--former U.S. Rep. Gwen Graham and Mayor Andrew Gillum--claim 4 percent each. St. Petersburg Mayor Bob Buckhorn, who has said he will not run, gets 3 percent. Former state Sen. Jeremy Ring and Ft. Lauderdale Mayor Jack Seiler take 2 percent apiece while 4 percent prefer other candidates. So far Gillum and Orlando businessman Chris King, who was not included in the poll, have launched gubernatorial bids on the Democratic side. 

Frank Orlando, the director of the Saint Leo University Polling Institute, said name ID was in play in the early stages of the contest. 

“The biggest word in the gubernatorial race is still uncertainty’,” said Orlando. “Most candidates are still doing their homework to decide if making a run is worth it.  Until the field crystallizes, we’ll continue to see results dominated by name ID.”

Undecided voters also came into play in the only hypothetical general election matchup conducted by St. Leo. While 26 percent of all voters were for Morgan and 20 percent for Putnam, 42 percent where undecided and 12 percent opted for other candidates. 

The poll of 507 Floridians was conducted with an online survey instrument from March 3-11 and had a margin of error of +/- 4.5 percent. 


Yeah "NAME ID"...THAT'S the ticket!!!! Erin "Paddy-boy" Murphy (but please don't call me "Erin", it makes me look like a sissy, and I'll have to stay in "Mumsy & Popsi's" basement forever...); Arkansas "Carpetbagger Huckabee" (just because he vacations here and decided to stay for his old age...[SO DID I...maybe I should throw in my hat too..!!!); and the rest of these "faker Mayors" from our own "sanctuary cities".....This is "bad business" Floridians; and WE can do better ! The BEST "Governor candidate" that I can see is "Opie" Putnam (an outstanding FLORIDIAN through & through from Central Florida who is without "blemish" and knows Florida (and its problems from "top to bottom"). As for me, as the old saying goes: "I wasn't born in Florida, but I got here just as soon as I could"; I came from a State that "consumed" itself to the "point of failure" at the hands of it's greedy & corrupt politicians... Its Taxpaying Citizens have been forced to 'move away'..if they were able... I fear for my beautiful, adopted State...! Don't let "political aggression" destroy it..........A "Governor Putnam" is the "answer" to Florida's mounting problems: and the INSIDEOUS "progressive Left's political machinations (don't make me relocate again to escape their stupidity & greed) !!!

I suggest you move back....

Would definitely vote for Huckabee.

I would not.

Never in a million years would I vote for him!!

He is a Cop Killer and a bigger PHONY than Rick Scott !

Would definitely vote for Hucksbee.

He is a Cop Killer and a bigger PHONY than Rick Scott !

There are people who have announced runs from other parties. Why do you ignore them? If you can list someone who has 2% support, why not someone who has that from a third party?

What is Charlie Crist running for, this time??

Would absolutely love having Any Democrat as our Governor. Republicans should find another path!

Huckabee is a sheister. He said horrible things about Hillary just to help Trump. Payoff: His daughter got a high power and high paying job in administration. Don't trust him. Self centered.


Love Mike Huckabee...he's the one for me.

NoNoNoNoNo to Patrick Murphy for anything. John Morgan would make a great governor.

And Charlie is burning up the phone lines talking to his father...

Sorry Lizzy, Mike has no clue about Florida and it's needs.

great, another failed outsider trying to lead Florida down the wrong path...sad thing is fools will probably vote for them because someone told them to...

Would absolutely love having Mike Huckabee as our Governor. Patrick Murphy should find another path

Why ? He is a Cop Killer !

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