Jim Greer No-Shows His Scheduled Radio Interview: Why Would He Do That?

By: Nancy Smith | Posted: July 9, 2014 3:55 AM
Jim Greer and Peter Golenbock

Jim Greer and Peter Golenbock

Jim Greer, expected to conduct his first live radio interview since he was sentenced to 15 months in prison, mysteriously failed to show Tuesday night.

The empty chair left program host Leslie Wimes of Women on the Move to reshuffle her questions for the one guest left, Greer's biographer Peter Golenbock.

The mystery is in Greer's sudden change of plans. They make no sense.

Wimes said she spoke to Greer, former chairman of the Republican Party of Florida, on Monday. He sounded in good spirits, had ideas for questions she might ask and was looking forward to chatting about Crist on the "Let's Talk Live" show.

That's clue No. 1 that something's fishier than my Uncle Joe's oyster house. 

Began Golenbock, "Jim is really very sorry and hopes everybody will understand, but he is distraught and just wants time to himself, time to go off and be with his family for a couple of weeks. Remember, he only got out three or four days ago."

Why didn't Greer deliver the cancellation news to show host Wimes personally? Greer and Wimes have each other's telephone numbers.

Charlie Crist and Jim Greer

Charlie Crist and Jim Greer

Clue No. 2 is Golenbock's attempt throughout the 60-minute interview to tilt the conversation away from Charlie Crist and at Republican Gov. Rick Scott instead.

Wimes and co-host Kathy Scott (no relation to the governor)  wanted to talk about Crist, the most pivotal figure besides Greer in the Greer biography "The Chairman." It was Golenbock's book. It should have been a piece of cake.

Nevertheless, the author, an affirmed Democrat, spent much of the hour pardoning Charlie Crist -- no, not really pardoning, but painting him as "the lesser of two evils," the bigger evil being Rick Scott. In fact, when Kathy Scott pointed out that "the lesser evil" is still an evil, Golenbock said dismissively, "This is the reality of politics today."

When Kathy Scott said she was amazed that Crist "hasn't got one sliver of Democrat in him," yet African-Americans favor him, Golenbock said, "Well, I hope so, the Republicans put the bones in Obama's nose."

Throughout the program Wimes produced a laundry list of Crist's indiscretions, all documented in "The Chairman." To which the book's author replied, "Well, Charlie Crist has done some dishonest things, clearly he has. But while Scott was president of this health care company (HCA), he stole $1.6 billion from the federal government and when they asked him about it, he pleaded the Fifth (Amendment) 75 times."

Wimes stopped him there. "Wait a minute, that's not right," she said. "I keep hearing that and it's wrong. When Rick Scott took the Fifth 75 times it was in an entirely separate case." (Golenbock wanted proof and here it is, in a PolitiFact Florida report from October 2010.)

Poor Leslie Wimes. It reminded me of the game "pin the tail on the donkey" -- as if Golenbock were a blindfolded kid at a birthday party, staggering off course to get attention from the other kids, leaving Wimes each time to go get him and turn him back around.

With Crist's shadowy past, his wrong fit and so much bad mojo circling him, the women asked, why not former state Sen. Nan Rich?

Replied Golenbock, "Charlie, for all his faults, has a presence. He lights up a room. ... He's been doing it for years. He's probably the second most famous person in Florida today. Nan is a lovely person but ... this is the race as it exists."

Strange point of view, I thought, for a man who claims to care a great deal for Greer -- the man Charlie Crist screwed like a shoulder bolt, who personifies all the qualities in a politician Golenbock abhors. The race "as it exists" offers Democrats a choice.

But what the author is saying is, in spite of all his condemnations of a lack of decency in politics today, particularly among Republicans, decency won't cut it for the Dems this year.

When prompted, Golenbock talked about some of the juicier aspects of Greer's tenure as RPOF chairman -- for instance, George LeMieux as "the master," who made Charlie's problems go away; Charlie's ability to keep Greer from resigning earlier by playing on his loyalty ("You can't leave, because if you leave, they'll be coming after me next"); and the names and number of people who knew Charlie lied under oath when he said he had no knowledge of Victory Strategies.

Nevertheless, the author revealed nothing that isn't in the 400-page book.

It's patently obvious what happened here Tuesday night. Greer and Golenbock were "got at." 

As crazy as it sounds, somebody intimidated or blackmailed or bribed Greer to lay low for "a couple of weeks." I would bet my paycheck on it. Why a couple of weeks, I don't know. What I do know is, it's in neither party's interest to hear a man who speaks believably talking in public about things that could turn elections or ruin powerful politicians.

