Fraud Case Fallout Taints Tax Specialist, Department of Revenue

By: Kenric Ward | Posted: September 21, 2011 10:15 AM

Deon McCrimmon

Deon McCrimmon

A tax specialist at the Florida Department of Revenue is under internal investigation stemming from her 2004 conviction for "defrauding and obtaining money by means of false and fraudulent pretenses."

Deon McCrimmon was convicted in U.S. District Court in Georgia of concealing a $139,169 unpaid IRS bill and overstating her income when she applied for a home loan in Albany, Ga.

Less than seven months later, and while still on probation, McCrimmon landed a job at the Florida Department of Revenue on April 8, 2005.

DOR declined to discuss McCrimmon's case or her status. Spokeswoman Renee Watters said the matter was under investigation by the department's inspector general.

The inspector general's office confirmed that the McCrimmon case was "open," but would not elaborate.

McCrimmon did not return Sunshine State News' call seeking comment.

Court records show that McCrimmon was a bank examiner at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. in Georgia during the time of her illicit activities. A source said she was terminated by FDIC upon her conviction.

How McCrimmon, a convicted felon, navigated through the hiring process and standard background checks at the Department of Revenue is unclear. But a source close to the situation, speaking on condition of anonymity, suggested that McCrimmon "may have schemed with another Revenue employee and friend to circumvent the hiring and interviewing process by getting the interviewing team to forgo and not perform the task of due diligence to its fullest."

The federal indictment stated that McCrimmon "knowingly and willfully devised a scheme and artifice" to defraud Homecomings Financial Network Inc. when she applied for a $211,000 home loan.

McCrimmon, the indictment said, "falsely stated on a Uniform Residential Loan Application that she had liabilities in the total amount of $76,976. In truth and fact, as she well knew at the time, defendant McCrimmon had liabilities in the total amount of at least $186,976," including a $139,169 unpaid IRS bill.

The indictment also said McCrimmon "fraudulently represented" her monthly income as $10,000. It was actually $5,685.

"The defendant knew that her real income would not qualify her for the loan she sought from Homecomings Financial," Assistant U.S. Attorney Jim Crane wrote in the June 25, 2004, indictment.

Pleading guilty, McCrimmon was ordered to pay $24,775 in restitution to Homecomings and was placed on five years' probation.

Today, McCrimmon earns $43,701 a year at the Department of Revenue -- barely two-thirds what she made at FDIC.

It is not known if McCrimmon made all the court-ordered restitution payments or fulfilled the terms of her probation.

But the source who blew the whistle on McCrimmon in a letter to DOR Executive Director Lisa Vickers blasted both the tax specialist and the agency that employs her:

"For almost a decade, this convicted criminal has lived a lie, while being promoted time and time again to better and higher-paying jobs of trust and leadership, all the time betraying the trust of the citizens, taxpayers and voters of the state of Florida."

In a separate but potentially related development, state Sen. Paula Dockery, R-Lakeland, announced Friday that she has re-filed legislation to bolster the independence of inspector general offices.

Under SB 270, the state's chief inspector general would appoint agency inspectors, and agency directors would be barred from firing agency inspectors general.

The chief inspector general would report to the Cabinet, instead of solely to the governor.

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12:00PM JUL 31ST 2012
Resigned....fired.....she was given the opportunity to resign or get fired ...that's how it works....
11:04PM JUN 20TH 2012
Hummmm, I wonder who Deb will hire in Deon's old position?
10:53PM JUN 20TH 2012
Deon was not fired. She resigned.
The boss
4:57PM JUN 15TH 2012
Looks like DOR wised up. McCrimmon was fired today.
11:11AM JUN 18TH 2012
Mary Gilkey
7:41PM NOV 4TH 2011
I'm not surprised. Hypocrisy reigns at the DOR.
8:30PM OCT 2ND 2011
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10:49PM SEP 27TH 2011
TWBofDOR - I think you may be going a bit overboard in pursuit of Deon M. What ever your opinion of her she is not the problem, only a symptom of the problem. The problem is the DOR administration and the double standard.

