Get Ready, Pinellas, David Jolly and Alex Sink Are Firing up Your TV Screens

By: Kevin Derby | Posted: February 8, 2014 3:55 AM
David Jolly and Alex Sink

David Jolly and Alex Sink

Pinellas County viewers can expect to be inundated with new television commercials as Republican David Jolly and former state CFO Alex Sink, a Democrat turn up the heat on an already sizzling special election race. The two candidates and Libertarian Lucas Overby meet in the March 11 special election for the congressional seat left vacant by the death of longtime U.S. Rep. Bill Young, R-Fla.

Jolly unveiled an ad Friday that attacks Sink, using clips from their debate earlier in the week to indict her with her own words. In the clips in the commercial, Sink says she does not back a federal balanced budget amendment, while Jolly says he does. The ad also features Jolly saying he will vote to cut government spending.

“Alex Sink made it clear to Pinellas County families that she wants more government spending and she doesn’t think politicians in Washington should balance our nation’s budget, and that is just wrong,” said Sarah Bascom, a spokeswoman for Jolly, on Friday. “The business community is strongly backing David Jolly’s campaign for Congress because he believes we need to create an environment where small businesses can flourish right here in Pinellas. Business communities – large and small – have made it very clear that David Jolly’s pro-jobs agenda is what Pinellas County families and businesses need over Sink’s hopes of going to Washington and pushing the extreme Obama-Pelosi agenda, which is already destroying jobs in Pinellas.”

Sink also has a new commercial out, hitting Jolly for being a lobbyist and in which she weighs in on President Barack Obama’s federal health-care law, saying she wants to reform it and not repeal it.

“We can’t go back to letting insurance companies do whatever they want," Sink says in the ad. “Instead of repealing the health care law, we want to keep what’s right and improve what’s wrong.”

Sink’s commercial drew the fire of the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) which has been trying to link her to the health care law which polls poorly in Florida.

“Alex Sink is so desperate to cover up her support of Obamacare and its $716 billion cuts to Medicare that she’s willing to lie to voters on TV,” said Katie Prill, a spokeswoman for the NRCC, on Friday. “Pinellas families deserve to know that Alex Sink supports Obamacare which is already hurting seniors right here in Florida.”

In the meantime, Sink tried to shore up her support with the business community on Friday as she launched “Pinellas Small Businesses For Alex” which includes more than 40 small-business owners backing her campaign. Earlier in the week, the National Federation for Independent Business (NFIB), which represents small businesses, endorsed Jolly through their PAC.

“Alex Sink’s private-sector experience and her passion for helping entrepreneurs grow our economy makes her the perfect voice to represent Pinellas small businesses in Washington,”said Mary Jean Bonfili, owner of the El Cap Restaurant in St. Petersburg, on Friday. “Small businesses are truly the engine that drives our economic growth, but we need a bipartisan problem solver like Alex Sink who will bring folks together to break the gridlock in Congress that is holding our economy back. We are proud to endorse Alex, and confident that she will be a strong and effective partner helping Pinellas small businesses create more, good paying jobs.”

“Growing Pinellas’ economy for middle class families is both my top priority and my passion – and as a businesswoman I know firsthand that the most effective way to grow jobs is empowering our local small businesses,” said Sink. “To create the right environment for economic growth we need to make smart investments and cut wasteful spending – but most importantly, stop the useless partisan finger-pointing in Congress that is delivering self-inflicted wounds our economy cannot afford. I am honored to receive the endorsement of over 40 Pinellas small businesses, and I pledge to take the voices of our local companies, entrepreneurs and workers to Washington.”


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Comments (6)

10:54AM FEB 11TH 2014
It is difficult to wade throught the mud being slung and actually understand the candidate's position on the issues. Politics seems to be 80% demeaning your opponent and 20% of actually getting to the point. I would vote for the person who ignored the mud and just talked to their position on the issues. I would had the utmost respect for that person.
7:01PM FEB 8TH 2014
I would be voting for the guy who won the debate. Lucas Overby! Mr. Overby was the only candidate who seemed to really want to represent the people. The other two, well, they looked like kids insulting each other, and neither one had a plan that is good for the district.
Brian Maday
12:19PM FEB 8TH 2014
"Lobbyist" is a job. Jolly was good at it. he represented his clients' point of view. If he gets elected, WE, THE PEOPLE will be his client, and he'll do his best for us.

Alex really has nothing to prove. She'll represent HERSELF.
C Hulit
7:34PM FEB 8TH 2014
Lobbyists fight for the CORPORATIONS that pay them money. We don't need more reps for corporations in Congress, we need reps that will work for the people. Alex Sink is for the people, Jolly is for the corporations and their billionaire managers.
Pamela McAloon
12:04PM FEB 9TH 2014
David Jolly lobbied for "Jessica's Law" and he did it pro bono. I believe we all know the nuts and bolts of Jessica's law and the heartbreak and tragedy that led to the law itself. Mark Lunsford, Jessica's father, endorses David Jolly for being instrumental in getting the law passed in our state.
9:32AM FEB 9TH 2014
Sure she's for the people. That's why she's running in a district in which she doesn't live. If she wanted to change the tone in Washington, she'd run in her home district but there is an incumbent Republican in that district. Saying Jolly is a tool of corporations indicates you're source for info is Sink and DNC ads. The guy has lobbied mostly for small and medium businesses in PINELLAS, and Jessica's Law without fee because it was the right thing to do. And despite he claims that lobbyists are what's wrong with Washington, Sink has no problem taking money from them. As long as they are "her lobbyists" they're fine. She was challenged in the last debate to turn back all money from lobbyists and refused to answer. Of course, she won't agree to another debate (despite a so-called desire to get to know her district) because she doesn't want to answer those questions. She wouldn't even commit to answering a moderator question if she would live in the district whether she won or lost after the election. She's either planning to live in thonotosassa or DC but never in the district. She even confirmed that in her interview with Keith Cate. She's about adding a vote for te Democratic Party. Her campaign has nothing to do with the people.

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