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Ken Sukhia Jumps in Against Gwen Graham

March 21, 2016 - 12:45pm
Ken Sukhia
Ken Sukhia

Another major candidate is about to jump into the Republican primary to take on U.S. Rep. Gwen Graham, D-Fla., who is a top GOP target in November. 

Sunshine State News reached out to former U.S. Attorney Ken Sukhia who confirmed that he was planning to enter the race. Sukhia will launch his bid on Tuesday at an event in Tallahassee. 

Currently in private practice, Sukhia is well known in Florida legal and political circles. President George H.W. Bush named Sukhia as U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Florida. Sukhia also represented George W. Bush during the Florida recount back in 2000 and helped independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader stay on the ballot after the Democrats tried to remove him. 

Sukhia has also been active in Tallahassee, representing Gov. Charlie Crist when he was in office, serving Gov. Jeb Bush as criminal justice coordinator and representing him and working for Senate Presidents Tom Lee and Ken Pruitt to defend the Lobbyist Disclosure Act. During his almost 30 years in legal practice, Sukhia was also a law clerk for the state Supreme Court and the U.S. Court of Appeals. 

“America is in trouble," Sukhia insisted on Monday. “Under the Obama administration,‭ ‬America is looking more and more like a socialist state.‭ ‬As Margaret Thatcher put it, ‭ ‘‬Socialist governments‭…‬always run out of other peoples‭’‬ money.’ But most of the Republicans in Congress failed‭ ‬to stand up against him.‭ ‬I love our country and I want to be part of the fight to save our system of government and our way of life.‭ ‬I can promise I will stand up and fight because I am the only candidate with a proven lifetime record of fighting on the front lines for conservative causes,‭ ‬both as President George H.W.‭ ‬Bush‭’‬s United States attorney and in my professional career.” 

Sunshine State News asked Sukhia what in his background has prepared him to serve in Congress. 

“I am an evangelical Christian who came to faith in Christ in college,‭ ‬I‭’‬ve lived in North Florida for‭ ‬38‭ ‬years,‭ ‬I was the presidentially appointed United States Attorney for North Florida and I have fought some of the major conservative and moral battles‭ ‬of our day," Sukhia answered on Monday. “As U.S.‭ a‬ttorney I ran one of the most productive districts in the country,‭ ‬headed the state‭’‬s first Joint Medicare Fraud Task Force,‭ ‬and was honored by the president as one of the top three U.S.‭ a‬ttorneys in the country prosecuting national obscenity distributors.‭ ‬I fought for the rights of the unborn,‭ ‬standing up to Planned Parenthood in a eight-day trial defending Florida‭’‬s Parental Notice of Abortion Act.‭ ‬I joined the effort in Congress to save Terri Schiavo‭’‬s life.‭ ‬I went to DC to help pass the Internet Decency Act.‭ ‬I fought in court to stop the effort to legalize drugs in Florida.‭ ‬I served as federal trial counsel for George W.‭ ‬Bush in the‭ ‬2000‭ ‬presidential recount battle.‭ ‬I‭’‬m a proven and tested conservative and I want to fight for North‭ ‬Florida in Congress.”

Asked by Sunshine State News about the issues he wants to focus on in the campaign, Sukhia pointed to President Barack Obama’s federal health-care law impact on the economy.
“Obamacare and Obama‭’‬s policies have stunted‭ ‬our growth and held down jobs and wages in our district,” Sukhia said on Monday.‭ “‬Whenever I hear a politician or a candidate say‭ ‘‬I will repeal Obamacare.’ I tend to roll my eyes.‭  ‬They‭’‬ve been saying this ever since it was proposed.‭ ‬I get the idea some of these politicians and candidates have no heartfelt opposition but are just mouthing the party line.‭ 

“As a principled conservative I oppose Obamacare because it is a massive intrusion of government in our health-care system and it advances the progressive agenda to radically transform our free society and redistribute wealth in our nation,” Sukhia added. “For me,‭ ‬this is not just political rhetoric.‭ ‬I have already acted to‭ ‬fight Obamacare even as an outsider...I was called upon by Attorney General Bill McCollum to assist the legal team that challenged the constitutionality of the‭ A‬ffordable Care Act. I would repeal Obamacare and help restore free market competition to lower premiums,‭ ‬stop runaway costs and get the government out of the health-care business."

Noting his father came from India, Sukhia also called for cracking down on illegal immigration. 

