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Greg Steube: Time for the Feds to Reclassify Marijuana

September 16, 2019 - 7:00am
Greg Steube
Greg Steube

A congressman from the Sunshine State wants the federal government to change how it classifies marijuana. 

Freshman U.S. Rep. Greg Steube, R-Fla., brought out the “Marijuana 1-to-3 Act” last week. 

The bill will have the U.S. attorney general to change the Controlled Substances Act and reclassify marijuana from a schedule I controlled substance to a schedule III controlled substance. 

When he showcased the bill on Thursday, Steube insisted his legislation, if enacted, will ensure there is more research on marijuana. 

“As marijuana is legalized for medical and recreational use across the United States, it is important that we study the effects of the substance and the potential impacts it can have on various populations,” said Steube. “By rescheduling marijuana from a schedule I controlled substance to a schedule III controlled substance, the opportunities for research and study are drastically expanded. With this rescheduling, researchers can now access federal funds to research this substance and determine its medical value.

“We hear every day about the positive health benefits of marijuana. Whether it’s young children with seizure disorders, or veterans suffering from chronic pain, it is clear that there are medical benefits to marijuana and I think it’s time we remove the bureaucratic red tape that prevents us from thoroughly studying this substance,” continued Steube.

The bill was sent to the U.S. House Judiciary Committee, on which Steube sits, and the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee. So far, there is no companion measure over in the U.S. Senate. 

Steube has been able to reel in some support from the Florida delegation as U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., is cosponsoring the bill. Gaetz is a proponent of expanding medical marijuana research, an issue he has championed during his service in the Florida House and now in Congress. 


Several years ago I was diagnosed with type two diabetes. No matter what I did, nothing seemed to help. I used to be a heavy drinker but have cut back to only one or two drinks a week. My liver numbers were dismal. My cholesterol was high, blood pressure too high. A1C too high. The bad numbers continued to climb, and good numbers were going down. January this year the doctor told me I had a “1000%” chance of having a stroke or heart attack. I thought I had been handed a death sentence. Nothing I did seemed to work. I have been suffering from chronic back pain from a fall when I broke four vertebrae. I had neuropathic nerve pain in my feet and hands and have osteoarthritis in my hip, knees and shoulder. Dr said I was going to need a hip and knee replacement. I was taking pain pills every day. I turned 65 in July and I didn’t relish the idea of spending the rest of my life, what there might be of it, in constant pain. Because of the opioid “crisis” drs are reluctant and limited on the pain meds they can prescribe. Six months ago I went against everything I believed in and after seeing the benefits provided to a friend of mine, (a 70+ year old woman, retired school teacher suffering from cancer) I decided to try medical marijuana. For the last six months, I’ve been using medical marijuana. I’ve completely stopped taking pain meds. I had dental implants done and sinus surgery and in both cases where I’ve been prescribed powerful pain meds, I used my medical marijuana and not the pills I was prescribed. This week I had my checkup and every number is back in the normal range and my A1C is almost normal and far from the dangerous level. My dr wants to monitor a little longer but thinks I may have reversed my type 2 diabetes. Even my liver numbers are well within the normal range despite years of heavy alcohol use. Cholesterol is good, and blood pressure normal. I’m convinced that the benefits from medical marijuana combined with not taking pain pills like Motrin and Aleve are the reason for the dramatic turnaround in my health. My dr told me that big pharma doesn’t want medical marijuana because it’s a threat to their industry and have led a propaganda campaign for years to mislead and misinform the general public. Six months ago I wouldn’t have believed it. But now I believe it. I think of the trillions of dollars debt we have incurred just fighting marijuana and the lives ruined because of the draconian laws against marijuana. As for me, I’ve gone from a death sentence to being free and enjoying life.

Steube is a stupe.

...but not nearly as stupid as the Democrat party clown car full of idiots that want to be dictator.

As opposed to the idiot dictator currently in office?

I feel that reclassifying will help tremendously it will allow additional research and settle a lot of the disagreements long run. Marijuana has reduced so many overdoses in the states where there is recreational use of it. Marijuana has helped people young to old. This is something that is way over due. I feel long term it is going to reduce non violent criminals from being locked up and causing additional tax dollars to be used!

Most people struggling with drug addicted children and other family members view marijuana as a gateway drug. And there is also concern that marijuana usage has permanent effects on the brain physiology of teenagers. If there are indeed widespread medical benefits, other than the placebo effect, then legitimate pharmaceutical companies should be formulating it and physicians should be prescribing it as they do other drugs. Now we just have apparent doctors (does anyone ever look at their qualifications) whose sole job it is to "diagnose" and prescribe marijuana. The biggest push for legalizing marijuana as "medical," came from people who want to use it as a recreational opportunity. We don't need to make any drug usage socially acceptable.

I’m 58 years old. I had a normal childhood, did my share of partying as a teenager and young adult, and have had two long term jobs my whole life. I’ve seen a whole lot in my time. Anyone thinking marijuana is the gateway drug has their head in the sand. ALCOHOL is THE gateway drug! Teens don’t start out smoking weed. They’ve hit the bottle first, nine times out of ten. And a big reason for that?!? They see their “law abiding” parents do it. After all, their parents aren’t breaking the law by drinking booze. Monkey see, monkey do. And what happens when you’re drunk? You don’t make decisions worth a crap. You’re far more impaired when under the influence of alcohol than marijuana. And I don’t like pot myself. I don’t mind a really good drink three or four times a year though. But I’d sure rather be on the road with several drivers who have been smoking than ONE driver that’s drunk! Just saying, most of the people that get on their high horse and shout their opinions about this subject know not about which they speak! I suggest they just sit back, shut up, and color!

Reclassifying marijuana is not the same as promoting it any more than removing alcohol prohibition was promoting alcohol. Likewise, it does not put it in the hands of children - as children shouldn't have it. As far as having "legitimate pharmaceutical companies formulating it", they tried that with marinol, but it was a big flop (more or less). Perhaps "We don't need to make any drug usage socially acceptable", but marijuana use is already socially acceptable - hence the support for legalization. It is far more dangerous to have a Democrat for our president than it is to have legalized marijuana.

This Bud is for you---- BEER Commercials of All Time Part 3

They missed this one:

This bill should settle the matter. For too long people have asked for more time to study marijuana. Any elected legislator who opposes the bill would have the appearance of ultimately supporting the criminal cartels. Who profits the most in keeping marijuana illegal?

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