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Hillary Clinton has the Edge on Donald Trump in Florida

October 21, 2016 - 5:00pm
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

After the third and final presidential debate, Hillary Clinton continues to have the lead over Donald Trump in the crucial swing state of Florida, a new poll shows.

On behalf of Fox 13 Tampa Bay and Fox 35 Orlando, Opinion Savvy released a poll on Friday which shows Clinton leading with 49 percent and Trump taking 45 percent. Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson takes 3 percent while 2 percent are for Green Party nominee Jill Stein. Only 2 percent are undecided with two and a half weeks to go until Election Day. 

There was little movement from a poll of Florida that Opinion Savvy released last week after the second presidential debate. Clinton led that poll with 47 percent followed by Trump with 44 percent, Johnson with 5 percent and Stein with 1 percent. 

Clinton’s lead in the new poll is thanks in part to leading Trump with votes outside the major parties by a 2 to 1 margin. A majority of these voters--57 percent--back Clinton while 28 percent for Trump. 

There’s a gender gap in Florida, the poll shows. Clinton pulls 53 percent of women while 42 percent of them are for Trump. Trump is ahead with men, taking 49 percent while 44 percent of them prefer Clinton. 

Asked who won the final presidential debate, almost half of those surveyed--48 percent--said Clinton while 42 percent thought Trump won the debate. The rest of those surveyed did not watch the debate. In their polls of Florida voters taken over the past month, Opinion Savvy found more voters thought Clinton won the debates than Trump did though Friday’s poll was the narrowest margin.

The poll of 538 likely Florida voters was taken on Oct. 20 and had a margin of error of +/- 4.2 percent. 


From the very beginning of the 2016 campaign the establishment elites in both major parties and the bulk of the news media folks came together to protect their wealth and power. They did so out of fear that if elected Trump would expose the truth of what they have been doing for many years behind the scene to protect and hold onto their power. They control most of the polling organizations as well which brings into question poll results. GO TRUMP !

Ya think? This has been over for a long, long time. The polls are not even close. This will be one of, if not the biggest landslide in history... I have sadly said since the beginning...right message, wrong person. Now that has become abundantly clear too late... The ticket would be better off if Pence took over. He is certainly more Presidential by a long, long margin...classic.

I have supported Donald Trump since he announced his candidacy, however, Swampfox's statement is completely incorrect regarding the amount of tax he's paid. " BTW the top 10% pay 80% of the taxes even Trump". Even Mr. Trump has stated he paid MUCH less that his bracket called for because of LEGAL business deductions. GO TRUMP!!

Go Trump - For America not Globalism - - You really think the reduced work force can continue to support millions of freeloaders? NO The country is bankrupt. They borrow to pay the interest on loans.. The freebies are going to dry up... Your choice is simple. Trump to save America, get out of debt, create jobs open factories and take care of Americans.. or Hillary - to take care of Hillary.... ha ha

Too many voters sampled 538 are you kidding

I agree 538 people with a +/- accuracy of 4.2 is ridiculously low and dare to call it news. Yet they tell us all the 1,000's of people showing up at the Trump rallies is not reliable and can't be used as a predictor.

"Opinion Savvy" poll?!?!? Really?!? You're truly "scraping the barrel" NOW "SSN"!

I see the Trump Chumps are out....... Note how trump doesn't tout thdnpolls anymore now so bad against him he blames them as lies.......... How long will it take you to figure you like someone who acts like a spoiled 12 yr old? ....... Who Clinton schooled when hd tried to bully her........... You had 16 of your best against Trump and he walked over them yet Clinton handles him with ease........ As does Putin using Trump and Trump doesn't even realize it....... What has happened to the republican party to have sunk so low? ............. And how can you back such a vile person who can hardly speak without lying? ......... Have your morals sunk that low?

Time to GROW UP, Jerry! GO TRUMP!!

Sorry, but this article LIES. Just like Hillary. I have found MOST of Sunshine State articles to be either skewed to the left, of just out and out lies. Trump is leading in FL. Go Trump!!

All media leans to the left -- even Fox (with the exception of a few). They all went to the same brainwashing schools and attend the same cocktail parties where they get to pretend they're somebody.

I agree with everything you said. And yes, Trump is leading in FL, .. .. .. Go Trump !!

Just wondering -- has anyone been polled? I haven't. I was polled for State and local races during the primaries -- but haven't rec'd a call since.

No Gail, nor any of my friends or their relatives either! LOCAL polls, yes. But not one call regarding Presidential, at all!

Are the polls only asking idiot 'Jerry'? Now that could account for those thinking Trump might be behind. America needs Donald Trump now! GO TRUMP!!

Get serious,.. NOBODY talks to 'jerry' (formerly: 'jerryd')!

That you cbreeze? .........? Now your biggest liar is losing badly as everyone learns what a 12 yr old spoiled sociopath scumbag brat he is......... How's that tickle your fancy? .......And what it says about his supporters, you.

Its funny, Jerry, you are the only one on this site that supports Trump . .. yet you think he is leading. I kind of think you are W R O N G.

There you go, name calling again, little jerry! You really need to GROW UP! GO TRUMP!!

Agreed. If Clinton is ahead does that mean the majority of people want open borders...more illegal immigrants who commit heinous crimes...more unvetted refugees...more taxes...more lies...speaking always with forked tongue? Let's Make America Great Again. I have to wonder why Democrats want socialism and want our country to go down the tubes. It is mystifying.

Because Lynn, the Democratic Party is overloaded with 'jerrys'! GO TRUMP!!

No, it pretty much means they don't want a moron as president and someone that appears to drown in a glass of water.

Okay, you covered Rubio, now try to leap to today. GO TRUMP!!

Maybe most Americans are tired of the corporate greed in this country, and all the financial rewards going to the top 1%. Maybe what you call "socialism" most of us see as simple fairness. And my 94 year old mother is an immigrant, and last time I checked, she hasn't committed any heinous crimes. America was built by immigrants.

The fairness is go out get a job that matches your skills and be happy. Or go start your own company, plop down your money, or mortgage your home to the hilt. Walk the floors at night when someone doesn't pay you and your payments are due. Take your fairness and use it a a suppository. Your kind of thinking is what didn't make this country great when my father came here from Italy as I am sure your mother did also. Here's the answer I will only speak for my dad he came her LEGALLY!! This isn't about your 94 yr. old grandmother and furthermore if you are here legally yourself then you should be outraged that you had to go through the process. So why should other be able to cut to the front of the line???? Your comment about corporate greed shows your ignorance to our economy. BTW the top 10% pay 80% of the taxes even Trump. What did you say.... yes what do you think he pays in FICA, SSI, Payroll tax,i.e. matching funds etc. Know your subject before you speak.

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