GOP targets Alex Sink's Obamacare Gaffe; David Jolly Hit on Social Security

By: Kevin Derby | Posted: February 15, 2014 3:55 AM
David Jolly and Alex Sink

David Jolly and Alex Sink

With less than a month to go until the special election, the attacks intensified on Friday as Democrats and Republicans battle for an open congressional seat in a swing district.

Republicans pounced on Friday over a comment made by former state CFO Alex Sink which will air Sunday on the Tampa Bay Times‘ “Political Connections.” Sink is the Democratic candidate in a special election being held for an open congressional seat in Pinellas County. She faces Republican David Jolly and Libertarian Lucas Overby in the March 11 election.

Asked about a report from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) that fewer Americans would be in the workforce due to President Barack Obama’s federal health-care law, Sink insisted the increase of part-time workers as full-time employees lost hours due to the law, offered “more freedom” and “more choice” and even called it an “exciting prospect.”

Jolly weighed in on Sink‘s remarks on Friday. “Alex Sink’s comment that it is an ‘exciting prospect’ for Obamacare to cost our economy more than 2 million jobs is tone deaf and out-of-touch,” Jolly said. “First, she embraces this dysfunctional law that is hurting Pinellas families and seniors, and now she says that its impact, which is costing jobs, is an ‘exciting prospect.’

“I would like Alex Sink to explain her comments to the hard-working people of Pinellas, who go to work every day to provide for their families,” Jolly added. “Obamacare costing our economy jobs is not ‘exciting,’ Alex. It is detrimental to economic growth and hurts Pinellas families. This is further proof that Alex Sink will put Obama and Pelosi’s talking points and agenda ahead of what is best for Pinellas.”

Katie Prill, a spokeswoman for the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), also quickly went on the attack.

“Alex Sink is out-of-touch with Pinellas families if she thinks costing our economy over 2 million jobs is an ‘exciting prospect.’ The last thing Pinellas County needs in Congress is a career politician who will stand with Nancy Pelosi to protect Obamacare while it hurts seniors, middle class families and costs us jobs,” said Prill on Friday.

Other groups in Jolly’s corner, including the American Action Network, also highlighted Sink’s comment.

But Sink supporters continued firing away at Jolly on Friday over Social Security. Democratic super-PAC House Majority PAC released a second TV ad on the subject on Friday. The new ad features the Snedeker family, two retirees from Largo, attacking Jolly for lobbying for a group that seeks private-sector solutions to Social Security. House Majority PAC doubled down on its attacks on Jolly, announcing the group is spending $750,000 to run its ads for two weeks.

“As someone who lobbied for a right-wing group that backed a plan to privatize Social Security – reducing benefits and eliminating the program’s guarantee, according to the nonpartisan AARP – it’s obvious David Jolly is out of touch with the needs of Pinellas County,” said Andy Stone, a spokesman for House Majority PAC. “Jolly’s plan to risk benefits on Wall Street would have real consequences. That’s something the Snedekers, who lost 40 percent of their savings when the stock market crashed, know all too well.”

Earlier in the week, Jolly’s camp called a foul on House Majority PAC for citing the AARP in the first ad. House Majority PAC stressed to Sunshine State News on Friday that while AARP did not consult on the ad, the group did not question the veracity of the ad’s claims.

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1:50PM MAR 5TH 2014
When all one does is "attack," I cannot trust them. I'll trust the one who wants to set the record straight. Radicals, and their supporters - like Alex Sink, only want to cause destruction, and lie if needed to do it, and they don't give a damn about "The People!" David Jolly may have been a lobbiest, but if he's honest he's the one I'll support. Obama was (still is) a Community Organizer, and what is that but a paid Con Man. And he's still fleecing the people, only now he's affecting every last man, woman, child, AND all of our descendents! Keep all of the radicals, muslim extremists, communists, socialists, and all of their supporters, OUT OF GOV'T!
3:56PM FEB 18TH 2014
What shoddy journalism. In what way is Alex Sink's comment a "gaffe?" The only gaffe here is your poor-excuse-for-a journalist Kevin Derby's inability or refusal to call out Jolly and the GOP's deliberate distortion of what Alex Sink said. This kind of incompetence would have gotten me suspended from my high school newspaper. What's SSN's excuse?
Polly Briley
10:58AM FEB 18TH 2014
So Jolly and the GOP tie people down to bad jobs because ... ? Without health insurance so many folks must stay in a bad work environment to survive. I guess the GOP and Jolly are now the anti-small business party, the anti-retirement party, the pro-work until you die party, the anti- growth party, pretty much the anti-people party.

This news organization needs to write a complete article explaining how this was a gaffe when the Congressional Budget Office said the exact same thing. Perhaps a front page correction is more than needed.
Vox Clams
8:48PM FEB 16TH 2014
The Democrats who passed Obamacare (with nary a Republican vote) promised: a) those who like their insurance would be able to keep it; b) health insurance premiums would go down; c) the legislation would not cost the federal government a nickel and d) more people would end up with health insurance.

Each of these four promises were false. Health insurance premiums are skyrocketing. More people are losing their insurance than are gaining new insurance. And the estimated cost to the government now stands at $1 trillion and rising. Not to mention how many jobs already have been lost (hence the executive decreed delay in the employer mandate).

If you like Obamacare, and want to keep it, vote for Sink.

If you think that Obamacare needs to be repealed and replaced (with something that is based on something other than a pack of lies such as the Hatch-Coburn-Burr plan described by Forbes as "the-most-credible-plan-yet-to-repeal-and-replace-obamacare") then vote for Jolly and anyone else with an R beside their name on the ballot.

This election is a referendum on Obamacare; vote now or forever hold your peace.
3:46AM FEB 17TH 2014
PPACA/Obamacare is largely based on both the Heritage Foundation late 1980's plan and Massachussetts Romneycare with significant improvements. I will grant Romnycare should not be named after the biggest liar in modern American poliyics.
As to A), the President should have never stated that as an absolute but should have made plain it was conditional and also noted that in any given year 1/3 of people lose or change health insurance because their employer has changed plans or the insurance company has changed options as well as up to 1/3 of the individual insurance plans being lapsed for a variety of reasons.
B)The preminums have either gone down or had much smaller increases than has been typical. Again , proper context and nuance, things the American public in general and Conservatives in particular have difficulty understanding.
C) PPACA?Obamacare is still projecting to reduce the National Debt.
D)Millio0ns more have ended up with health insurance and 10's of millions more will.
Lastly there is no Republican plan to actually benefit the American people. None.
6:43PM FEB 15TH 2014
So the Republicans will pounce on Sink stating the actual facts in their proper context while continuing the standard Republican practice of outright lies and fearmongering. Senator Cruz occasionally tells the truth, albeit unintended, as when he said the Republicans lie all the time. Fact is they do. I hope folks are catching on.
12:28AM FEB 16TH 2014
How is it a lie that Sink ducks debates, cancels when she can schedule a fundraiser instead, and avoids talking to anyone unless it's a scripted commercial. She's running this campaign with nothing more than name recognition and attack ads. While she rented a condo in Feathersound, she won't commit to living here, win or lose, post election. She has also not relinquished her homestead exemption in thonotosassa

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