Tallahassee "process owners" force the field offices to implement their stupid ideas and then when they inevitably fall apart scapegoat and fire the local managers. In the field managers are fired and disposed of like used drinking cups. Yet I Tallahassee you can apparently have a criminal record, sleep on the job, not show up for work, and give jobs to unqualified friends as long as you are in the right clique.

My advice, don't focus on Deon M. Focus on management.
6:25PM SEP 27TH 2011
"factum est"
10:31AM SEP 27TH 2011
Every weeknight at approximately 9pm we get together online and go over the criminal indictment, the criminal judgement , all the comments that provided some insight into what may have happened. Something just isn't right about your pleading guilty to a federal charge of "Wire Fraud", you had to know if you plead guilty you would be immediately terminated from a $60,000 year or more job, right ? You had to know a conviction to a crime of this magnitude would seriously damage your chances of ever getting another job with any government agency , state or federal (Unless it was those morons with the Department of Revenue, that is, by the way who put you on to that job opening). Another point that doesn't make sense, if as Spencer says and we quote from his comment ( "Now the truth is that this lady did sign off on the home loan application and the amount of the monthly income was incorrect but it was enterd in incorrectly by the loan officer not Ms. McCrimmon. Her only mistake was rushing and not taking the time to read over the douments carefully and once she signed off on the loan forms it ment tht all information on the form was correct. This was an over sight on her part but the mistake was just tht a mistake.") , once again a defense attorney would have surely called the "loan officer" to the stand , "Sir/madam, did you fill out the mortgage form for Ms McCrimmon, yes or no ?" per Spencer they would have answered "YES" to that question, once again a very strong defense item here. WHY DID YOU PLEAD GUILTY TO WIRE FRAUD,DEON.
In our opinion you could have walked out with no record , no probation, no wrecked employment history, still have been making $60,000 a year or more now. Like we said at the beginning something just isn't right why you would have plead "GUILTY TO WIRE FRAUD"
Deon, your Peers and maybe the IG's Office (No we take that back) they're an iept bunch of morons still trying to find out for you who busted you on the wire fraud charge, so you can keep your job, REMEMBER YOUR PEERS, ALL THE STATE REPS, STATE SENATORS THE ATTORNEY GENERAL'S OFFICE AND A WHOLE LOT OF TAXPAYERS, BUSINESSOWNERS AND VOTERS WANT TO KNOW
7:50AM SEP 27TH 2011
The Public Information files associated with this and other news articles can be viewed or downloaded from here::

The Public Information files are::
The Criminal Indictment United States of America vs Deon McCrimmon
The Criminal Judgement United States of America vs Deon McCrimmon
Email to Executive Director Lisa Vicker
Email to members of the Florida Senate
7:54PM SEP 26TH 2011
Thank you John we stand corrected, you have a sharp eye and a keen mind. You would be an excellent choice in our opinion to replace Ms. McCrimmon, we hope you get the position ASAP.
7:42PM SEP 26TH 2011
With spelling, punctuation, syntax and grammar like this, it is perhaps wise that none of you “never proached (sic) the entrance way of a DOR building.”
6:05PM SEP 26TH 2011
In our last post the, statement, "Florida has a "AntiSlapp law to stop just such aggregation lawsuits from being filed, it is no longer open season on "Free Speech". should have read "Florida has a "AntiSlapp law to stop just such aggravation lawsuits from being filed, it is no longer open season on "Free Speech"
9:59AM SEP 26TH 2011
Great to be back at the PC and online, two of the families met in Orlando over the weekend , while the other one stayed behind to watch FSU running into a buzzsaw at Clemson "Nasty" , she and the grandkids should have driven down to Orlando instead.