And Golenbock? Isn't it obvious his party pressured him into going easy on Charlie Crist? He wrote a book that did otherwise. But the way around discussing the book in damaging detail was to do exactly what he did: Change the subject. Deflect criticism. Attack Republicans generally. Go after Rick Scott -- always a winner with a largely Democratic audience.

Golenbock was caught between soft-peddling Charlie Crist and maintaining what sounded to me Tuesday night like genuine loyalty to Greer ("Jim Greer is a lovely man" and "I believe every word" in Greer's book). But he did what he had to do. What's another cover-up in this bizarre story of politics in the Sunshine State?

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Comments (9)

2:27PM JUL 9TH 2014
I see there are no real journalist involved here. More like Fox Noise.

“Wimes and co-host Kathy Scott...wanted to talk about Crist…” “Throughout the program Wimes produced a laundry list of Crist's indiscretions…”

Isn’t it obvious why Greer changed his mind? He got wind this was going to be an ambush, not about him but to get at Crist.

“When Kathy Scott said she was amazed that Crist "hasn't got one sliver of Democrat in him," yet African-Americans favor him, Golenbock said, ‘Well, I hope so, the Republicans put the bones in Obama's nose.’”

WOW! What an extremist racist statement – “bones in Obama’s nose.” I am surprised SSN's editors let that through.

And just what does Obama have to do with whether Crist has Democrat in him?

In fact, Crist does have compassion you certainly don't find in current Republican leadership, including Rick Scott. Here is the likely reason blacks like Crist, if Kathy Scott’s statement is even true: Crist acted to protect voting rights by extending voting during an election with long lines. He also restored rights to over 30,000 EX—felons who had paid their dues to society. Often t is black men who are unjustly treated by the justice system.

"Wimes stopped him there. 'Wait a minute, that's not right...I keep hearing that and it's wrong. When Rick Scott took the Fifth 75 times it was in an entirely separate case.'"

And what is your point, Ms Wimes? Pleading the 5th 75 times in this care or that – still equates to Scott having knowledge that would incriminate himself in illegal activity.

“With Crist's shadowy past...”

Crist has not been perfect by any means, but referring to the man’s entire history as “shadowy” is absurd and grossly inaccurate.

“As crazy as it sounds, somebody intimidated or blackmailed or bribed Greer to lay low for 'a couple of weeks.' I would bet my paycheck on it...What's another cover-up.'”

Are you sure this interview did not take place on Fox noise because the hosts here sure act like Fox provocateurs, trying to make something nefarious with no evidence.
Kathy Scott
10:58PM JUL 9TH 2014

The purpose of the interview was to talk about Peter Golenbock's book, The Chairman, referring to Greer (the Chairman) going to jail because Crist claimed that Victory Strategies was set up without his knowledge. Had Crist said otherwise, Greer would not have gone to jail, according to the book (I'm not a lawyer). In fact, Golenbock is a Democrat and Leslie asked him at the beginning why The Chairman was released now since it would not be good (except in politics) to reveal all that went on in the party that eventually led to Greer's incarceration. So, it was never going to be an "ambush."

I actually didn't think that Golenbock was easy on Crist in the interview. I didn't get the impression that he was trying to make him sound good, even when he said "he lights up a room." Take a look at the politicians you have on either side. Crist "lights up a room" because he's confident. Who else can sway an entire state into believing he's a Democrat without ever espousing one single core principle of the party. Diane, you lash out at "Fox Noise," but Florida is the poster child for liberal absurdity. The entire "conservative" Republican party has taken over the Democratic Party and plan to nominate Crist against Scott the Tea Party candidate and not one Democrat has seen through the fact that the emperor is not wearing any clothes. Every single Conservative Republican is sitting in their war rooms laughing at the Democratic Party of Florida for letting the Conservative Republicans take over their party and put up their candidate. For the record, I am a Republican and I'm still registered as such, but I consider myself an independent. Thanks for listening.

Kathy Scott
5:09PM JUL 9TH 2014
Diane, sounds like you and NSNBC have a lot in common. Tell us please, you have a pair of Mellisa Harris Tampon earrings and wear them with pride. Ha Ha Ha.
3:40PM JUL 9TH 2014
Stay right there in Lalaland, Diane. Anybody who believes Crist restored felons rights will believe anything. Sunshine News got it right, Greer was pressured to stay away. I even know who did the pressuring. Call me Nancy Smith and I will tell you. Your doctor knows who I am----reach me thru him.
loose lips sink ships
10:28AM JUL 9TH 2014
When Jim Greer and Charlie Crist was living the large life and partying with the best of them, they had the support of Mel Sembler, the Republican money man, who has even been know to buy a Democrat when he has too.

Anyone who fails to realize that Mel Sembler is the man who when he tells a politician to jump they first ask him how high?

