George LeMieux Names Brian Seitchik Campaign Manager

Veteran California political operative briefly helped Marco Rubio in 2009
By: Kevin Derby | Posted: June 2, 2011 3:55 AM

George LeMieux and Brian Seitchik

George LeMieux and Brian Seitchik

Former U.S. Sen. George LeMieux, who is looking to return to the U.S. Senate by defeating Democratic incumbent Bill Nelson in 2012, has selected Brian Seitchik to be his campaign manager. LeMieux is facing a potentially crowded field of rivals for the Republican nomination, including state Senate President Mike Haridopolos, former state House Majority Leader Adam Hasner, and businessman and retired Army officer Mike McCalister.

While Seitchik’s experience has been mostly out West, he does have some ties to campaigns in Florida, having briefly served as Marco Rubio’s campaign manager during 2009 when then-unknown former state House Speaker Rubio was battling LeMieux’s old boss, Charlie Crist, for the Republican nomination in the U.S. Senate race. Seitchik left the Rubio campaign during a staff shakeup in July 2009 -- more than a year before Rubio went on to win the Republican nomination.

Seitchik has been very active in California, serving as a spokesman for the Republican Party in the nation’s largest state and working for then-state Insurance Commissioner Steve Ponzier’s bid for the U.S. Senate, and serving as both a campaign manager and a spokesman for U.S. Rep. Dan Lungren. Seitchik also worked for conservative Bill Simon’s gubernatorial bid back in 2002 and handled communications for U.S. Sen. Mike DeWine, R-Ohio, in his unsuccessful bid for a third term back in 2006. He also led Danny Tarkanian's bid to win the Republican nomination in Nevada to challenge Democratic Senate Leader Harry Reid -- which came up short against tea party favorite Sharon Angle.

“I will be George’s campaign manager,” noted Seitchik in an e-mail sent out to supporters on Tuesday. “I’m grateful for the confidence and trust he has placed in me; this is an important race for Florida and the future of our nation. We all know that the federal government must get her fiscal house in order, and to do that, we must remove the big spenders like Bill Nelson from the United States Senate.”

Seitchik stressed that his new boss was a conservative, and hinted that the rest of the field cannot make the same claim.

“George is the only candidate in the race that never voted for a tax increase or requested an earmark, and the only candidate with a plan to balance the budget, his 2007 solution,” added Seitchik. “I’m a Republican because I believe in fiscal responsibility and have a fundamental belief that less government means better, more efficient government. I'm supporting George because he is a proven conservative leader who understands this principle and his voting record in the United States Senate strongly reflected those values.”

Seitchik closed by stressing the importance of the Sunshine State in 2012.

“It’s no secret that all eyes will be on Florida’s 29 electoral votes next November and our eventual GOP nominee will need a strong ticket with a helpful campaign infrastructure,“ wrote Seitchik. “And that’s why the LeMieux campaign is building a robust grass-roots network across Florida. George has already visited numerous counties and GOP clubs across the state.”

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9:51AM JUN 2ND 2011
With Mike Haridopolos quickly tanking, George LeMieux will pick up some steam. Mike McCalister, nice guy, but will never come close to raising enough money. In the end it will probably be Adam Hasner edging out LeMieux for the Republican nomination. Haridopolos should do the right thing and drop out now so the Republican Party can save their resources for the general election. Wait a minute, Mike Haridopolos do the right thing? The RPOF should...

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