Unless you have been living under a rock or are a total moron, you have figured out TWB is a group effort and I mean a big group effort.
Lots of input, opinions and comments before we ever post a comment. And thanks to Go to Meeting we share live almost everything we do here. The son of one of us is one of them there "Shyster Lawyer" types "Shyster must pay good, he drives a car that cost more than my first house, and his wife's is even bigger". Back to our story, while we were Mickey Mouse'ing , he was reviewing all of the comments for anything that was deflamatory, or those other things. When he got to Venom's, comments he started laughing "This person has been watching way to much TV. " his words not ours. At the end of his review, "Tell Mr. Venom to let the lawyers do their job and he to do his, he doesn't know what he is talking about, Florida has a "AntiSlapp law to stop just such aggregation lawsuits from being filed, it is no longer open season on "Free Speech" , a plaintiff has to strongly prove their case and it gets very hard when the plaintiff is a public official as everyone in the comments is without a doubt and if they lose or the case gets thrown out of court even before a trial the plaintiff must the pay the defendants lawyer and court cost and the defendant can counter sue for damages. Any plaintiff especially if they are a public official is therefore well advised to consider if there is any profit in pursuing a case. Sorry Venom ya been busted..
9:55PM SEP 25TH 2011
John , John , John stop you are embarrassing yourself in front of your friends, colleagues and peers. Didn't your teachers and instructors tell you to read all the instructors and information before starting any test.

John, we hate to embarrass you like this but , you opened yourself up
to ridicule . We direct you to our post of 8:52AM SEP 23
and 8:28AM SEP 23 . John none of us work for DOR, now. And the one
that did left while DOR still had a great Executive Director named Jim Zingale, my friend and I never proached the entrance way of a DOR building. Sorry for the takedown, but you went of halfcocked and payed the price for your ignorance and stupidy.
9:42PM SEP 25TH 2011
It is apparent that the DOR in Tallahassee is not one big happy family. The misdeeds of Deon and clique have been given enough attention. My question is why were the three of you fired. Were you bad workers that she was told to axe? Were you good workers that were innocent victims of bad management? What's the other side of the story?
7:21PM SEP 25TH 2011

We have reviewed your current application for employment.
We assume it is a contiuation of your orginial application, is that
correct ?

If so, we can find no untrue statements at this time. You did clearly state and attest that you had been arrested for and plead guilty to the crime of "Wire Fraud" , under the section heading "Background Information".

We did however find two areas of concern, of which we as employers picked up on immediately and we are not Professional Interviewers. The statement to the question noted as "Reason for Leaving" item #8 concerning your employment from 05/1992 to 06/2004 with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) we consider this statement vague, incomplete , and elusive at best or put another way we consider it to be "SPIN", we believe a Professional Interviewing Company would have picked up on this and required you to submit a written statement from the FDIC to determine exactly why you left their employment.

Since you were interviewed by inept interviews who may not have had any formal training in the interviewing process and in order to vindicate yourself in the eyes of your peers would you be willing to submit to this newspaper a notarized form to submit to the FDIC for release of your personnel records to them.. Please understand this is not a court of law , but the court of public opinion and a refusal to provide information to prove innocent or guilty is not viewed in a favorable light in our opinion.
6:19PM SEP 25TH 2011
It is sad when the powerful and their minions, quash the voices of the injured, wronged and hurt with threats of legal action. We have no fear of that for one reason, we know the facts about the filing of legal action for defamation, slander and libel and now all of those reluctant to express themselves here shall know also. The most powerful secret is the simplest to adhere to when commenting say the "TRUTH" or put another way say something that can be proven to be true. It is very important that everyone post comments here. In my opinion it is what the inept, stupid, jerks,and failures fear the most. Take back your right of "Free Speech" with the power of knowledge. We give you the key to that knowledge it is there for the taking, use it and be strong.

<< >> Get'er Done Folks , you are true patriots
11:30AM SEP 24TH 2011
Deon, we are confused about some of the facts concerning your
plea of guilt to the crime of "Wire Fraud" , please provide your
peers with answers to the below questions to better support your position.

From Spencer who we assume knows you quite well and we
quote "As some one who is close to and knows this lady for
over 20 years" and "whats not stated in this article is that
teh IRS was paid 75.000 out of her own pocket and the
otehr agreed upon 150.000 was paid off by her dad." ,
that amounts to $225,000, correct ?? and "So now don't look
like she owes uncle Sam a thing".

Our questions are , Why did you plead guilty, surely you
and your family are or were financial well off at the time
($225,000) and could afford competent legal counsel.
It appears from the many comments defending your character
that you were a pillar of the community and longtime member
of a church and loved by your friends and family, very strong
items a lawyer would bring up in court in your defense.
Also this would have been your first offense correct ?
Another strong item in your favor, an outstanding employee
of good standing, employed for (How many years with FDIC ?)
All the FBI and US Attorney had was a fax with your name on
it correct ? Deon, a first year law student could have gotten this reduced to nothing or even thrown out of court in our opinion.
Why did you plead guilty, Deon instead of face a jury of your
peers ?? Some thing just doesn't add up here in our opinion.