‭“‬A country the fails to enforce its citizenship laws and which has no secure borders is no country at all,” Sukhia said. “We must seal the border,‭ ‬stop the flow of illegal aliens,‭ ‬enforce‭ ‬the immigration laws and put the needs of our hard working American citizens first.”

Sukhia also vowed to “aggressively defend” the Second Amendment before focusing on terrorism. ‭ 
“As the U.S.‭ a‬ttorney for North Florida I put domestic and foreign terrorists behind bars,” Sukhia said.‭ “‬I know what it means to fight terror.‭ ‬When ISIS first started beheading people and leading a terrorist jihad‭ ‬against America and other nations,‭ ‬we should have done all in our power to put a stop to before it grew‭!‬ ‭ ‬Because of the weak leadership in Washington and the failure to take decisive action at its inception,‭ ‬the terror is now at our doorstep.‭ ‬If‭ ‬elected to Congress I will vote to fight it with all our force.”

‭Sukhia also showcased his record in prosecuting gangs, cop killers, murderers and an ‬arsonist who burned more than 20 churches across the region. 

The new candidate joins three other hopefuls already running for the Republican nomination to challenge Graham. Dr. Neal Dunn, a surgeon from Panama City, has been in the race for months. So has Tallahassee attorney Mary Thomas. Businessman Jeff Moran, a former police officer from Live Oak, entered the race last month. 

After the latest round of congressional redistricting, this district is far more favorable to the Republicans than it had been under the old map. Under the new map, the district takes all of Bay, Calhoun, Dixie, Franklin, Gilchrist, Gulf, Jackson, Lafayette, Levy, Liberty, Suwannee, Taylor, Wakulla, and Washington counties, less than half of the population of Leon County, most of Columbia County and fractions of the populations of Marion and Jefferson counties.

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It is easy to point fingers and criticize the demise of our beloved United States of America. What's hard...what is to actually do something. To put your money where your mouth is. Ken Sukhia is a man of integrity and conviction who is taking, once again, the harder, higher road in order to help stem the moral decay of our country. We can agree to disagree but actions speak louder than words and I appaud Mr. Sukhia for stepping into the fray and for taking a stand for righteousness. You have our support!!

I see Ken's mom was up early this morning.

I attend church and participate in a small fellowship group with Ken and his wife Susan. I know him and can tell you that he seeks to serve, honor and glorify his Savior first and foremost. Ken is a man of integrity who is guided by his Christuan principals. He will be a servant leader we can depend on to promote Christian values.

I don't understand why more candidates aren't addressing the rising socialism problem. Sanders might have lost onhillary but if he can get that close to winning now imagine what he could do if he runs again in 4 years. I like that this guy seems willing to address that. Seems more committed than the other rinos running anyway

It's not socialism it's democratic socialism! There's a big difference....

Imagine a society where the fruits of innovation are restricted by taxation and regulation making the innovation costly to pursue. Imagine a society where people no longer see the incentive to come to in order to buy hotels and run them, buy gas stations and run them, start nail salons, start their own information technology consulting firm, or even they do not see the incentive to invest in mutual funds or even save for their future. Imagine a society where the variety of food outlets are reduced to less than a handful of restaurants and stores. Imagine a society where there is only one resource to buy gasoline and get medical care and wait for it and its quality has lowering standards. Imagine a society where there is limited life insurance for your family after your passing, if there is any because there may not be the incentive to offer such a product. Imagine a society where your vote is regulated and political power is centralized by those in power. Imagine a society with an unchecked governmental hierarchy. Imagine a society where there is no incentive for a young athlete to become a professional athlete. Imagine a society where advertising has lost its allure and benefits. Imagine a society with declining birth rates. Imagine a society where there is no incentive to publish or design something new. Imagine a society with little to no new homes to dream and buy. Imagine a society with ultimately reduced incomes. Imagine a society where the variety of products are drastically reduced. Imagine a society with limited media variety for news and information and what does exist is controlled by the government. Imagine a society where the financial circulation of M1 and M2 currency is so reduced to the extent that economic functions cease unless a hierarchical government draws from its citizens the last of what they have to sustain itself. Imagine a society that inventories the products you possess. Socialism is not a static system. It is a system that is meant to progress by being continually involved in all aspects of society and like capitalism its survival is dependent on "money." When money is stagnant it declines in value. When it declines in value "things' become more expensive. When things are not purchased because they are too expensive or money is scarce, society begins to lose its fun. Socialism's last stage of survival is increased centralization of all means of production and administrative control of services for societal allocation. The U.S. has been progressing in that direction since 1933 and it has accelerated exponentially since. With the national debt being almost at par with national annual production (GDP) our fiscal health is absolutely and reasonably scary. A culturally homogeneous societies with nil population growth in Europe are a flawed example to try to emulate and apply to the U.S. and it too is declining and has some of the above characteristics in an increasing rate from the 1950s forward to the present. In the early stages it will all appear workable in a "progressive" dream, but empirical data has demonstrated that it has a short life span and in that short life's span, all the characteristics listed above begin to manifest, all taking away the socialist progressive dream.

