HD 21: Keith Perry Could Face Well-Funded Democrat in November

By: Kevin Derby | Posted: July 26, 2012 3:55 AM
Aaron Bosshardt, Andrew Morey and Keith Perry

Aaron Bosshardt, Andrew Morey and Rep. Keith Perry

As he seeks to win a second term in the Florida House, Rep. Keith Perry, R-Gainesville, could be looking at a Democratic opponent with a healthy war chest.

A contractor from Gainesville, Perry won his current House seat, which represents parts of Alachua, Levy and Marion counties, in 2010. In his time in Tallahassee, Perry has quickly moved up the political ladder, becoming part of the Republican leadership as a deputy whip.

But Perry is facing a new district, HD 21, as he looks for a second term. The area he is seeking to represent is farther to the west. While parts of Alachua County are still included in the district, so are all of Dixie and Gilchrist counties -- areas that Perry has never represented.

As he looks to introduce himself to new voters, Perry does not have to worry about the Republican primary as no challengers have stepped up to take him on. So far in this election cycle, Perry has raised more than $123,500 and relied on more than $8,900 through in-kind donations. But he has also spent almost $63,000 so far in the campaign.

Two Democrats are battling it out in the Aug. 14 primary to see who will emerge to challenge Perry in November.

Democratic hopeful Aaron Bosshardt, who owns a real estate business in Gainesville, has assembled an impressive war chest as he looks to take on Perry. As of last Friday, Bosshardt has raised more than $116,000 and relied on more than $7,600 through in-kind donations. Most of what he has raised has stayed in the bank as he has spent less than $38,700 since entering the race back in January.

But Bosshardt does not have an open shot at the Democratic nomination. Attorney Andrew Morey, who has worked in the state attorney’s office and is also from Gainesville, is also in the race. Since entering the race in late March, Morey has not been able to keep up with Perry and Bosshardt in the money chase. As of July 6, he has raised almost $13,200, used $2,200 through in-kind donations, and has spent more than $8,000.

Whoever wins the Democratic nomination will be pitted against Perry in a one-on-one contest. There are no minor party or independent candidates in the race.

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Comments (6)

Dean Angier
6:39PM SEP 24TH 2012
Keith Perry "Job Creator" the only problem is since he reserves the right to assign age limits to any particular task, most of us in Florida better be prepared to move or give up on working altogether.
I interviewed for a position with his roofing business and promised the job as I left, until my age was discovered and they wouldn't even talk to me.
I was told that Mr. Perry likes to hire people fresh out of jail, probably saw the movie “Heat” and like the idea of kick backs from his indentured servants, and the power to pay someone $5 an hour instead of $20 so his business can find every way to grow, legal or not.
So age requirements for his positions and being willing to pay the piper, for his approval to work for him!!
11:41AM JUL 26TH 2012
Keith is a syncophant that does not deserve another term. The sooner he and all that are like him are replaced the sooner the long recovery from Republican malfeasance starts.
10:10AM JUL 26TH 2012
Unfortunately, Keith will lose to Bosshardt. Alex Sink won the district in 2010, the best year for Republican turnout.
bosshardt lost
9:37PM MAR 31ST 2013
How did that Aaron Bosshardt prediction go? Not only did Keith Perry ROLL OVER his Democratic opponent. It wasnt even Aaron Bosshardt....hahahaha
Bosshardt lost to an unknown liberal douchebag thats NOT EVEN from this area. Hilarious. Even Bosshardt's home town didnt support him enough to win. Maybe it tells you something about what people here in Gainesville think of him. Keith Perry represents this area and its values. Not liberals
Harold Hanson
7:52AM JUL 26TH 2012
Keith has done a stellar job in representing his District, is highly respected in the Legislature and is in a leadership role in the majority party! He has earned and deserves the opportunity for another term.
Caroline Anderson
1:26PM AUG 9TH 2012
Thanks Harold !

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