Bear with us one more minute and answer this question also,
"When was the lien filed by the US District Court for the Middle
District of Georgia in Macon, Ga, in Gadsden County , Fl. in
the amount of $ 24,775.00 paid off, or is this also one of those unfortunate oversights by you ?
8:52AM SEP 23RD 2011
Continuing our response to "Surprised at all the Venom" two of us own small business, we report and pay our taxes as required by law. Both sales tax and unemployment tax. Our Sales Tax ID's and filings are a small issue compared to the possible disclosure of our Federal Income Tax information and the Social Security Numbers of our employees and staff. We are very concerned that a convicted felon (wire fraud) has access to that information, will she disclose it or sell we have no idea one way or the other , do we want her viewing it absolutely not. And that is our big rub. You fix that and we will be happy, as for the injured employees, we advise them to obtain an attorney and tell their stories to a newspaper reporter , therefore becoming privileged and protect communications. Do not take their complaints to either the Office of the Inspector General or the Ombusman for DOR, we consider them puppets of DOR Management (Note who do they report to). Our opinion of Ms. McCrimmon is based on hard facts, not hearsay, friendship or personal involvement with her.
8:28AM SEP 23RD 2011
Note to "Surprised at all the Venom", thank you for your prayers.
We are doing what the the IG's Office should have done years ago, and what management should do now. Two of us never worked for the Department of Revenue , one never for the State of Florida and one retired when Dr. Zingale came on board. Need we say more, I think not. We were asked to look into this by a terminated individual, an much to our surprise and with less than 4 total hours of online work and numerous telephone calls we had all the available public information that we have made available for viewing and download. We ask for comments to support all views so a fair and honest picture can be discerned of this criminal (not our opinion but a confirmed fact)
7:14AM SEP 23RD 2011
There is a glaring lack of acknowledged support for Deon from individuals current assigned to her section/unit. We have reviewed all of the comments and can find nothing. You might assume a supporter as opposed to a detractor would be happy to publicly acknowledge their support and offer accolades to Deon, since they would undoubtly be praised for their support. To be fair we ask you to reaffirm and acknowledge your support here. Please disqualify yourself if you are a SES employee directly reporting to Deon or if you are socially or intimately involved with Deon (Trust us your peers know who you are already and will laugh you out of that building), please us paint a fair and balance view of Deon here.
5:38PM SEP 23RD 2011
Well know one want's to be laugh out the building. that would hurt to much. Just do your job and you will be just fineeee!
7:47PM SEP 22ND 2011
What happen to Deon could have happen to anyone of us that sign papers and don't read them. This is just amazing you think she shouldn't have a Job!!!!!
8:18PM SEP 22ND 2011