Your right. Socialism becomes democratic when 51% of the people take the property of the other 49%.

An outsider with experience and a deep commitment to his faith? This guy seems like the real deal. I'll take him over Dunn any day!

Ken shouldn't you be off raising money rather than posting comments?

Looks like the guy doesn't have time for comments, he's too busy busting up gangs, hunting down election fraud and kicking the ass of central american terrorists.

Finally- someone with the conservative chops and real world know how to get stuff done and give us the kind of representation we deserve. Nothing against Representative Graham or the other candidates, but Ken is on another plain in terms of integrity, principles, and his willingness to fight for Christians in our area. God Bless Ken and his campaign.

When Ken Sukhia does a push up - he isn't lifting himself up, he's pushing the earth down...

I'm excited for a candidate in this district who is not a phony! The others sounded mechanical and give the same old spiel. I've heard him speak and it was like a breath of fresh air by comparison. Hope he gets the votes.

This guy actually has relevant experience.... just hope he's not another yes-man for the republican party.....

I have known Ken for over a decade. He is most definitely not a YES man. He is guided by his convictions. He will not be bought by the interests and powers. I am certain he will make a superb U S Congressman.

Have known Ken and his family for a number of years... couldn't think of a more qualified candidate. He is one of the most respected lawyers in Tallahassee. He comes into the race light years ahead of the other candidates in experience. He will make an excellent congressman.

Gwen Graham has Florida's best interests at heart - at a time when Florida needs help.

Obviously you haven't checked her voting record. Gwen Graham hasn't done anything for either side! Shes a middle of the road sucker and can't be trusted by either party for anything. We need to get rid of these stupid establishment politicians and put people in who aren't in the pockets of the establishment.

Just remember,.. that "poster girl for nepotistic opportunism" voted in Congress to "continue Federally funding 'Sanctuary Cities', where Illegal Invaders continue to rape and murder American Citizens" across our Republic !

I have known Ken for nearly 20 years and he is an honorable hard working man who will represent us very well in Congress. Ken is a leader who has a keen grasp of the difficult issues our nation faces. Ken is a principled conservative who will stand up and make a difference for us in Washington.

I'm sure you mean well but endorsements are a dime-a-dozen these days. We need historical facts to see if he walks the walk and I know Neal (and bob) Dunn is as lap dog for the medical community voting and funding whoever promises to scratch the back of the wealthy doctors. He openly supported Bill Nelson, even. Can't trust him for crap. Mary Thomas is establishment-ingrained and a big Rick Scott suck-up -- "is a personal friend of the governor" -Tallahassee 'Demo-crap'. At least Ken has the experience and the historical record of sticking to his values and working hard for the integrity of government and the protection of citizens.

This is the kind of principled conservative we need. He also has the real world experience. Ms Thomas is too inexperienced and Mr. Dunn ought to be running in the Democratic primary based on his past actions. He has given money to democrats and has spoken in favor of Obamacare. I hope we can send Mr. Sukia to Washington. This race is completely dependent on the primary. Ms. Graham will not even run for the seat the Florida Supreme Court drew.

Attacking two women in one post Paul, that's really smart. Gwen Graham will remember that in the fall.

Wow, you're one of those fallacy-spitting morons who only reads what he/she/it wants to read. Go home and read a book on grammar and another on logic.

I'm sorry, how is calling someone inexperienced an attack, when it's the truth. Shall we compare accomplishments between the candidates?

Clearly the guy has done more for this area than the other named candidates! Wow. Helping Nader get on the ballot? Maybe that helped the good guys by splitting the bad guys' vote. This guy knows the trenches.

Ken Sukhia unsafe at any speed.

This guy has more I's than Argus.

Do you often refer to yourself as "we"?

Yes. As in WE don't want this knucklehead in Congress.


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