Sembler and his perverted friends and connections have literally destroyed the lives of thousands of children in the USA. One such Sembler friend, partner and associate is Donald S. Brown – Bridges of America Florida Department of Corrections millions of dollars vendor. Brown and his friend Lake Sheriff Gary Borders ran the house of horrors in Lake County called Green isle Ranch. The scene of untold numbers of sexual abuse against the boys always covered up by this sheriff and his friends!

Jim Greer spent his last year at the Bridges half way house in Orlando, selling recliners was his day job and writing his so called tell all book was the sideline. Probably a demand may be Sembler to destroy his old former close friend and ally Charlie Crist, who father blames Sembler for his son's perverted lifestyle from days in the SEED with Brent Sembler!

As we all know Mel Sembler has already had Rick Scott at his home for his money raising sabbatical this year. It appears the long standing love affair between the Semblers, Mel and son Brent with Charlie Crist is over. And, there’s nothing colder than ashes after the fire goes out! As the old mobsters use to say “I’m going to offer you a deal you can’t refuse!” And, they did! Neither Jim Greer or Charlie Crist will ever come forth and tell the truth about what they know about the greatest organized child abuse organizations ever in the United States and abroad.

Melvin Sembler, a real estate magnate and strip-mall developer, earned his fortune as chairman of the Sembler Company, a Florida-based real estate company. Mel and Betty Sembler had a son in The SEED. When it closed Mel, Betty and some other SEED parents formed their own SEED-like program in 1978 which they called Straight, Inc. Straight was quickly accused of criminal child abuse by Florida's licensing and investigating agency the Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services (HRS). Bob Marshall, the principal investigator for HRS was fired and thus further investigation was halted. There is sound evidence that the HRS report was covered up. One of the Straight Inc victims, Jerry Vancil who testified disappeared, and has never been seen or heard from since--dead or alive. Melvin Sembler responded to the allegations of child abuse by replacing Straight’s clinical director Jim Hartz with Miller Newton.
2:37PM JUL 9TH 2014
Well, year that makes sense - Greer participated in perverted activities because he stayed at the halfway house that was set up by a program created by this guy Sembler decades ago. I wonder if anything else in this expose makes any more sense.
Tom Bryson
10:24AM JUL 9TH 2014
Golenbock says Charlie is the "lesser of two evils". In a battle of evils, the greater evil will win every time. Republicans vote. Republican loyalty to Republican candidates is legend. Republicans detest Charlie Crist. Off year elections are low turnout elections especially for Democrats. Choosing between the lesser of two evils depresses turnout especially for Democrats. Democrats doubt Charlie's sincerity especially since he refuses to debate.

Rick Scott, Jim Greer and Charlie Crist are all Republican's. The Florida Democratic Party is operated by third way Democrats. Rick, Jim, Charlie and the FDP all attend the church of big business where they sing from the same hymnbook and recite the same prayers. Oh please great money god give us more.

These money interests really don't give one hoot about gay marriage, the environment, education, the right to choose or the many other issues that affect people's everyday lives. They only care about their bottom line. In spite of all the hype about them being the risk takers that make everything work, in reality they abhor risk and rarely take one. The big money interests are just a primary away from having their no risk win/win situation. Democrats, take back your party.
7:13AM JUL 9TH 2014
I absolutely resent Golenbock's comment, "He lights up a room. ... He's been doing it for years. He's probably the second most famous person in Florida today". Are the taxpayers/citizens looking to vote for a light bulb or someone who will lead this state out of the Scott dungeon of politically motivated appointments, (see the Pena appointment to Orlando's Expressway) possible corruptive behavior, and worse yet, his own ability to buy his election (adding his own $7 million to his own campaign)?
Whatever happened to Nan Rich and why isn't she included in debates or interviews of the candidates? More corruptive behavior from both sides of which the media is taking a part of? Elections in Florida have become a joke, nationwide, and until the voters stand <--- No, JUMP up and shout NO MORE OF THIS!, our elections will continue to be decided by the media and da boys in da back rooms. Shame on all of us!
check out the real $$$$
10:07AM JUL 9TH 2014

Rick Scott spent $70 MILLION of what he claimed was his own money on his 2010 campaign. As everyone who cares knows he got that from the Medicare Fraud scheme that Jeb Bush invited him help salvage because Bush's IMC partner Miguel Recarey whom Bush had help set up the Medicare fraud for got caught and fled the country for Venezuela.

Rick Scott was the Bush family lawyer from Dallas, Tx from 1978 until 1987 and becuase a Texas Rangers partner with "Dubya" and Tom Hicks.

Why they brought Rick Scott in for governor to run against Bill McCollum is still a mystery. Just about as big a mystery as why Bill McCollum would endorse Scott this time. Except the old adage of thieves sticking together!

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