It's that her story and she is sticking to it that she signed papers without reading...yea, right. This lady was a bank examiner so does that means she did not review client's files before signing off on them. FDIC better review their files.
8:22PM SEP 22ND 2011
I meant to say "is that her story and she is sticking to it...."
9:36AM SEP 22ND 2011
New news article , here is the real culprit exposed not your friends or law abiding co-workers
7:52PM SEP 22ND 2011
If you have a job you should be fired!
9:09AM SEP 22ND 2011
Back off people, we , yes TWB is three, we are black, white and as she says the best of both and a little Irish thrown in for good luck. This is about a criminal and what DOR has done to damage itself with poor hiring practices and bad management. Your best friends are black or white or male or female, bigotry is not your friend every it is the Devils number one hinchman.
Surprised at all the venom
10:25PM SEP 22ND 2011
For once I agree with you. This IS about what DOR has done to damage itself with poor hiring practices and bad management - if my suspicions are correct, the three of YOU should have never been hired, much less kept on as long as you were. How many MONTHS of absences, how much leave without pay, how many call outs, how much of your assigned work was left undone or dumped for MONTHS OR YEARS on those faithful employees that actually showed up? How many taxpayer calls didn't get answered, how many responses or actions were delayed becuase you rarely showed up to work or didn't work when you were there? Have you been bounced from one agency to another in an effort to remedy your lack of productivity? Bad management indeed...if one of you was a Pollyanna manager and turned your head for years rather than get rid of the bad apples because you were more interested in being liked than effective, then YOU caused the problem. If you have ever had to reimburse the state for salary you didn't show up to earn, YOU caused the problem. Maybe YOU were caught too many times on the internet shopping, watching illegal or unreleased movies, loafing, or generally doing all YOU can not to assist the taxpayers. You know what you did, and you are bitter that someone had the nerve to call you on it. But YOU caused it. YOU. I'm sure it is all there in your personnel records for the public and any honest, concientious reporter to see. Take responsibility, move on, get a new job, show up, and do some good work somewhere. You've done the taxpayers wrong by not being the best public employee you could be, and then you smeared some very good people here. Hang the henchman, I suspect that at least one of you is a very close friend of the Devil. I earnestly pray on your behalf that God will forgive you for your actions and false witness, and that He may bring you healing, peace, and acceptance of your own part in this.
10:36PM SEP 21ST 2011
If she was white, she'd be gone!
8:31AM SEP 22ND 2011
I completely agree!!!!!!!!!! DOR is afaird to touch those that could possibly pull the discrimination act against them!!!!
8:05AM SEP 22ND 2011
Race and Gender
1:15AM SEP 28TH 2011
Oh come on, someone just told me about this article and I guessed without any information the subject was black. The race card is being thrown in here, if this berson was white there would have been a huge investigation and people would have been terminated. This person is a common criminal and needs to be let go. The people who hired her should be investigated for conspiracy. Does Ms. Deon have a parking spot labeled "Felon Parking Only" in the DOR parking lot?
Concerned citizen
8:18PM SEP 21ST 2011
I have a friend that actually woks there at the department of revenue. She say the place is one big circus. There is even a guy working there by the name Dorian that has his own check cashing service right there in the building. I mean really how much other illegal stuff is going on in the building where taxes are being collected? Where is management when all this is going on? Why do the people that work there not speaking up?? Something is very wrong with this picture!
7:58PM SEP 22ND 2011
If you don't work there how do you know what's going on....
7:11PM SEP 21ST 2011
Not sure who posted the last comment however they know something. They were clearing big money accounts and pocketing money from big companies. Deon McCrimmon was over the consolidated unit that handles those big money accounts. Her flunky that worked in the unit under was the actual individual clearing the accounts. She was able to do so because Lee Lyons gave her his login information which came with more authority than she was capable of having. He lied and claimed he didnt know how she obtain it but he gave it to her. Deon McCrimmon would turn her head and let it go on. There is more to this story but whats done in the dark always comes to the light.
7:13PM SEP 21ST 2011
The flunky was Deon Williams
6:57PM SEP 21ST 2011
She was able to slip through the cracks thanks to Lee Lyons. He hired her so when she relocated to from Georgia to Florida so did her probation. Guess who her probation officer had to speak with when he called to verify her employment? You guessed it Lee Lyons!!! Lee Lyons, Deon McCrimmon and Deon Williams and Frank Medehue were all apart of somethig more elaborate than just hiring and firing people. The department wide audit determine ALOT!!!! Frank is currently not in the country. Deon Williams is running to Atlanta, Lee is just simply scared and not how to lie his way out of this and poor Deon was just a train wreck waiting to happen. This is what happens when the high ups only pay attention to the numbers.
2:59PM SEP 21ST 2011
You know the application does state that a criminal record doesn't barr anybody from being hired. You just have to be truthful about what happened. How do we know that's not the case here? I've worked with Deon for along time and she's a very hard worker. I don't think she violated the trust of the taxpayer's by disclosing information or by cheating the state. As for all of the others named, they aren't schemers or liars either. It doesn't take a college degree to be a manager. Work experience can take the place of the degree. Folks, look at the job requirements. These folks take every precaution in screening applications carefully. As for the folks that were fired. Prove your case!!!
wish you knew
1:23PM SEP 21ST 2011
Well as speaking as someone who has known and has a close family member that has felt the wrath of your angel so to speak....I TOTALLY Disagree. Its no secret who has helped her and who she has helped out in her time at DOR. So maybe you need to find out a little more info before you start praising her.
7:25PM SEP 22ND 2011
I wish you knew something. But you don't....
One of Those Deon Got Fired
1:08PM SEP 21ST 2011
Let me see if I understand the last commenter, we are to believe a biased friend and confident of Deon instead of the US District Attorney's Office , the FBI and their special agents trained to investigate financial crimes. I tell you what I will change my mind when Deon gets my job back for me and says she lied on my dismissal papers. You are a real joke mister.
6:39PM SEP 22ND 2011
Know one lied on you. You should have been fired long before Deon got there......
12:02PM SEP 21ST 2011
Let me first say this. This young lady my be many things but a crook nor is she a schemer. The person or persons who had nothing better to do with their time but to attempt to embarrasse and cause trouble for Ms. McCrimmon is one of the most honest and upstanding people you could ever meet. The problem is very simple and its not a case of defrauding anyone. Well not intenionally. So many time we are quick to judge people when in fact we should know the whole complete story before placing people on the chopping block. We can often see the small errors in the lives of other but are so blinded by the big blunders in our own life. As some one who is close to and knows this lady for over 20 years she has never not once done anything to scheme or be dishonest. Now lets look at teh facts according the person or person responsible for this reporting this old news. If I make 5.000 a month that allows me to moved into any home I want to move into. If my yearly take home is over 80.000 and I have investments and other property which bring in another 100.000 or more a year why would I have to lie on a home loan for an average home. Now the truth is that this lady did sign off on the home loan application and the amount of the monthly income was incorrect but it was enterd in incorrectly by the loan officer not Ms. McCrimmon. Her only mistake was rushing and not taking the time to read over the douments carefully and once she signed off on the loan forms it ment tht all information on the form was correct. This was an over sight on her part but the mistake was just tht a mistake. As any of us know the more you make the more uncle Sam will take and so yes her taxes was high and got out of control which lead to oweing the 200.000 in taxes. When you owe that much in taxes who would not try to come to an agreement to lower it. whats not stated in this article is that teh IRS was paid 75.000 out of her own pocket and the otehr agreed upon 150.000 was paid off by her dad. So now don't look like she owes uncle Sam a thing. As for the job. Ms. McCrimmon applied for and was interview and put through the same hiring process as anyone else and at the time she was hired in she knew not one person who had to do the hiring process. Oh I forgot she did know teh y head CEO GOD! Ms. McCrimmon was up front and honest about her legal situation al all times when she was hired and whenever it come up during any pomotions she may have recied she was open and honest about it all all who had a need to know. This article should be one to make us angry but not because of anything Ms McCrimmon did but our anger should be toward the ANONYMOUS person or persons who thought it was their business or your right to bring this past old news out when in fact teh powers to be already knew. Yes this angers me that we live in a world where someone would be so low as to try to cause problems for a person just doing her job and may I add I am sure her work record will speak for itself which will trump any stone you can toss. To you the owners of this mess I say you go terminated for not doing the jobs you was being paid to do and to those of you currently still working but who also had a hand in this. the time has come for you to get yours and being moved from department to department becasue of your inability to provide good work or becasue you are always calling out, Dont blame Ms. McCrimmon her job and terminating you. You termed yourself and to all of you who wish to pas judgement before you know the facts. If your currently unemployed you should be trying to apply for the person and persons who was so hell bent on giving false statements that they ask for anonymity. Apply for their jobs.
Excuse Me
10:25PM SEP 21ST 2011
Well, if Dorian wrote this, he can spell- he's just too lazy! Hired as a manager out of college - demoted - placed in mgr position again - demoted due to harressment charges - continually walks around talking when he isn't sleeping or watching movies. Who's his uncle? We know who his sweetheart is!
10:19PM SEP 21ST 2011

Good job explaining your side!
Excuse Me
10:32PM SEP 21ST 2011
Author may be her - or Lee. Their ignorance does come out in their typing! Those 'teh' tell the tale.
Not stupid
2:28PM SEP 21ST 2011
How you gonna put in your note about these people and then you gonna post without your name as well? If you really believed those things about Deon you wouldn't mind posting who you are and your full name!

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